Our Grande Finale! Due 10/25/05

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Our Grande Finale! Due 10/25/05

Hi everyone. I'm Lisa, and DH and I are expecting our fourth child in October. I have been keeping a pregnancy journal somewhere else from the beginning, but have decided to maintain it here at pg.org as well. I really enjoy reading others' journals, so I hope that all of you enjoy reading mine.

The other journal is in a more public place, but I'm thinking that I might be able to be a little more candid and open about things here since only members (mostly women) can read the boards.

We currently have about 4 months to go before this child is due.

A little introduction before the past entries begin.

DH and I have been married since October 1988, when we were finishing up our last semester in college. DH was an international student. We met while we were student workers, and were engaged just 4 months after our 1st date. Crazy I know! The odds were totally against us, but here we are... 17 years still together.

Child history:
Miscarriage August 1990
A daughter December 1992
Brief bout of infertility, had various test and treatments including a laparoscopy 2/96
A son January 1997... conceived just one month after the lap!
Miscarriage 3/98
A son May 2003 - see www.babiesonline.com/babies/a/appleseed2003
Miscarriage 9/04

We live in an extended family setting, due to DH's background and upbringing. It's actually very wonderful, although unusual for most western women to read/hear about. His mother lives with us (father is deceased), so our children see their grandmother every day. DH is the eldest child and only son, so this is his desire and obligation. It teaches our kids good, solid values. They know that family is tight and we will be in the future as well, even once they reach 18.

My mother and her husband (married 10/04) live just a few miles away, so we see them occasionally as well.

So sit back, and I hope you enjoy the ride.

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February 18, 2005
Well, today I saw the double lines show up! Nobody else knows yet!

February 23, 2005
4 weeks 6 days. This pregnancy was most unexpected - we were done at three children! Neither DH nor I were too thrilled at the news, to be honest. :-?

But we'll see if God has other plans for us. Some things are out of our hands, no matter what we do.

This is my 7th pregnancy. The three we planned for brought our three children. The prior three we did not plan, all ended in miscarriage. A very interesting pattern. First the shock of bad timing; then once we became accustomed to expecting a new little one, the grief of loss. I don't know if I can go through that again.

The last miscarriage occurred at 9 weeks. We will wait at least until that long before telling anyone. Because we just don't know what will happen.

Our current kids are 12, 8, and almost 2. Boy will they be surprised, if they end up with another brother or sister! :shock:

March 1, 2005
Well, I have begun spotting, some of it red. Guess this is it. I haven't been to the doctor yet - have been through this before, will just ride it out, and then go in for a check up. Sad

March 3, 2005
My bleeding fluctuates from bright red to dull brown, plentiful to light.

Have made an appointment with the doctor on 3/31, everything should be finished by then and we can discuss tubal ligation. Can't handle these stupid unreliable BC pills anymore. Sad This is the 2nd unexpected pg in a year, while on them!!

March 10, 2005
My spotting has lightened up, nothing major has happened yet. What's going on? It's very difficult to get in to see the doctor with this new job I have, I can't really miss work. I would be (or AM?) at 7 weeks today.

If I could just find the time to get in and at least have an u/s to see a heartbeat or not. It would be visible at this point, if it exists. :-?

March 17, 2005
All bleeding has stopped. I still test positive. I have a feeling I'm still pregnant, and there is no miscarriage. Will keep my scheduled appointment on 3/31.

March 29, 2005
No bleeding since my last entry. I will be 10 weeks at my appointment on Thursday. I will make sure they do an u/s to see if this little one is alive or otherwise. I'm so confused. :-?

I have been having mild nausea on and off all this time, but don't know if it's really a pregnancy or just leftover hormones.

March 31, 2005
This evening was the first appointment and u/s with my doctor. And guess what, looks like this pregnancy is officially a GO! Nice, strong heartbeat that I saw and heard (167 bpm), a beautiful little fully-formed human skeleton wiggling its arms and legs. Got some good pics to take home. DH was mesmerized when he saw them. :love3:

Regarding the bleeding I was having, Dr said it might have been from the placenta as it was attaching to my uterine wall. This would explain the bright red bleeding at first and tapering off as the area healed. I have had no more bleeding for almost two weeks now.

My due date has been changed from Oct 27 to Oct 25. So today I am at 10 weeks 2 days. Dr wants to do another u/s in two weeks to start prenatal screening.

So we will be able to see our punkin again on April 14. DH will make sure to come with me this time.

Up until now I haven't let myself think too much about this pregnancy, because we didn't know what was going on. DH and I didn't discuss it much. Now I'm feeling much more comfortable, and getting excited! Smile

I've been lucky in that this time around I've had only minimal nausea, and what do you know, already I'm almost out of the first trimester! Smile

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April 2, 2005
DH told his mother yesterday, who in turn told his sisters. I didn't know so was very surprised when they approached me today! No, it wasn't an April Fool joke.

I haven't told my own mother yet, want to tell her in person and am planning to see her tomorrow.

But I did tell my sweet daughter age 12, I was afraid that DH's family would leak it to her in their enthusiasm. She was very happy, gave me a big hug! She said she hopes it's another boy, because she wants to remain the only girl. She loves being the eldest and Daddy's princess. Biggrin

April 4, 2005
I have been eating much better since last week's appointment. Until then I was so confused about what might be happening, that I just had no appetite and felt a little depressed. I wasn't taking care of my own self, much less a little punkin. But now things have changed; the health of my baby is the most important thing to me.

April 5, 2005
Our youngest son is 22 months old, he was born in late May 2003. He's just a baby himself! I was putting him to sleep last night and was just in wonder over his cute baby face, and body, and soft breathing. It was just yesterday that he was a tiny little newborn. Now he's going to be a big brother, I would NEVER have imagined this would ever happen.

April 6, 2005
OK naughty me, I won a pair of Gap maternity jeans (new) on eBay last night! I'm starting from scratch because I just got rid of ALL my other maternity clothes last fall (after my last miscarriage). I probably won't need new clothes right away, my body hasn't changed at all yet and a lot of my current clothes are loose enough in style that I can wear them for a while.

I am in a new, more "professional" job this time around, and would need more career-style clothes for work anyway. There, that's my excuse. (Well, not for buying JEANS...)

April 12, 2005
12 weeks 0 days. OK I know it's early, but I know I've felt movement! I know what it feels like, this is my fourth for goodness sake. Sweet little flutters.

BTW, it's so funny that I'm not really showing at all yet. Especially with my fourth. I guess in the next one month things will change.

I'm not sure what will be done about where the baby will sleep. Our first two never had a crib and slept with us; with our youngest we splurged and bought a beautiful cherry crib that converts into a toddler bed so the child can use it for up to 4 years. Maybe I'll have to move him out earlier than that though?! Well I can use the pack-n-play bassinet for a while, but only for 3-4 months I think.

April 15, 2005
Yesterday DH told me his mother has dreamed it's a girl. So what happens, last night I also dreamed about the baby, and it was a girl. She was born about two months early, but was perfectly healthy just a little small.

I've had a girl's name picked out for a few years. I've run out of ideas for boy names. We'll wait to know what it really is, before we spend energy on thinking about a boy's name.

April 22, 2005
OK one of my usual pregnancy aversions has reappeared, SODA. Blah it leaves such a yucky aftertaste in my mouth! Any flavor! This has happened to me with every single kid. Oh well, it's healthy for me to drop the sodas for now.

I talked to my ds1 (age 8 ) in a very broad conversation since he doesn't know about the new baby yet, asking him if he'd like to be a big brother again. When he said yes I asked him, brother or sister? He said he'd prefer a little sister, "because I already have a little brother to boss around and now I need a sister to boss around!" LOL

I haven't told him yet because he's quite an impatient, impulsive kid. When he gets something in his head that he wants, he wants it NOW. I'm not ready to deal with his impatience for now. Smile I'm waiting until there's no hiding the fact... that's what I did with him last time, when he was 6. That helps make the wait shorter for all of us.

April 26, 2005
Good news! Got my blood work numbers back, they look great! Little to no chance of this baby having Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome) or Trisomy 18!

Lots different this time than last, when we learned #3 had a very high chance of having DS, and it turned out to be right.

Wait till I tell DH!

May 4, 2005
Had a nurse appointment yesterday, gathering basic pregnancy history information. It went pretty quickly and smoothly, since I just went through this about 6 months ago (before my m/c) and she still had it all in my chart.

At 15 weeks now, Punkin is about 4 inches long! I'm just now starting to pop out. Noticeable to me but nobody else. Still in my regular clothes.

On a non-pg note, tonight and tomorrow night are my final exams for my last two classes for my MBA. Graduation is Saturday night! It's been a long, hard 3 years, and it will all be over in about 36 hours.

May 13, 2005
Yesterday I went for my 16-wk checkup, everything looked good, OMG I have still only gained a total of ONE pound so far... LOL... But I guess everything is just shifting because I'm definitely rounded out...

Anyway, heard the heartbeat nice and strong, and my BIG u/s is scheduled for 5/25 (I thought I'd have to wait till my 20-wk appt but YAY I get to go in at 18!).

I've been feeling a lot of movement the past few days, more than flutters now. The movement is one of the BEST things about pregnancy. I never thought I would experience this again, I deeply cherished it with #3 because I thought it would be the last time. God is good! :love3:

I see newborns here and there, and I just stare at them in awe because I can't believe I'm going to have one of those again in a few months. It still seems unreal most of the time. And I already feel nervous to think about having FOUR children. It's so overwhelming. :roll:

Well anyway, I'm going to enjoy this summer as much as I can with my kids, especially my little one, enjoy our pool since I'm done with school, and try to rearrange my life to give more time to all four of them in the fall.

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May 20, 2005
The movement is still there. Nice. And when I'm lying flat on my back, my little round bulge is growing bigger! I love to keep my hand on it. I haven't yet felt any movement from the outside.

At this point, Punkin is about 5 1/2 inches, and as much as 1/2 a pound in weight. I've rounded out even more. Most of my regular clothes still fit, but I'm looking "fat" now.

I've been slowly building up a very nice maternity wardrobe, but holding off on wearing it (except for my jeans). 1. I don't want to get too sick of them too soon, the variety needs to last through October; 2. I haven't told my work people yet, so can't wear those clothes there because it will be a dead giveaway.

I plan on telling my boss at the end of next week. Once I have my u/s on Wednesday and hopefully know what it is. Then I'll be ready to start announcing to the world!

I have determined all the meanings for the names we are interested in. DH and I have not yet talked much about this, we need to know what it is before spending too much energy. But I myself have done my homework and will have all info ready to go.

May 23, 2005
Have been feeling a LOT of movement today. How exciting.

Have started working on polishing up a Birth Plan. I had drawn up a simple one last time, before it was such a popular trend nowadays, and the nurses told me how much it had helped them while I was there. Especially after the baby was born, my breastfeeding wishes and no bottle or pacifier for him under any circumstances.

These days there are lots of templates on different pregnancy web sites so I've taken ideas to greatly expand on my own wishes.

I have also been looking into umbilical cord blood donation. I think I will do it. My hospital participates in the local program, and it would be no cost for me to simply donate the cord. I need to call the program number between 28-30 weeks to get registered.


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May 25, 2005

Ultrasound Day - IT'S A GIRL!

Yes, we found out we are expecting a daughter! DH and DD came with me to the ultrasound. The session took about 20 minutes. Everything measured great - heart, other internal organs, head and legs, etc. She was actually measuring a little ahead; the u/s was giving an EDD of 10/23 but I'm sticking with 10/25 instead of bouncing around all the time. BUT this could mean she'll come a little early...all my others have been early so far! (#1 was 8 days, #2 was 4 days, and #3 was 3 days.)

The little one was moving around a LOT, and the tech had to work extra hard to get the measurements and still shots she wanted! We got some great pictures, including some 3-D, and a video too.

I didn't really have a feeling either way if it was a boy or girl. It's like this whole thing wasn't even really happening until now. But now that I know what it is, everything has become more real and concrete. That in itself put me in a quiet shock. WOW. Same with DH. We're really going to have FOUR children. I know, you say get over it already, but it's just so strange to me even now.

DD was hoping for a boy, but she's already adjusting to the idea of a baby sister. She'll be fine. I don't know how close they will be since they will be almost 13 years apart in age, I hope that DD will become somewhat of a mother figure as time goes by.

So DD and I began discussing names. She likes my choice for first name, and she made her choice between the two middle names I had narrowed down to. Now we will join forces and tell DH how it's gonna be! LOL

May 27, 2005
Told my boss the news today. It was funny, he is much younger than me, a newlywed, and a very new supervisor for the first time, so he was simply happy for me in general and didn't even realize I was really telling him for HR/job purposes! Until I brought up HR myself! It was cute. He is also not familiar with the whole pregnancy/baby experience so I had to briefly explain to him how far along I am, how long the whole thing is, and how much time is left. His wife needs to have a talk with him... LOL Lol

Well at least it's done, and I can wear maternity clothes to work next week and not worry about what anyone else thinks or says. What a relief, it's officially out in the open.

May 30, 2005
Happy Memorial Day...


OK! DS age 8 now knows the news! Here's the story:

Last night I was talking to DD and DS after they jumped in bed and DS noticed my poochy belly - finally. He commented on it and asked me if I might be pregnant. I said it was a possibility, and he responded that he really didn't want another brother or sister! Agh! I said well if that's really what it was, then he didn't have much of a choice, and he agreed. And I dropped the subject, not in the mood to pursue it after a comment like that.

So this evening I took my kids and two of my nephews to the mall, which included a stop at the Motherhood store for some maternity pants for work. While they played with some toys and I shopped, apparently DS was muttering (out of boredom) about what kind of store was this anyway... and the store lady TOLD him, this is a store for pregnant women! When I exited the dressing room he came to me with a look of shock on his face and told me what she had said...the point of no return...LOL

I gave him a big hug and said yes it's true, and he said one simple word: "Cool!" With a goofy, happy look on his face. Dirol

But what about last night I asked, you said you didn't want another brother or sister, and he told me he'd had his fingers crossed at the time! (Little fibber) I couldn't stop laughing - what a comeback.

Wait - there's more - THEN he said, but I thought you said before, that three kids were enough and that this wouldn't happen again! OMG! I told him that some things happen out of our control and planning, and we are just lucky I guess. Can you believe it?! Can you see why he's my pistol?!

I told him it's a secret and don't tell his cousins and he promised, but he kept muttering to himself, "I can't believe it... I can't believe it..." what a FUNNY story...


May 31, 2005
Up to 19 weeks! Punkin is about 6 inches long and 8-9 ounces in weight.

This morning, for the first time, I felt movement from the outside! Before I got out of bed, I just lay there with my hand on my tummy, thinking about things, and there it was!

Plus I have just been feeling so much movement all day today! This is the first time it's been so... constant. What an exciting turning point. LOVE it. :love3:

June 6, 2005
This weekend I bought the cutest little headbands with bows! It was a pack of 5 with all pastel colors. I haven't been able to dress a baby girl for almost 13 years - can you blame me?

They also had little clips and barrettes, how sweet, but I will wait to see how much hair she ends up having first.


June 10, 2005
My heart is aching. :cry:

A couple that I have never met except through Babies Online, lost their twin baby girls about a week ago. The mother was due two days before myself. She and her husband were so excited. I had been following their journal over the weeks (they write quite well), as I do with many of the expecting members clustered around my own due date.

They described how the babies were perfectly formed, tiny little sweet things, just 9 inches long each. This put in my mind exactly how my own daughter must look right now. How hard it must be for them, I can hardly bear it myself.

They had created a wonderful web page which I'm sure will become a beautiful memorial for Grace and Olivia.


June 13, 2005
Today DH told me the name he would really like for a girl. It has been in his heart for a long time because of its simplicity and sweetness. Although it's a very common Islamic name, I'm agreeable. We will see what his mother thinks, because her opinion is important. (I think she won't care for it though because it's so common.)

June 16, 2005
WOW! Lots of hiccups this morning. Her, not me. Lol

June 20, 2005
Nope, MIL did not care for the name we were thinking of. I did a little more research and presented a nice list (below) of good, unique, uncommon Arabic names to her and DH. He is now very flexible in making sure it's something she likes (wants her to feel it's her choice). So I think she and I have decided on a good name.

Here was the list:

Asra = travel by night
Hafa = gentle rain
Hala = sweetness
Hana = happiness, bliss
Isra = night journey
Johara = jewel
Layali = nights
Noura, Nurah, Noorah = light
Rahaf = delicate, fine
Rasha = young gazelle
Rihana = sweet basil
Samar = evening conversation
Tahani = congratulations
Umayah = young mother
Zahrah = flower, beauty, star

(My original choice, and DH's original choice, are both NOT on this list! LOL)

The middle name will begin with a "Y," as is the tradition with all of our children.

June 21, 2005
22 weeks. Punkin is 10+ inches long (about half of her final length!) and 1 pound in weight. WOW!

I took a quick look at the nearby consignment shop, and wow what great things they have there! More expensive than a garage sale, but easier shopping, and hey, better quality. I saw bassinets starting at only $20! And lots of gently used baby clothes and shoes. I'll be going back soon when I have more time, and might even check out the maternity clothes while I'm there.

Speaking of maternity clothes, I have still been able to wear the loosest of my regular tops and pants up until now... but I think it's now time to retire them to storage until after Punkin arrives. They are all snug now, and uncomfortable! So as they're washed or dry cleaned this week, they will go straight into the box for later.

I kind of dread wearing only maternity clothes from here on out, for the next 4+ months (even after birth of course), because I know I'll get SICK of them by then!


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Here are some pics for you, hope you enjoy...

Our three kids... taken in June.

Me at 18 weeks, taken 5/25.

Me again at 21 1/2 weeks, taken 6/18.

Some ultrasound pics, taken at 18 weeks, 5/25, when we found out she is a girl.

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23 weeks 1 day

Busy with lots of non-pregnancy/baby life issues this past week. DH and I have several business-related irons in the fire right now. We're working as hard as we can now, because I know once Punkin arrives I won't be as much of a contribution to our family affairs.

I did start pricing a few things I know I'll need, like new crib and bassinet sheets (I think I've decided to get a bassinet to use for the first few months), blankets, etc. We'll need more blankets this time because being born in October, Punkin has some cold months ahead of her.

I won some blankets on eBay - some new, some like new. DH cringed at the thought of USED blankets on his little baby. I assured him I would wash them a dozen times first. But from now on I will get only new items... I have ordered some things from BabyMall, like crib and bassinet sheets, a brand new bath towel just for her, and some basic onesie-type clothing items.

My SIL has some stuff temporarily stored in our basement until she moves to a new place nearby in a month or so, and once that is gone I'll be able to root around down there and see what baby clothes I might still have from last time. If I remember correctly, last fall I kept all my favorite things from DS2 and got rid of the rest... but I don't know how much of that can be used for a girl. So in August my inventory project will begin.

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One day last week I'd had a really long day. I was still in my work clothes when I ended up at the mall with DH that evening. My feet were killing me and I couldn't keep up. He started griping at me, about why wasn't I wearing comfortable shoes while pregnant ... and why was I all dressed up anyway, I'm already married and it's not like I need to impress anyone! Lol

I took it all as a compliment, in a very, very roundabout way. Wink

Yesterday I bought a nursery organizer cart, it's plastic with wheels and looks like stacked cubes. It's a great investment for my DS2 plus the new baby. I used DS's birthday money for it. Anyway, it came unassembled in a box, in A HUNDRED PIECES, and so I paid DD $5 to put it together for me (took her about an hour). Lol

It's cute, although it looks a little cheapo, but it will do the trick to keep everything together in my room next to the crib (we don't have a nursery). It even has one cube with a lid for dirty clothes - perfect. Until now I had everything in a big wicker basket, and I could never find anything.

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24 weeks today!

DH has this thing about NOT telling his friends when we are expecting a baby. He likes to wait as long as possible and then shock them with either the sight of me quite far along, or an announcement of birth. What a sense of humor, ha.

We can usually get pretty far since I myself don't see his friends or their wives too often.

Anyway, Sunday night we went to a barbecue and he again forewarned me that I would need to play along and try to "cover the evidence" as best I could. So I did. It's a challenge for me. Smile

Men know almost nothing when it comes to this stuff, but I don't know about the wives... they're not stupid. They've all had children. Although nobody said anything directly to us or my in-laws, I'm sure someone was definitely wondering! LOL


Last night our neighbors gave the best amateur fireworks show in town. We had front row seats, since we live right next to them and at the end of the cul-de-sac.

I thought the loud sounds would affect Punkin, but she didn't move ONCE. I was so surprised, waiting to feeling something... but nothing.

Everything was OK though, she began moving as soon as I lay down to sleep - as usual.

This is a nice, short work week. I have my next doctor appt Thursday afternoon.

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The crib's bumper pad that we already have is blue and yellow, kind of a gingham design, and I'm just going to keep that and use more yellow and white sheets rather than blue... She will NEVER care. And almost nobody will see the crib anyway, since it's in our room. I did buy some bassinet sheets with little pink flowers on them, and some with yellow flowers. I've bought little washcloths in all different neutral colors.

I've noticed that I try to keep with more gender neutral clothing. We saw it was a girl, and I have an u/s pic that SHOWS that (which I look at all the time), but I'm still nervous - what if it's really a boy? I won't be able to confirm for sure until my 32-wk appt/ u/s, that's still EIGHT weeks away! I have bought some cute little yellow and mint green sleepers, and lots of white onesies (long-sleeve, short-sleeve, sleeveless for next spring) for under the clothes.

I've only bought a couple of actual outfits for her... and that pack of the cutest little headbands ever! Awww... But I figure I have plenty of time toward the end, especially after that 32-wk u/s, and girlie clothes will be what most people give as gifts anyway.

Although I’m on the downward hill now, I still feel like I have plenty of time for everything. 15+ weeks is a long time. I know toward the end I'll be miserable and uncomfortable and want her OUT of me, but for now I'm in NO hurry to add another child to my repertoire.

Sound cruel? Or rather practical?

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Had my 24-week appointment yesterday afternoon. My total weight gain so far is 12 pounds. Her heartbeat sounded great. My fundus measured at 23 1/2 cm. I go back in four weeks and do my 1-hr glucose test. After that the two-week appointments begin! OMG... :shock:

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24 weeks 6 days

Ready for a list of gripes?!

The back/hip troubles have begun. I wasn't expecting this yet! If I sit a certain way (kind of leaning back on my tail bone) or lie down on my back with my legs up, I seem to cripple myself momentarily! Like my hips lock up! The temporary pain is so intense, and it's a scary feeling. :cry: So now I have to be careful how I sit and lie.

Yesterday was the first time that my tummy felt like a "burden" - something only other ladies late in their pregnancies can identify with, it's hard to explain. Like a weight that needs support. I'm not that big, how can this be happening?! :shock:

For a few weeks I've been getting swelling in my ankles and feet after my days at work (sitting at a desk), but on the weekends I would be fine due to being more active. But OH NO, when I woke up this morning the swelling was already there! I HOPE that it's not here to stay, for the next 3 1/2 months! Blah.

On a lighter note, I finally saw a little of Punkin's movement from the outside for the first time today! Like a soft ripple across my skin. :love3: Poor DH, he hasn't felt her yet, it usually happens when he's not around.

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I ordered this necklace a few weeks ago and kept it aside until a couple of days ago, and have started wearing it... I LOVE IT! IT'S SO CUTE AND SWEET! It bounces on my belly as I walk and has a soft chime.


I bought the basic one for only $17... there are lots of different kinds. I did a google search earlier today and there are so many places selling necklaces like these, but I'm satisfied with my great deal (cheapest I've found).

Its chime has stolen my heart, and it's so cool to think that Punkin probably hears it too! I'm gonna use it as a nursing necklace once she's born. It's already becoming a sentimental keepsake!

OK I know I sound like an AD, but I'm just so excited. :love3:

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25 weeks 6 days

I've reached double digits today! Only 99 days to go until our due date!


Punkin is just moving up a storm. Even right now. I feel most movements down below in the cervix/bladder area, so I guess those are her feet doing a little dance. Dr said last time I was there that it was too early for her to feel which direction Punkin is lying. Maybe next appt. But she's definitely along my right side, not the left.

In the night during my frequent wakeups I can feel her moving around. It's soothing and I fall back to sleep right away. I know soon she'll be so big that she'll be knocking me around.

I had a very hot and hectic weekend, feeling frustrated and miserable with all the errands we had to run. I ended up getting to bed at MIDNIGHT Sunday night, I don't know how this happens... every Sunday I get to bed much later than I dream and plan to. :roll:

DH is becoming frustrated with our hectic schedules too, and wants to get away for a weekend soon while I can still travel. So I'll try to find a good deal on a 3-day quick trip that we can take. Either with or without the kids, don't know yet.

We have also been making plans to go to Six Flags before school starts. I have, rather, not DH - he can't handle the rides (wimp! Lol ) I love roller coasters, but none for me this summer. Cute DS1 actually said, well maybe we shouldn't go to Six Flags since I wouldn't enjoy myself as much as I would like (as he caressed my tummy - hee hee). I'd just be standing around watching everyone else have fun. He's so sweet. I told him that's OK, I'd still enjoy myself.

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YAY good news... I was up late again last night, but for a good reason, I booked a trip to Tampa in a couple of weeks! Friday through Monday of relaxation. And I'll be off on Tuesday as well, to recover and prepare for the work week. The kids will go too, it will be a lot of fun! I gotta figure out now how I will deal with a stroller and the flight. :roll:

I'm so excited - I like Tampa, and especially Clearwater Beach!


I really, really need this time off... I'm about to lose my sanity.

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DS1 never ceases to crack me up. Last week he was feeling my tummy - again - and I said isn't it cool to think there is a little girl growing in there?? And he said yeah, that's why I really wanna be there to see how she comes out! I just don't get it!

I almost fell on the floor - he's never mentioned this, um, subject to me before! I just said well, you'll just have to come visit us in the hospital once she's born, that's all. I just laughed the rest of the evening.


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This weekend my SIL got to feel Punkin moving around. She is the first one besides me! Still waiting for DH's chance.

I found all my old baby clothes in the basement Sunday, what very little there was of it. Almost all of it is definitely boy-oriented. The only things I can really salvage are: white socks, solid blue and green onesies, and a sleeper that is blue-striped but kind of neutral looking, she'll be OK in it. I'll make sure she is wearing a headband or hair bow when she is wearing it! Lol

I do have his blue and yellow sleep sacks that I can use, and also I found a pink blanket wrap from when DD was a baby! So that's good too.

I think it's time for me to hit eBay again! I have nothing in 0-3 mos. I'm also anxious to find a going-home outfit for when she is born.

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Today is 26 weeks 6 days!


Our little girl is due THREE months from today. Now I'm getting excited. The kids love to hug my belly, a nice firm round BALL.

My hips are giving me troubles, I can feel them spreading. DH loves to tease me that I'm getting fat... but I don't mind. He has also said quite endearing things to me lately, so I'll believe the positive over the negative! hee hee

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Our 7th month AND 3rd trimester officially begin today. We are truly on the countdown. I have read that Punkin is over 14 inches long, and she weighs over two pounds.

I love to feel her move at night. It's the best feeling, like a special secret between me and her.


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27 weeks 3 days

Here are a couple of tummy shots taken last night...

And a ticker experiment I'll be using once Punkin is born - how cute is that!

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Yesterday was a productive yet TIRING day. Washed all bedsheets - I usually stagger this chore, don't do them all at once. :laundry: We cleaned our whole basement (full, finished) and it took us most of the day. (I did get through all my old baby clothes and got things out of storage for Punkin - pack-n-play, car seat, infant tub, etc.) THEN we moved on to the pool area and the garage.

I was in pain with stiff hips by the end. Could barely walk. But a hot shower and a couple of extra-strength Tylenol helped a little, and we enjoyed a nice barbecue in the evening over at SIL's house. Good ending to a busy weekend.


Our goal is to have the house in tip-top shape before our trip to Florida this weekend. The planning for which is coming along nicely. (I'm always the planner and itinerary maker.) I have most of the days full of fun activities, yet time to bum around at the beach and by the pool. Looking forward to it! Friday's the day!


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DH finally felt Punkin move last night! :love3:

We all had a big discussion about names again too: DH, his mother, and I. We can't agree on anything. Even after my wonderful list. There's one name both he and I like but she doesn't, and there's one name both she and I like but he doesn't. The rest of the names don't "click" with EITHER of them. :boxing:

I'm the most agreeable and flexible one of the bunch... how frustrating, I just want this DECIDED and chapter closed! :sad11:

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28 weeks 1 day

I cannot believe how much Punkin has been moving the past couple of days... it seems CONSTANT! Don't know what's going on with her! Ah but I love it, enjoying every minute.

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29 weeks 1 day

We’re back from our vacation!

We had a great time, had a lot of rain and thunderstorms every afternoon before clearing up for some beautiful evenings and sunsets. Friday we went to Adventure Island (water park) in Tampa and the rides were shut down when we first got there due to lightning. In the evening we went to the local beach until sunset. Saturday we went to Busch Gardens and it was really crowded, and hot in the morning. The lines for the rides were LONG. When the afternoon showers hit, the rides were again shut down for a while. We also got kinda soaked. DS2 cried at the loud thunder. Spent the evening in the hotel pool. Sunday went to the beach in Clearwater, went on a great pirate ship cruise (of course delayed a bit due to STORMS lol), then back to the beach and up onto the nearby pier until dark. The kids did "bungee jumping" (on trampolines) there. Monday drove to Orlando to our favorite outlet mall, mainly to do DH's clothes shopping for the next couple of years (he buys almost all his better clothes from this place... good shops. We always pick up some Polos for the boys as well.) And I made sure to hit OshKosh. Then back to the Tampa airport.

It was us 5, plus SIL and her two boys - so you can imagine the meal costs and the logistics, what with airplanes and hotels and luggage, and keeping everyone together so as not to get lost. Yikes! But it all worked out.

Got a lot of video, but I don't know about pictures because my disposable cameras got wet (of course) and I have to see if the pics actually turn out. Sad

When I read back over this, it doesn't sound like such a good time - at least from an adult's perspective. But the kids all had the time of their lives. And Saturday night after everyone was in bed, DH and I went to a little Cuban restaurant/night club and had some alone time, so that was nice.

All in all, a GREAT time! An escape from reality for a few days! Now a second wind to move on in life. My last big fling before this baby arrives and I am officially homebound from traveling for a while. Not many trips in my near future with FOUR children! DH teases that he'll travel without me while I'm stuck with the kids, which he knows ticks me off Wink .

Another note... I was so surprised how much my poor round tummy got BUMPED in the crowds! Partly due to my miscalculations, and partly due to the rudeness of others (it's not ALL my fault!) LOL!

Anyway, I'm back in the swing of things now. Smile

~~~~~~~~~~ Appointment update ~~~~~~~~~~

Last Thursday at my 28-wk appt (which was fine and uneventful) I had my 1-hr glucose test... which I ended up FAILING! This had never happened to me in my previous pregnancies!

So yesterday I did the 3-hr test. Blah! Nervous, didn't really want to join the “GD club” on the Oct 2005 board (no offense to those ladies )!

But I just called for the results this morning, and everything is OK. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief! All's well that ends well.

Down to every two weeks now, 30-wk, then 32-wk (with u/s, yay!)... wow, I just can't believe it.
Lisa K.

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29 weeks 2 days

I read today that Punkin now weighs almost three pounds and is about 15 1/2 inches long. She has a 90% chance of survival if born now.

Over the past week I have begun to feel BH contractions here and there. The memories are flooding back in! LOL... I never had BH with #1 and #2, but a lot with #3.

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On the Oct ’05 board there was a discussion about transitioning from one child to two, and how that might be difficult… especially balancing attention, love, etc.

Anyone else scared about making the jump from one to two? My girlfried was here today with her three month old and she cried all day long. My son got upset listening to the baby and he started crying. I wanted to cry. How bad is it really in the beginning?

I"ve been worrying aobut this too lately. I'm so excited to be having another baby, but on the other hand I've really been feeling kinda sad for Audrey. She's so happy and fun all the time, and I'm worried about her because she just has no idea how much things are going to change around here in a few months. I don't ever want her to feel like she's loved any less just because there's another baby on the way, but she's so young I'm not sure how to make her understand everything. I had a complete breakdown over this very issue just the other night!

I'm nervous too! Ds still needs so much attention as an 18 month old. He loves to see babies and give them hugs and kisses though, but sometimes he gets upset if I'm holding the baby. I don't think he will be mean to the baby, but I'm afraid that he will be upset about not getting as much mommy time.

I worried so much over whether I could love another baby as much as I loved my first. And I had lots of nightmares where I forgot my first dd or left her somewhere..all kinds of "I'm abandoning my baby" dreams. After .... [my 2nd dd] ... was born, it wasn't nearly as awful as I thought it was going to be. Like Andie said, potty-trained toddlers/preschoolers will sometimes have lots of accidents, which is trying on you, the new mommy.

The thing that I'm struggling with the most is that DS has really been the perfect child. He's so sweet and funny and, just everything I could have imagined in a child of mine and more. I don't want to compare the two but I'm having a difficult time imagining how any other child can be as awesome as he is.

On those same lines, when I myself was moving from one to two, I just couldn't imagine how I could love another like I loved my little girl. It seemed impossible. Now I can see that I have inexplicable, unlimited, swelling love for each of them for all of the special things they alone possess. It sounds sooo cliche, but you really don't love one more than the other - just each of them in a different way. It's really true!

Now my kids have always had quite large age gaps, and this is the first time I will have two so close together (2 yrs 5 mos - for ME that's close!). I'm kind of nervous about that, especially since my little one has special needs and takes a lot of my time and attention. He knows what a baby is, but he has no idea in this whole world that one is on her way to OUR house, and he won't know until she shows up. But hopefully with whatever skills I've gained up until now, I will be able to pull it off!

There are a lot of us on the Oct ’05 board in the same boat with the same worries and concerns. But I think we'll all be FINE.

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29 weeks 6 days

Over the weekend, I presented to DH the idea of "catching" the baby during delivery (once the head is delivered by the doctor, DH would assist in helping the rest of the baby out). He thought it was a great idea! (I didn't think he'd agree!) So I'll write that into my birth plan, and also talk to my primary doctor about it when I see her in two weeks.

Today I mailed off my registration to donate the baby's umbilical cord (placental) blood. It will be collected and stored for the purpose of providing a source of stem cells for stem cell transplantation and gene therapy, and can be used for a large amount of help to others.

A concern of mine in the beginning had been, what if these cells are used for cloning or something? Which I'm against. But this particular blood bank has stated that they do NOT participate in any activities that are designed to promote human cloning or the creation of human embryos for the specific purpose of producing embryonic stem cells for research.

Regarding the name game? Still undecided! Sad

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30 weeks!

10 weeks to go, so tomorrow I will officially be in single-digit weeks!

OK, back to the name game one last time! It was finally resolved last night! Thank God! What is the name? Can't tell you now! Hint: It was DH's original choice. MIL finally agreed to it. Smile After that, it was easy to come up with a middle name.

So CASE CLOSED, no more name discussion or I will have a heart attack! Wink

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OK get this... now that we have decided on a name, I feel a lot differently about Punkin. Before she was literally nameless, like it wasn't really happening. Now she is a real person, with a name, and I think of her as a person, and therefore I am getting anxious to meet her! It's hard to think about and have feelings for someone you still have to wait 2 months to officially meet!

So now, for me, the impatience has begun - the impatience that I had NONE of before. Remember I said I was in no hurry for her to arrive? Now it's slowly changing, I can feel it! It's gonna be rough.

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August 18

Had my 30-week appt today. Everything is fine. Dr thinks that Punkin is still head up at this point, which is what I thought. But I'm not worried... yet. Here is some info I found:

"Most babies are born headfirst, but at the end of pregnancy, around 3-4% are found to be breech. Before 37 weeks of pregnancy, breech presentation is much more common - about 20% of babies at 28 weeks are breech, and 15% at 32 weeks. Before term, which is defined as 37 weeks, it doesn't matter if the baby is breech, as there is always a good chance that she will turn spontaneously. Some babies do turn by themselves after this time, but it is much less likely, and some preparations should be made to decide how delivery is going to take place."

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August 19

Today had the day off. It was the first day of school for the kids, but just a half day. Saw DS off on the bus, then took DD out to breakfast before taking her to school and getting her settled. She’s in 8th grade this year, I just can’t believe it. I looked at all those kids in the hall, growing up so fast, and I realized that maybe I’ve been shortchanging my daughter. Here I am always so preoccupied with a 2-yr-old and a baby on the way, and DD needs my help because she’s on the brink of teenhood! I need to keep her close to me because the next 5 years are going to be Critical with a capital C. She’s my firstborn, my sweetie girl, and she deserves as much of me as I can muster up.

Anyway, once they got home I took them and two of my nephews to Six Flags. It was really hot, about 100 degrees. Kind of rough on me, being SEVEN months pregnant (and therefore crazy). But we had plenty of water to drink and they had spray stations all over the place for us to cool off in. The lines for the rides were really short, if they existed at all. The kids ran themselves ragged and got to go on some of their favorite rides several times. The water rides were the most enjoyable of course.

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(dupl post)

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I have come down with a cold. All weekend I felt miserable and drained. On top of that, the air conditioning on our 2nd floor konked out so it was unbearable for everyone, not just me. Saturday and Sunday nights we had to sleep down in the basement. Hopefully it will get fixed today.

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(dumb duplicate posts!)

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31 weeks 1 day

The last two nights Punkin has been moving, really moving in there! Like rolling or shifting or something. It actually woke me up, because it kind of hurt. I'm hoping that she's getting ready to turn around completely... but I think I can still feel her head up at the top.

BTW I'm feeling better now, and our A/C is OK upstairs. Back to normal there.

I'm really looking forward to the ultrasound next week. Can't wait. I need to see that Punkin is a GIRL, I know that sounds crazy. At the same time though, I now have the most beautiful little baby bracelet for her, with pink alexandrite crystals and silver beads and a lobster clasp, it is breathtaking.

Go figure.

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A lady on our Oct '05 board has already had her baby - at 30 weeks! We're waiting for details, so I hope he is doing alright - she briefly mentioned he'd be in the NICU for 2 months.

This is really happening! I have found myself reading birth stories on the Aug '05 board lately, I really shouldn't be doing this. I can still remember how I felt during labor with #3... a kind of panic that I can't explain. I am NOT really looking forward to that again.

All these mixed feelings are making me fluctuate between wanting my baby here with me, to being in NO hurry at all. I am sure you can tell that from my previous posts as it is. I'm feeling so confused!


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Sad news, the baby from my previous post did not make it.

Sad :sad: Sad

He developed pneumonia in his lungs.

We are all so very sad right now. Sad

My heart goes out to you Chris, and your sweet son Rocco. May he rest in peace.


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32 weeks

Still looking forward to my final ultrasound on Thursday! :boogie: I'm almost thinking now that Punkin is head down now, because when she gets hiccups I feel them most from below. General movement is coming from all over, so I just can't track those hands and feet.

Very curious to find out about her position, and fluid levels too.

DH has booked a trip to go traveling overseas with his buddies before Punkin arrives. He'll be leaving in mid-September, for 2 weeks! I sure hope I don't go into early labor before he returns! :shock:


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My goodness, Punkin has been awake all day today. I'm still here at work, and she has been moving almost the whole time - including 3 bouts of hiccups! What has gotten into her? Whatever it is, it's making my heart swell with love! :love3:

Which like I mentioned before, I'm feeling hiccups from below lately. Sure hope this means she is head down!

Still feeling BH contractions from time to time, not more than 2-3 per day.


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Here is a pic of Punkin on 9/1 - at 32 weeks 2 days! :love3:

Will write more on my appointment later.


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32 week appointment:

My appointment went well. BP was OK, and weight gain so far is only 18 lbs! I had my ultrasound – Punkin is doing great, heartbeat good, she is weighing in at 5 lbs already. The tech thinks she’ll reach 8 lbs by birth-day. She is still a girl!

AND it turns out she is still breech! Her head and her feet are up at the top, and she is “folded” in half so that her bottom is at the… bottom. This means I will need another ultrasound in four weeks so that they can check her position one more time at 36 weeks. If she is still breech then, we will need to discuss birth alternatives – i.e., cesarean section. Doctor said she will NOT deliver a breech baby vaginally.

This makes me partly nervous, because I have this “fear” about c-sections. Or rather, fear of the unknown. I know almost nothing about c-sections. I can tell you that I always dread any kind of surgery, the recovery period especially. I’ll have some cramming on studying up at that time, so that I can educate myself about everything and feel more comfortable. Make it as positive of an experience for me, DH, and Punkin as I can. Knowledge is power.

But I’ll try to wait until then, because maybe (HOPEFULLY) she will have turned by four weeks from now, and I really have nothing to worry about.

The only good thing I can think about knowing I need a c-section, is that we can plan it ahead of time (set an actual date) and bypass the whole waiting and labor part. That sounds good to me, may make it all worth it! LOL… Plus, since I’m expecting a tubal ligation while I’m there, perhaps that can be done at the same time since my abdomen will already be “open.” I’ll ask about this when I see the doctor next time.

I only got a couple of decent 3-D pictures, Punkin was not really cooperating. Her hands were in front of her face most of the time.


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33 weeks

Only 6+ weeks left! OMG!

I'm thinking that Punkin has dropped slightly. It seems my whole belly is lower than it was, and I can feel her head just 2-3 inches above my navel. That's pretty low! And MIL commented as well, so I don't think it's just my imagination. She is sure we will have an early birth.

All weekend we were out in the yard, reseeding/fertilizing/putting straw. Yes - Saturday, Sunday, and part of Monday. I got a nasty sunburn on my shoulders and chest since I was wearing a tank top - ouch it really hurts. A beautiful candy-apple red.


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34 weeks

Hmm, I usually don’t go a whole week before posting an entry!

Overall, the discomforts of late pregnancy are in full swing. Although I really can’t complain too much, because there are many discomforts that I am NOT experiencing that I always hear about – like heartburn, trouble breathing (baby in the ribs/lungs), lots of trips to the bathroom, things like that.

My main gripe is not being able to find a comfortable sleeping position! I toss and turn all night. I need a king-size bed to myself perhaps, then I might be OK! LOL… And when I get up in the morning, my body is actually more achy than the night before. It takes a while to get the hips warmed up for the day.

The most wonderful thing in the world – feeling Punkin move and roll inside of me. For this reason alone I’m in NO hurry for her to be born – not ready to give up this feeling! It is so amazing and indescribable. :kissy:

Usually she moves a LOT. On Sunday afternoon though, I suddenly realized I hadn’t noticed her move for several hours. I lay down and waited, and she moved a bit, just enough to give me a little relief. But the rest of the evening and night were the same, only light movement. I actually got worried because she was so still and only moved a little. If it had been the same on Monday morning, I would have gone in to the doctor’s office for a quick checkup. But she was back to normal then, and rolling all around. And she's been fine since. :roll:

Over the past week, several people I came across asked me how far along I was… when I told them I had about 6 weeks left, their jaws all dropped! They couldn’t believe I was so far along! …’Cause I’m looking pretty good, if I say so myself! LOL… I think the weight I’ve been gaining the past couple of months has gone straight to my belly, so my overall profile looks like it’s all baby. :preggo:

I’m waiting patiently for Punkin to move head down. She has two more weeks until her deadline. But you know, I’m over my initial panic of a possible c-section. If it happens, it happens, and I can make the most of it. So we shall see.


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OK here I am this week at 34 weeks!



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Happy Birthday to DH today!

I had my 34-week appointment yesterday. Everything looked good and uneventful. Doctor said Punkin is still not head down. Two weeks until the ultrasound that will help us make a decision. She said if a c-section is needed, then we can schedule a date the week before our due date. So that would be the week of October 17th. But she said once I arrive that day, they would do an ultrasound first thing and if they found she was finally head down then they would send me home to wait for a regular labor and delivery – they would not take her then.

So basically I have about 30 days to go… because I think even if she is not breech and I have a regular birth, she will come a little earlier than her due date. All of my children have been a little early.

My sweet little girl is just moving so much, even now as I write. Some jabs get to me and make me catch my breath with surprise (a foot or elbow perhaps?), but mostly there are just vigorous rolls and shifts.

I’m still feeling alright these days in general. I’m still having trouble sleeping comfortably. Especially when our 2-year-old ends up in the bed with us, he is a very restless sleeper; he tosses and turns and moans, and literally kicks me in the tummy or chest! Ouch! And then DH likes to sleep diagonally across the bed, so his feet hit mine and drive me bonkers.

What other complaints? Fatigue – I can’t stand or walk for too long (especially stand) without feeling wiped out. I gotta sit down.

DH is going out of town next Tuesday for two weeks. ( Sad ) I have been putting off my nesting urges, and while he is gone I plan to catch up on all organizing, cleaning, and buying of last minute items. I will also be pre-registering at the hospital, and I even have an appointment with a maternity nurse at the hospital on October 6 to go over my birth plan and any other concerns.

So that’s me in a nutshell for now.


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36 weeks - less than 4 left!

I know it’s been a long time since I last posted. Have been so busy with DH gone and my working on our business on my own, besides my regular job and giving the kids some extra quality time while Dad’s gone. DS1 has also started Cub Scouts this year. I promised him he could do it once I was out of grad school and could take him to his weekly meetings – um, that promise was made before I knew another baby would be on her way right about that time! So now here’s my extra-long post to make up for being MIA!

On Saturday morning we went to garage sales and the consignment shop. I got Punkin’s bassinet and bouncy seat, plus I found some cute shoes and clothing items here and there. The bassinet is so cool – it has white eyelet ruffles all over it, and it rocks, vibrates, plays soft music, and even has a night light! I think she can stay in it for about 4 months, hopefully 5.

I also got DS1’s Cub Scout uniform and all required patches, with a belt and cap, fixed that up and got it ready for Tuesday evening’s pack meeting. He is gonna look so sharp! Biggrin

In the late afternoon we went swimming in the pool for the last time before the company comes to close it up. (My swimsuit’s seams were being stretched to the limits! Lol ) The water was heated and it was a lot of fun. I hadn’t been in there in quite a while, and I guess it took more of my energy than it seemed at the time. Because once I got out after being in there over an hour and took a shower, I felt very drained and weak, and I was completely useless for the rest of the evening. I didn’t even feel like lifting my head up off the couch. It was a very strange feeling, so helpless.

On Sunday I was feeling better though, and it was back to nesting. I got all clothes, sheets, blankets, bibs, and washcloths washed, not to mention the car seat cover and the bunting that goes on top. Clothes are now sorted into 0-3, 3-6, and 6-9 months. I also started packing my hospital bag, and that will just be an ongoing project until it’s actually time to leave the house.

DD helped me a lot, and she was really getting into it! She couldn’t get over how CUTE all the baby clothes were, and the socks, and the TINY diapers, she was just so excited. :love1:

By the end of the weekend, my room was 100% organized and clean, and ALL family laundry washed and put away. And everyone (even me Lol ) in bed by 9:00! Job well done, if I do say so myself!

Then Monday I got all my final items at Babies R Us – a sling to carry her in, some bottles, pacifiers, mittens. I can now officially say my home is truly ready for her.


Work is a different story. :roll: I have a ton of things to do before I go on maternity leave. Projects, audit reviews. Also, my team will be relocating to another area of desks while I’m out, so I literally need to pack up everything my last day or two. This is kind of hard since I don’t yet know when my last day will be! If I need a c-section during the week of October 17, then I think I’ll stop working two days before the set date. Otherwise I’ll work until Friday the 21st, unless I go into labor before then.

This Thursday is my ultrasound and c-section discussion. I KNOW Punkin is still head up, I can feel her hard little head about 3 inches below my ribs. If she’s that low already, then I really don’t think there is any space for her to turn a full 180 degrees if she hasn’t by now. *sigh*

I’ve revamped my Birth Plan into two versions – one for a regular birth with the possibility of an emergency c-section, and one for a scheduled c-section. Because the two experiences would be completely different.

I think I’ve caught up for now. I’ll be back after my doctor appointment which is Thursday afternoon!


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My appointment is this afternoon.

Yesterday I discussed my leave with my boss - told him I'd know more after my appointment, but the last day I would be here for sure would be October 21. Probably earlier, and I would keep him updated. I also told him I'm looking at returning to work during the first week of January. That would be about 10 weeks total, or something like that. Bad news is I'm getting paid for only TWO weeks (including my vacation time!), since I've been here for such a short time (just January 2005 - less than a year).

I've noticed just in the last couple of days that my tummy is literally more noticeable than ever... it's sticking OUT more than before! It's funny because when you look at me straight on, it's hard to tell how pregnant I am... until I turn to the side! Yikes! Guess she's piling on the fat layers now, just like they say.

This morning I was helping the kids get ready for school, and Punkin gave me a painful kick. When I sucked in my breath, DD looked alarmed. I told her what had happened, and she proceeded to tell me that if I were to go into labor while she was home, there was no way she was going to school. She expects to accompany us to the hospital. So hmmm, I'm gonna have to think about this - is she old enough to miss a day of school and come with us so she can be nearby and see the baby soon after she's born? And if we schedule a c-section, should I allow her to come with us to the hospital that day? Maybe at 12, it would be a good experience and a special privilege. Need to talk this over with DH when he returns.


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Well, the news we’ve been waiting for... she’s head down!


Apparently she turned just the night before my appointment last Thursday - I had a feeling that was the case, I just felt so different on Thursday, and the u/s CONFIRMED it! Yeah! Both the tech and the dr said my fluids are good but not too much, so they doubt she'd have room to flip again.

Got my GBS, BP is ok, I'm fingertip dilated (big deal) but no cervix softness. Basically meaning no official progress. But that's OK, I'm only 36 wks!

SO, we're going with Plan A - wait for labor to come on its own. My last day of work will be Friday 10/21, unless labor starts before then.


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Sorry if TMI - but this evening I could "feel" more discharge than normal. With a tissue I discovered quite a bit of brown-tinged CM - not necessarily my mucus plug, but I'm thinking a small part of it!


Baby, please don't come yet, your daddy is not back yet, and I've got things to do!! Lol

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37 weeks today. Punkin is now considered term, and I doubt anything would be done to stop labor from this point. She could be born any day now and probably have no problems. However, I want her lungs to be mature as possible. Stay put for a couple more weeks, Punkin!

I plan to nurse her until I go back to work, and then she'd take formula during the day while I keep nursing her evenings/nights until my supply dwindles. That's what I did with DS2... this way he got at least partial breast milk for 5 months. (My first two babies I didn't nurse at all.) I tried pumping last time but couldn't get the hang of it. Ah, if only I could stay home with her, and nurse for up to a year - I'd do it in a heartbeat!

OK, a lot of the ladies on my October '05 birth board are having their babies! By the time my turn comes, most of them will be home with their little ones and no time to come on the board and read MY good news! LOL

Going to the airport late tonight to pick DH up. That will be a load off, to have him back!