Preg for the FIRST time!

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Preg for the FIRST time!

My name is Jess (30) and hubby is Damian (29) and we are pregnant with our first child! Well here I am writing a pregnancy journal after such a short time of keeping a TTC journal. Here is my TTC journal so that you all can see the journey we have gone through:

Sept 17, 2006
Well, here I am starting my journal! Huuby and I have been together for 6 years (June of 2006) and married for 1 year (wedding date -June 4, 2005). We bought our first home in June of 2006 and have decided to ttc for our first child. We have been trying to decide when ttc and we have decided that this is our month! I have been taking prenatal vitis for a few months and trying to eat healthy to prepare my body the best I can.

I have been charting my cycle and using OPTs. I have a pretty regular cycle so I am hoping we have smooth sailing. This month I O'd on the 16th so we did the BD last night and will do it again tonight. I am just hoping that we will be successful!!!!

Sept 22, 2006
Well we only BD once this cycle not 2x like I had hoped. Hubby was "too tired".

Anyways, I am at the 1ww point now and if the witch shows up it should be on the 30th, same days as 14DPO so we will see. I'm not sure if I am going to test or if I will just wait to see if she rears her ugly head.

I am really doubtful that we concieved this time for a couple of reasons. First becuase it was our first time ttc and 2nd because we only BD once.

Also I need to call my dr and find out what to do with the meds I am on. I take a couple of meds for asthma and one for allergies. My allergist said my allergy med would not affect a pregnancy and that I could sty on it the whole nine months, but I want to check again to be safe as he told me that like 2 years ago.

Sept 27, 2006
Been haivng some symptoms.... Weird stuff. I had cramping LAST week and AF is not due til the 30th! WOW! No cramping this week. Bbs are sore in an odd way. Hubby is convinced I am preg, but I dont think so. He begged me to buy a POAS test so I did and will test on Friday which is 14DPO. If AF shows up it will be the day after. So we'll see! Secretly I am hoping I am preg, but not trying to get my hopes up!

Sept 29, 2006
Well I tested this AM (at like 3:45 AM - couldn't sleep and had to pee REALLY bad) and got a BFN like I thought! And AF showed up today, but it's REALLY light so far so maybe there's hope? Ah, I doubt it. So there's always next month and darn it, we are going to BD MORE this time!

Oct 16, 2006
Well we are now on the two week wait (AGAIN!). We bd once on Fri and once again on Sunday night. I am hopnig that we will again tonight just for good measure! I somewhat think we may have missed my O this month, but we'll see! I have decided not to buy any more preg tests and jsut wait and see if AF shows up. If I am late then I will test.

Oct 29, 2006
Well I thought we missed the eggie this mont, BUT low and behold we didn't!!!! YA HOOOO!!!!!

I was supposed to get AF on either Fri or Sat and she did not show either day. I was beginning to wonder what was going on. Had cramps, but not like the usual ones; I thought that maybe I was over analyzing things! I hadn't even bought a preg test because I thought they were a waste of money until I had officially missed AF.

Hubby and I went to WalMart last night and I figured I should pic one up since I had missed AF thus far. He goes to work early on Sundays and wanted to know if I was preg or not before he left so I got up at 6:00 and tested. The positive line showed up RIGHT AWAY! I was freakin out! I showed it to Hubby and he said what does this mean? Then he said you're PREG?????????? Hehe... so funny! Then he gave me a huge hug!

I am so excited and it is so sureal at this point! AMAZING! We are not gonig to tell anyone just yet. I want to take another preg test tomorrow with FMU and then call my doc to get it confirmed via a blood test. Then we will tell our parents and wait a bit to tell everyone else.

At this point for symptoms, I am feeling:
* lower back pain
* indigestion
* hungry, hungry, hungry!
* sore BBs sometimes
* bloated
* slight upset tummy

So that's our TTC journey and here I am 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant!!! So far things have been GREAT! I have been queezy at times, but for the most part I have been feeling pretty good. I got my pregnancy confirmed by the doctor on Halloween. I have been trying really hard to eat healthy and get plenty of sleep. I also talked to the doc about the meds I am on for my allergies/asthma and all are safe! PHEW! I am so relieved about that! Dirol I have my first appt on November 30 and hubby is going to come with me. Then my 2nd appt is Dec 19 where I will have my full exam.

We have yet to tell anyone YET! We are having both of our parents over for dinner this week so we can tell them! It is KILLING me to not have told my parents! :Whistle: I bought each of them a frame and am going to put something cutezie in it and wrap it up! I can't wait to see their faces!!!!

I went out and bought the book "What to Expect While Your Expecting" and the Belly Journal so I can keep track of what is happening to my body. I also bought my hubby a book called "She's Having a Baby and I'm Having a Nervous Breakdown". It's a funny book that explains what is happening each trimester in a way that is fun for him!

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Well my voracious appetite has changed quite a bit lately. I have gone from being starving every 2 hours to only being hungry in the morning and night with a queasy stomache the rest of the day. I just have no appetite during the day and I have to force myself to eat. I know I have to eat for the baby, but ick. I have been exercising two or three times a week hoping to keep healthy and help with the queasy stomache.

The other day I invited my parents over for dinner for this Thursday night and my mom kind of gave me a hard time and said what about Curves (Thursdays is one of our normal nights to go)? Argh.... I was thinking to myself... if you ONLY knew.... hehe... they are going to come and we will go to Curves on Sat AM to make up for missing Thursday. How silly.... I put together the picture frames for our parents... you can see a picture at

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Well tonight was the night that we told my parents that we are expecting. My dad is REALLY hard to pull one over on so he knew as soon as I told them I had an early christmas present! Hehe.... My mom was all confused, but when she opened the frame she threw it on the couch and nearly knocked me down so she could hug me!!!! HA! She was crying and so happy!!! Now we just have to tell his parents tomorrow night... to be continued!!!!!!!

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YAY FOR SIX WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had DH parents over for dinner tonight to tell them the news! They were so excited!!! His mom and dad both had a hunch, but were still super happy none the less!!! YAY! Now onto the rest of the family!!!