Our little P.B's journey

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Our little P.B's journey

I am guessing this is how I start my journal, the website was not very clear please someone correct me if I am wrong.

Ok here are some stat's. EDD June 1st 2006 Expected C-Section date (so far) May 24 2006. (I am choosing C-section over VBAC having talked this over with my midwife) You won't find weight in here because I am taking some advice and not logging it. I am eating healthy drinking a ton of water and that will be that on the whole what do I weigh now issue. I know the last couple weeks with my first that I just felt like a eached whale and hearing the lbs go up on the scale just made it worse. I am trying to avoid that this time around.

Me: Jamie/27
DH: Joe/27
DS: Darian/3
Furbaby: Memo/1

I am 13 weeks along or 12 weeks and 6 day's depending on how you like it. I prefer to say 13 weeks keeps it simple.

We call our baby P.B which is short for the nickname our three year old son gave the baby. He asked me if we will be having a pirate baby. He has a thing for anything to do with pirate's. So P.B. caught on.

I have had three OB appointment's so far. The first was just the prep with the nurse going over my history, taking a lot of blood. You know the drill.
The second I met one of the midwives at the practice, (they have both OB's and Midwives which I think is nice) it was very diffrent then my past experiance with the OB's only. Much more connection I felt like anyway.

My last OB appointment was on the 16 of Nov. it was with another OB. she was very sweet and got right down to the bussiness of finding little P.B's heart beat. I love that little sound it relaxes me so much. Then she went onto the waiting room and brought my Son and Hubby into the room. P.B. had moved but this time the heart beat was even stronger so the move was to our advantage. the best moment was the look that came across my son's face.

Since then he has been asking me when the baby can come out. I told him after the tree's wake up and have leaves again then the baby will be ready to come out. So now every morning after he wakes up he run's to the window to check the tree'sout. he brought over some toy's to me yesterday and said "the baby can share my toy's" I made sure to point out how very sweet and kind he was being and that he was sure to be a great big brother. Then he wanted to talk to my belly. He said" Hi I am Darian your big brother" SInce then he has taken to calling P.B. "my baby" when he is refering to the new baby. I take that to be a good sign.

One other thing I am doing to help darian out with the impending new addition, is showing him his baby picture's including theo ne's taken when he was born. I want him to understand the baby will be little when he or she comes out. darian likes being "my big boy" so he was worried about the baby being bigger and stronger then him, since I said the bay is doing just that in my womb. Darian likes to be the big boy so I really want to explain and for him to understand that he will always be my very special big boy.

Last night at about 9:45 I felt the baby for the first time! ( I am pretty sure i have felt flutter's before but didn't want to confuse gas for baby) It was four solid little thumps one right after the other. I shouted over to my hubby and I can't wait until P.B. is big enough for Joe and our son to feel the movement's too. Afterward I called my mom up on the phone to share it with her too. So a heart beat and movement's that feel's so good.

I am starting to get over my M/S too which is a huge relief. I lost weight with the first trimester, (same as with our first born) but I know in a few weeks I will be gaining it back and then some. LOL

My next appointment is Dec. 15th. I will be getting the AFP test, and hearing the HB again I hope. the appointment after that will have an U/S included YAY! (keeping my finger's corssed that the insurance gives a big thumbs up!)

Tomorrow I will be cooking our first Thanksgiving dinner. we have always eaten over with family before so I am nervous and excited about making that big meal for my own family. Why is a turkey so scary? LOL

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Whoop's, I got busy and forgot I had made a journal. :shock: Thanksgiving was wonderful the food came out really nice. Here is a picture of the food before we dug in.

This is one of Darian eating, he ate all of his food which is pretty normal for him. I love that he is not a picky eater.

It also snowed Thanksgiving weekend a few times.

I have been playing the toilet paper game on the May 2006 board. So far I have been holding steady at 11 1/2 sheets for the pastthree weeks. This Friday I will be 16 weeks along. The time is going by very quickly so far. I have been using my bebe sounds and can hear the nutrient's rushing around the womb, but nothing else yet. I have to get a new battery though mine is pretty old.

On the 15th I have my third OB appointment, which means four weeks have flown by! I am really excited because I will get to hear that heartbeat again, and I get to schedule my 20 week ultra sound for January. So far I have felt only a little bit of movement. The big one on the 22nd of November and a few small movement's on the 5th and 6th of December. Which drives me nut's because I am prone to worry.

We also put up our Christmas tree, even though this year may be my last Christmas if I can complete my conversion to Judaism before next Christmas. here are a couple picture's I took of Darian under the tree.

He had just gotten yelled at for hitting the cat in this one....

Here is one of our tiny 5ft tree. Just the right size I think.

I took a couple belly shot's last tuesday so I was 14 weeks along.

So that is the size of my bump so far.

Here is a picture of darian and Joe my hhubby this past Halloween.

And last one this is them at the zoo. I have very few picture's of me because Joe is very bad at picture taking he always get's his thumb in the picture somehow.