I am so excited that I am having a girl! We wanted a girl sooo bad. Tears came to my eyes when the tech. told us. my dh called his mother and gave her the good news first. I called my sil Holly, my brother Ricky and Melissa. Everyone is thrilled. We have'nt had a girl in this family since Laurn and she is 9. We are going to name her Madison Carlene. Madison is a name my dh and I have always loved and Carlene is after my Mom (rest her soul).
My brother Michael wanted us to name her Carlene for the first name. But, I think my Mom wouln't mind either way. I'm sure she is just estatic over us having a girl.

Now, for the bittersweet news. After I went for the ultrasound I had to wait to see the doctor. He took a long time....a lot longer than usual. I was trying to stay optimistic and telling myself that the office was really busy, but I did have a negative thought. Oh no what is something is wrong???

The doctor came in and took the baby hb it was 156. He did this in sort of a rush time. I didn't really think much of it at the time. Then he went over my results for the ultrasound. To get to the point he told me that there was a shaded area on the baby's brain. I needed to go and get a another u/s at the hospital. He told me that he suspects it is nothing because my test for Down Symdrome came back negative or 1/30,000 chances. He told me repeatedly to stay calm that it is probably nothing. I did feel o.k. when I left there but it is sooo scary.

After speaking with a good friend of mine, she just had a baby 3 weeks ago, she said that the very same thing happen to her except it was on the heart. She went for the level 2 u/s and they then told her she was fine. She a healthy baby girl (thank God). She also told me that she new 3 other aquaintances that the same thing happen too as well as her neighbor....all having healthy babies. As this helps me to feel a lot better I am still worried. I will not stop worrying until my baby is born healthy.

How can I feel happy and thrilled and do things to get prepared for this baby when I have this haunting thought over my head? I just want to know that everything is going to be fine.

Michael Ryan 2/12/01
Nicholas Matthew 12/03/03
Madison Carlene edd 5/30/06