November 30, 2005
About 20 mins after my last entry (11/16), my waters broke! It happened while I was walking to the post office - just like a movie. I went to the hospital that evening around 6.30pm so they could check me and I was already 4cm dilated so they admitted me. Contractions did not start until midnight and I progressively dilated after that and started pushing around 6am.

Our beautiful son, Xavier Grayson N...., was born at 6.50am on Thursday November 17, 2005. DH and I have since been in awe of this incredible little creature that is part of us and we are happily discovering life together as a family of three. Xavier will be two weeks old tomorrow.

As for the whole labour/birth process, it was everything I had hoped for. No drugs/pain relief and no medical interventions. Just DH and I plus a fantastic midwife who kept me calm and focused the whole time. The Dr showed up afterwards to check me - everything was fine.

I have recovered very well and fitted back into my regular jeans the day we arrived home from hospital! One less thing to worry about.

I have posted some photos in the November 2005 forum under the heading "Welcome Xavier Grayson N..." and they are also in my photo gallery.

This is my last entry in this journal as I now embark on the magical journey of motherhood.