Our March Munchkin!

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Our March Munchkin!

Monday, June 27, 2005. 4:30 pm. I'm sitting on a toilet in a mall food court washroom, of all places (couldn't wait until I got home!), when I see that 2nd line start to appear. That couldn't *really* be a line could it? IT IS!

My legs are jello as I walk home. James (DH) gets home late (why did he pick *today* to stop for guinea pig food??), and by then I'm about ready to burst. After asking what the 2 lines mean (gee whiz!), he says "Cool, cool...so I figured out why the engine has a knock in it." Um, I'm PREGNANT???? Poor James, it took him a few hours before it really sunk in; he was up until 4 am thinking about it! We told both sets of parents that night; I couldn't wait! Everyone is really happy.

Four positive tests later and I'm still in shock a little bit! Really, it shouldn't be too much of a surprise; I went off the pill in March and we started trying in April. I did sort of have a feeling about this month.

I think my due date is March 8, although different due date calculators have given me March 7 and 9 as well. I'm hoping it's the 8th, as this is my mother in law's birthday!

I'm having symptoms already; I feel pretty gross and nauseated in the early morning, then by mid-morning I'm starving and it seems like nothing I eat hits bottom. I'm also feeling pretty tired.

It's too early to be really optimistic...I'm only 4 weeks today. I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow to confirm everything. Please let my little one stick!

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4 weeks 4 days

At this point my baby is essentially a primitive spinal cord with a "lump" on either end, but the preggo syptoms have arrived in full force. I ended up leaving work early today because I felt so nauseated and run down. I stopped at a store to get a bigger bra too; my boobs are so sore and all the squishing into different bras in the fitting room just made things worse! My boobs haven't gotten all that much bigger, but they are so tender I needed something loose and soft (vs. cute and underwired) to stick them in. I actually enjoy wearing a bra to bed now.

I went to the doctor on June 30; the test was positive (of course) and he changed my due date to March 9. Fertility friend told me the 7th, and the pg.org calendar said the 8th, so I don't know what to believe. And I even O'd on CD14! Not that it really matters anyway; this baby is going to come whenever it feels like it! I am going to see an OB in a "month or two"; the doc's office is making the appointment for me. I'm not really worried about when it is; things seem to be progessing as normal. I am really looking forward to hearing the heartbeat though. Also, I picked the hospital that I want to deliver in; it is over 100 years old and it is where my dad was born!

It is finally starting to sink in that I am pregnant, but I don't think it will *really* hit me until I hear a heartbeat or see my little one on ultrasound. Last week it was all I can think about, now sometimes I totally forget I'm carrying a life inside me! Above all, I feel very blessed.

7 weeks 3 days until I am out of the "danger zone"...stick baby stick!

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5 weeks 1 day

It still feels weird to say "I'm pregnant". I don't really "feel" pregnant, except for the syptoms I'm having, mainly extremely sensitive nipples and feeling tired all the time. Somehow when I'm busy with other things I forget that I'm carrying life inside of me! I do realize what an absolute blessing it is though, and I try to stop myself in those harried moments to kind of bask in it.

I have my first OB appointment on July 27th; I'll be around 8 weeks. I wonder if he'll be able to hear the heartbeat? The chance of miscarriage goes way down apparently, after a heartbeat can be heard. I'm still kind of worried about that...last night I woke up with pretty bad cramps. They felt like intestinal cramps, but were right over my uterus. So I'm on the toilet trying to "relieve the problem" (sorry, TMI) and I break out into a cold sweat, get dizzy and get the biggest urge to vomit. You have to understand, I sort of have this thing about throwing up...I hate it, a little scared of it I guess. I haven't thrown up in about 12 years, and I'd like to keep it that way! But last night, I really thought I was going to christen the tub while I was sitting on the can. Finally the urge passes a bit and when I go back to bed I woke up James, crying thinking I'm losing the baby. Thankfully, the cramps went away after a few minutes. I haven't had any bleeding whatsover, so I can only assume it wasn't a miscarriage. The creepy thing is...I have a brother living in London, and I woke up and felt so sick right around the time of the terrorist bombings there. (He called us,and he is ok, thank goodness!) Creepy.

Not much else to report, I'd like this summer (and hence my first trimester) to pass quickly so I be a little more sure my little one is going to make it.

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5 weeks 1 day

It still feels weird to say "I'm pregnant". I don't really "feel" pregnant, except for the syptoms I'm having, mainly extremely sensitive nipples and feeling tired all the time. Somehow when I'm busy with other things I forget that I'm carrying life inside of me! I do realize what an absolute blessing it is though, and I try to stop myself in those harried moments to kind of bask in it.

I have my first OB appointment on July 27th; I'll be around 8 weeks. I wonder if he'll be able to hear the heartbeat? The chance of miscarriage goes way down apparently, after a heartbeat can be heard. I'm still kind of worried about that...last night I woke up with pretty bad cramps. They felt like intestinal cramps, but were right over my uterus. So I'm on the toilet trying to "relieve the problem" (sorry, TMI) and I break out into a cold sweat, get dizzy and get the biggest urge to vomit. You have to understand, I sort of have this thing about throwing up...I hate it, a little scared of it I guess. I haven't thrown up in about 12 years, and I'd like to keep it that way! But last night, I really thought I was going to christen the tub while I was sitting on the can. Finally the urge passes a bit and when I go back to bed I woke up James, crying thinking I'm losing the baby. Thankfully, the cramps went away after a few minutes. I haven't had any bleeding whatsover, so I can only assume it wasn't a miscarriage. The creepy thing is...I have a brother living in London, and I woke up and felt so sick right around the time of the terrorist bombings there. (He called us,and he is ok, thank goodness!) Creepy.

Not much else to report, I'd like this summer (and hence my first trimester) to pass quickly so I be a little more sure my little one is going to make it.

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5 weeks 5 days

Morning sickness, *real* morning sickness, has kicked in. Except it lasts until after dinner. Yay....

I am pretty much living on beef, things that are beef flavoured, and super bland stuff like bread and rice. Everything else is either "bleh" or "are you crazy??? Do you WANT me to throw up???" Lol I am trying to get my fruits and veggies in where I can, I wish I was craving those! That would make things so much easier!

I had more cramping today, quite a bit actually. I'm sure it's just increased blood flow to that area and ligaments stretching, but it still freaks the heck out of me. No bleeding at all, thankfully. I must say I never expected this side effect. I think my uterus is going through a growth spurt; DH swears he can feel it around my pubic line and it's gotten bigger. It doesn't stick out at all of course, but I think it's getting wider. Now DH has me scared that it's twins!! That thought frightens me, I don't know how I'd cope with two. But if Heavenly Father decides I should have two, I guess I can handle it!

Only about 2 weeks until my ob appointment, yay!

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7 weeks 1 day

I can smell everything. Scratch that...every Bad odour seems to waft its way to my overly senstive nostrils. I just cleaned the guinea pig's cage yesterday, and it's already driving me nuts. Also, I get whiffs of people's body odour...yuck! Why the super smelling powers don't kick in when I pass a bakery or a flower bed, I don't know. On a more positive note, I haven't had any cramping for about a week now!

The nausea has subsided a little bit, so I can eat a bit more. I don't really feel the urge to vomit too often, but it's like I have an aversion to about 90% of foods. When I am at my worst I don't even feel like eating meat, which I started craving pretty much right away (before I even got a positive test). I'm finally craving veggies! Ok, one veggie...tomatoes. I'm lovin' the tomatos! My DH's parents live in Southwestern Ontario, and many people in that area have greenhouses and sell tomatos out of their front yards; absolutely gorgeous huge red ones. We went to visit them in May and I was eating 2 big tomatos a day! Oh, how I miss those "maters"...the ones they sell up here pale in comparison. If only my MIL could send me a bushel...

Ok, enough about the dang tomatos! DH and I are going to the carnival right away...I won't be going on any rides, of course, but I love watching the excited little kids running around, and watching other people go on rides. Ok, I'll be brutally honest...I'm mainly going for the little doughnuts! I remember going to the carnival as a little kid and watching them fry up the little doughnuts and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on them. So good...I don't think it's possible to have an aversion to those! Lol

Less than a week now until my first appointment, and I'm starting to get a little excited! I don't think they'll be much to see or hear, but going to the OB makes things seem more real.

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8 weeks 0 days

I had my first OB appoinment this morning...it was very positive! All last night I was having dreams that I slept in and missed the appointment, or I couldn't find the building, or the OB was a complete tool. Nervous much?

My OB is actually really nice...older man (in his 60's I would guess) and kind of fatherly. I was relieved he wasn't 30 and hot! That would have been awkward! Lol He set my due date at March 8, did a complete exam (fun fun) and answered all of my questions. He was really approachable. It was nice to hear him say my cervix looked "nice and pregnant" and that my uterus is the right size.

I guess the only bad part of the visit was that DH wasn't there...he's really busy at work right now, and his boss is picky about time off. I knew the appointment wasn't going to be a really big deal, so I didn't push the issue. I will admit though, when I saw all the preggos with hubby in tow I felt a little teary and alone. I get emotional over everything now! The good news is James will be coming to my next appointment (Sept 6) and my 18 week ultrasound (Oct 7)!

I'm actually eating full meals now! Of course, I get all queasy after, but at least I'm eating. I'm trying to take the doc's advice and eat little bits more often; I really do feel better that way.

Not much else to report other than a sore cervix from all the poking and scraping. Sad I can't wait until I start showing and things get a bit more interesting!

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9 weeks 1 day

My OB said my morning sickness wouldn't get any worse...HA! I have recently discovered that empty stomach + car ride = gagging and dry heaves. Lovely! I'm not in our car much, it's faster for me to take the bus to work so I have had few problems. Unfortunately, the past few days I have been doing a lot of driving all over the city...hot, uncomfortable, and I'm trying not to heave the whole time! I'll be glad to get back on the bus.

It has been a crazy past few days...my younger brother just got home from London; he's been gone for 2 years! He was supposed to be home on Tuesday night, but with the whole plane crash in Toronto his flight was diverted to Ottawa (nearby city) and he stayed overnight there. Thankfully he was able to get routed through Chicago and get home last night. After living overseas for 2 years he thinks Canadian things are "weird", from putting ketchup on scrambled eggs to having the water in the toilet swirl rather than go straight down! He's also learning to drive on the right side of the road again, much to my parents' horror!

I also turned 24 years old yesterday...happy birthday to me! I kept forgetting it was my birthday with all the excitement (and worry) with trying to get my brother home. James brought me home flowers yesterday, and tonight we're having a BBQ at my parents' house.

So, I'm excited and happy but also very tired and queasy! 3 weeks to go until I am out of the big "danger zone"....hold on little one!

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9 weeks 4 days

I am SO ready to be out of my first trimester....I am feeling so frustrated right now I could cry.

So I missed church last week, because of the nausea, so I was SO looking forward to going this week. I was determined. Sure enough, as I start moving around to get ready, the nausea kicks in full force. I decide to ignore it, tell myself I am at least going to get through the first hour of the service before I pack it in. Uh huh.

I didn't even make it to the car. I ended up bent over in the parking lot, gagging uncontrollably. I JUST WANTED TO GO TO CHURCH!!!! Is that so much to ask??????

Now I am trying to convince myself that this is a good thing, that m/s usually = a healthy little one. Sometimes it is just so frustrating though. I mean, I would do anything for this pregnancy, but I just wish my first trimester would hurry up and be over. I want to get to the fun stuff already!!!

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10 weeks 0 days

Thankfully the nausea has subsided since Sunday...maybe I got myself all worked up about going to church, and that made it worse?

I'm not really sure if the emotions I'm feeling right now are normal...in my head I know I'm pregnant, but right now I just feel sick. I tell myself "There's another human being in there", but part of me is still like "No, can't be!". I try to picture myself as a mother, but it's hard! I can only really see myself as a "mother" to pets...that's pretty much the closest I've gotten. I've got one sibling who is 2 years younger, so I don't have a lot of experience with babies. Pet mom...that sounds so stupid!

I wish I could picture our baby...holding our baby, feeding it, loving it. A lot of the time, when I'm not sick, I don't even think about the baby. Is that horrible???? I guess it's because my life hasn't really changed at all. It's just like having mild stomach flu for 2 months.

I'm sure things will change when I start to show and I can feel the baby kick...that seems so far away, but really I'm halfway there! My clothes are already tight, although I'm positive that that can be contributed to bloating and constipation. :oops: I ended up buying a maternity dress and some jeans because they were 65% off...the jeans just have a small cloth band on them, and I'm guessing after month 6 or so this goes under the belly. Anyways, the waistband is too big but having all that room is heaven! I think in a couple weeks I'm going to start wearing those. :oops:

I know first babies show later, but I want my bump right away! I need something other than feeling fat and sick to tell me I am going to be a mother!

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11 weeks 2 days

So either my nausea is getting better or I am learning to cope with it more...I think it's the latter. I still get seriously queasy if my stomach is completely empty and I try to say talk, or walk briskly. You know, real strenuous activites. :roll:

I can't belive I'll be in my 12th week on Aug 24...where has the time gone?? It seems just yesterday that I was writing about my baby being a spinal cord lump! Now it has little eyes and ears and fingers and toes!

My company is flying me to ORLANDO on Sunday for training....whoo hoo!!!!!!! I've never been south of Utah, this will be so cool! I am looking forward to the warm weather, it has been amazingly crappy here. We're talking 8 degrees celsius (I don't really know farenheit, but I think that's around 40 degrees?) and rain, rain, rain. On the way to the bus stop this morning I could SEE MY BREATH!!! IN AUGUST! I know I live in Canada, but that's still not right! LOL Actually, I can recall seeing snow in every single month of the year (usually we've got snow here from October sometime to mid to late March). :roll:

So not much going on with the baby right now, just looking forward to my next appointment on Sept 6. I am so happy James is coming too!

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12 weeks 6 days

Orlando was really fun...the weather was nice (and hurricane free!), and I got to eat a lot of cheap seafood. Wink We didn't have time for a lot of sightseeing, but I did get to swim in the ocean at Cocoa beach, that was great!

One of the people in my training group lives in Ocean Springs, MS...I learned today that her town was destroyed by the hurricane and that she lost everything. It really puts things into perspective...I have so many blessings that I take for granted every day. I'm hoping and praying that she will be back on her feet again soon.

On the baby side of things, I will officially be in my second trimester tomorrow!!! I am starting to feel more like myself again...I feel more energized and actually want to cook again! Apart from Sundays at my parents' house, James hasn't had a home cooked meal in 2 months!! The nausea is steadily declining, and my belly is definitely sticking out more. I know it must be baby, because it's quite a bit harder (I am about 10 lbs overweight, and started this pregnancy with a bit of a pooch Sad ), and I haven't gained more than a pound or two. I'm pretty sure my uterus is just pushing everything else out, but it's a start!

Now that I am out of the really queasy phase, I am determined to eat healthier...I'm just not craving fruits or veggies, but I am going to eat them nonetheless! Now that I can stomach them I'm out of excuses. I've made myself a list of the healthiest stuff, and I plan to refer to that when I go shopping. I'm not giving up my sour soothers or 7-up, though. Wink

My belly is definitely bigger than when I left for Orlando, and it's really having an effect on James. He's talking about the baby a lot more now. Of course, I'm always touching it so it's not like he can forget!! The exciting stuff is just around the corner, I can feel it...

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13 weeks 5 days

Every morning when I wake up I almost instinctively touch my ever hardening belly, as if to say "Baby, are you still in there?" LOL I am coming to cherish these little private moments in the morning when it's just me, my belly/baby, and my snoring hubby. Wink

I went maternity clothes shopping on Saturday...I guess it's just the style of the clothing, but I look way more pregnant in my new clothes than I do in those few articles (esp. pants) that still fit me! I bought some dark brown cords from Old Navy that I'm already wearing...I can tell I'm going to live in those things.

We finally got around to taking some more belly pictures last night, and I compared them to the ones we took at about 6 weeks; my belly is sticking out a bit more, but the most noticible difference is that it has moved up; I think I'm going to be carrying high.

Life is good right now...it's September (my favorite month!!), it's autumn (my favorite season), the leaves are turning, and (Canadian) Thanksgiving is only a month or so away!

My next appointment is tomorrow afternoon, if anything exciting happens I'll be sure to write. Smile

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14 weeks 4 days

My appointment this past week was great...the doctor brought out the doppler and found the heartbeat right away! He didn't have to move it at all either once he found it...I think my little one was sleeping. It was nice having James there, I know he enjoyed hearing the heart beat too.

Life is good, I don't have any complaints other than we seem to keep getting slammed with bills we weren't expecting...we should be able to put money away every month but that just hasn't been happening. Either the snake needs surgery (she ended up getting a virus on Friday and died, the poor thing...we'll miss her), or the vacuum breaks, or something else. It never ends! Well, at least it's happening now, and we still have 6 months to save before the baby comes. We're really the worst with eating out and spending quite a bit on movies and such. I suppose when the baby comes we'll save some money right there as we won't be going out anywhere near as much. Also, I plan to cloth diaper and breastfeed (God willing on that last one), so that will save money too. I'm not too worried, I know Heavenly Father will look out for us.

My belly is getting bigger every day, I'm finally starting to look more pregnant than fat! Yay!

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17 weeks 0 days

My belly has really popped out this week, and I think I've started to feel movement! I was sort of expecting to feel a fluttery or squirmy feeling, but it's more like a muscle twitch, low down, but not always in the same place. It's such an odd feeling, but I love it! I'm only feeling it a few times a day, but it's still really neat.

Not much else going on...I'm trying to get in the habit of exercising but I get tired and dizzy quite easily. I do a lot of walking during my work day though...I work in an office but my desk and my boss' desk are quite a ways apart. Also, I've never been so thirsty in my entire life! Someone told me that it's because of the increase blood volume.

Only 9 days until my ultrasound...yay!

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19 weeks 1 day

I really should have updated this journal before now...quite a bit has happened in the last 2 weeks!

On Friday I had the big ultrasound; I dutifully drank my litre of water, and by the time I was in the waiting room at the clinic I was in so much pain from the bladder pressure I could barely sit! I was convinced that the moment the exam started I would burst all over the table. I had to go in alone, and the tech took all her diagnostic pictures before I could see anything or James could come in. Of course, no one explained this to poor James, so he didn't know what the heck was going on.

I managed to maintain bladder control while she was taking the pictures (later the tech told me my "eyes were crossing by the end there!"), which took longer than they should have cuz little bubs wouldn't settle down. Finally I got to pee (people walking by the door could probably hear my moans of relief), and James came in and we got a live peek at our baby. Apparently all the movement during the "photo shoot" tired bubs out, because we hardly saw any movement at all. Baby was doing a "faceplant" against my back, with crossed legs and arms up by the head. We asked about the gender, but he/she was mooning the whole time so she couldn't even guess. Sad

I had an appointment with my OB on Tuesday, and got the results of the ultrasound. He said everything looked totally normal, except for a small "speck" on bubs' heart. He said that tons of babies have this and it turns out to be nothing, but it does double the risk of Down's syndrome. That being said, our risk is still less than 1 in 1000, and he said that we could get further testing if we want, but if possible should just forget about it. We opted not get further testing...I REALLY don't want to get amniocentesis done, especially when our risk is still so low. Even if our baby did turn out to have Down's, it wouldn't change anything...we would never terminate this pregnancy. So, I'm trying to just forget about it.

I have been feeling really yukky the past 24 hours or so...I went to work yesterday, but went home early because I kept having dizzy spells. Also, my heart keeps beating hard and fast. I'm OK when I'm lying down, but any amount of even light activity kicks it up. I think it may be due to stress...things are really busy at work right now, and I feel a little resentful of the pressure I'm being put under. I don't want to go on leave or anything, but it would be awesome if I could take a couple weeks off and then go back. I'm going to go to the clinic today and see what the doc says. (I'm sure there's no way I could get in with my OB on such short notice).

All I want to do is lie around and focus on my tummy!

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19 weeks 5 days (ALMOST HALFWAY THERE!!!)

I think I must have had a virus last week; I seem to be doing better now. I took 2 days off of work and just sat around doing nothing, which really helped!

I was reading in bed this morning, and bubs started to kick; the kicks are definitely starting to get stronger! As soon as I started talking to him/her, the kicks stopped; sure enough, when I went back to reading they started again! Maybe bubs was stopping to listen?

It is so neat to think I have a real little human in there...at this point it weighs about a pound, and is really starting to look like a baby! It is so weird to think it can hear me talk and is actively kicking...makes the whole thing more real. Of course, last night when James and I were attempting to be, ahem, "intimate" :oops: bubs had to start kicking...like I needed a reminder that you were awake! LOL Already he/she is affecting our sex life! Wink

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20 weeks 6 days

I'm only halfway through this pregnancy, and already I'm starting to feel huge! Maternity shirts are fitting well now...there's no mistaking the fact that I'm pregnant!

This is causing a bit of an interesting reaction, though...I'm 24 but have a baby face, and in the right type of clothes and no makeup, I could easily pass for 16. So DH and I go shopping on Saturday, and I'm wearing a cute little mat top with a bow on the front, jeans, sneakers, no makeup and my shortish hair in pigtails, no less. :roll: And DH is dressed all in black with a long black coat, looking like a goth without the makeup. (He doesn't dress oddly, just likes black!) Needless to say James got a few disapproving looks from some older shoppers! LOL I think I should probably keep the pigtails for around the house. Wink

I'm starting to get things ready for the baby. So far we have:

-about 6 undershirts
-sleepers in various sizes (most are second hand from my old boss)
-contraption for holding up baby in the bathtub
-bath towels
-a few books and toys (again, second hand)
-pack of newborn diapers for the first few days
-"travel system": car seat and stroller thingy in one

I also ordered a whole bunch of cloth diapers and accessories last week, hopefully they will be here soon!

I have also cleared out 2 drawers in our dresser for the baby. We live in a one bedroom apartment currently, so space is at a premium. (We plan to move to a 2 bedroom with the baby is 3 months or so) I'm going to get a bassinet for the first few months, and just keep it by my side of the bed for easy night feeding. We don't have room for a crib or change table yet, so those will be bought once we move.

Only 19 weeks to go! Biggrin

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21 weeks 6 days

James and I enjoyed the Halloween weekend; on Saturday we went to our friends' annual Halloween party. I went as a witch (had to find something that would incorporate maternity clothes) and James was the wolfman...we glued wig hair all over his face and shirt, and he was shedding everywhere! I swear I'll be finding that wig hair around this place for months. His costume looked awesome though. Smile

This week I'm going to pop into a few stores and look for discounted baby Halloween costumes; I've seen some cute little pumpkin sleepers and such. It will be so exciting when this little one is old enough to trick or treat!

Bubs is definitely getting stronger...he/she decided to start kicking at 4:30 this morning as soon as I crawled into bed from a bathroom break. For the first time, I got kicked on both sides at the same time! I must be feeling little fists as well as little feet! Also on Sunday night James felt his first good kick...when I said "Did you feel that?!?!?!?" his eyes kind of went wide and he got this big grin on his face as he nodded. I think that sort of made the whole thing more real to him. He loves hearing about the baby moving.

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22 weeks 2 days

Last night I was laying on the couch watching Leno when the bubs started kicking like crazy. I stared at my belly for a bit, and sure enough, I *saw* the baby move! It was the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life! I really have a little human being in there! Sometimes it feels like he/she is doing flips...I suppose there is still lots of room to move right now. Enjoy it while it lasts, baby!

My cloth diaper order came today...yay!!!! I ordered Chinese pre-fold diapers and Bummi's Super Whisper Wrap velcro covers. The pre-folds are much thinner than I expected, but everyone says they are super absorbant (and work well as "urp" cloths too) so I'll just have to take their word for it! I've been practicing folding and pinning them...it takes me forever, I can only imagine what it will be like when I've got to pin it on a fussy, squirmy newborn!

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24 weeks 0 days

This morning I laid in bed and watched my belly dance...bubs was getting right into it with both fists and feet, I think! This baby is definitely getting stronger; I wonder if it will be as active out of the womb as it is in the womb? DH thinks so, as he was a rather hyperactive child. Great. :shock: Lol

So I guess now that bubs is 24 weeks it would have a chance of survival if it was born early. Of course I would never want that to happen, but it does make me breathe a little easier. I figured out that this baby will most likely be born sometime between February 22 and March 22. I am definitely leaning more towards February 22, provided it is big and healthy at that point (I was born at 38 weeks, and was only 4lbs 12 oz). I have also decided my last day at work will be February 17; I know this means I risk sitting around for a month being bored and uncomfortable, but I'd rather have that than no rest at all if this bubs decides to come early.

Speaking of work, I am getting *really* sick of the shift I've been working; for the past 6 weeks I have had to work from 3:30pm until 12:00am. The one nice thing is I can sleep in, and take my time getting reading the morning. But, DH works 8-5, so I am still asleep when he goes to work, and he's asleep when I get home. Sad Hopefully my shift will change next week; I'm bored and I miss my husband!

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25 weeks 6 days

It's been a rough couple of days...

Last night I could *not* sleep...I think I may have gotten 3-4 hours, but it wasn't very good. So I go to work feeling like crap. Sad Later on I start to get these cramps, just like period cramps. They weren't very often, and they weren't very painful, but just the type of cramp was enough to freak me right out. I called the nurse line and they told me it was most likely Braxton-Hicks (I'm not convinced), and to just lay down and watch to see if it gets worse. Thankfully, it got more sporadic so it wasn't the real thing. Kind of freaked me out though...

I think Bubsie can sense I'm having a pretty bad, anxiety ridden day, as he/she has been more active than ever today. As soon as I got home from work and laid down, bubs went *crazy*...we're talking flips, kicks and punches simultaneously, the works. Maybe he/she was trying to say "Don't worry mommy, I'm ok, I won't come yet, I promise!" Wink

Time for bed...need to catch up on my sleep!

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26 weeks 6 days

Thankfully I haven't had any more cramps...just some achiness in the same place occasionally. Everyone at work was really supportive and I didn't get any flack for leaving early and then coming in late the next day.

Had an appointment with my OB today...looks like everythink is ok. I gained 5 lbs, bringing the official total to 18. Not too shabby, but I am still getting a little too close to outweighing my husband!! :shock: I am also measuring just a little big, 28 weeks. The doctor says that's ok, but commented that my belly is "right out there"! I *am* carrying all out in front...James says you can't even tell I'm preggo from the back. I would post a picture, but I'm not sure how to do that. Sad One of these days I'll sit down and figure it out.

So all in all things are good...just feeling run down. Oh, did I mention I've also got a yeast infection and I'm pretty sure I'm getting a cold, too? After my little scare last week though, I am just focusing on how lucky I am to have a (relatively) healthy pregnancy and and healthy little bubsie!

Pre-natal classes start on Thursday...so excited!!! Smile

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27 weeks 2 days

Yep, I've got a cold. :evil: I've missed 2 and a half days of work now...it wouldn't be so bad if I had the type of office job where I can just sit at my desk and work quietly. Unfortunately being a corporate trainer involves a lot more that that...planning, presenting lessons, supervising, giving feedback, *plus* all the paperwork that goes along with it. Thankfully the girls at work are being really supportive and have really picked up the slack for me this week.

Last night I was feeling better so I went to my pre-natal class. I knew most of what they went over, but I enjoyed watching the videos and learned some hospital specific information that I was wondering about. I can't wait until week 4 when we go for a tour of the L&D and postpartum areas!

Going to go nap now...hopefully by Monday I'll feel like myself again.

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27 weeks 4 days

I am beyond frustrated. I am STILL very sick, with no signs of this letting up. What started as a simple cold is now morphing into laryngitis. My throat is killing me, ears too. I've tried everything I can think of to soothe it...hot tea, slurpees, freezies, lozenges, even Dutch double salted licorice (I thought the salt my help kill whatever bacteria might be in there). Nothing helps for more than about 5 minutes. I'm also stuffed up like crazy. Again, I've tried all the "natural" remedies I can think of...head over steaming water, this Vicks inhaler thingy, blowing my nose constantly...nothing works for more than a few minutes. All I want more than anything is to drink some Ny-Quil and pass out for more than 90 minutes at a time.

If that wasn't bad enough, my heartburn is getting out of control...it's always there, just waiting to flare up. I am starting to figure out what foods to avoid (salted licorice=BAD), but that's not helping much. Rolaids and Tums might as well be candy. Gaviscon and Pepto work for a little while at least...and I'm down to the end of my last bottle of that stuff! Sorry if this is too graphic, but it's getting to the point where even a little burp brings whatever's in my stomach to the back of my throat. :? James and I even went the hardware store on Saturday and bought blocks to raise the head of our bed (this is supposed to help)...I was really excited and thought that would help for sure. Not really. Sad

I just want to scream...if my friggin' throat didn't hurt so bad!!!! I haven't had a decent night's sleep in almost a week...I'm up every hour or two because of bile coming up, or my throat, or I'm so stuffy I can't breathe. Poor James is a light sleeper and gets woken up every time I get up. I have resigned myself to the couch tonight so he can get some rest. I can't take any more time off of work...the 2.5 days I took last week will be unpaid as it is.

All I want is 8 hours sleep. That's it. PLEASE LET ME GET MY SLEEP WHILE I STILL CAN. Somehow getting up at 3 am to feed a baby seems a heck of a lot more rewarding than getting up at 3 am to chug more Pepto. I will gladly do all the middle of the night feedings/changes/floor pacing once the baby comes, but I just need to sleep NOW!

How am I going to do another 12 WEEKS of this???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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28 weeks 0 days

I'm happy to report that I'm almost over this cold...I lost my voice for a couple of days but it's back now. Everyone is always asking me how I'm doing...It's amazing how much sympathy you get when you are pregnant and obviously uncomfortable. Smile I've even found a way to reduce my heartburn...Zantac. I wasn't really excited about taking a drug (I guess the stuff you drink would be considered a drug, too), but safefetus.com said it was rather safe, and it allows me to sleep. At this point being able to get some rest outweights whatever minimal risk there may be.

My hips are really starting to hurt...they started up yesterday. I am now starting to take on the characteristic preggo "waddle". Lol I think I am looking further along than I am...I am starting to get cashiers, etc asking when I'm due and when I say March I get ":shock: REALLY? That long?" LOL.

I have been feeling pretty negative about this pregnancy the last couple of weeks...not negative about the baby at all (I want to meet him/her so bad!!), just cranky about all the physical stuff I have to put up with. I remember reading when I was first pregnant that pregnancy is a full body experience...it's so true! Nothing really feels/looks the same anymore! It will be so worth it though...I am starting to think more about labour and delivery. As cranky as I am (for those who are reading this, thanks for putting up with all my whiny vents!! Smile ), I am excited to meet my little one.

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29 weeks 3 days


Things have been so crazy at work (everyone's sick, or on holidays) that I haven't had the chance to get excited about Christmas...but work is over and now it's here! James and I will be spending the weekend at my parents' place...my brother and grandmother will be there too. It's my brother's first Christmas in Canada since 2002!

This weekend I plan to do nothing but eat and relax...I have been so stressed out the last few weeks with being ill and with work being so busy. Finally things are starting to shape up there and I should be on lighter duties within a couple of weeks!

I am getting a *lot* of comments about my pregnancy, usually asking when I'm due and disbelief when I say I still have 10 weeks to go. I'm interested to see what I'm measuring when I see my OB again on Jan 3. I am *not* interested in seeing what the scale says! Lol

Baby's movement is changing somewhat...less kicking, but a lot more "squirming". I think it's starting to get crowded in there. Whenever I lay down on my side he/she goes crazy...sometimes I think bubs is head down and is kicking my ribs. My belly is getting huge...sometimes I think by 40 weeks I'm going to have to push it around in a wheelbarrow or something. Oh, and I most definitely have *not* escaped the dreaded stretch marks...the bottom half of my belly is looking decidedly zebra-ish. Sad I don't really mind though...it just reminds me that bubsie is growing fast and will be here pretty soon!

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30 weeks 2 days

I went to bed heartburn-free tonight, thinking maybe my belly was finally growing off of my stomach or something...nope. Sad So, here I am at 2 am waiting for the Zantac to kick. If the whole heartburn=lots of hair thing is true, this baby is coming out with dreadlocks! Lol

Christmas was very relaxing...I pretty much just ate and slept. It was just what I needed. James and I got spoiled, as usual...mom got us a breadmaker! I'd have to say the funniest gift was from my brother...he got me a SCALE. :shock: Lol It's one of those scales where you can record your weight and it will keep track of what you gain/lose. He wrote a "disclaimer" on the box that he was "not trying to tell me anything"...I think he bought it with the impression that I would be sitting the baby on it to track his/her growth. I'm not sure if that will work, but it was a sweet idea! (Hey, he's a 21 year old guy, he's trying!) Smile

Not much else to report, other than my stretch marks have doubled and migrated up to my belly button. Sad James says he doesn't mind them at all and I'm still beautiful but I'm feeling a tad self conscious about them. Oh well, it's not like I was going to be running around in a bikini anyway!

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30 weeks 6 days

HAPPY 2006!!!!

I had another OB appointment today...it went very well, minus the fact that I forgot to bring in my urine sample for the 2nd appointment in a row. :oops: The first highlight? I only gained 3 lbs last month!!! That brings my total to 21 lbs, (23lbs by my count, I'm pretty sure I gained a couple between 4 and 8 weeks). The nurse was pretty happy about that. My BP is good, too. I've been watching that closely...my mother was severely pre-eclamptic when she was pregnant with me (severe enough that she had to lay in a dark room with next to no stimulation of any kind for 3 days due to fears she'd have a seizure). Hopefully I will be able to avoid the same fate.

The doc didn't tell me what my height of fundus measurement was this time, but he took one look at my belly and said "Yep, growing like a weed." (Picture that with a rather thick Australian accent and it's even better! I love him. Wink ) The best news of all? Baby is HEAD DOWN!! GOOD BABY!!! LOL Lol You just need to stay that way for another 9 weeks. Wink

Other than that things are starting to slow down here after the holidays...I have a little more time to sit down and rest at work, although I try to walk briskly from time to time for exercise (I have to walk about 2 blocks one way to get from my bus stop to work so I count that as my exercise!). I handed in my maternity leave paperwork today, which was pretty exciting.

James and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on December 28. We didn't really do much that night (literally, I fell asleep at 8:30! Blum 3 ), but we are doing a big anniversary thing on Saturday...dinner and a 1 night stay at a local inn...it's quite fancy and got 4 1/2 stars! Now I'm just trying to find something to wear for that night once we get to our room...something that is at least somewhat alluring but will still cover my massive bump. La Senza was a total bust...I don't even know why I went in there! I'll probably end up getting some sort of bra and panty thing...James isn't picky, he seems to think I look hot in anything. That makes one of us, at least! Either way Saturday will be fun...we've always talked about doing something big for our anniversary but never have. It'll be our last big hurrah before the baby comes!

Oh my, I almost forgot...we went shopping for baby stuff yesterday! We went to a local second hand store that specializes in baby and children's stuff...we found a lovely Moses basket with a rocking stand for only $60! The fabric on the basket is green and it has lambs on it, it's so sweet! Also, we found a nice basic white crib for $70!! :shock: We have to buy a mattress for it, but still! Can you tell by the number of exclamation marks I'm using that I'm excited?? LOL James was very pleased when he found the crib, he just kept standing by it and smiling. Both items hardly look used at all (one of the handles on the Moses basket is a tiny bit frayed, and the screw holes on the crib are a bit chipped)...I'm quite pleased with my thriftiness! The crib will have to go into storage until we get a bigger apartment, but we couldn't pass up the deal!

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31 weeks 2 days

Well, I'm sick again. Sad The office I work for has over 600 employees, and I have a feeling not all of them wash their hands. :evil: And of course, colds are circulating like it's a kindergarten class or something. Sigh...

So we've had to postpone our anniversary celebration, again. I've booked it for January 14...hopefully I will be mostly over this by then. I took yesterday and today off of work...normally I wouldn't take so much time off for a run of the mill virus, but right now I could not care less. Baby and I need our rest!

On a better note, we had our tour of the L&D and postpartum areas of our hospital last night! It was much better than I was expecting...muted greens and wallpaper borders, dimmed lights, showers in each room. When we were in a L&D room all I could think of was "my baby could be born RIGHT HERE!". The rooms are quite small, but that doesn't bother me...I only want James there with me. My family will be visiting when I'm moved down to post-partum. James' family lives on the other side of the country and will be visiting about 2 weeks after my due date. When we toured the post-partum area 2 families let us see their day old newborns...so cute!! Of course, I didn't breathe on them or touch them in my current condition (I felt sort of bad even being there, but I have been looking forward to this tour forever), but it was still nice to see them from a distance. I can't believe that's going to be me in about 2 months!

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32 weeks 4 days

This bubsie is getting strong! It is getting to the point now where I can sometimes feel a bony little elbow or knee, rather than just a lump moving around. Movements are strong enough now that they keep me awake at night when I'm trying to go to sleep...I don't really mind, though. I always talk to bubsie when he/she is moving...I tell him how much Daddy and I love him already, and last night I was talking about all the little baby things we had bought for him that day. Smile

We are mostly prepared now...all of the big things are purchased, and this is my outstanding list:

-sling (I think my MIL will be getting us one)
-baby bathtub
-nursing bras
-nursing pads
-baby socks
-stuff for my hospital bag

That's all I can think of right now. The time is getting so close! On Thursday we had another pre-natal class, all about newborn care. It got me so excited. It was so sweet watching James practice swaddling a baby doll...he's going to make such a wonderful Dad. He's convinced this baby is coming early. Even now whenever I get a little pain or go "ooh", he gets this "are we going to the hospital???" look on his face! Lol He also wants to install the car seat right away but I think we'll wait at least a few more weeks! I know he just wants to have everything in place when this baby decides to make it's grand entrance. Smile

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33 weeks 4 days

I'm starting to get rather awkward now...things like tying my shoes are starting to become impossible. Not to mention I grunt when I try to stand up. :oops: I can believe I've only got about 6 weeks to go!

I'm also starting to waddle, and get the backache too. Sad I just keep telling myself, not too much longer!

It's funny what people's perceptions are...I am always getting comments now about how I must be getting ready to pop any day. Most look surprised when I say "Nope...still have 6 weeks to go!". My OB says that my belly looks rather large (it's all out in front), but when I lay down and he measures it, it is the right size. You know you've got a big belly when your OB, who sees dozens every day, comments on it!

I've been thinking and dreaming about giving birth a lot...I'm coming to the realization that I'm really in the home stretch! Not knowing when the baby will come, or what kind of birth experience I'll have, or even what sex it is is difficult for me...I'm a planner to the extreme. I guess I'm going to have to let go of that!

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34 weeks 3 days

5 weeks and a bit to go...and only 2 weeks 4 days until this bubsie is considered full term! :shock: It seems like just yesterday I was writing about how I was 6 weeks pregnant ALREADY! LOL

On Wednesday night we had a lady come to our house...she's a nurse at my hospital, but is studying with a midwife and is doing a paper about looking at perceptions of labour/becoming a mom through art. She asked me a bunch of questions about how I felt about labour...what I was scared about, how I envisioned it. Then we did some exercises and she got me to draw some pictures, then tell her about them. It was really neat! I think I really did learn something from the drawings...I have my anxieties and fears like everyone else, but deep down when I think about it, I am just so happy and excited that my bubsie is almost here! I'm willing to go through just about anything if it means my baby will get here healthy and happy, and I will be able to hold them in my arms. She said she really liked my drawings (aww!), and will be following up with us after the bubsie is born. I wonder what she'll write about us in her paper?

James and I are going baby shopping today, finally getting those last minute items. We've had to buy pretty much everything, as no one has said a peep about throwing a shower, and I know both sets of parents aren't planning on buying anything until after the baby is born. It's not that big of a deal, as we've been careful with our money and have been buying a little bit at a time since October. Still...

I will admit that I am bummed about not having a shower (who knows, maybe one's in the works that I don't know about, but I doubt it). I know that having a baby isn't about getting stuff, and really at this point we don't need a lot. I just hear about other women who are due around the same time having these lovely showers, and I get jealous. I wish people wanted to fuss about *my* baby like that! Sad I will also admit that it REALLY irritates me when people *complain* about their showers...some little thing when wrong, or (gasp!) something wasn't bought off of the registry! I can help but think...hey, someone cares enough to plan you a shower and buy you stuff...BE THANKFUL!!

Ok, preggo rant over. Wink

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34 weeks 6 days

5 weeks to go!!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:

Had an appointment today:

-baby is still head down. Good baby! Biggrin
-not dilating yet, but apparently my cervix feels as if it's getting ready

-Dr. has big fingers!! :shock:
-Dr. is going on vacation Feb 1 to Mar 1 Sad

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35 weeks 3 days

Oops! That last journal entry was a partial one...I must have walked away from it and DH must have posted it for me. :oops:

So, my doc is going away! I'm not overly thrilled about having to see a stranger in my last few weeks, but I guess it's probably a good thing seeing as the chance of my doc actually delivering the baby is slim to none.

The time is getting so close! At the appointment the doctor gave me my pre-natal records and told me to keep them with me all the time, in case my water breaks and I have to go to the hospital right away. :shock: I'm sure that's standard procedure and I don't think I'm at risk for delivering pre-term, but it's still kind of freaking me out! In a month's time (give or take), I'm going to be a mother! :shock: :shock: :shock:

I think I'm going to finish packing the hospital bag and maybe wash some of the baby's clothes today...I've been trying to leave some stuff for when I'm on mat leave (2 weeks to go!), but I'm petrified of going to the hospital without my bag! For me one of the biggest relaxation tools I'll have is knowing that I am fully prepared for this baby!

As far as how I'm feeling physically, I'm totally feeling the discomforts of the 3rd trimester now! I can barely get off a couch by myself, and getting in and out of the tub? That's just comical. I constantly have gas...my poor hubby! And I'm definitely in that "can't sleep through the night anymore" phase....it's 5am here on a Saturday morning!

As soon as I've got this bubsie's stuff together (and my hospital bag), I know I'm going to be dying to pop!!!

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36 weeks 3 days

Had some contractions tonight...3, 45 minutes apart. After the 3rd one I was getting pretty excited, but then it stopped. Sad I know it's too early, but I'm getting so ready to have this baby!

Even turning over in bed is getting to be a challenge...my ligaments are really hurting and rolling or stretching leaves me pretty sore. I am totally waddling now, it's so bad!

I went to this other OB on Thursday...I was not impressed. He barely even looked me in the eye, and didn't even do an internal. :roll: Yeah buddy, you really earned your wage there. At least his nurse was really nice and friendly. I want my OB back!! Sad

One more week of work and I'm on maternity leave...yay! It's getting pretty hard to stay motivated and on top of things at work...I feel very distracted.

Oh, and I'm nesting, too! I took a vacation day today and spent the morning cleaning out and reorganizing my kitchen cupboards and fridge. James was a little flabberghasted, as I'm not usually so anal about keeping things clean and organized.

Less than one month to go (I hope!), and the hospital and baby bags are packed. Let's go, baby!

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36 weeks 6 days

Had another appointment with the "other" OB today...he must have been having a bad day last week, because he was very nice and attentive today! DH came with, and he's been hearing all week about what a tool this guy was...now he thinks I'm crazy!

So, appoinment brags and drags...

-not dilated or effaced Sad
-he pretty much confirmed that this baby is not coming early (Double Sad )

-when asked how big this baby is going to be, he said "Well, you're not having a 10 pounder!" I could have kissed him! He said about 7lbs...that would be great.
-cervix is "quite soft"...that's good, right?
-I didn't gain any weight...I think I may have even lost a pound!

I cannot believe I'm counting in weeks instead of months! I don't think it's really hit me yet how close this bubsie is. I'm just trying to get through this last week of work...my ligaments are still really bothering me, and it hurts to walk a lot of the time. Even lifting my leg to put pants on kills! I am really looking forward to taking it easy next week.

DH is currently finishing up our Valentine's day meal...spaghetti. Wink I made a cake though...chocolate fudge with pink frosting! We said we weren't going to do gifts this year but he got me a box of chocolates anyways, the cheater! Smile Later he's going to run me a candle lit bath...how much do I love this man??? Lol

3 weeks and counting...can't wait to meet you, bubsie boo!

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37 weeks 5 days

I'm officially on maternity leave...woo hoo!! It feels kind of weird not being at work. I was fine all through my last day but at the very end when I was sending out a "goodbye" email I started to get a little tearful. My job can be very stressful at times, but I had a lot of fun with my co-workers. I felt kind of bad because a lot of people said "You're coming back, right?" and I said yes...the truth is, unless were are in dire financial straits next year I will not be returning. My staying at home with this little one is really important to DH and I. I said I'm coming back because I don't want to burn any bridges unless something happens to DH; that way I can work and he can stay home. Who knows what the future holds. Still, it was weird leaving thinking that I may never come back.

I can't believe I'm even sharing this, but I'm kind of excited about it (oh how I love the anonymity of the internet!)...DH and I actually "DTD" on Saturday! And it was GOOD! Lol Lately with me being so huge and sore I have not wanted to at all...but it just happened. Wink It felt so nice to have that connection with him again. He has been so loving and supportive throughout this pregnancy, and so patient throughout my mood swings/complaining/gas attacks. :oops: I feel so blessed to have him in my life...I'm glad we were able to reconnect in that way. Wink

On the baby front...not much going on, I've had a few BH contractions here and there but nothing to write home about. I don't think the baby has dropped yet, I still have times when he/she shimmies their bum right up into my lungs and I get that lovely "I'm suffocating" feeling. Sad Only 2 weeks and 2 days until my due date. But baby, there's nothing wrong with arriving a little early! Wink

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38 weeks 0 days

Had another appointment today, so I thought I'd give a quick update.

-1 cm dilated!!! :wootjump: We have progress!
-get to see my regular OB next week

-I'm interpreting doctor chicken scratch here, but I'm pretty sure my chart says "post" both this week and last...as in posterior? I'm pretty sure that's when he/she is face up instead of face down, like they're supposed to be. Hmm, perhaps I should be preparing myself for back labour. :shock:

Just 2 weeks to go! Time is going so fast... Smile

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39 weeks 0 days

I'm still hanging on...it's officially March now and we've already had over 25 babies born on our March board! Crazy!

I think the baby has dropped...belly looks a bit lower to me, and I am peeing more often now. I can really tell bubsie's head is on my cervix, as he/she likes to headbutt. Wink

I had a *huge* contraction following one of my many nightly pee breaks last night, around 3am. For a minute I wondered if this might be it. To be honest, it scared the crap out of me! Part of me knows that my life is about to be turned upside down, and that scares me. I'm not good with change. Now that I'm getting so close it feels so much more real. I feel bad about this, but I sort of lay there in bed thinking "No, not today, I have stuff to do, I don't feel like having a baby today!". Is that horrible?

I am content to let this little one stay in for another week...James will be off work from whenever bubsie comes until the end of the month when his parents go back home, so financially the longer he can work the better. We aren't in dire financial straits or anything, but I like to use that as my excuse for postponing this baby. Besides, there is housework to be done, and I need to organize the baby's things. Heaven forbid this child comes home to an unvaccuumed floor or unorganized drawers! :roll:

I don't know what happened...I was so eager to have this baby a week ago and now I'm content to let nature take it's course.

Bubsie, you just come whenever you feel like it (Insert baby modified Napoleon Dynamite "I'll be born whenver I FEEL like it! GOSH!" here), cause mommy can't decide. She's chickening out!

I have my 39 week appointment today, so I'll post again later.

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39 weeks 0 days

Still 1 cm dilated, although I have gone from "almost a cm" to "a good cm". Lol Doc stripped my membranes, man alive that HURT!!!! I have been pretty crampy since. I'm having contractions, I think...it feels like menstrual cramps but with a lot of sharp pain in my lower back. They seem to be 30-60 seconds apart, but are irregular (anywhere from 30 min to 8 min apart). They are more intense than the BH contrax that I've been having.

My brother's birthday is tomorrow...who knows maybe he will be sharing his birthday after all! Now I'm just trying not to freak out about being a mom in a matter of days. :shock:

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39 weeks 1 day

I lost my plug at about 3:30 am last night...the doctor said I would experience some spotting but this was a nice large glob of dark pink snot. (I sure know how to paint a pretty picture, don't I? Lol ) I had a few more contractions this morning, then nada.

James spoke to his boss yesterday, and it looks like we are in a better situation financially, so I'm out of excuses.

Since I lost my plug and James spoke to his boss I have done a 180...I think I want this baby to come now after all! We tried some induction techniques tonight, just for fun. We did nipple stimulation, and it did cause contractions (painful enough that I went and hopped in the tub, then they went away...of course!). We also "DTD" (yikes, SO not fun at 39+ weeks), I don't think that helped much but DH was happy. Lol I have been having contractions off and on for the last 4 hours or so...uncomfortable, but nothing I can't handle. I don't think I'm in real labour, but they say every contraction helps so I'll take what I can get! Tomorrow I'm going for a niiiiiiiiiiiiiice long walk, and I also read that swinging helps, so I'm going to try to find a playground, too. Wink

It would be so lovely if this baby came this weekend; if not I've got another appointment on Tuesday and the doc will strip my membranes again. I'm hoping I won't be needing it. Wink

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39 weeks 4 days

ARGH! No baby yet!

So annoying...after my appointment on Wednesday so much was happening. By the time Friday rolled around I wasn't getting so much as a cramp! It seems so amount of walking or nipple twisting was going to get this kid going. Sad

By the time DH got home from work on Friday I was feeling pretty depressed; after all that had been happening I was sure that this bubsie would be here right away. We decided to have a "date night"; I got semi dressed up, did my hair etc. That made me feel tons better. We had dinner...at the mall food court,(He wanted sushi, I wanted Arbys Lol ) then saw a movie. It was SOOOOOOOOO nice to just get out of the house and think about something else. It made me feel a lot better. Smile

Yesterday we ran a few errands and just hung out...I wasn't feeling too great, a little queasy at times and I napped for a good chunk of the evening. I get worn out so easy now! Bubsie was also shifting around in my pelvis, and hit quite a few nerves in the process. :shock: I at least hope that means he/she was shifting DOWN.

Getting my membranes stripped again on Tuesday; I'm hoping it will have the same effect. Only this time, DH and I are going to walk, walk, walk afterwards...I don't care how much it hurts!

I'll post again after my appointment, unless something happens between now and then. A few labour vibes, please! Smile

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40 weeks 1 day

Still pregnant. Sad

My doc stripped my membranes again, as expected...I hadn't dilated any further. Sad DH and I went for a walk after, and I was actually getting contractions 3 min apart! Then 5, then 7, then 10...then nothing. Sad

I am insanely jealous of those on my March board who have already had their babies, many of them with due dates after my own. So far it looks like there are only a few of us who are actually overdue. I am so bored, and am struggling to keep myself occupied. Yesterday I went downtown and had lunch with my mom, and today I've got a friend coming over to hang out. DH is very busy at work and is gone from 7am-5:30 or 6pm...I miss him a lot. Sad

On a more positive note, I have my next appointment on March 13 (Monday), and if I haven't gone by then I will be induced Tuesday or Wednesday. So, less than a week to go, at most. This doctor doesn't like to induce, and I don't really want to be induced, so I'm hoping my body figures out what it's supposed to do before then. Anytime now, baby!