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    Well well well...where has the time gone? I remember my pregnancy with Sarbeena dragging on and on! This pregnancy has gone by SO FAST, it is crazy! Maybe because I have 2 kiddos to take care of now. So, now for the updates:

    *Sept 9*
    35 week appointment (grrrr...)

    I had my 35 week appointment yesterday afternoon. I had to take the girls with me, no biggie because they are usually well behaved. Welllllllll, lemme just say that these were not my kids. As I am sitting on the toilet (after peeing in the cup), Madilynn grabs the cup from the holder and flings (and no, she did not just pour it out, she FLUNG!) urine everywhere. I spent 10 minutes using soap and water and paper towels cleaning up urine off of her hands, my legs, my clothes, and the floor. So, when we got back to the room, I told the nurse what happened and told her I tried to go more, but there were only 2 drops left in the cup. After she was finished laughing, she was able to check my protein with those drops (and it was negative).

    So, the Doc comes in and the girls are just being brats. I had brought snacks (grapes, fruit roll-ups, etc.) and a drink, but they were being loud and standing on the chairs and spilling stuff. I had to interrupt the Doc 3 times to deal with my kiddos. I am not sure if it was because this was Bree's first week of Kindergarten and our sleep/wake schedule had changed or what, but BOTH of them were awful! The Doc mentioned doing the GBS test and I was like...uh, can it wait until next week? I couldn't imagine being in stirrups with my little urine-flinging monkeys free to wreck havoc. So, it looks like I need to find a babysitter for next Friday!

    As for my actual appointment, I gained 1.5 pounds in 2 weeks, for a total of 10 pounds. My bp was 128/70, baby's hr was 136, and I am measuring at 37 weeks. At next weeks appointment, we will schedule a date of induction---I am looking to go in the evening of October 14th and have him on the 15th. That is, unless my body miraculously decides to go into labor on it's own. So, besides the embarassment of my darling children, everything is looking good pregnancy wise!

    I am leaking...

    ...but I guess it is only urine! Starting last night, after sitting on the potty, I'd get up and fluid would trickle outta me. This has never happened with either of my previous pregnancies, so I was like NOOOOoooooooooooooooooo! I slept okay and when I woke up this morning, there was more. So, I went into the OB's office this morning to be checked. It came out negative (YAY!), but she said that it is possible to have a small leak and it not show up. I asked her if she could go ahead and do the GBS test, since she was already in there! LOL. Other news: Baby's hr is good, my bp was 130/80 (the highest it has been all pregnancy), my feet are swelling a lot, I did not gain anything from last Thursday, and...HE HAS DROPPED!!! Which to me, explains the leakage. My kiddos have never dropped until I am being induced. I guess all of that vacuuming and cleaning that I did yesterday helped him out! I must admit though, I now know that I am NOT ready to have him yet. I have to start getting my stuff together!!!

    *Sept 16*
    My boy is a lil' booger!

    I kept my original Doctor's appointment for today, as I am still leaking something. BP was 116/77, weight still the same (c'mon, I was checked just 2 days ago! LOL), baby's hr in the 130's, no protein in the urine, yada yada yada. My OB decided that I should be monitored and have my fluid levels checked, so she sent me down to labor and delivery to be accessed. Baby was fine during the NST. Hr was in the 120's and 130's most of the time...well, until I contracted, and then it would go up! I am contracting (BH I am sure, as they are doing nothing for my cervix!) about every 4-5 minutes.

    After the NST, I was taken in for an ultrasound to get measurements on the amount of fluid I have. Well, she was moving the thingie all over the lower half of my belly and was like "Hmmm...where is his head?" Then she went to my left side up higher, and there his head was. MY BOY IS TRANSVERSE!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Well, actually, he is more diagonal---his head is below my left boob and his butt is on my lower right side. Without even realizing it, I said "OH ****!" (She had made mention of my reaction---and I felt bad cuz Madilynn was sitting there on the table between my legs. The tech assured me that Madi did not hear me! LOL).

    Good news...there is plenty of fluid and he has plenty or room to make his move. Bad news...if he does not turn, I will have to go in (soon!) and they will try to turn him manually. I am still in shock. He has been head down since 28 weeks and what I *thought* was him dropping, was him actually turning (my belly does look different...since Wednesday, when I was having the leakage). I was given an exercise sheet that I am gonna religiously follow to try to get him to get back into position. And I did check out that spinningbabies website. I am so scared and shocked---this really sucks!!!

    *Sept 29*
    The GOOD, the BAD, & the UGLY!

    Yes, another appointment post!

    I went to my OB yesterday afternoon. BP was 134/90 (highest ever this pregnancy), there was trace protein in my urine, I gained 4 lbs. in 10 days ( bringing my total to 14 lbs.), baby's hr was in the 140's. Now for the good news...she did an internal and I am 1-1.5 cm dialated and 'soft'. This is interesting, cuz I have never even been a fingertip dialated before being induced (at 41w2d with Bree and 39w5d with Madi)! Now for the bad news...my swelling is really bad and even my hands are swelling now (never happened to me in previous pregnancies until after I gave birth!). So, I had to have blood drawn to check me for pre-eclampsia. And I have to go back to the Doc's on Friday to be checked again. My bp did go down to 122/88 by the time I left their office though. And now for the ugly part...YOU GUESSED IT! This guy is STILL transverse/diagonal!!! My OB brought the u/s machine in and Zackkery is in the exact same spot he was 2 weeks ago. I know he has flipped totally head up AND head down at least 3 or 4 times these past couple of weeks, but he keeps going back to that one spot.

    So, my OB mentioned a C-section. I, of course, totally lost it. I cannot even fathom having a section after having 2 vaginal births (and my last labor and delivery was SO NICE...I am/was looking forward to that experience again). The plan is, if the blood work comes back normal, to schedule a section for around my EDD. I will go in and she will attempt a version if he has not turned on his own. If the version is successful, then I will be induced right away. And if it is not, I go under the knife. I cannot even tell you how disappointed I will be if I have to have a c-section. I know there are much worse things that could happen, and I know that many women say it is not that bad, but I just can't see it happening. I really can't.

    So, I now have a whole bunch of stuff to do to try to get this guy to turn. The exercises are obviously not working (or maybe they are, but he decides to move again), so I will be doing headstands in a pool next week. And if he is still not in position by my next appointment (October 3rd), I will be trying acupuncture. I still have to research the latter, but my Doc says she has a few patients who have had some kind of rare incense used---something to do with their feet and the needles and...I dunno! I will try that if I have to.

    So, that is my long update. Sorry if I bored all of you! And I would've posted about it last night, but I was really in a pissy mood... Thanks for reading!

    *Sept 30*
    Only 2 words for you...


    *Oct 1---update to Sept30*

    Yes, he is head down. This morning, the OB asked me if I thought he had turned and I told her that I had thought so. She felt under my left boob where his head had been and I told her that I thought it was his knee there now; cuz when I pressed in, it pressed back (unless he was head butting! LOL). She brought the u/s machine in to take a look. She went to that spot first and it was so nice NOT to see his big ol' head. I knew then he had gone south!

    Yes, he can still turn back around, but I am relieved that he did have enough room to flip back down. My next appointment is on October 3rd...so we will keep checking to make sure!

    Thanks for all of the head down ladies. And thanks to Liz & Marie---for your helpful PM's! LOVE YA GUYS!!!

    *Oct 4*
    Induction date set...

    As of this mornings appointment, I am 2 cm dialated, he is still head down and hasn't budged since Friday, and I have pregnancy induced hypertension. My OB was willing to induce me this weekend, but my family won't be here until the 10th and 11th, so I go in at midnight Monday. He should be here on Tuesday, the 11th!!! Of course, I am bleeding again and have really bad cramps---especially in my lower back. But...unless my water breaks first, I have one week left!!!


    Wow, there was a lot to catch up on. I couldn't even find my post for me 33 week appointment! LOL...Aw well!

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    Well, I am down to the last 2 days. Tomorrow night, I go in for the induction. I am so anxious to have him here safe and sound. Really though, I am looking forward to having my energy (without hurting) back! These last couple of weeks have been really kicking my butt. According to my scale, I have gained 8 pounds in the last 2 weeks. Can we say WATER RETENTION??? If it were actual baby/body weight, I would be at 18 lbs. gained this pregnancy. Let's just wait and see how much of it is left after delivery! hehehe

    Well, here are all of my belly pictures thus far. I will be taking one more tomorrow (hopefully some pics of the girls with my belly, since I have yet to do that this pregnancy---maybe even a bare shot or two! )...

    *March 10th*
    7 weeks...now, my BUTT looks like a cute preggo belly!

    9 weeks...looking down!!! My top fat roll is starting to smooth out!

    *May 26th*
    From almost 2 weeks ago!

    18 wks 4 days

    My tummy is catching up with my butt now!

    *July 13th*
    27 weeks today!

    *September 2nd*
    34 week belly shot! (with Madilynn sneaking into the pic!)

    *September 27th*
    38 week belly pic!

    I can only imagine that is his big ol' head up there!

    So, right now I am trying to catch up on all of the laundry and tidy up around here. I still need to address the envelopes for the birth announcements (I made almost 100 of them!) and crazy enough, pack my bag for the hospital. Yep, I am still procrastinating on that. I will probably end up packing it right before we leave tomorrow evening. As long as I have my camera and batteries with charger, all the rest is insignificant. Since we live only 5 miles or so from the hospital, someone can always bring me what I need! LOL

    My mom flies into Portland tomorrow afternoon. I am sure we will have lunch and do any last minute shopping...BUSY! So, the next time I post, I will most likely have lil' Zackkery Scott here in my arms. EXCITING!

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