Our First Child

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Our First Child

Here I am starting my pregnancy journal. I tested on Wednesday, November 12 (10 DPO) and got such a faint positive that I thought I might be seeing things. I didn't even tell James! I took another test on Thursday and could definitely see a faint line. I brought the test with me when I went to pick up James. When he got in the car I told him I thought I was pregnant again and he was very happy. I showed him the test and he said he could see a very faint line. Friday morning I took another test and the line was till faint, but definitely there. I took another test this morning (Monday) and the line came up right away and was much darker! My boobs have been sore for almost a week, so I was suspicious. I'm definitely nervous since I had a miscarriage last February. We aren't telling anyone until at least Christmas. That would be a perfect time, but I will only be about 10 weeks. We are hoping for an early ultrasound and if we see the heartbeat, then we will definitely tell our families over the holidays. We figured out yesterday that we conceived the same day we sold our house! We are closing on January 8th and we still haven't found a new house. The pressure is on. If worse comes to worse, we will move into a rental for a couple of months. There are not many houses coming on right now, so we almost expect to be living in a rental until spring when houses typically go up for sale. It's hard not to settle for something we don't really want, just to get into a new house! As long as we are moved and settled before the baby comes I will be happy. I have a doctors appointment with the midwife a week from tomorrow (Tuesday) and I'm really hoping she will schedule me for an ultrasound at around 6-7 weeks. I am barely over 4 weeks right now. My symptoms so far are just the sore boobs. I am actually hoping for morning sickness to start soon! When I was pregnant last December/January, I didn't really have any symptoms, so even the sore boobs make me feel better about things this time! My due date according to Fertility Friend is July 25th - which is Marco's birthday! I can't wait to tell him that my baby is due on his 8th birthday. He will get a kick out of that! I'm sure P and R will enjoy that as well. Somehow I feel like this one is meant to be. James also said when we started trying last September that he wanted to have a summer baby, so they could have birthday parties when it was warm outside. Everything seems to be falling into place with this one. I am feeling quite optimistic!!