Our Gift from God due 10-3-07

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Our Gift from God due 10-3-07

This has been a wonderful journey so far with our little one inside me. The miracle from God above.

Friday May 25, 2007

We had our U/S this morning. We had a good appointment. The tech wasn't my favorite....We found out that our little one is a GIRL today. We are in total shock! I thought for sure that this little one was a boy. So now we are doing the name game now. We got a video of our little one also...She is measuring just right. She weighs about 11 oz..which is right on schedule.

Here is one of her sucking her thumb.

here is one where you can see the umbilical cord!!!

This is a good profile with leg and arm too!

Here is a foot.

And the girly parts!!!!

I keep thinking of all the things we need to get now, and am overwhelmed at it. Especialy since we are in the middle of redoing a 100 year old farm house. We would like to be able to move in sometime in August. But at the rate that I am moving now (very slow) I don't see how I am going to be much help to my DH.

Sat. May 26th

Today we spent the whole day working at the farm house. We got the grass cut and the old 2 room addition removed from the structure. It is amazing how much we got done today. However, we are both exhausted. I need my sleep now.

We have an early morning tomorrow. Sunday School and then Church!

Sunday May 27th

DH taught his last SS class on the "Jesus Sensitive Church" That was a very good class and book if anyone would like to read it. Then we had guest speaker for church service today. Lavern and Edith Tripp. Their singing was awesome. He even gave us his testimony. That was very moving.

After church we went out to dinner with our friends and had a good time...Then came home and took a nap. CJ was exhausted! I was too...It felt good to get a 2 hour nap in. Then we went out to the house and worked some more.

We talked a little bit about names for our little girl. Nothing set in stone but here are a few.

Rebekah Skye
Rebekah Faith
Mackenzie Skye
Faith Hope

There are just so many names out there and to me meanings and how pretty they are for a girl is important. We have a few family names we like but most of them are so old fashioned.

Monday May 28th

Today we got up about 9 am. I cooked french toast and bacon. Yumm Yumm! Connor ate pretty good. We got all cleaned up and left about noon to head for the house to work again. Today we worked on removing the plaster from the upstairs of the house. Big messy job.. I had to keep a mask on my face so that I would not breath in the dust from it. If I took it off DH would tell me that I didn't need to be breathing that air. I did notice that I had to keep stoping to rest more. In the last month I have noticed a shortness of breath that I did not get this early on in any of my pregnancies before.

Now all I can keep thinking about is all the stuff we need to get for our little girl. I really don't want to spend the money on things. However, we need everything except for crib, few receiving blankets, changing table and carseat (but need a new pink cover for it).

Tues. May 29th.

I am finishing up my 21st week of pregnancy!!! Wohooo!!! I am enjoying every moment of this pregnancy because we are planning that this is our last one. If I have to have another c-section then I definately am done. Feeling her kick is so awesome. She moves off and on all day. She is laying with her head to my upper right side and her feet are angled toward my left hip. She kicks with both feet at the same time so I really get some jabbs already. My next OB appt. will be the 6th (next week)

Wed May 30th

Today has been an ok day. It is very hot here and no a/c in the windows yet.

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~~ July 1st, 2007 ~~ ~~ 26 weeks 4 day~~

This little princess is so active now. I can just sit and watch her move in my belly. It is so precious to have a little gift from God growing inside of you. :boogie: The only thing this time around is the fact that I seem to get winded so fast now...I don't remember getting this way this early on! It is probably my age. I Have been seeing patterns now with her activity. I have been noticing it for about a month....She wakes between 11:30 - midnight every night and is up for about an hour. Then she is up about 8 am for an hour, then again around 1 pm again for about an hour.... I am wondering if this will be part of her regular schedule for waking up? Time will tell...I do pray that she is like my Madilyn, that child slept 6 hours straight the first day she was born! Which was wonderful and she pretty much stayed on that schedule too...

Today we went to a different church. John and I went to a place called Community Harvest Church in the little town that we are moving to. This is the same church that the kids and I went to last Wednesday night. I enjoyed todays service. The preacher seemed right on the money with the service. No sugar coating anything or smoothing it out to make it easier to swallow. I think John liked it as well. We will probably talk about it more tonight after things slow down a bit.

After church we went to a new restraunt in town. It is a little Italian place. My meal was delicious! It was well worth it...Right now John went out to the farm to work again. I stayed home to rest some and CJ needed a nap as well....We will be heading out there shortly.

I seem to be having this shortness of breath all the time any more, even while I am sitting. It is really bothering me. I push myself to make me get things done, however, if I got to choose I would just sit. But I do know that it is not good for me or little one..I have to stay in shape.

~~ July 2nd 26 weeks 5 days~~

John is working from home this week and I am so happy about it..The only thing is that I will not get much computer time now. Sad

He had an interview today starting at 1:00 and lasting till 3:30 with 5 different department heads... That was a long interview for him..He said that he was one of 4 being interviewed for the job and would know something in about 2 weeks. I feel that he has a very good chance at getting the job...If he does that means he will be back home and no traveling...there are good and bads to that...If he gets the job he will have approx. an hour commute one way daily...mon - fri...:( but he would be home every night!!! I really would like him to be able to be home ~ that way I know that he will be able to be here for the birth of our little girl.. I told him that I will pray to God to either open the door or shut the door.. I just hope that if they offer it to him that the pay and benefits are enough for us, since we are trying to redo the farm house and get moved into it this fall.

Speaking of which..We had wood delivered to the house today.. John and a couple of friends of ours finished pouring the columns and started on the floor joists tonight... Yeah no more demolishion.

~~July 3 26 weeks 6 days ~~

Today was a quite day Madi is still with Morgan at the lake. John worked on the computers all day till about 4 pm then headed out to the house to work on it. They got almost all of the 1st floor, joists put in and tomorrow they will start framing the 1st floor. Wohooo I am so happy!! I went out to the house with dinner for the guys this evening. I didn't do too much...Just a little bit of cleaning up. It is so hard for me to do much.. I cannot lift heavy things anymore and i get winded so fast now. My belly is getting a lot larger now. My siatic nerve is getting worse too so heavy lifting is pretty much out of the picture cause it makes it worse...and CJ only weights 21 lbs. and it hurts to put him in the car.

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July 9th 27 weeks 5 days

~~ Monday July 9th ~~ ~~ 27 weeks 5 day ~~

Today has gone pretty good...John and I got up at 3:45 to head to the airport. We got CJ up at 4:15 and headed out the door.. My back was still hurting a little bit in the morning. Now at 3;30 pm it is really starting to hurt again. After I got home from the airport little princess started moving more and more and I was having contractions on top of it. On the way home from the airport I stopped off at the bank to make a deposit and pick up Nick (at 6 am!)...Then we came on home...I got online for a little while and then headed off to bed for about an hour. John got to work safely! yeah......I always feel better once I know he has made it in safely. We have talked online off and on today...I have been doing some light cleaning. Nothing too strenous since my back (siatic nerve pain) has been bothering me for the last several days.

Now my back is starting to hurt horribly again... Sad

My GD 1 hour test is scheduled for this Thursday at 9 am!! I am so not looking forward to it. This really makes me sick...but on the bright side the 3 hour test is worse. Then I will know if I have to go on that horrible diet again. I really hope not...Even though I have been watching my diet some, but not strictly.

Well my little girl has been moving around a lot today! I noticed her moving from 11:30 pm last night til 1 am this morning then again at 2:30 then at 5am then again at 8 am :shock: :shock: and definatly off and on all day....

Tonight I will be taking Madi & Nick to VBS at Community Harvest Church... Nick is really looking forward to it...Madi is not so happy about it. She will probably change her mind after she sees some of the other JR. High kids there. Atleast I hope so.

Today has been a hot one it is 95 degrees out now! I am so thankful that John put in the AC a couple of weeks ago, so now I don't have to melt.

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~~ July 23rd, 2007 ~~ 29 weeks 5 days~~~

Today John and I got up to goto the airport..Today we didn't have to leave until 5 am...So that was a blessing...His flight to JFK was on time however, he ended up spending the rest of the day sitting in that airport trying to get a flight out..His flight to Norfolk, VA was cancelled...He finally got on a flight that took off at about 5 pm and got into Norfolk at about 6:40 pm...That was a very long day for him. He never made it into the office for work because of it. He must be exhausted too..

Madi, CJ and I went and picked up Nick and went out to the farm about noon today. The kids cut the grass there. I just pulled weeds and had to walk to the barn a few times..I started feeling horrible. I was haveing a lot of contractions and started cramping. I wasn't doing anything to cause it either. Just walking to the barn and back would do it and I wasn't even trying to move fast... Then I had a hypoglycemia attack while out there to boot...So poor CJ had to give up all of his food for Momma..I told the other kids to hurry up we had to pack up and leave to go get a meal...We went to the nearest restraunt for food. The snacks that CJ had in his diaper bag helped me and then the other food made things better.

We went on home and I took it easy the rest of the day. The cramping finally stopped however, the contractions just eased up a little bit. With some of them I had a lot of pressure down low..

~~~July 24th, 2007 ~~~29 weeks 6 days ~~~~

I went to bed and had to get up about 3 times at night to go pee...the only thing is, when I wake up to go pee then she wakes up too and won't go back to sleep for a while. grrr which means less sleep for me.

To add to the sleepless night. CJ woke up about 5 am crying..Which is not normal for him. He sounded scared..So I went in and picked him up and took him to my bed. Which is something I never do either. He seemed to settle down but then not go back to sleep. After about an hour, I took him back to his bed and he went right to sleep and then slept till 9 am.

Today had been pretty uneventful...I have had contractions all day long. I have taken it easy today in hopes that they would stop. All I have done is work on the computer, sweep and give CJ a bath. No big time house cleaning today for me...Then tonight when I was changing for bed I noticed that my belly looks like it had dropped!! :shock: I asked John to look at it via the web cam to see what he thought and he said the same thing..He said that I was not allowed to have the baby until he was home...I just told him that he needs to tell his little girl that one!! Ha Ha.

As far as breathing today. I have felt better... Usually I have been staying winded....I am just wondering..Cause when I drop the baby usually comes with in 2 weeks...Which would make her 8 week premie!!! That is just too soon..She needs to stay put till atleast 35 - 36 weeks..

I will just say a prayer to God tonight when I goto bed...

Tomorrow I have my OB appt which is the one I was suppose to have last Friday but we were on our way back home from VA Beach so they changed it to tomorrow...I will ask him some questions about all these contractions and cramping that I have been having. On Friday I will be having my 3 hour GD test..Not looking forward to that at all.

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~~ Tues Aug. 6th, 2007~~ 31 weeks 6 days~~

Today went very well. I got up and weighed myself and I only weight 119 lbs. wohoo...so I lost a couple lbs. in water I think... I am so glad that I am not gaining much weight!

Today Halie came down and drove me to my appointments so that I could be in air conditioning the whole time. That was nice of her to do that for me. She also helped me with the kids while I was in my appointments.
I went in today for my U/S and appointments with the dietician and perinatologist.. It was a very good appointment! I was very surprised, the dietician was pelased with my numbers on my sugar levels! She was not overbearing or strict on me, that was a relief! She can see from my numbers that I have been doing very well with my numbers with a few exceptions...The dr. came and and said that I was doing great and so was the baby too... He too was happy with my numbers..The dietician even told me that I did not look like the typical person with gestational diabeties and that I have not gained the weight that most do..So that made me feel good...

The U/S was awesome!!!

My kids all got to watch the sonogram too! My 16 yr. old loved it...And guess what!! She asked about the 3D video and the teck switched the u/s over to 3d for us!!!! That was absolutly amazing!! So I got 3 pics in 3d!!! Biggrin :D Biggrin and she explained to me why in places they are not so clear...(she had the umbilical cord up by her face and she couldn't completely get rid of it) I was so amazed...She even has hair! Biggrin yeah
In the video she was playing with her feet with her hands!! I have never seen that b4! See pics below...I go back again in 2 weeks for another check up. Oh they say she is 3 lbs. 10 oz...of course give or take some there.

The teck even took the time to explain to my 16yr old about the spine and how they look at it for spina biffida and for cleft lip and pallet and other deformities in the heart, kidneys etc. so this was a wonderful visit..

Our little girl looks beautiful!! With the 3D it makes it even more real than with the regular U/S..She is filling out and just looks wonderful in there. She still has room to move too!

This is the best 3d pic


I want to try to upload the video of the sonogram too...I will have to work on that one.

Today I have felt pretty good. I did not do much the whole day.

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~~ Wednesday August 8th, 2007~~~ 32 weeks ~~~

Today I have felt pretty good. Not to eventful so far. The kids and I are cleaning house. CJ has helped a little bit... The weather out side is hot and humid! It is actually 94 but feels like 102 and it is suppose to get to 100 today....Major sweating day if you are outside.

I did a video clip of CJ last night playing with a waste basket. It was so funny. It was all I could do to keep from laughing at him. He couldn't see where he was going either. I was surprised that he did not run into anything. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Zv4-Fs_AXE

~~Thursday August 9th, 2007 ~~~~ 32 weeks 1 day~~~

Today CJ is 22 months old!!!

Today man was good and bad! I went to see my OB today and he was pleased with my progress... I weighted 120 lbs so 7 lb gain since the beginning of my pregnancy. My BP was 118/64 good too and babys heartbeat was in the 150's. He said that I was an easy patient. I go back in 2 weeks again for another check up..And he also told me that I was under dual care (which I already knew)...He had not gotten the results of my sonogram from Tues. so he asked me about it...

After that appt. I had to get Madi to her physical...then to cheer camp in yet another town.... I also dropped off the dog to get groomed, so I had to pick him up too....It was so hot out, I just wanted to go home and stay in the A/C!

Then Halie came over to goto the airport with me to pick up John. So I could be in the A/C in the car..(which I cannot drive, it is a stick) I want to learn how to drive and can do some..I just need more practice with it..

Then John told me that his flight was delayed, then delayed again, then canceled!! :shock: Oh no, the race was on to get him a flight home. Halie and I both were on the phone to get him on one of the last 2 flights back to town...The airlines directed all the pax to goto cust. service or call the 800 # to rebook their tickets. He said that there were over 1,000 people trying to get flights out because everything was being canceled!! Between Halie and I we managed to get him on the last flight to Dayton....He got his boarding pass and went back thru security to the gate...Then that flight was delayed, then cancelled too!! :shock: :shock: I just couln't believe it. So we were back on the phone again trying to get him on any flight last night from there to Cincy, Columbus, Indianapolis...The only flight that we could find was actually going to Toledo, OH! No way...I would have a 3 1/2 hour drive 1 way to pick him up there. So my Dh had to stay in a hotel last night. I was sad that he wasn't comming home last night. But also relieved that I didn't have to go out at midnight to go get him or have to drive 2 1/2 hours one way to indi...

He booked himself a ticket on Airtran for Friday evening to arrive at 5:30. Now after he goto the hotel he had to figure out what trains he had to take to get from just west of Washington Dc to Baltimore, MD Airport!!

~~~Friday August 10th, 2007 ~~~32 weeks 2 days~~~

Well my sleep last night had something to be desired. I went to bed about 12:30 and was still so stressed I had to calm down...Then at 2:30 am I was startled awake and in excruiating pain. I don't know if the pain woke me up or if a sound woke me up and I moved so fast that I hurt my lower right side. Anyways my side hurt so bad that I couldn't move. I couldn't even roll over....After laying there in horrible pain for a few minutes I finally could roll over to my right side, then a few minutes later finally sit up on the side of the bed. Then a contraction hit me and the first thought that went thru my mind was "OH no, this can't be it! JOhn's not home!!!" I finally was able to get up and I went to the bathroom to go pee. Still in pain but not like it was when I woke up. After checking on the kids and all were sleeping soundly and looking around the house I found nothing that should have woken me up. So about 20 minutes later I went back to bed. During that 30 minute time frame I had 3 contractions but they were not painful. Today I have been a bit sore on that side and in different places on my belly...

Well John is finally on his way home!!! This whole fiasco has gotten him 3 free roundtrip airfair tickets...So we dreamed a little and then said that he should use them for work to save us some money...besides we need the money for the farm and baby right now.

~~~~ Sunday December 16th, 2007~~~~

Naomi is now 12 weeks old she will be officially 3 months old this comming Saturday. I cannot believe that she is already this old. Each day I see her changing and changing. She is finally starting to fit into the 0/3 month clothes that she has. She is still so tiny. I love it though. I am glad that she is little and not getting so big so fast, because she is my last baby. I am definately cherishing every moment with her. God knew what he was doing when he gave her to us and I am so thankful to him.

Today was a good day. We went to church the kids did their Christmas program and Nick was in it. It was really cute. Then we went out to church with another family from church. It was a wonderful time and lunch was delicious (Applebees). After dinner we went to see Poppy for a bit so that we could give him his birthday gifts and a cake. Then came home. Naomi was a bit cranky and CJ was very tired. They are both in bed now and I am getting ready to take a bath.

I am still a bit frustrated cause Naomi still has to take 1-2 bottles everyday cause I don't have enough milk. I really want to work hard to get it built back up over Christmas break.

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~~~January 8, 2008 ~~~~

Today is a good day. The weather is unbelievably in the lower 60's.. Feels like springtime. Our normal high is 38 so we are loving this. Can't wait til the real spring hits! John has already gone out to the house to work. He said that he wants to get as much done on the house this month as we can. We are getting close just not there yet.

Naomi is making up for not eating much yesterday. She has been so quiet for the last few days. I have enjoyed it but also have been wondering if she is getting sick too. Connor is such a cranky butt it is driving us nuts!!:eek: He has started whinning over everything. Then there is the screaming...Oh man that is another story.

I am so tired. I just can't seem to get enough sleep. I would like to have a day where I have no responsibilities all day so I can get caught up on sleep.

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~~Wednesday January 9th, 2008~~~~

Today has been a pretty good day. The kids were pretty good other than Connor deciding to take his peanutbutter toast and smear it on the dining room chair and throw his cereal every where while I was feeding Naomi in the living room. Needless to say he got into big trouble!

John got 2 more cabinets for the kitchen and they look great with the other ones. I went out to the house tonight for about 3 hours to work on the drywall taping and mudding it. JOhn worked upstairs in the babies room. I am getting so excited about moving in. I need to get my butt in gear to get this house packed up. Tomorrow I am going to go get boxes and start on it. It is really starting to look like a house and it is comming together.

I hope we can get some things from the auction this comming Saturady in Springfield.

I will finish up taking down the Christmas decorations. Then I will start sorting thru them and getting rid of and boxing up what will be going to the new house. Hopefully I can get them hauled over there this weekend.

Well Naomi calls...Me need to go feed her and get her to bed.

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Growing up so fast! 9 months old today

~~~ Sunday June 22, 2008 ~~~

Today Naomi is 9 months old. She is getting so big. I can hardly believe that she is that old already. This time last year we were still gutting the farm house and getting ready to add on the 4 room additon. Today we are moved in by 3 weeks and still working on this farm.

I had Naomi into the Doctor's yesterday. She has been running a fever for 5 days now and it has ranged from 102.2 to 104.3.. No other symptoms just a fever and some crankyness. He thinks she has hand foot and mouth illness. I think it is something else. Time will tell though. I take her back in tomorrow for her check up.

She is a whopping 15 lbs. that is with clothes and diaper on! She cut her 1st tooth on June 10th, it is the bottom right for her. The 2nd one is comming in as well just not thru the skin just yet.

She is crawling all over the place. Sometimes she does the comando scoot, other times she raises one leg up to pull herself along. It is so funny to watch her. She is pulling up on everything. I have to watch her to make sure she doesn't pull up on her walker or she will definately come tumbling down when it moves away from her.

She eats very well. She loves all her foods and now I am giving her table foods as well. She actually eats better than CJ!

Time for me to go do so weeding in the flower beds.

~~~Monday June 23rd ~~~

I took Naomi in for her 9 month check up today

she is 27 inches long
14 lbs. 10 oz (she has lost weight)
Head circum 44 cm

She is still sick and blisters are still on her throat. The Dr. is a little bit concerned about her weight again. She lost 7 oz since Saturday. I told them that she has been eating pretty good considering. She is drinking more than eating food food.

She said that she is doing well with her milestones and developement. Other than she is on the tiny side. She did mention Pediasure.... I just thought here we go again.. Down the Pediasure road that will do nothing for my child... Maddie was put on it cause she was tiny and it did nothing for her!!! No weight gain at all!

Connor is sick now! He has a 102.6 fever and is feeling pretty rough. Not eating much just drinking. So far no one else has it or is sick.

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~~~~~~Thursday June 26th, 2008~~~

Miss Naomi is doing better with the fever now, however, she now has a runny nose and a slight cough. I guess time will tell if she will need antibiotics for an infection. Connor is sick now too :(. he is running the fever and is cranky and clingy as well. So 2 little ones not feeling good.

Naomi is learning so much right now! She is trying to crawl up the stairs now!!! Me not so ready for that one yet. She really moves on the crawling. She is still very funny in the way she crawls sometimes. .. Right now she is standing in her crib and trying to reach the baby monitor.... She doesn't miss anything! She wakes up happy in the mornings and loves to play. She has learned how to sit back down with out falling down after she stands up. I am so happy for that, not to many more head bonks from falling down.

Halie's 17th birthday is tomorrow!! I can hardly believe that she is that old. Only one yr. left of high school and she plans on graduating early too. I have to get her gift and card today. Hopefully I can spend some time with her this weekend.