Omigosh! Unexpected News...

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Omigosh! Unexpected News...

Well I will start from the beginning. I went in for my yearly pap and check up with the gynocologist on Feb 6. At this point I was planning on asking her about fertility and what I needed to do to prepare my body to begin trying to conceive NEXT year. She came into the room and before I had a chance to say anything she told me I was pregnant. I was only one day late on my period!!! I immidiately thought that it was a false positive ( Can you say shock?) I bought a few more tests and they all came back positive ( imagine that). :?
Anyway, I feel bad for saying this, but I did contimplate abortion, but only because I felt so unprepared and I was soooo emotional. I am so glad that I decided against that, but things were just starting to get interesting.