pregnancy leaving me very confused...

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pregnancy leaving me very confused...

i took 2 HPT jan. 15th. they were both positive. i went to the hospital to get tested there and that was positive also. (my hubby is in the military so we just go to a military hospital for medical.) a nurse called me the evening of the 18th and told me i was 5 wks and 1 day pregnant.

my 1st u/s was on feb. 12th. the doctor said that things didn't look right. she couldn't find the fetal pole and immediately referred me to another (more experienced) doctor to do a repeat u/s. this doctor said that my 8-9 week pregnancy looked like a 4-5 week one. he too could not find any sign of a fetal pole, just a yolk sac. he said that the pregnancy could go either way. if i was wrong about my dates then i was only 4-5 weeks and things were probably ok. if i wasn't wrong about the dates then i would probably miscarry. he said that getting my HCG level would better date the pregnancy. a higher HCG level would mean i probably was around 8 weeks and a lower one would mean it was a new pregnancy. also, i was to have a repeat u/s in a week.

a nurse called me the next morning (feb. 13th) with my HCG level. it was 78, 520. i assumed i was going to micarry since the level was quite high and i tried to deal with it.

i had my 2nd u/s feb. 21st. (saw the doctor i was originally sopposed to see who went home early the week before.) this time the doctor saw 2 yolk sacs in 1 gestational sac and said we were having twins. she measured the sacs and said they were 5-6 weeks old and so we were only 5-6 weeks along. she said the didn't measure the yolk sac at my last appt. and that my HCG level was probably high because i was having twins. she wanted me to wait for my HCG results ( i got it done an hour before my appt. ) and wanted to see me for another repeat u/s in a week.

she got the results and it was around 48,000. it went from 78,520 to 48,000 in about a week. she said not to worry because HCG levels can fluctuate.

i had to go to the ER friday night ( feb. 23rd ) due to bad cramping and some spotting that started around 9:30pm. at first they didn't want to do much saying that they couldn't prevent a miscarriage but i was very persistant and finally they did bloodwork, a pelvic exam, and an u/s. my HCG level went down again. this time to 32,000. the doctor said that there was some bloody mucus by my cervix and that the u/s showed an abnormal pregnancy. but that was about all he concluded. he told me to go home and take tylonol for the cramping and follow up with my OB.
i have been having cramps and spotting off and on since friday night.
my next u/s is on wed. the 28th.