Our Second Time Around

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Our Second Time Around

Well, I guess it is time to start a new journal. I found out this morning that we are expecting #2! I really don't have any symptoms yet, although I've noticed that I have been gagging A LOT trying to brush my teeth in the morning here lately. That happened with dd also. I also knew that I was about 2 months late, but my cycles are pretty screwy when I'm not in bc. Still, it had never been that long between so I thought I'd better test. Talk about surprised! Yes, we were trying, but we got it on the first shot. Dd took over a year and we were expecting that this time also.

I bought a "we're expecting card" and took Bryan to the Steak House for a nice lunch. After we ordered, I handed him the card. He was shocked, but very pleased. Dd will be 3 years and 3 months when the baby is born. We think she'll be really excited. She loves babies.

I am estimating that I am due right around my birthday....Dec. 11 based on conception. I know the doctor's office will go with LMP and they are going to put it due nearly two weeks earlier. When I called to set up the appointment this afternoon, she estimated me at 8 weeks after LMP (or 6 weeks along) so wanted to get me in right away. But I am positive on conception which was when I should have menstrating if I had a "normal" cycle that month (obviously I didn't). My first appointment is Thursday, April 22 where I will meet with a nurse.

I guess that is all for now. We are really excited, although still a bit amazed that it happened so quickly!

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Well. the sympotms are starting now. The gagging brushing my teeth in the morning is now feeling like I'm going to throw up until I get something to eat. I have to wonder: am I just now seeing the sympotms that where there all along that I shrugged off or are the sympotms just now starting (around week 4) or is just knowing that I am pregnant bringing them on? I never had morning sickness with dd. I was nauseated every once in awhile, but not like this. I was so tired yesterday that I took a nap, or at least tried when Laura would let me. And I even slept last night, which is unusual when I nap during the day.

I told Mom Saturday night. She called me Friday night saying that she had just been admitted to the hospital with that infection in her leg. I felt so bad for her and thought she could use some good news, so I told her. I talked to her last night and she basically told me that the entire family knows now. Bryan hasn't told his family yet. I guess he wants to wait to tell them in person. My brother was grouchy that I'd want my crib back. DUH! I told him we were going to be ttc soon when he asked to take the crib. Emma will only be about 9 months old when we need it back. My sister wants me to have a boy. Everyone is excited, which I was sure they would be, but it is nice to hear.

I don't know if I'll start telling my friends until after my doctor appointment Thursday though. They'll be pretty excited also. I asked Laura last night if she would like a little brother or sister. She very excitedly said yes. We haven't told her yet. We won't until we are ready for everyone to hear the news. I am not sure that she will totally understand or not yet.

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I told my secretary yesterday. This is so hard to keep secret....I don't think we are really going to. We also told Laura last night. She said she wanted a brother, but a sister would be okay also. She kept wanting to know if she could hold the baby. She told Julia this morning that she was going to be a big sister. So now our dcp knows to keep a spot open for us. I also emailed my friends Rob & Cheryl. Haven't really told any of our other friends yet though I am planning on telling Lana Monday when we have lunch....if I can hold out that long. I'll probably tell the rest after my appointment on Thursday. I am debating whether to wait until Jan's birthday to tell him.

I am not quite a nauseated today. I hope we can stay like this. I have my photography class to night so dh and dd are on their own. They'll probably go out for BBQ again! Big news for Laura yesterday. She was DRY ALL DAY!!!!!! OMG! I hope she continues on this track!

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I had my first appointment today. They, of course, set my due date at Novemeber 20th so I told her that I was sure of my dates and that my LMP would not be accurate because my cycles are not 28 days. And based off my information it would be due December 9th. She decided to draw a blood test to determine the HCG levels to determine how far along I am. I need to call for the results tomorrow so I can get my next appointment set up. We will be doing an ultrasound at the next appointment (13-14 weeks). They are now offering a sex determination ultrasound at 22 weeks for $75. I think I'd like to do it. Not much else to mention. I have a whole packet of stuff to go through, but it really doesn't look like anything new. And I have the okay to start back at Curves again.

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Had the ultrasound today. I measured 7 weeks and 3 days with a due date of December 10. I knew I was right! Everything looks good so far. My next appointment is June 8. I will meet with the doctor and also have an ultrasound to do the medical measurements.

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Haven't written in awhile. Nothing much to report. I learned the hard way not to take the pre-natal vitamin on an empty stomach. UGH! And to think that the blasted things tell you to take it 1 hour before eating or 2-3 hours after eating! Why!?!

My friend, Cheryl, that was due with her first the same time I am miscarried last week. It was a bad week on the Dec. 2004 board also. Kind of makes you worry a little more. Only 3 weeks left in this first trimester. Hope I start getting some energy back then!

My brother called and invited us to St. Louis for Memorial Day weekend. My sister is working the driver/crew child care van at the Indy 500 so won't be coming. I know they could use the money, but she hasn't seen any family since Septmeber of last year. She's been back from Oregon since early May and has yet to even get home to see Mom and Dad. And with Mom still recovering from spending a week in the hospital, she still hasn't been released to travel that far. I guess things haven't changed like Mom and Dad were hoping they would. I can't say that I'm surprised. Dad has asked me to deal with my sister better since she's moved back and to let by-gones be by-gones. What he doesn't seem to grasp is that is a 2 way street. I don't have a problem with my sister anymore since we don't talk or see each other. When we are somewhere at the same time, we are polite to each other, but we will never be close. It takes 2 to make a relationship. I'm over things, but apparently ds isn't or doesn't care. Doesn't matter.

We debated, but decided to go ahead and go to St. Louis, though the gas will cost a fortune and it's an 8 hour drive each way. We haven't seen my brother's new baby yet and she's almost 3 months old. We are also planning on taking the kids to the zoo. Should be fun. We'll head back early Sunday and hopefully meet up with Rob & Cheryl since they will be in town that weekend. Haven't seen those guys since August!

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Ugh! I wish I could get some sleep! I looked back over the journal that I kept when I was pregnant with Laura. I was having the same sleeping problems with her that I'm having now. I just can't stay asleep and lots of dreams, although they don't seem to be the nightmares that I had when pregnant with Laura. I also saw that I was already having sciatic nerve problems around 10 weeks and I am sorry to say I've been having that problem again. I cannot sleep on my back at all because of it and I'm getting into the turning all night because the side I'm laying on starts to hurt so you flip and then flip again when that side becomes painful. I would love a full night's sleep!

My brother said they were going to go ahead and by themselves their own crib for Emma so we can take ours back over Memorial Day weekend. Sounds good to me. Not sure why they didn't do that to begin with, but I really didn't mind them using our crib (until we need it).

I also learned that my cousin's wife is due with their first around the same time as me. She's been having a lot of problems with morning sickness though. Thank goodness I don't have to deal with that. I am so hungry all the time, but nothing sounds good at all. And I don't seem to have the aversion to pork that I had when pregnant with Laura.

I start my summer hours on June 1 and can't wait. It will be nice to only work 1 day a week during the summer. Hopefully I will stay busy those work days. We are also doing a bunch of traveling this summer! June we are heading down to Gainesville, FL for the NACTA meetings and to hand out with all of our friends and my family. Bryan will attend the meetings while Laura and I hang out with our friends. We've decided against the tours they are offering, mainly because we've been to everything they are doing. One is touring the beef teaching unit at UF that dh actually designed! We'll be driving and will be gone 10 days total. Thank goodness Laura is a wonderful traveler (we made this trip last year also). The end of July we are heading to St. Louis for the ASAS meetings. Dh just informed me we are in the Adams Mark Hotel. Cool! We are taking Laura again since my brother lives there. We are also meeting with a friend of mine from college that has 3 kids. The last time we've seen each other was at my wedding! But we email each other quite a bit. Dad is also flying in to St. Louis from Panama that week so we'll get to see him and Mom that week also. Early August is our week long fishing trip in Minnesota with dh's folks and sister. Not my favorite thing to do, but dh and his family enjoy it so I agreed to an every other year trip up there. Laura enjoys the time with grandma and grandpa. I don't mind fishing, but 7 days a week of fishing nearly all day is a bit much. Then in late August we'll be heading to Maryland for the State Fair where dh will be judging the beef show again. We'll spend a lot of time with our friends out there and another friend of mine from college.

Well, I need to get a little work done. Will update more later!

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Not much new to report. The suggestions that Brenda gave me for the sciatic nerve stuff seems to be helping...that and learning what not to do to set it off. Brenda called last night again. Looks like she is planning on coming out over July 4th weekend. Laura will be thrilled to have her aunt at our place.

We are leaving late this afternoon for St. Louis. Dh told me yesterday morning that he had a meeting today from 1 to 3. It is an 8 hour drive to St. Louis!!!! I was not happy to say the least. Then we get home and the neighbor has cut our hay. Dh says that he should stay home to help put it up. Wrong answer dh!!! You can bet that if we had plans with his family, that never would have been a suggestion. We would have gone no matter what. I guess he has finally decided to have him put it up as round bales instead of square bales so we don't have to worry about putting it up in the barn.

Laura is excited to be seeing Anna today, although she'll be sound asleep by the time we get there. We are planning on taking the kids to the zoo while we are there.

They are saying that there is a chance for more severe weather here tomorrow. We had several tornadoes go through the area last weekend that obliverated an entire town as well as a lot of other home. I think 157 homes were destroyed. I sure hope this thing passes us by. We've had more than enough damage around here lately.

Today concludes my last full week of work for the summer!!!! YEAH!!!! I am SO looking forward to this! I need to start figuring out my projects for around home this summer. First on my list is to a drain installed in our basement and get a water softener installed. I am tired of dealing with hard water stains. They are impossible to get off the shower tiles!

Don't know much more. Probably won't write again until June 8 when I have my first official OB appointment and we get the ultrasound done!

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Wow! It's been a little while since I've written. I saw Dr. Swanson last week. We talked about my last pregnancy and delivery and he informed me that I was not to have any more 26 hour labors. He asured me that 2nd child labors talk at least 1/2 the amount of time as the first time around. He started me on a St. Joseph's aspirin a day becaause my platelet count is high. I'll stay on them until 36 weeks. They will also be monitoring my thyroid levels through the pregnancy. I think my endocrinolist likes to invent things to worry about. I've never, never had thyroid problems...it was parathyroids. I know that was unusual for someone at such a young age, but geesh my endocrinologists were not worried about follow up care for this, I don't know why this guy is such a freak about it. Anyway, my checkup went okay other than we couldn't keep the heartbeat on the doppler for more than a couple of seconds.

Meanwhile dh was out in the waiting area with dd when she threw a hissy fit because she wanted her Mommy. Dh took her out to the truck where she proceeded to wet her pants in the car seat. I din't have any clean clothes with me so he ended up putting a diaper on her. So I've got a 1/2 naked nearly 3 year old to drag into the ultrasound room. She was actually fine by then and got a kick out of seeing the baby. She was so excited to get her own picture to show all of her friends. Everything looked great. They reset the due day to Dec. 4 based on the measurements, but I expect it will be closer to the original of Dec. 10 since that is where the earlier u/s put it and it corresponds with what I've calculated the due date to be. They say the earlier the u/s the more accurate the due date that is calculated. But they changed it anyway.

I have lost 1 pound since I went in last time. But I am doing fine otherwise. Still feeling pretty good although I seem to get out of breath easily, but that could be because I am in poor shape! I did get back into Curves once last week, but only went around 1 time so as not to push it. I felt great and wish I could get in there again soon, but it will probably be July before I can since we will be out of town so much the next 2 weeks.

We are leaving for our Florida vacation on Thursday. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again. And we are taking Laura to Disney this year. She'll get a kick out of it. And there really aren't too many rides that I can't go on...just the roller coasters and log rides. That's not too bad. The doctor's office said to just pay attention to the signs and not the ride the ones that suggest pregnant women not ride.

I also cut my hair cut fairly short for me and highlighted. I didn't think that I would look very good in short hair, but I really like it. It's easier to take care of and it's cooler. He also highlighted for me also and it really looks great.

Well, it would will be at least a couple of weeks before I get back here so I'll sign off for now and update when I get back from vacation!

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We just got back from our vacation/trip to Florida. Laura had a blast at Disney! She got to meet Mickey Mouse and she gave him a kiss on the nose. It was so cute! She loved all the rides we took her on. Dh took her on the kiddie roller coaster. She loved that. We also took her on the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Carribbean. She would just yell back at the ghosts that popped out at us. She did great! She didn't care of the other characters around there though. Mickey was the only one that she would have anything to do with. We didn't see Minnie Mouse or Goofy...she might have warmed up to them.

We also took her to the beach late one afternoon. She had a ball playing in the sand and the shallow water. She didn't like the waves until we pointed out that they get smaller and smaller as they get closer to land. They were okay then!

We had a great time visiting with all our friends down there and my aunt and uncle. Laura loved all the attention. We stayed in a hotel for the 3 days/nights that Bryan was at his conference. They had a pool so Laura and I had something to do while he was occupied. I can't believe how much braver that Laura got in the water over the 10 days we were gone!

Friday was a horrible day driving back through Atlanta. Every interstate had a major accident and I-75 NB was closed entirely because of a diesel spill. We got off onto a highway with everyone else and crawled through stop lights. It took us 4 hours to go 70 miles! We ended up stopping for the night in Northern GA instead of Southern IL. We still made it to Peoria by 5:00 on Saturday to meet up with my folks, brother, sister, and my aunt and uncle from Florida fro supper. The cousins really enjoyed playing with each other in the hotel pool.

But it is nice to be home in my own bed! And I feel like I'm really starting to pop out more than before we left. All my clothes still fit fine, but I like I am starting to look pregnant!

My next doctor's appointment is next Friday. Hopefully I can schedule an ultrasound for early August to find out what we are having!

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I think that I actually felt you move for the first time this last weekend! I am pretty sure that it was movement. I can only feel it when I am resting and thinking about it. I'm sure that it won't be long before it will be very obvious.

Dh's folks and sister came Sunday for a few days. His folks brought their boat but we didn't take it out until Monday evening after the crowds had left the lake. Both he and sil both water skiied both Monday evening and Tuesday evening when we went back for a picnic supper. Laura loved the boat rides. They didn't have the right attachment to blow up the 2 new tubes they bought and no one used the old tube. I, of course, couldn't do any of it, but I do get to ride as spotter when they are water skiing and mil watched Laura.

Dh and fil also got most of the fencing done in back. Dh just needs to finish stringing the wires and get the gates. It will be nice to finally be able to kick the horses out there!

Dh's folks left yesterday. We all went out for breakfast before they left. We were planning on taking sil to a state park but it got cold (record low high of 71 here yesterday)...dropped into the 60's in the afternoon and rained ALL afternoon so that was out. We went out for pizza and let dd play on the nearby playground equipment that wasn't still wet. Sil left this morning.

Dh had to stay home again today with dd so I could come into work. Daycare is closed this week and Monday. I'll be home with her tomorrow but dh will have to take off Monday also because I will be out of town.

I am working the State 4-H horse show Sunday through Thursday. Thank goodness I am working in an air-conditioned office since the temperatures are supposed to near 100 F by early next week.

My next doctor's appointment is tomorrow at 11:30. So dd will either stay with dh here at work for awhile or they both will come with me. I'd rather not take her with me by myself. I can never concentrate totally on anything when I've got her to keep out of trouble.

We've been having trouble with her going potty in her pants instead of the toliet again. I am hoping it was just having so much company around for so long. I just called dh a little while ago and she did go poop in the potty but then turned around and peed her panties. And she has been really bad about putting everything in her mouth again!

Sil encouraged dh and I to start walking again for our health and out waistline (at least dh anyway). We really need to start doing that again.

Tuesday sil, mil, and I took dd to the Omaha zoo. She loved it! That is a HUGE zoo...area-wise. We didn't get through the whole thing. I was really dragging and had to drive the hour back to Lincoln and pack up a picnic supper! I can't believe the hills in that place! Dh and I will have to take dd back again to finish the rest of it. All in all we had a good visit...I just hope that everyone wasn't too bored!

I think overall, I feel better with this pregnancy than I did when pregnant with dd and that one went pretty smoothly. I guess it helps to know what to expect this time around and it helps that I am so busy looking after dd that I don't dwell on it as much.

Oh yeah, mil also bought me a baby book to start filling out and she brought a bunch of baby boy clothes because dd keeps saying that she is going to have a baby brother. I guess we are sure to have another girl now!

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The doctor's appointment went great, although I actually only met with the NP, Jeri. She's pretty cool though. The heartbeat was in the 130's and was jumping around the way it was supposed to! Laura and dh were with me since Laura's daycare was still closed. She did great. And it was a short exam....pretty much just heard the heartbeat. My next appointment is August 16th where I get to do that wonderful gestational diabetes test. At least they gave me the Sprite-tasting stuff again this time. I also made the gender determination ultrasound appointment for August 19th. They only do them on Thursday mornings after 22 weeks. The first we could do it was August 5th, but dh has a swine show to judge at a county fair that day and I have a haircut appointment at 10:00 and then the next week we will be in Minnesota all week. Maybe we'll come into the department tonight and take a peek with the teaching ultrasound....though I doubt if we see anything but the head and heart like we did with Laura. I don't think it is set quite right for looking at babies....they use it more for determining fat thickness and ribeye/loin size in cattle, sheep, and hogs. It is still fun to try though!

I was in Grand Island all week working the State 4-H horse show. Boy, am I glad to be home. Laura was really starting to mixx me. Julia said that she was real sad and clingy at daycare yesterday so she was ela glad that I was getting home last night. Fortunately I just worked in an air-conditioned office all week, but it did get boring at times.

We are home until next Friday when we leave for Bryan's folks for his Uncle Randy and Latha's wedding. From there we are heading to St. Louis for the Animal Science meetings. I am so looking forward to meeting up with my friend, Laura there. I haven't seen her since my wedding 8 years ago and she has 3 kids now!

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Well, we came back from our trip to St. Louis a day early last week. We were just ready to get out of that town. The trip was both good and not so good. We started out at dh’s folks for the proceeding weekend for his uncle’s wedding. We had a lot of fun there. Met up with my brother and his family as well as my Mom for supper Sunday night. Monday I picked up my Mom at my brother’s work and we spent the day at the St. Louis Mills mall (outlets). I dropped Mom and Laura off with my brother (Laura was spending the night with her cousins). I made it 2 blocks from our hotel in downtown St. Louis and was in a car accident. Luckily we were both going slow enough that no one was injured. Basically the lady in the lane to the left of me made an illegal right turn, right into the side of me. The rental car was a bit of a mess, but she did get a ticket so hopefully her insurance company will be paying for the damages.

Dh went up in the Arch that night and had a quiet dinner out before going to one of his receptions. Tuesday, my brother picked me up (with my Mom and Laura) and we went looking at furniture and then picked up my Dad at the airport (he was flying back from a visit to Panama). We had BBQ out with everyone once dh switched out the rental car.

Wednesday we decided to check out early. So dh went with me to my friend’s house. I have kept in touch with my friend Laura (she was a year ahead of me and college), but we haven’t seen each other since my wedding 8 years ago. She now has 3 kids. So we went to her house for the kids to play and for us to catch up. We had a wonderful visit and Laura and her 5 year old Tommy played together so well. The 3 year old was a little more reserved and the 18 month old was going through stranger anxiety! Dh worked on his computer. We left there a little after 2:00 pm and made it home by 10:00 ish.

Then my Mom calls and said she and Dad are coming out for the weekend! Yes, we had just seen them! We took them to Omaha and Mom found a Lazy Boy recliner that they could get in the car.

Finally, Dh and broke down and bought a bigger pool. It’s one of those easy set up things. It’s 13’ by 33 inches. I don’t think that it is quite that deep since dd can stand up in it just fine and she’s only 36 inches. She loves it!

We are leaving Saturday for a week of fishing and boating near St. Cloud, MN with Bryan’s folks and sister. This is an every other year thing for us (every year for his folks). Laura is really looking forward to it.

I've also had some strange things going on with the baby. I've been feeling movement for awhile now, but lately I've been getting some really weird pains. It's a double-you-over-like-someone-just-belted-you-in-the-stomach kind of pain. They remind me of kicks and stuff...but much harder, especially for how far along I am. My doctor's office thought it might be contractions, but that is not what they feel like. When it happens I double over, but then as soon as it happens, it's gone and there in no lingering pain. Just kind of weird and a little scary when it happens. Fortunately, it isn't real frequent.

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All is well on the baby front. I passed my gestational diabetes test with flying colors. My platelet count is even down, but I still need to take the baby aspirin unless they left a message at home not to. I have gained 11 pounds total so far.

Jeri (the np) performed her gender determination. She says that she is over 80% accurate. She says that I'm having a boy. Laura has been saying all along that she's having a brother and Jeri says the studies they've done show that young children are over 75% accurate. We'll find out at the ultrasound tomorrow. I'm a little nervous about it.

We were gone all last week to Minnesota. It was so cold up there, especially for the second week of August. It was down in the 40's almost every night and ranged from the 50's to the low 70's during the day. We didn't seem to catch a lot of fish either. And I would really rather that we get our own cabin next time. Thank goodness we only do this every other year. Laura really enjoyed herself also. She got lots of grandparent and aunt time.

We are home this week and then fly out to Baltimore next Thursday for a long weekend so dh can judge the beef show at the Maryland State fair. I am looking forward to seeing our friends out there and hoping that he has a great interview in Illinois. I would love for them to move there. We would be able to see a lot more of them since the job would be about an hour tops from my parents place.

My secretary remarked today that I really look like I've popped out since she last saw me 2 weeks ago. This little munchkin has been really active. I still get an occassional hard kick also. I told dh that if it is a boy then we are naming him appropriately because he kicks like a horse! We have pretty much stuck with Colton (Colt) Alan for a boy and are still undecided about a girls name, although I like Leah and Lydia. We'll see.

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Well, we had the ultrasound this morning. I was such a mess all morning I was so nervous about this. Thank goodness it was fairly obvious as soon as she put the probe on my tummy. This baby was not shy! We are getting our little boy....so Laura was right (as well as Jeri, the np).

I, of course, started crying as soon as she told us that our little girl was right. She said there was no doubt in her mind that we were having a boy. He was hanging out there for all the world to see! It was so cute though.....he was playing with his feet and toes. We couldn't get a picture of the profile of his face because he was facing out and had both his arms and legs up over his face. We did see a good shot of his face though and his little mouth was opening and shutting.

His name will be Colton Alan. And we will be calling him Colt....aptly named since this kid already kicks like a horse! I think dh is pleased that we are using his middle name, but since Laura has mine, it is only appropriate....and the names go together very well. So, we'll all have "A" middle names.

I called my Mom right away and she wasn't there. Dad didn't answer at work either. I did get my secretary though and Mom called me back soon after. She was very happy for us. Bryan called his folks and got his Dad. He was pretty excited and already making plans for another tractor and horse!

And I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I was so afraid that we were having another girl. More so because sisters in my family do not have a history of getting along. I am much closer to my brother than I am my sister and Mom and her sisters aren't real close. Now, I don't have to worry about that any more. I feel like I can now sit back and enjoy this pregnancy a little more. This is our last one so this is the last time I will be pregnant. Plus, now I get to go shopping for all those little boy clothes! We are leaving the nursery how we did it for Laura since it is barnyard and will be perfect for a little boy.

Oh, I called Laura at daycare also and Julia said she got the biggest smile on her face when I told her. Of course, she's been telling us all along that she was going to have a brother....out of the mouths of babes.

I may do a little shopping tomorrow since I am off of work. We will probably tear down the problem area of the ceiling in the nursery this weekend so we can get that repaired and I can finally get the nursery set back up. Then we need to get everything out of the attic and go through Laura's things to see what we need to get. A lot of her early stuff was gender neutral since we didn't know what she was going to be. This will be fun!

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We had to do something last night I hoped that we would never have to do. We had to put one of my horses down. We've been having some major feet problem with him that made him pretty much unrideable, but decided that as long as we could manage it (ie keep him out of pain) we'd keep him around just to provide company for his Momma (my mare). He's really been losing weight this last week and we couldn't find an obvious case. Yesterday morning he came up to eat and seemed okay. We got home after a work picnic about 7:30 last night and he was down and wouldn't get up. He was really sweating and having trouble breathing. We called our vet at home right away and he came right out. It was pretty evident that he wouldn't make it to morning and he was suffering. So we made the decision to put him down. We had been discussing this earlier because of other problems (besides the feet probelms), but kept putting it off. It was easier to do it last night because he was suffering. We'll really miss him....we raised him from a baby and dh broke him. He was pretty much dh's baby. He is taking it pretty hard. I'm a little better today. Laura kept asking me why I was sad. Dh took her out to say goodbye while the vet was preparing the shot. Don't know how much she really understands though. The vet said that he had critical asthma (his lungs weren't expanding with his breaths) and at the point that we found him there wasn't much we could do except make the responsible decision. We have been planning on looking for another riding horse for dh so I guess we'll try to move that up so my mare won't be alone too long. She was a little freaked out last night, but seems calmer this morning.

Now baby news. I swear I am getting more uncomfortable earlier with this one than I did Laura. I expected that with the 2nd, but not quite this early. I have also had people tell me that carrying boys will do that also. Don't know, but it isn't much fun. I can never get comfortable and it seems like something is always hurting any more. Only 3 more months and a week to my due date. We're getting there!

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My 28 week appointment was yesterday. Pretty uneventful. I've gained 15 pounds total so far, which the doc said I was doing great. Oh, I met the new doctor that joined the clinic. She's okay I guess, just not as personable as Dr. Swanson. I measured right at 28 weeks and she picked up the heartbeat just fine. I also got to get the lovely Rhogam shot. OUCH!!!! They want me to start monitoring the babies movements twice a day. Should feel him move 6 times in a hour. My next appointment is Oct. 12 actually with Dr. Swanson this time! Then I start going every 2 weeks.

I got my paperwork from the university to fill out for my "severe medical condition". Give me a break, I'm pregnant not injured or ill. I went in to talk with our HR guy in the department to ask him a few questions about the form my doctor needs to fill out, like how accurate the "Date the Condition Commenced" slot needed to be! I think I embarassed the poor guy, he blushed and said I didn't need to fill that out (he was thinking the same way I was). Then he realized that they want the due date there and then how ever many weeks the doctor authorizes me to take off in the duration slot. He explained that this form really wasn't set up very well for maternity leave....must have been designed by a guy. Smile I took 8 weeks with Laura and am planning on the same this time. Shouldn't be a problem. I also need to remember to get a note from my doctor at my 6 week post-partum checkup that says that I can come back to work! Crazy.

What I would give for a full night's sleep! I just can not get comfortable. The new doc thought it was too early for that to be happening. I have news for her, I've been dealing with this for quite awhile.

We had Laura's 3 year birthday celebration last night. She was so excited all day! We invited the neighbors up to have cake with us last night. We got her a Strawberry Shortcake doll (her cake was also Strawberry Shortcake) and a Gingersnap Doll. She got a Barbie carrying case and some new Barbie clothes as well as the Barbie Sea Adventure set. And she got the new Little People set that compliments the farm. She really liked her new toys. We celebrate again this weekend at my folks as well as my niece's and nephew's upcoming birthdays....so more presents!

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We enjoyed my visit with my folks. Laura had a blast playing with her cousins. It seemed to go better when there was just 2 of them at a time rather than all 3 of them together. Everyone got lots of neat presents and Mom had a Finding Nemo theme table and cake. My brother's family and dh, dd, and I stayed in Nauvoo in a hotel since my folks' place is only 2 bedrooms/1 bath...not big enough for 11 people! We had a nice dinner out Saturday night and took the kids back to the hotel to swim in the pool (and wear them out). Dd decided that she wanted to go back to my folks place since my nephew was staying there also. Dh and I each got a queen-sized bed to ourselves with no little munchking kicking one of us all night! It was great!

I am still pretty uncomfortable, which I am sure won't change now until this kid is born. I had such a horrible night last night. I just couldn't sleep. My hips hurt so bad I can't lay on them for very long. But try to wrestle the body pillow and covers to switch from side to side! Then my right hand went numb and woke me up. Dd was sleeping with me since dh caught a bad cold and is sleeping in the guest room for now so that I don't get it. I am always afraid that dd is going to do a nosedive out of bed because she moves around so much at night. I was so tired when I got up this morning I wanted to cry. I've been very emotional today, like the littlest thing makes me want to cry! This is SO not like me.

I made dh go for a short walk with me over lunch, since we brought our lunch today. I think I need to do more of that. Maybe it will help with sleeping. Plus I sit most of the day at my desk on the computer and sitting is very uncomfortable with the way the baby is laying in there (so low compared to dd). So it felt good to get out for awhile, although the walk took a lot out of me. Just 2 1/2 more months to go.

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Well, I had my 32 week check-up today. They were 1/2 hour late calling me back and then we find out that the doctor is still in surgery. :roll: So I saw a NP instead. She's been on maternity leave since I became pregnant so this is the first time that I've seen her. She had a really hard time finding the heartbeat (although we could feel and hear him moving). She was pretty sure that he was head down, but I was pretty sure that he wasn't since all the movements I am feeling are real low. So, she sent me in for a quick ultrasound. We are still having a boy! Biggrin His head was up...he's kind of in there cockeyed. :? His head is just above my belly button, then he curves around the left side of my body. He was also playing with his feet again (he was doing this in our last u/s) and she gave us a picture of that! So, he's breech. Of course, there's plenty of time for him to turn, but they did give me some info on breech babies and an exercise to do three times a day to try to get him to turn on his own. So we'll see how it goes. Otherwise it went fine! Next appointment is in 3 weeks.

We are heading to dh's folks this weekend to help with harvest. Laura will be thrilled! She loves to ride in the combine with Grandpa.

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Today was my 35 week appointment. Pertty uneventful. I was in and out in 15 minutes! That's from the time I walked in the door to back in the truck! My Doc was actually there this time. He found the heartbeat first shot and ds is head down now. My next appointment is next Thursday. I'll be having them once a week now. Next week they will also do the Strep B test and test my thyroid levels again. I can't believe how close I am getting!

Sleep is still elusive, but is a little better. I still wake up a lot to use the bathroom and to flip sides, but I seem to be doing better about falling back asleep faster, thank goodness. Dh has still been a big help. He's been making sure that I don't overdue it and taking on more cooking responsbilities, as well as doing a lot more with dd (not that he didn't do a lot with her anyway).

Everything is ready to go at home. The nursery is set up and we went through the last of dd's baby things this weekend. I even got all the bottles washed. The towels and bibs are all washed and need to be put away tonight. We are as ready as we can be at home. I told dh today that we needed to get the carseat installed and put the baby bag in the truck. My will have to wait because I still use some of the stuff that I need to pack. But I guess I can get it started!

Dh will be gone the 14-18 of this month. I've put a friend of my at work on notice in case anything happens while he is gone. And thank goodness that dd's DCP will take her when we need to go to the hospital. One less thing to worry about.

We are as ready as we can be right now. Now, it's just sit back and wait. And prepare for a bunch of company. Dh's parents and sister are coming out the weekend of the 19th to surprise dh on his 40th birthday. Then not 3 days after they leave my family will be coming for Thanksgiving (4 more adults and 2 more kids, at least). Yikes!

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I had my 36 (almost 37) week appointment this morning. It went pretty well. I lost 4 pounds since last Tuesday. Not sure how that happened since I am eating the same. But, I'll take it! They weren't real worried.

They did the Strep B swab and took a blood sample to test thyroid levels. I saw the new partner again today and I have to say that I liked her much more this time than the first time I met her. It was obvious that she had actually taken some time to read my chart. She mentioned that ds was footling breech at the last u/s, but I told her I was sure that he had flipped and that Dr. S had also said that he had last week. When she checked, she agreed and she found his heartbeat right away.

We talked some about my induction last time and the fact that I had a lot of trouble delivering a 7 pound baby. She mentioned the Dr. S has noted that I have a narrow arch to my pelvis (which I've been told several times) so she indicated that I would probably be having another u/s in the next couple of weeks to check the size of the baby. I had exactly 1 u/s with dd, and this next u/s will be 5 for this one! Perhaps they are being more cautious this time since my labor and delivery was so difficult.

I will probably end up being induced again, but she agreed that waiting until 41 or 41 1/2 weeks would probably be okay, but they wouldn't let me go beyond that. I felt like I got a lot more out of this appointment than I usually do. They will be checking my progress at the next appointments and will probably opt to induce when my cervix is favorable (but will wait to the 41 weeks if I'm not favorable before then). She also mentioned that they would be measuring the baby's head circumferance at the next u/s saying this was an indicator of lung maturity. Hadn't heard that one before.

Meanwhile, dh leaves for Louisville tomorrow and will be gone almost a week. I just need to keep myself from overdoing things this weekend. I am planning on getting some Christmas decorating done this weekend and next week. Since we are celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas together with my family I want to try to make it as festive as possible.

Dh still doesn't know that his folks and sister are coming in next weekend for his 40th birthday. I also am planning on bringing a cake into the faculty meeting that day for a surprise party. His secretary and I will also be decorating his office while he is in class. I am also hoping to invite some people over that night for chili and ice cream cake. We'll take him out for a nice supper Saturday to one of his favorite places to eat. I think we are really going to surprise him with all this. I just have to figure out what I am going to get him for his birthday. I actually looked into NASCAR tickets for his birthday/Christmas, but the cheapest I could find were $200 a piece! Yikes! I don't think so!

We did get the carseat in last weekend, but we can't get the middle seat in the back to tighten down the way it should. OUr truck is an '02 and they started the LATCH stuff in '03. We called the Ford dealer and they were able to order in the parts we need to install the anchors in the back seat. It can only be in 2 of the seats and there is no way we can get 2 large carseats side by side, so they will be installing them tomorrow in the 2 outer seats. Dh said that I can go out and buy a new infant seat that is LATCH compatible now. He is way more confident with the LATCH system than the seatbelts, even though he does a great job getting them super tight. We will use the old infant seat in dh's truck since I will need to use that during maternity leave so he can still drop off dd at daycare.

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Wow, I guess I missed updating my last appointment. In the last 2 weeks I've had 2 appointments and 2 ultrasounds. At the first appointment my doctor was concerned because my fundal height wasn't increasing the way it should have been. So we had an ultrasound. Everything looked great and they estimated him to be 6 pounds 3 ounces.

Last Wed. I actually saw Dr. Maly because Swanson was tripled booked the 3 days they were open last week. Not a big deal. He was concerned because baby's heartbeat was only 120 so he ordered a biophysical profile to be done (ultrasound). Again, everything looked great. He scored an 8 out of 8. She estimated him at 7 pounds 2 ounces this time. Okay.... I was dilated only to 1 cm, but that didn't surprise me too much.

We really surprised dh with his birthday. I took a cake in for the faculty meeting and hung up his baby pictures. I think he got a kick out of it. He was very surprised to see his sister and parents when he got home Friday night and even more surprised when friends started showing up later that evening. I think he really enjoyed himself. And he and his Dad got the snow fence up and reshingled the roof on one side of the garage, while his Mom and sister helped me put up the tree and then put some lights up outside! They all left Sunday morning.

My folks and brother and family came in Wednesday afternoon. They both had to drive through some wicked snow, but they made it. In fact, they all beat us home from my doctor's appointment. I think Thanksgiving went as well as can be expected with that many people around. I really think that I overdid it though. Saturday after everyone left was a little rough. Actually Friday night was pretty rough. I pretty much laid on the couch all day. I was feeling better Sunday, but dh made me rest then also.

My next appointment is tomorrow, so we'll see what Swanson has to say. I am afraid that this baby has flipped breech again. I hope that I am imagining things, but it feels like a head up in my ribs on my right side and I'm feeling a lot of the kicking type movements down real low again. I really, really hope that this is not the case.

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Not much news to report. Still 1 cm dilated on the outside of the cervix, but closed on the inside. Baby is still floating high. See you next week! Totally what I was expecting, but it still is a bummer.

The good news is that he isn't breech. But I had noticed that the movements yesterday seemed like the were more consistant with him head down so it didn't surprise me. Glad he turned himself back around before the appointment (if he even was breech this weekend...who knows), because I would have been sent in for a c-section.

I had a hard time sleeping the night before. I had a horrible cramp pain on my lower left side of my belly that would not let me sleep past 2 am. It went away when I finally got up and took a shower. Not sure what it was, but hope it doesn't come back.

Anyway, I have been leaning towards the original due date of 12/10 anyway so I wasn't too disappointed! Maybe he'll come on my birthday, the 11th! I am not sure how long they will let me go past my due date so we'll see what they have to say next week!

We took Laura to the mall last night to see Santa. She did great with him this year! Still a little shy, but she sat on his lap by herself this year. The picture turned out really cute! We ate there in the mall and she ate really good. She was such a good girl last night! And she has been very consistant with what she wants for Christmas....a Princess Diaper Bag. I am so glad that I went ahead and ordered that whole darn set to get that bag. The only other thing she mentions from time to time is the Princess crib and thank goodness that is in the set that I had to order to get the diaper bag. She is going to be so excited Christmas morning!

I am still planning on being home for Christmas. I have NEVER been home for Christmas and am excited that we will be this year! We can travel after Christmas this year. Having a December baby does have it's advantages!

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Still about 1 cm dilated and baby is still floating high! I am starting to sound like a broken record here! I actually didn't see my doctor, he was at a delivery. But, I was given basically 3 options yesterday.

Option 1: Come back in next week and if no baby by then, set an induction date.

Option 2: Come in Wednesday night (today) and start an induction.

Option 3: C-section

I threw out option 3 right away. I was leaning towards option 1, but wanted the doctor's opinoin because I know he has been concerned about size. Jerri sent me in for an u/s (#7) and he scored a 6 out of 8 this time. Didn't see any practice breathing this time, but we saw it last time so no problems there. They estimated him at 7 pounds 7 ounces this time.

Jerri spoke to Doc and then called me back. We decided to wait until next week and check again. She will have an induction scheduled for the following weekend (when my doctor is on call) since they tend to fill up fast this time of year. Hopefully I will have progressed more by then. If I have I will go in the morning for the induction, if not I will go in the night before.

If I make it to the induction process, my folks will be here to watch Laura for us. If I go before then, Julia will still be able to watch her for us. So, we are covered either way. I just have this feeling that I will have to be induced again. We'll see, maybe he'll surprise me! Like for my birthday this weekend!

Meanwhile, when I picked Laura up at daycare last night one of the other Moms called after taking her daughter to the doctor. Her daughter has pinkeye. Laura woke up yesterday with goopy eyes and Julia said she had been complaining about her eyes hurting all day. We got her into the urgent care clinic last night and she has it in both eyes. He gave her some drops that an hour after using she won't be contagious any more so she was able to go back to daycare today. Dh woke up this morning with it in one of his eyes. I really, really hope that I don't get this!

Well, that's it until next week!

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Okay, here's the final chapter....

My water broke on Thursday night, December 9th, about 5:30 pm . I had just gotten home and actually had to call Bryan while he was in class to come and get me. We dropped Laura off with her daycare provider and headed to the hospital. I started getting contractions on the way. We got checked in and I got an epidural around 11:00 so that I could get some sleep. (The doctor seemed to have a real problem getting it in this time. It HURT, very badly and Bryan nearly passed out watching them do it. The moved down a vertabrae and it went in quickly and painlessly. We didn't have any problem with it when I had Laura...guess the doc need some more practice....I think he was in training.)

By morning I wasn’t progressing very quickly so they started the pitocin and that kicked things in gear. I progressed pretty quickly from that point. However, once I reached 9 cm problems started. To that point I had a pretty easy, uneventful labor….much better experience than I had with Laura. However, at that point, things went downhill fast. Colt’s heart rate started dropping and took a bit to come back up. My doctor was out of town again so his partner (who also delivered Laura) was called in. He happened to be at the hospital anyway since he was doing several c-sections that day. They turned off the pit and began the heavy duty monitoring. I again, had every possible tube you could have in me and on me. Had the oxygen again also.

My doctor did his c-section and made it back in the room in time for me to push. We had some problems there also. He had to use the vaccuum to get him down into position and even then Colt’s head was turned sideways (just like Laura). Finally I was told that if we didn’t see some progression with the next push I was headed in for a c-section. I guess that is what it took because we had some and within a couple more pushes he was born….Only to be whisked away at once. He was limp, totally white, and not breathing. They had to tube him to get him breathing. His 1 minute APGAR was a 1 and his 5 minute was a 2. I was a wreck. It seemed like it took forever before he cried. As soon as he did I got a quick peek and he was gone to the nursery where they worked on him even more. Bryan said that several people were very concerned for awhile. I know they took x-rays. His doc was called and she got there right away. It was an hour before anyone came in to tell me what was going on. As soon as the epi wore off I walked down there to see him. I got to see the measurements, but since they had him on oxygen it was late afternoon before we got to hold him (he was born 9 minutes after noon after nearly 19 hours of labor, 40 minutes of pushing and a 2nd degree episiotomy). Finally, his blood tests came back okay so he was taken off oxygen.

But, it wasn’t over yet. He would barely eat. Less than 10 ml most of the time. And he wasn’t peeing. The whole back of his head was gushy from fluids and bruised. By Saturday night he had an IV in his little hand and was in the nursery full time. I was discharged on Sunday, but was offered a respite room to stay in the hospital with him. We called Bryan’s folks to come stay with Laura while we met with doctors and spent as much time with Colton as we could. They were a great help and spoiled Laura rotten, which is just what she needed.

We met with his doctor early Monday morning and she wanted to keep him longer. He had been eating much better and was finally wetting his diaper thanks to the fluids he was getting through the IV, but she wanted to watch him some more and watch his billirubin levels since they were also climbing. She turned his IV fluids down and was hoping that his eating would pick up.

We met with her Monday night expecting to hear the same, but instead were met with the great news that he could go home. His billirubin counts had stabilized and Bryan had been getting him to eat more and more (he seemed to have the touch with him). We got home around 9:00 pm that night and all has been well since.

So there it is. I am done, done, done having kids. I think I would insist on a c-section if we did have more. Delivery was rough on both the kids, but Colt was a lot worse for the wear than Laura was. The doctors had all assured me that I won't ahve the smae problems with Colton that I did with Laura, but we did.....they just started a lot later in the labor, but were worse than with Laura. I thought I had heard that he had the cord wrapped around his neck once, but it might have been squashed between his head and shoulder. Not for sure there. It was scary. But, all's well that ends well!

Colton Alan
December 10, 2004 (the day before my birthday)
12:09 pm
7 lbs 3 oz
19 1/2 inches