I had my baby!!!! June 8, 2006 1:23 a.m.

It was amazing. I went to my routine drs. appt., and she told me I was 2.5 cnt., I was depressed...no change. But, she says there is no reason to wait you are 41 weeks so lets gets it started. I was thrilled. The hospital was going to call me later that day for a scheduled gel that would allow my cervix to open. They call and I need to be there for 7 that night. We get everything ready, drop the kids off at my brothers and arrive at the hosiptal. They check me and tell me that I may need to come back tomorrow morning at 5:15 for the induction. I'm like no way....just freakin keep me. Low and behold I am 4 cent. dilated, but no steady contractions. The nurse still tells me she is unsure if they are going to keep me. My doctor, the doctor on call is there and she, gives the o.k. to keep me. I love her!!!

I get upstairs with the intention of no epidural. I am 5 cent. dilated with the help of a slow drip pitocin and the contractions are coming fast. I can breathe through them but I can tell they are going to get worse. So I ask the nurse if she thinks I should get the epi. She tells me yes, because the contractions are only going to get worse and why would I want to have a baby w/o anthes., noone has surgery w/o it. She has a darn good point so I have them order it. I swear it was perfect timing becuase no sooner that I order it the contractions are right on top of each other, and painful, beyond my dealings. I get it and they check me because I feel pressure, just slightly, down there. I am almost complete they tell me. They get everything ready and I need to push now! I push, and it was like I forgot how too. You have to push like you have to have a bm, and yet for some reason I was just randomly pushing, and couldn't get tit together. After 20 minutes of pushing she was crowning and turning as the doctor and my husband witnessed. This little girl decides to turn just as she comes out. 8 pounds even. I was elated! She came right to my chest and after a few clearings from the doctor she went stright to my breast. The girl latched on like a pro and was sucking like she was starving. Shw recieved an 8 and then a 9 on apagar scoring. She is perfect!
Her head is so round that she came out like a -section baby. Not a mark on her. I feel so blessed! She is sleeping next too me right now in her cradle swing after being up from 11-5 last night into the morning.

So now I don't have to worry about my pregnancy anymore. Now I'm onto worrying about her well being....for the rest of her life!!!