Our Early Christmas Present

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Our Early Christmas Present

My husband and I have been trying to have a second baby for almost a year. We have a 5 year old son who is starting kindergarten this fall, and wanted to wait until he was at least 4 or 5 to try to conceive. We are in our early 20's, so I thought it was odd that we were having trouble getting pregnant, but a couple months ago we decided to take a break a try again in 6 months or so.

On Sunday (2 days ago) I was getting ready to go out to lunch with my mom (I was really craving chinese food). My husband insisted that I get a pregnancy test before I went. After so many negative tests, I really not in the mood for more disappointment... plus I was only a day late with my period, which could be normal because I have been exercising more. But he persisted, saying that he just had a feeling and that I was "glowing". So, I ran to Wal-mart and took a PT as soon as I got home. Not expecting anything, I sat the test aside while a cleaned up. A couple minutes later I picked up the test... and it was positive! I was so exciting and getty I ran out of the bathroom to tell my husband who responded with...."I knew it".

Now 2 days later, I still have not told my mom... only my husband and 2 close friends. I wanted to be sure, so I took another test yesterday which was also positive : ). We've decided to keep this quiet for a couple months... until May... when I will be 3 months. We also don't want to tell our 5 year old until then either, so it just makes sence. I feel like I am going to explode not telling anyone! I've already starting going through my son's baby clothes and nursery stuff.

I am making a doctors appointment today... according to most due date calculators online my due date in Nov. 10.... My b-day is in Sept, also when my son will start kindergarten, my husbands is in Dec followed by Christmas, and my son's is in Jan. We are going to have a busy time this fall!