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    As of today I am 5 weeks & 6 days along. This is my second child, but fourth (confirmed) pregnancy. I’m 29, DH (Ryan) is 27, and DS (Arland) is 2 yrs old. We conceived Arland with the use of Clomid (5 rounds over 6 months, 100mg), as well as this belly bean (1 round of Clomid, 100mg). My losses were both conceived naturally.

    Although I’m obviously nervous about having another loss, I have a lot of hope for this pg. Especially since we were on Clomid again this time. Not only does it make me O more regularly/steadily, but I think the eggs are actually more mature & healthier. Hopefully that will do the trick!

    I started POAS as of 11dpo. I got a BFN on both 11 & 12dpo, but I could just barely make out where the line should be. Also, I already had really bad heartburn that seemed to just come from nowhere. Then at 13dpo, I got my BFP!!! I continued testing for several days, just to bask in all the BFP’s…

    I had one day of spotting at 14 dpo, which was mostly just a little brown. Then at 5w3d, just before bed, I had some red spotting. It seemed like a lot on the toilet paper, but wasn’t enough to get any on my underwear. I saw a single drip fall into the toilet though. The following day I had only brown spotting, and then after a day or so it had pretty much gone away.

    Since then, I’ve had a little bit of spotting, but I actually think it’s just a little brownish-tan mucous, rather than spotting. Perhaps it’s just from the formation of the mucous plug?

    This whole time I’ve been really bloated, a little nauseous on occasion, had tons of heartburn (enough to wake me up a couple times each night), and the odd headache – although I think that’s more likely sleep related than pg related. My pants are already getting way to tight, and if I don’t wear loose clothing that my pot belly shows a bit. It could still look like I’m just getting fat still, but it’s pretty isolated to just the pot belly. My weight was up about a ½ lb within the last week, and 1 lb as of this morning. Of course I LOOK like I’ve gained 10-15!!!

    My only cravings so far have been: cheese omelette, chocolate milk or milkshake, bread, and 7-up.

    I’ve been a little emotional, but not nearly as moody & snappy as my first tri with DS. Hopefully I’m able to stay calm & sweet throughout this one.

    Ryan has been so sweet. He’s been cooking for me, doing more of the housework, helping even more with DS, and rubbing my belly in the morning when he wakes me up. This has been great!

    Oh, and even before I got the first BFP, I’ve had this REALLY strong feeling that this is going to be a girl. It’s kinda funny, actually, because I had believed for so long that I would likely have another boy before I have a girl. I can’t really explain it, it’s just a feeling, but a very strong one. It’s as if I KNOW it. I have to remind myself sometimes that I don’t actually know what it’s going to be.

    Of course, if it IS a girl then we already have her name picked out: Evelynn Jade. I would still like to explore other options just to be sure, but Ryan seemed to have his heart set on that name. If it’s a boy, then we’ll have to go back to the drawing board & find something we can both agree on (which was hard enough with Arland).

    My first u/s is booked for Christmas Eve (one week from today), and I should be about 6w6d along by then. We’re really hoping to see the heartbeat by then! What a wonderful Christmas present that would be. If we do, then we’ll post the u/s pic up on Facebook, and I’ll put a printout up at my desk at work (after coming back from xmas holidays). By then there will be little chance I could keep it secret anyway. As it is, 7 ppl at work know (and another few know I’m trying), my family – including 2 bro’s, one SIL, one step sis, 3 aunts, 2 uncles, 2 cousins, my mom & step dad, and my gramma – all know. Oh, and at least 10 or so of my friends.

    So far so good.
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    A bit of spotting again today, but it accompanied constipation, so perhaps the two were connected? It was red, but not nearly as much as last time. Let's hope it stops. Only 6 days to go until the ultrasound. I could really use the reassurance that everything is ok!

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    I had the opportunity to go see a movie last night with a bunch of friends while my mom watched Arland. We saw Avatar (in 3D). It was FANTASTIC! And it was a good way to sit back and relax for an evening, too. I'm hoping to keep my stress level down as much as possible, despite the occasional spotting, impatiently waiting for the ultrasound, AND the regular stress of the Christmas holidays.

    Today, I'm going to finish my Christmas shopping. I figure I can do this mostly just by hitting Costco and the grocery store. I only need some stocking stuffers (for mom, Ryan & Arland), another present for one of my bro's & SIL, and something for my gramma. That's it - then I'm done. Then I get to come home & finish my wrapping.

    I'm feeling just as bloated as ever, but otherwise not doing too badly at all. I'm almost thinking a little morning sickness would be reassuring, but then I suppose I should just count my blessings and be done with it.

    Did I mention that Ryan is a sweetheart? He's so kind to me, especially when he knows I need a little extra sleep, and maybe some pampering.

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    I had more spotting yesterday, but again accompanied with a little constipation. No cramping or anything (aside from the bloating). I still have tender bb's, too.

    6w3d today. Only a few more days until the ultrasound!!!

    Off topic: Arland has decided that I'm not allowed to wear my hood on my jacket. Sometimes he doesn't even want my jacket on me. It's very inconvenient in Dec to not be able to wear a jacket & hood.

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    6w5d today

    Still spotting. It was a little heavier just a few moments ago when I went to the bathroom, about the same as it was at 5w3d. It still seems to corralate a bit with bowel movements, but I'm not constipated at all. Thank goodness tomorrow is the u/s. I just want to make sure everything is OK.

    Yesterday I started having some really bad lower back pain, but it was constant (not coming & going like contractions), and it was very even across my back - not isolated on one side. It felt like a strip of sore muscles, not at all like jabbing pain or in certain spots. I did get a little worried, but then Ryan rubbed my back for me before I fell asleep, and this morning when I woke up I only barely noticed it. I'm still not bending down to pick things up, or carrying Arland much, but it's definitely a lot better today.

    Christmas is in only two days. I'm getting Ryan to clean the house while I finish up things that don't involve much physical assertion. Can't say I'm disappointed in the arrangement!

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    On Christmas Eve, I went to get the u/s done, and the tech told me that it was too early & sent me on my way without even doing an internal u/s. She said it was too early to even get measurements, n/m the heartbeat, which sounded pretty fishy, so I knew there was a problem. I would have been 6w6d. On Boxing Day (which is what we call Dec 26th here in Canada), there was a lot of blood.

    We will be trying again, but my doc normally makes me wait at least 1 cycle first. I'll probably see my doc on Thurs, when she normally has walk-in hours. This is my 3rd m/c, so I'm hoping I'll be referred to the clinic that specializes in recurrent m/c now. The problem is that I had one "successful" pg between the 1st & the 2nd m/c, and apparently to qualify for referral they need to be 3 in a row. I really don't want to go through another if I don't have to! And even my son's pediatrician suspects my m/c's might be due to a blood issue (my DS had a stroke in utero, had high hemaglobins when born, and developed a blood clot in his leg from the IV...).

    In the meantime, I have 45 lbs to lose. I'm going to have a couple drinks at our New Years party, enjoy the festivities, and as of Jan 1st, I'll be working on shedding those extra pounds. The more I can get off before the next pg, the better. I'm thinking the Body For Life plan again, which is very restrictive & I'll have to work very hard at, but I already know the kind of results I'll get. And it gives me something positive to focus my energy on while waiting, and healing.

    The Sun Run training clinic should be starting in a month or so, but I haven't decided yet whether I will join the training for it yet. There's still some time to decide on that.

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