Ok, so my name is Robyn. I am 20 years old and 4 months-16w5d-pregnant with baby #3, due January 13. I have a daughter that is 2yr and a son who is 16mths. This bun in the oven, however, is creating alot of excitement for the family. I will be married on October 7th, 2006 to my fiance Sean. This is Sean's first child, and the first time I have had an active father in my children's lives.

We went to see Dr. Raymond on Tuesday and heard the heart beat for the first time it was beautiful. 154bpm. my stomach was measured at 20-so once again i'm measuring larger...(my son was 9lb5z 23in)...

we are going for the ultrasound in 2 weeks on the 15th...im excitied. I think its a boy...my stomach is large, my breasts are extremely large, im over-emotional,and have alot of back pain. im just scared it will be a big baby as my son was.

theres alot going on around here, with the wedding and the new baby...but some how we're managing.

my question to you is... or ?

pregnancy stats
16w3d- heartrate 154bpm
belly measurement 20
weight 172lbs