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Thread: Nevin's Going To Be A Big Brother!

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    Default 17 weeks ultrasound!

    It's a ... BOY!!!

    OMG...that orange juice worked a little too well or something because this little guy would not stop moving all over! The lady that did the u/s was so suprised at how active he was! lol. He was laying in a breech position for a while so we were only getting pics of his back... so she had me get up and walk around a bit and with his non-stop movement it didn't take long for him to get in a better position. I could tell he was a boy right away!!! Oh! And we even got to see him drinking amniotic fluid...that was so neat! His little mouth kept opening and closing .
    Nevin got such a huge kick out of the whole thing. We are sooooo happy!
    He is 5.1" and 3.6 oz!!!
    The lady that did my u/s was so nice and really took her time to explain everything! She even counted his little toes for me...5 on each foot!

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    Okay, it's been forever since I've written anything in here! This is just an update on my appt yesterday with the midwives.

    Well, everything seems to be going well! My weight is at in total I've gained 20lbs! The baby's heart beat was 160 which is a bit high but seems normal for him. He's head down now and Josh got to feel his head... it was so neat! She said I was measuring perfectly. Which I was worried about since I've gotten so many comments on how big I am already. She gave me a bunch of herbs ... some so that I can make pregnancy tea and some for a bath soak that they will draw for me after the birth. I've already ordered some of the birthing supplies for our homebirth and things are starting to feel so real now! I'm so excited! All of my appts from here on out will be at home!

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