Pregnant after IVF for PCO

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Pregnant after IVF for PCO

Hi there!

I am 12w 3d today.

My name is Stephanie and my DH is Jeremiah.

We started TTC in June 2002. I got pg on my own in October, but m/c shortly after finding out.

Then nothing. My cycles started getting really crazy, ranging in length from 30-85 days. My normal GYN did a day 3 blood test which did diagnose me with PCO. They referred my to an RE.

When I got to the RE I got rung through the ringer! All came back normal - and confirmed the PCO. My DH's SA came back GREAT. Thank god.

We started out trying IUI's, and did two failed cycles.

THEN - I decided to just go for the whole sha-bang, IVF. (DH's insurance covers everything completely Smile )

I started my IVF cycle in 11/2003. Towards the end I wound up getting hyperstimulated. They reteived 50 eggs from me, and my ovaries hyperstimulated to over 10 cm each (thats over 5 inches a peice!!) You could SEE THEM through my skin.

I had to have a pericentisis to drain over 2 liters of fluid from my abdomen. The eggs were ferilized, 27 out of 50 fertilized. I could not have a fresh transfer done due to the hyperstimulation - it was too dangerous and would endanger my own health. 8 embryo's made it to blastocyst stage and were frozen.

I recovered from that through december, and started my frozen cycle on 1/25. I did not respond well to the drugs that were supposed to thicken my lining. My lining only got to a thickeness of 6.5 mm. Not great - but we went ahead with the transfer anyhow.

They transferred two blasts back on 2/16. I was SURE that this would not work - so I did not stress about it at all. I ate like crap, smoked a few cigarrettes and pretty much waited for AF to show.

I had my blood HCG test on 2/25 - but again I was convinced it was negative. Low and behold it wasn't - but it was low at only 30.8.

Two days later the level raised to 115, and a week later it was 2489. The third beta was on 3/5.

3/6 I was at my accupuncture session, and felt some MAJOR cramps. Sure enough I stood up and blood was EVERYWHERE. I completely freaked out and rushed off to the DR. They did an ultyrasound, and there the creature was - safe and entact Smile

Turned out I have a subchorionic hematoma, which forms sometimes during implantation (if a blood vessel is broken). It is a bubble of blood. This bubble normally is reabsorbed, or in my case starts to drain out.

I spotted for 3 weeks following that, and I still do spot from time to time from this. It is skrinking but it still exists.

I had an ultrasound done yesterday (4/21) and the creature was fine, wiggling around like it should. The hematoma was still visable though.

I rented a babybeat monitor which lets you monitor the baby's heartbeat at home. GREAT INVENTION. This morning (4/22) the heart rate was 162 - music to my ears.

I have a nuchal translucentcy test on Tuesday 4/27 - which is a screening for downs.

I also have a ultrasound on 5/10 to check my cervical length - my mother had an incompetent cervix so just to be sure they are checking mine as well Smile

Will keep you posted Smile

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14 w 3 d Smile

I had my nuchal translucentcy scan on 4/27/04. The ultrasound was great - we got some really nice profile shots Smile

All is well otherwise, nausea is finally beginning to wear thin. No spotting as of late either.

Not really feeling preg anymore - just tired, and bloated Smile

The heartbeat is still in the 150-160 range - still been checking it every night Smile

Have an appointment on Monday, 5/10 to check my cervix to make sire all is well. It is anultrasound exam Smile