Ready for my Emma!

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Ready for my Emma!

I don't know why I haven't started this journal sooner. Guess I was making sure that this pregnancy was actually gonna take.

Lets see, I do have a beautiful son named Ethan, who will be 6 years old when Emma comes. If she waits til her due date. August of 2004 I got married to a great guy. We decided to start trying soon after. We lost a baby in February 2005. I was devastated, I have lost 2 prior pregnancies, and my son E was a miracle. I had a rough pregnancy with him, he was born 4 weeks early, luckily very healthy, and soon after my dr discovered a tumor and it covered my ovary, so I lost the left ovary. I have always had problems. Well, after losing our child in February, I went back in a month later having pain, well, to add to the heartache, my body had not miscarried everything, so I had to have a D & C, which caused an infection.

Finally at the end of September 2005, after trying again for just a few months, I started feeling very nauseated. I took three tests, negative. The next day, I took another two and they were positive. I was very excited but nervous too. I started bleeding again, worried that I was miscarrying. Not again! So far so good though. I stopped bleeding. Have been very very sick, throwing up every day, sometimes nine to ten times a day. So my dr gave me meds. I still get sick about twice a week. Monday morning I woke up around 1 am. I was cramping severly. I almost woke Aaron up to take me to the ER, but took a warm shower trying to feel better. I finally went back to sleep, then when I woke up to get ready for work and get Ethan off to school, I felt good.

Got to work and felt pretty good. Called the nurse and she said to keep hydrated and call if I start to bleed. I was relieved, but 10 minutes later I started bleeding. I am scared to death, I am 25 weeks pregnant, this shouldn't be happening! I called right back and they told me to come in right away. I called Mom and Aaron and they met me there, I was crying and nuts. Come to find out they aren't sure why I started to bleed, but I do have a bladder infection, and that could cause pre term labor. So I was given antibiotics and told to be on bed rest for two days.

Guess I will post more later!


March 29
27 weeks 2 days

Wow Em, Mommy is SO tired. We have had so much going on. This Friday your big brother, Ethan, will be going to his Dad's house to go camping after school. We won't see him again until next Wednesday. Spring break is all next week, and he is looking forward to not being in school. We leave for Disney that Friday after work. E will have one last hoo rah before little sis gets here. I just hope all that walking doesn't put me in early labor, like with E. Misty will take Callie to the vet to be borded on Saturday (they are all booked until then). When we come home, she will be all groomed, and the house will be spotless! Thankfully Daddy is letting me pay your MawMaw to come clean while we are gone. Not only do I hate cleaning, but I am SO exhausted that cleaning is the last thing on my mind. Then the Friday after that the carpet cleaner comes, and we will be all ready for your baby shower the next day (April 15). April 16 is Easter Sunday, so after we go to the sunrise service with Grandpa & Nana, everyone, including Mommy's family, is coming to our house for Easter dinner. So it will be nice for the whole house to be spic and span without me lifting a finger!

We are SO busy up until you are due, thats a good thing. This pregnancy is DRAGGING and I am so so ready to have you here with us! So I am glad that we will be busy although it is a little overwhelming!

Tonight I think Ethan will have lots of homework, they really work kingergartners these days. Then I may work on your crib, since Daddy is dragging his feet MAJORLY!!!! This weekend Mommy has a lot of online classes to finish, then once that is done I will be through and a huge load will be lifted. Grandpa & Nana are giving us some white bedroom furniture to match your crib, and I want Daddy to pick it up this weekend so I can get all your little clothes all washed up and put away. You'll be here before we know it!

Better get back to work. Mommy loves you and Ethan so so much!

March 30, 2006

Wow! What a day it has been at work today. Its been productive, but lots of drama. Oh well....

Last night I actually got some more accomplished in Emma's room. Ethan was a big help. After we came home from work/school, we had dinner then started on the mounds of homework E had to do. He was pretty cranky by the end of it. But that was all the homework he has til after Spring Break. Afterwards I decided to go take the painters tape that Aaron had put up down in Em's room. I did that, vaccuumed in there, and hung some of the wall art and her name on the walls. Next Ethan helped me take the tags off the toys we already bought Em and he arranged them in a basket in her room, along with toys that he brought in from his bedroom for her. He is the sweetest little boy in the world! Then he told me he wanted 1/2 of Em's room so if she got scared he could sleep in there and watch baby movies with her and make her feel better. He is going to be a WONDERFUL big brother, I am so so blessed!

Tonight Aaron and I are SUPPOSED to put the crib together. I keep threatening to do it myself, but hopefully he will actually help me do it. It needs to be done. I am tired of procrastinating. So we will see if we can get that done tonight..

Better get back to work!


March 31 4:15 PM

Well, 45 more minutes of this work day and I am outta here for the weekend! Hooray! I am very very tired and my sciatic nerve is hurting, so I am ready to hit the road. Guess I will go home. Aaron and I usually eat dinner out on Friday nights, but I am too tired tonight. So I will get home, throw on some jammies, eat something quick, drink some cranapple (I have been cravin it all day) and take a nap. Gotta be awake at 9 for Most Haunted!

A says he has been really busy all day. Of course the crib didn't get put together yesterday. I started having BH and left work a whole 15 minutes early. I did get a 30 minutes nap in, which was very nice. Hung with E when he got home from swimming, now he is camping with his Dad until Wednesday. A says he is going to put the crib up today, HAHAHHA!! What a laugh! I just called my brother to see if he would help A get the rest of the babies furniture tomorrow while I work on classes, and of course he has other things to do! Getting help from him is like pulling teet! Oh well, we just won't help him again!

27 minutes before the end of this work day! I will try to post more this weekend, hopefully it will be uneventful!

Monday, April 3 8:32 am

Well, back at work. This past weekend flew by! Well, we actually got the crib put together Friday night, washed the bedding and got that on. I couldn't believe it! It looks great.

Saturday and Sunday I barely left the house, worked on classes all weekend, thankfully got them all done. That is a huge load off my mind. Finally talked to Ethan yesterday. He had a great time camping with his dad, he caught 13 fish! I miss him! I won't see him until Wednesday, that will be brief, then I will pick him up Thursday from his friends house and we leave after work Friday for Disney and I can't wait! The only thing that I keep thinking is what if all that walking puts me into labor? I have been in a good deal of pain the last couple of days, had a little cramping and now this constant pain in my lower abdomen. Feels like Em is gonna pop out any second. And I threw up several times over the weekend. Guess I am gonna do that til I deliver.

Anyway, I am at work by myself, Kim is out all week for Spring break, Helen is in Florida, and my boss is also in Florida. Oh well, my turn is coming! I just hope I can make it through today with this weird pain. Guess I will check and see if it is normal, I am sure it is.....I hope. Ethan would never forgive me if I went into labor when we are supposed to be going to Disney, besides, its too early, just 28 weeks today!

Tuesday, April 4, 2006 7:51 am

Well, another day at work. Yesterday was very busy with Kim not being here. I didn't get a lunch hour, I ate, but as I worked. Hopefully today will not be as busy. I already have a running list of things I need to do. I am not due into work til 8, but always come in early. That will end when Em is born. Thought I would post before 8 rolls around.

Nothing exciting is happening. I talked to my little man yesterday evening, he is doing well. I must admit I am getting ready for him to come home. I will see him tomorrow for a short time! Then Friday is his big day! I knew by the end of the day yesterday I was gonna come home and be a slug. My hands and feet were swollen and I was exhausted. So I came home, had some cereal and crashed. A got home early and mowed the lawn (it looked awful) so I was glad of that. Then we talked and watched tv together til about 9 when he went to read and I fell asleep on the reclyner/love seat in our sitting room. I stubbled to bed, or the couch that is, A snores and I can't sleep in the room with him. I used to sleep in Em's room on that bed, but of course we took it down and we haven't put it back up in the office yet. Callie, our 60 pound 1/2 lab 1/2 bassett kept me up all night, trying to climb on the couch and whining every little bit. She drove me nuts. So I am on survival mode today, hoping to make it through without getting too cranky with anyone!

Well, gotta get to work. A is supposed to be bringing Em's furniture home after work tonight. That would be great, we'll see....I won't hold my breath!

Tuesday, April 4, 2006 12:45 pm

I had some devastating news earlier today. Scotty, Ethan's Dad, joined the Army shortly after we married. Right after we were pregnant with Ethan. He was gone for most of my pregnancy. He was there for E's birth. He was stationed at Ft Stewart. When E was 3 weeks old I moved there, then moved back home. Couldn't find a job and was miserable. So we bought a house here, and he came home when he could. He went to Kosovo for a while. Well, to make a long story short, we grew apart, and divorced. He finally got out of the army about 2 years ago.

He called me crying this morning saying that he has been re activated. That breaks my heart, for Ethan and for him. He is a wonderful Dad, always there for Ethan, and we all get along very well. So to think that my son's Dad, who he loves dearly, is going away, well, I have cried 1/2 the morning too. He gets his orders in the next few days, and within 30 will be at Ft. Leonardwood in Missouri. He let me go to tell Ethan. Ethan said does this mean you won't be picking me up anymore? That broke my heart. He said E cried for a few minutes, probably more because Scotty cried when he told him than him actually knowing what is going to happen. Scotty got E a cat not long ago. Aaron hates cats, but he is being sweet about the whole thing. We all decided E's cat will come live with us.

I can't imaging how Scotty feels, and I don't ever want to tell my son that his Dad went off to war and won't return. God give us all strength! And please please bring Scotty home safe and sound! Ethan needs his Daddy!

Wednesday, 4/5/06 8:01 am

Thank goodness its the middle of the week! Ethan comes home today for about 1/2 an hour before he goes to spend the night with his friend. He has had an exciting spring break. Not much happened last night, watched AI. My sciatic nerve has been killing me. I did get some pretty good sleep til about 1:30 then I tossed and turned. This morning I am hurting pretty badly in my lower back and abdomen. And I feel like I have to pee every few minutes, especially when Em moves, then when I go it isn't much. I am worried that the infection I had a few weeks ago is back. I know I need to call the dr, but I just can't go in today. I may wait to see what happens. I have too much going on to be sick again.

Tonight I have to clean out the Accord to get ready for our trip. I talked to my FIL yesterday (they are already in FL) and they got us tickets to the pirate dinner theater for Saturday night at 8:30, E is gonna LOVE it! Then I have got to start washing and packing (my favorite thing to do....not really). So I have a busy night ahead of me. The plan is that my brother will keep E on Friday until he has to pick his kids up from their moms house, then he will bring E to my work for a couple of hours. I plan to have the car all packed and ready to go before I leave the house Friday morning for the office. A promises to get off at 5 when I do, so I will already have the luggage and E with me, and will meet him to park his truck at his parents house which is 2 minutes from my office. Then off we go! I just hope I feel good enough to enjoy this vacation. I know A will be a huge help with E, so I can rest some. I want E to have the best time ever!

We have so much to do over the next few weeks. We will get home Tuesday from Disney. Wednesday is back to school/work. Friday I am going to see the play Menopause with ladies from work. Saturday is my family/friend baby shower at my house, Sunday is Easter at my house. The next big thing is April 18, my 14 yr old SIL will turn 15, and I have a big teleconference at work, oh what fun that will be! Looks like the next weekend is free! HOORAY!! Then April 25 is my next dr's appointment, have to see Doc Sutherland this time. I saw him when I miscarried last and he did my D & C. Dr Kim who I love is moving back to FL. Thats very depressing, but I do like Dr Sutherland too. Then April 28 my office is throwing a baby shower for me. May 6 is a 4d ultrasound, I am excited about that. Then May 13 I am giving E his bday party (early in case Em shows up early). We go to see Wicked in May and school lets out, which means E starts day camps. It all makes me tired thinking of it!

I will stop babbling for now!

Thursday, April 6, 2006 2:30 pm

Wow! What a day already. Guess I will start with how my night went first. I was SO happy that I actually got some things accomplished! Rushed home after work for Ethan, he wasn't there yet, so I tossed laundry in to wash and finished his packing for his friends sleepover. By then he got there, and we still have 20 minutes to kill before I had to leave to drop him off at the sleepover at 6. So I was able to clean out my car in that 20 minutes. I then dropped him off, Aaron called to see where I was, he actually got off work earlier than usual! So we met at OCharleys and had a wonderful relaxing dinner! Went home, worked on more laundry and got lots of mine & Ethan's clothes folded and ready to pack tonight. I know it sounds silly but I had such a great sense of accomplishment, I usually only feel like being a slug after work. Guess I am starting to nest.

Today I realized that at 10 last night when I was sounds alseep I had a missed call on my cell. I called it back at 7 am and it was the mom of E's friend. She said he wanted me last night but finally settled in and slept. I felt terrible. I asked her to have him call me when he woke up. He called at 9 and wanted me to come get him. I was stuck here at work, just me with Kim on vacation. So I called A to see if he could pick him up for me, he did and brought him to my office, which is a no kid zone,but had they rather have someone here and with a kid or me to shut down the whole office? So he was here about an hour and 1/2 until my brother could come get him. Shane is starting a new job Monday so he was off today and tomorrow. He is keeping E for me tomorrow too. SO....what a stressful start to my day. And now I am printing 500 postcards while having to feed them thru one at a time. Oh well, that will take up ALL afternoon and part of tomorrow, so thats ok.

Tonight I will go home, hang with E so he will feel a little better, and finish packing for Disney! I am getting so excited! I think I am about as excited as Ethan is! I just hope and pray we have a safe, fun filled, labor free trip!

Will try to catch up more tomorrow....

Friday, April 7, 2006 8:30 am

Well, here I am at the office once again. Actuallu have quite a bit of work to keep me busy for a little while, tying up loose ends since I won't be here the first of next week.

Nothing terribly excited happened last night. Got packed up and ready to go. I am SO excited about this trip and so is Ethan. He was so disappointed that we couldn't leave early this morning! We'll be on the road before we know it.

I still am feeling like something isn't quite right. Hope I can make it thru this weekend, I will probably go to the ob next week just to make sure.

Will catch up next week!

Friday, April 7 1:03 pm

Ok, so I was busy this morning and now I am bored to tears and sleepy as can be! I am so ready for 5 to roll around so I can get headed out of town! Why do days drag when you are ready to leave for vacation?

Shane called to ask me to talk to Ethan to make him get up and get dressed. He was being lazy. Said he didn't want to go to Granny Hazel's house, he started to cry when I told him to get his rear end up and dressed and not to give his uncle any problems. That made me feel bad, but what do I do? I am sure he is over it now, that was 3 hours ago.

Ran to lunch, did the banking and filled up the is the hardest time of all, hurry up and wait! I have already done the AJC crossword for the day, read the Vent, did all the work I had to do and stuff I didn't have to do...will this day ever end? I know it will, but I am like a kid when it comes to vacation!

I am SO huge. 11 more weeks from Monday and hopefully Emma Claire will make her appearance. I am so tired of being in pain and miserable. I am ready to hold her in my arms, get back in shape and get some energy back. Right now I could put my head on my desk and snooze the rest of the afternoon! That sounds like a great idea!

I am sure I will have lots to put in this journal when we get back....hopefully all good things!

Until then.....

Wednesday, April 12, 2006 1:06 pm

Wow! I have been busy. Just thought I'd update while I had a second. We got back from Disney yesterday around 5. We all had a wonderful time, and I didn't go into early labor, which is great! Ethan had a blast! He rode Splash Mountain 3 times in a row! We went to MGM Saturday, then to a pirate dinner show, then Magic Kingdom for 10 hours Sunday, Monday we went to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch, it was great! Then we walked around the market place and spent way too much on Ethan & Emma. We were going back to Magic Kingdom Monday but we were way too tired, and decided to save the tickets.

The only complaint I have about the whole trip is getting sick. Friday night on the way there, I vomited in the car, luckily I had a cup. Then Sunday night I started with a tummy ache around 11:30, and had diarreha and vomiting all night til about 7 the next morning. I almost cried and woke A up to go home, but didn't want to ruin Ethan's time. I felt better after getting some sleep. Monday night I started vomiting again. Guess I will be sick this WHOLE pregnancy. I am so so ready to have Emma!

I have kinda cheated, I looked at BRU online at my registry, my family/friend shower is Saturday and my office shower is April 28. So far we have gotten lots of the good stuff! And a loan officer stopped by that I know from work and dropped off some receiving blankets, so that was a nice surprise when I got here this morning, and also there was a card on my desk with a $50 gift card to BRU! So hopefully by the end of this month we will be all set!

Better get back to work....have lots to do!

Thursday, April 12, 2006 8:24 AM

Here I am back at work again. Last night was ok, had major grocery shopping to do, then had to stuff Easter eggs for E's class. Watched AI then went to sleep shortly after. Scotty called and said his Grandpa is dying, and Ethan may be going to the funeral home this weekend. Don't know how I feel about that. I am very sad, his Grandpa is a wonderful man, don't know how E will feel seeing him laying in a casket.

Anyway, as far as the pregnancy goes, I am SO ready to be done! I am hurting still, so I will probably go to the dr today or tomorrow. Still thinking maybe bladder infection.

At least tonight I get a massage and can relax. Tomorrow night is the play with ladies from work. It will be fun. Then Saturday the shower, Sunday Easter. We are slammed this weekend! At least it will make the time go by faster!

Better get to work, lots to do! Catch up more tomorrow!


Friday, April 14, 2006 7:58 am

Hooray for Friday! I am sitting here at work filling out my Easter cards that I will give the family on Sunday. I am excited that it is Friday. Why do short work weeks always feel so long? Anyway, I am going to see Menopause with ladies from work tonight and I am really looking forward to having a girls night out!

Yesterday I called the dr about my symptoms, feeling like I have to urinate every few minutes but barely can, burning, vomiting, diarreha (sp) and just hurting. I went in at 2:45 yesterday and sure enough I have my third bladder infection of this pregnancy. I have never been prone to these, think I had a UTI a few years ago but that was it. So I am back on antibiotics, they are sending a sample off for more testing. The dr thinks I the meds they are putting me on aren't strong enough to kill the infection, so I am to call Monday and see what the results are, and am either to continue the meds he gave me yesterday or to start stronger meds that he will call in. They are concerned about it getting to my kidneys. I'm not too worried about it, just glad we got on medicine. I felt pretty bad yesterday afternoon. Came back to work after the appointment and stayed til I got off at 5. Everyone was asking if I was ok, I looked pale and sick. THANKS!!! I greatly appreciate it! I already feel like a big fat cow! I have gained 17 pounds and still have 10 weeks to go to term. Boo Hoo! Oh well, I hope I will lose it - I am VERY uncomfortable carrying around this weight. I am now at 135. I am so used to being under 120 all the time, usually around 115. Better stop belly aching about it. What are ya gonna do? Gain it then lose it, thats it, I hope.

Anyway, they did an internal, my cervix is closed and Emma's heart rate is great. So we will see!

Will update more after my busy weekend, hoping we get lots of great stuff at the baby shower tomorrow!


Monday April 17, 2006 9:18 am
30 weeks!

Finally I have reached the 30 week mark. And I have NEVER been so exhausted in my life! I think I have WAY overdone it lately. Friday my boss let me leave at 3 since it was good Friday. I went home and napped for an hour, then got up and headed back to the office to meet the ladies to go to the Pleasant Pheasant then on to see Menopause. The PP just wasn't my kind of food, way way too fancy and expensive. I had a great time though. Got home around 10:40 and crashed. Tossed and turned as usual.

Saturday morning I got up and started to get the house and myself ready for my baby shower Mom threw for me. That was a lot of fun. My MIL,FIL & SIL got us a stroller, car seat and the baby bjourn carrier. Then we got so many cute outfits, around 14 or 15, a diaper bag set, diapers, bibs, towels, wash clothes, money, so much I can't even remember. One down and one to go!

Sunday was Easter. Mom and Dad came over around 11, she helped me straighted the house up from the day before, and we ran to Kroger to get hamburgers and hot dogs to grill. It was a great day. E finally came home around 6 and we did the Easter bunny thing with him. Em was bunching up all weekend, to the point that it actually hurt. I woke up around midnight with BH and kept thinking, I'll call the dr if they don't stop in the next few minutes. I surely didn't want to go to the hsopital with false labor, then get no sleep and have to work today. So I waited them out til around 4 and then fell asleep for a couple of hours before getting up to get Ethan ready for school and myself off to work. I will call the dr in a few minutes to check on the test results from last Thursday and see what they say about these BH.

Catch up more later...

Tuesday, April 18, 2006 8:02 AM

Well, here we are at work again. What fun! Yesterday I was pretty miserable, throwing up and just exhausted. I called the dr and he wants me to continue my antibiotics, but the test results looked good. So, I will take my last on Thursday morning. Thats good. I went home yesterday and ate, hung with Ethan for a while, made his dinner, then went to my sitting room to crash. Aaron got home and took E to Walmart to give me a little peace and quiet, which was great. I got a lot of sleep last night, just got up once to go to the bathroom around 4. That was great!

So far so good today. I feel more energetic than yesterday. I plan on doing a lot of resting, the nurse said yesterday that I need to get as much as I can, if I feel tired, rest. So that is what I intend to do!

I brought some thank you cards to work today to do over my lunch hour. I want to send them out this week and not get really far behind with them. It took me a month to do them for our reception, and that made me feel terrible. Besides, I want to get these done so when the office shower comes, I won't have tons to write out, just a few more.

Meg's 15th birthday is today. I am going to call her in a minute a sing HB to her. That is what I normally do. Thankfully her gifts are already bought and ready. My FIL has a bday on 5/5, we already got him one gift and have one left to buy, but I already know what to get and where, and of course Mom's day is next month. I need to finish cross stitching the pillow cases for my Mom. I have a picture for MIL so far, will get them one more thing each. E's bday party will be 5/13, thankfully everything is bought for that, including the gifts, the spongebob suit is rented, I will just have to wrap and order his cake, send out invitations, the usual. I want to get all this stuff done!

Of course in June when we are due, I have a birthday of a co worker I am really close to, my best friend/cousin has a birthday, MIL has a bday and Fathers day. Good grief, we will be broke at the end of June. I am gonna take A's best check and finish the gifts up this month so I don't have to mess with them with a new baby or being big as a house!

Well, thats it for now, will check in more later...Oh yeah, my son sang a sweet song to me this morning, he sang, I like big Mommy's butt and I can not was cute, a little goofy, but it didn't hurt my feelings, and he kept trying to spank me this morning as I was getting ready. What a goof!


Wednesday, April 19, 2006 8:31 AM

Here I am at work again. Feeling pretty good this morning. Had a rough night. I woke up at 1 vomiting again. I swear I am SO sick of being sick and tired. I am trying to keep positive about this but I am pretty down and out today. I don't feel like I am spending enough time with Ethan. I am just so exhausted when I get home. I did promise him that I will pick him up from school today and take him to McD's for dinner and he can play there for awhile, then home to do homework. After that I hope I am feeling up to doing some clay animals with him. He will enjoy that.

I am pretty mad at dh this morning, was last night too. I don't want to get into it but lets just say he is very insensitve sometimes, well, a lot. And I am sick of it!

Thats pretty much all that is new to report. Emma bunched up all afternoon yesterday, and that really hurts. This morning she is doing the same. I think she is quickly running out of room and she doesn't like it. Well baby, I will tell the dr on Tuesday of next week all about how uncomfortable we are. Don't know why I will bother, there is nothing he can or will do...

Hopefully tomorrows post will be much more chipper....Till then...


Thursday, April 20, 2006 8:15 AM

66 days til full term! I don't think I will make it that long, we'll see! We'll last night was much better than yesterday. I am SO glad. Left work at 5, Emma had been balling up all day of course, and it wouldn't be normal if I didn't vomit, so that was my long boring day at work. Picked E up from school, he didn't want to play at McD's so we went thru drive thru. Getting mine and Emma's bags ready for the hospital has really been weighing on my mind lately so I decided to go to Walmart and get some travel size toothpaste, shampoo, etc. and a little bag to put all that in. I also decided to get some newborn diapers and lots and lots of wipes, so I got some things for Emma too. And it wouldn't be a trip to wallyworld without getting E a toy and bubble bath, etc. So we had fun. I had a goal to be home by 7 to start Ethan's MOUNTAIN of homework. We got home, finished homework and decided to watch the Backyardigans together. Before that was over DH got home. He put E in the tub and tucked him in as I got ready to watch AI. He was trying to be so nice to me. I am still ticked off by what happened the other night, which I won't go in to, and he knows it. I actually told him I was leaving when Em was 1 month still considering that!

Anyway, the only other drama that happened is my Dad is a nut case. As usual. Mom is in Savannah for a conference and he started acting all crazy, thats nothing new! Thats a whole big story that we won't go in to right now....

Well little Em, not much else is happening. I love you and am SO ready to meet you. Please stop beating mommy up!

Better get on with my day....


Friday, April 21, 2006 8:44 AM

HOORAY little Emma Claire, it's Friday! Mommy is so excited, lets see, what's new? Not much. Your Mawmaw is back from Savannah safe and sound and is now heading in the morning to the Mountains for the weekend. I told her to bring you and your bring brother some presents when they get back.

Hmmm, last night I had my 1 hour massage! It was SO relaxing! I was supposed to do it last week, but felt so horrible I rescheduled. When I left there I headed home, ate and napped for about 45 minutes. Woke up to a terrible storm, Ethan got home from swimming soon after. We hung out til 9 and he went to bed. He did really well getting on the school bus, which he always does. He will be with his Daddy this weekend, which means other than Meg's bday dinner, I can veg and nap all weekend! Tonight me and Daddy are planning on a date. I am still pretty ticked at him for being goofy, but I guess we will actually do dinner and a movie tonight. We go out to eat a lot more than we should, but we haven't been to any adult movies in a long long time. Think we will see Benchwarmers with the Napoleon Dynomite guy and David Spade. I think it will be really funny. Before that though, while I wait on your Daddy to get off work, I am gonna go look at nursing bras, pjs for the hospital and breast pads. I am ready to get our bags packed this weekend, which won't take but a little bit out of my relaxing weekend, and I am actually looking forward to it!

Well, little girl, I guess I had better get off here and do something productive....probably will be a boring day. But in 8 hours, I am out the door and on to doing whatever I want all weekend instead of dinners, parties, on the go all the time!

Mommy loves you and Ethan so very much...


Tuesday, April 25, 2006 9:51 am

31 weeks 1 day

Well, I have been so busy I haven't had a chance to write. Guess I will catch up now. Actually Saturday wasn't busy, I was just lazy and napped most of the day. E was with his Dad. His Dad leaves in less than 2 weeks for military duty, so he will be with his Dad this weekend too. Who knows when he will get to see him next. Anyway, I napped all day, got ready and had to be at my hair dressers at 5. Got my blonde highlights back which I love! A got his hair cut. Then we went to his parents, from there to Shogun, this really cool Japanese steakhouse to celebrate Meg's bday. Then back to their house for gifts and Meg got this dance game for her playstation, it was hilarious watching MIL & FIL dance on it! I want one, talk about great exercise!

Sunday was a very busy day. I slept in, then got up, cleaned the kitchen, started washing Em's clothes, went to the grocery store (all while A slept) then washed all her bibs, blankets, etc. Got all that done then started on the rest of the laundry. Packed her bag and my bag for the hospital, then started washing bottles, etc. A went to get the rest of her furniture, so now her room is complete. We just have to attach the mirror to her dresser and I will vacuum again. Everything is put away neatly and I am relieved! One more shower to go and hopefully it will mainly be gift cards, so I can get whatever else we need. We really don't need anything else at all. But I am thankful for everything we get!

Monday was hectic. I tried to post but couldn't for some reason. Then at noon Ethan's school nurse called and he wasn't feeling well. That was a first so I darted out of the office and picked him up. After that we went home for a couple of hours then off to his dr's appointment. He has a stomach virus, so no fever this morning, off to school. We had a great time together yesterday though. Played, did homework, and had a wonderful afternoon together. This morning he seemed fine. I have a 1:15 appointment with my ob for a check up today. Just can't wait to see how much weight I've gained, whatever! I found a lump in my breast over the weekend, it hurts, probably a clogged duct, but I am glad to go get it checked out. They scheduled my c section for June 27 at 9 am. WHAT!! First of all I am not gonna go that long, and I asked why wait til the 27? She said thats when the dr is on call and he can do it. WHATEVER! Kinda ticks me off, but I feel like Emma's gonna be born next month, so it really isn't anything to worry about.

Well, I will update tomorrow about my ob appointment.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006 8:28 am

Well, my appointment went well yesterday. I didn't think Dr Sutherland would remember me, but when he came in he shook my hand and said he was glad to see me and he said the last time we saw each other was under bad circumstances (miscarriage/D & C). I was REALLY pleased with him, I brought a list of questions and he patiently listened to each one and answered each one. I really like him. I miss Dr. Kim, but am glad I have Dr. Sutherland to see now. And everything was great. My lump was just a milk duct, he says I have normal pregnant boobs! That makes me happy!

Ethan and I went home after school/work and did homework, ect. We played a lot! He has this fascination with scaring me. And of course I pretended to be scared every time and he thought that was hilarious!

The only thing going on right now is drama with my idiot brother not wanting to pay for the truck I sold him. Thats ok, the repo lady is coming tonight!

Better get to work!

Will catch up tomorrow...


Thursday, April 27, 2006 1:12 PM

I am so ticked, I have been trying to post all morning and it says I have the wrong password! NO I DON’T. Anyway, I am gonna write in my word program and paste it into my journal later.

Let’s see, not too much happening. Emma has been like an octopus the last couple of days. I am sure she is uncomfortable, not much room in there, so she pushes a lot. Its pretty cool when someone is at a desk across from you and asks if the baby is kicking because they see my shirt moving!

Yesterday, I went straight home after work and crashed. Scotty brought my little man home a few minutes early, along with Sam, the cat that will be living with us until Scotty gets out of the Army. Tomorrow I am inheriting the aquarium with Mr. Crabs and Nemo. Also the trampoline, which will be cool. So Callie, our dog, went outside in the backyard, and Sam pranced around the house like he’s the king or something. I love cats, and whats especially good right now is I don’t have to change the litter box, big A does!

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. We are going truck shopping for A this weekend. If I hear one more thing about me driving an 05 Accord while he is driving a POS truck then I will scream! Also Meg, my 15 yr old SIL will be spending Saturday night with us, MIL & FIL are going to TN so FIL can run in a marathon. Oh, tomorrow we are closing the office early to go to my boss’ house for my 3 pm shower there. It is really sweet that she is doing this for me, but not many people will attend since it is 3 in the afternoon! Oh well. 4 people from work have already given me gifts, and that was more than I had hoped for anyway. Plus we pretty much have everything we need already! But I do appreciate it!

Saturday I plan to wrap E’s birthday gifts (having his party on May 13, and will be too busy the weekend before the party to do much due to having my 3D/4D ultrasound, and tons more!) and I will get the goody bags prepared. I ran to Toys R Us at lunch and bought a slip n slide that has Spongebob on it for the party. Of course it is a Spongebob theme. I already have about everything I need for the party, pinata, goody bags, etc. And I have invited 30+ people/kids so it is gonna be one huge bday party. Well, it is his last party as an only child!

I will pick E up from school, we have a little homework, then we really need to go to Costco. Guess that depends on how I feel and how E does.

Will update more tomorrow....Will I ever NOT be pregnant again???!!!


Friday, April 28, 2006 8:00 AM

Thankfully it is Friday! What a night! I am cranky this morning, probably due to lack of sleep! I picked E up from school and then we headed to Costco. By the time A got off work to meet us there my feet were killing me and Ethan was bored to tears. He looked around a bit, we bought a few things (hooray I got all the candy for the pinata and party bags, and the juice boxes for E's bday party). We went to Chili's to have dinner, then to a dealership to look at trucks. Went home afterwards, finished E's homework, got on the computer for a minute to print him something, then put him to bed and I crashed.

An hour later the alarm kept beeping and saying sector 3 low battery. I could not turn it off. Finally I got really ticked and started hitting the box like a big baby, and A came downstairs to see what the noise was. We worked on that thing til after midnight before we figured out how to get it to shut up! We changed batteries in smoke detectors all over the house, and in the alarm too, which is also hardwired. What a pain in the a--! So I am really sleepy this morning. At least Ethan was good, got him off to school without any problems.

So here I am at work AGAIN!! I really just want to be at home asleep. Emma is being so so active and she has dropped again. I look so funny with this huge low tummy. My baby shower is at 3 so at least I will be out of here before 5 today! Yesterday an attorney I know brought me a cute white piggy bank with pink polka dots from Tiffany's. Kim brought me two cute newborn outfits and a pack of diapers (we can use all of those that we can get!!!!) Another lady that can't attend the shower gave us an outfit, a swaddler and a couple of pacies. We have really racked up!

Tomorrow I plan to sleep in as late as possible. I have to clean downstairs and pick Meg up at some point to spend the night. Other than that I will prepare for E's party as much as I can and we are going to look at trucks again. Sunday I don't know what to do, but I am sure we will find something to get into.

Better get to work, have lots of lovely phone calls to make this morning!

Will update on the loot Monday!


Monday, May 1, 2006 8:00 am

32 weeks today! YIPPEEE!! I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now!

Let's see, yet another BUSY weekend. I am glad it went by fast though, I am REALLY looking forward to my 3D/4D this Saturday morning!

Hmm, where do I start, oh yeah, the baby shower at my boss's house. First of all her house is gorgeous. And it was so nice, they got me the cutest cake and there was LOTS of yummy food. I got a lot of cool gifts, clothes, onsies, wash clothes, towels, photo albums, booties, a cute robe, diapers & wipes, I can't even think of it all! All we need now is to get a monitor, and Brian is getting me the swing, then we have everything we could need! I left there around 5 Friday. My SIL called to see if she could spend the entire weekend with us instead of just Saturday night. I said of course, and we planned to meet up once her visit with her friend was over with. So as I waited for A to get off work, I went shopping. We desperately needed a new vaccumm cleaner so I went in search of a good one at a reasonable price. Finally A gets off work and meets me and we buy one. We go to MIL & FIL's house where SIL was waiting for us, and ordered a pizza. I was SO exhausted and had swollen feet from walking all over the place. So I rested and ate, then I headed home while they hung out there for a while. I fell asleep around 9 or so. A actually let me have the bed all weekend!

Saturday morning I drug myself out of bed early to do a load of laundry before I had to meet Andrea (one of E's friends Mom) at the beach house to get the boys signed up for camp. I set my alarm to go off at 8:30 so I was able to get a few minutes more sleep in. The new addition to our family, Sam the cat, curled up and slept with me. It was nice, I like having a cat in the house again. I got up again and showered, left for the beach house. I got there and noticed that we are not in the city limits so my sign up time was 11-12 instead of 10-11 and that kids 6 and up could attend, E won't be officially 6 til June 19. Just having his party super early in case Emma shows up sooner than expected. Anyway, I talked to the camp counselor and he said that was totally up to him, but yes he would take E. Guess he felt sorry for me, he went and got me a chair to sit in, then told me he would let me come in super early to register, so instead of 11 I got in around 9:30. Talked to Andrea, met a lot of other Mom's and it was great. I have always felt so weird around other Mom's before, even though I am 30, E's friends Mom's are older than me. But ya know, I really felt comfortable and thought, this is who I am and love to be, Ethan and Emma's Mom. It is the best feeling in the world!

Anyway, I got back and decided to nap since A & Meg were still sleeping. I napped off and on, not well though. A finally got up at noon, what a slug. We decided to grab some lunch, so we woke Meg at 1 and went to get BBQ. It was really good. Then we went to MIL so Meg could change. We went to see the Benchwarmers, which was ok, it had some really funny parts, but A wasn't impressed. He was an ass all weekend. So afterwards, I wasn't hungry at all, we went to MIL to let Lucky out, then on home, they stopped for food, all I wanted to do was sleep. We started a movie but I only made it 1/2 way then went up to bed.

Sunday I woke up around 7:30, watched some tv, A woke up and said he was going out for donuts, so he and Meg went while I cleaned the downstairs. Showered, and was almost completely ready when they got back. A started lawn work and I started laundry, bought the groceries, wrapped E's bday gifts, stuffed goody bags, stuffed the pinata, I can't even think what all. MIL & FIL called at 4 and said they were back in town. So we headed to their house to drop Meg off. We stayed for a few minutes then decided to go eat dinner. Meg wanted to go, so we went to Mellow Mushroom then dropped her off again. We then looked at trucks for A. Had to get more thank you notes which I forgot when I shopped earlier, and we came home. I filled all those out, then I finished the bday invited for E. He got home as I was finishing and we hung out til his bedtime at 8:30. I crashed then and here I am again on Monday morning. Had better run, I have lots to do!

Come on Saturday...hurry and get here...


Tuesday, May 2 7:55 AM

Here we are at work again. Yesterday and last night were uneventful, other than the fact that A had to go to my brothers to repo the truck. We tried to give him a few extra days, but he couldn't come up with a dime. So now we are selling A's truck since this truck is newer and in much better condition, we'll pay this one off this week, and A will drive it til we see how we are going to do finacially after Emma is born.

Anyway, she has been rolling all around for the past few days. I am SO ready to meet her. At least I know I won't go past June 27. Although I am hoping for an end of May birth. As long as she is healthly.

Work should be ok today, the usual. Then tonight I will pick my boy up, do homework, and hang out, same ole same ole. AI is tonight, so that will be interesting, then House. I plan to go to sleep as soon as that is over at 10. Am pretty tired.

My tough week starts next week, E's Dad leaves this weekend, so I will be rushing to pick E up everyday when I get off at 5, then swim at the Y from 5:45 to 6:15, then home for homework, makes me tired thinking about it all.

I was talking to DH this morning about how I was gonna need help with getting Em ready and E on the bus in the mornings, and her picked up before daycare closes and him picked up before ASP is over, and the summer camp lets out no later than 5:30, he pretty much laughed it off. I know I will be responsible for both kids in the mornings and evenings. I don't think he is planning to help at all. I have to be at work at 8, E gets on the bus at 7, that gives me time to drop Em off and be at work. But what about in the afternoons? I am sure I will get it all worked out, just getting kinda nervous. Then last night he talks about changing jobs. I said if you change jobs, and get the big raise you think you can get, I am going to be a stay at home Mom and thats all there is to it! And I mean that!

Anyway, better get to work, sales meeting starts soon! Let's hope for an uneventful day!


Wednesday, May 3, 2006 7:48 AM

Here we are in the middle of the week, hooray! Last night was crazy. Scotty called to say when he left E at school from yesterdays field trip that he was coughing like crazy. Sure enough I get there to pick him up from ASP around 5:15 and he is coughing every breath, poor baby. So we ran to the store to get some medicine. He didn't even want McD's, he just kept asking if we could go home. A couple of hours later, and after his bath, he seemed to be feeling much better.

Other than that I watched AI after E went to bed, and House which I fell asleep during. Emma has been moving like crazy, rolling really. Of course I have to get up several times at night to go to the bathroom. The pregnancy is going well at this point. Just ready to be over and done with it and have Emma here. I am really really getting anxious at this point! 55 days til my scheduled c section, if I make it that long. I keep thinking that before long I will look back at my journal and say hmmm...that seems so long ago, why didn't I enjoy being pregnant more, and Emma will be in my arms. Right now it feels like it is never ending. I am SO huge and uncomfortable. It is so hard to get up off the couch or the love seats. Even getting out of the car is difficult. The only other complaints I have right now (as if I haven't complained enough) is how my back hurts, and my pelvic bone. It aches so badly. UUGGHH!! At least I haven't vomited since Friday of last week.

Anyway, better get busy here at work. Not that I have anything to do really. Guess I will just keep thinking drink drink drink water and get ready for Saturdays ultrasound! I am SOOOO excited about that!

Until tomorrow then...


Thursday, May 4, 2006
8:00 am

This week is almost whooped thankfully. Yesterday was pretty good to begin with then around 4 got pretty miserable. I started getting really sick at my stomach, and threw up quite a bit. I started having BH but they weren't really that intense. My legs were aching and I was miserable. I stuck it out til 5, then went home and napped for about 45 minutes. A took care of E when he got home from swimming and I went back to sleep after cuddling with E for about a half hour. That was nice. I woke up a few times to use the bathroom and of course started cramping. I feel better this morning, just really tired.

DH is being a total and complete ass this morning. I am so sick of it! He has been so rude to me lately and I mean if it doesn't stop, I have a plan B in the back of my mind. I will not be treated like this anymore. And I won't have my kids around a nutcase 24/7!

Anyway, tonight will be the usual, pick E up from school, head home, eat, homework, baths, play, hit the bed. Tomorrow hopefully will fly so Saturday morning will come quickly! Have a 10 am ultrasound and I can't wait to see what my little girl looks like!

Until tomorrow...


Friday, May 5, 2006
7:46 AM

Whew! I am SO glad it is Friday! Hope this day flies! I am ready to get home to relax and go in the morning to Alpharetta for my ultrasound! I have been looking forward to this so much, I was afraid the week would drag by, thankfully it hasn't so far. Fridays usual do though.

Lets see, Emma, you are pushing around inside of me as we speak, but of course you are almost always doing something in there to make me aware that you are healthy and active! Last night your brother and daddy fought over who was going to talk to you first, they were both at my tummy battling for speaking rights. You are SO loved!

I picked E up from school yesterday, I swear he looked like he had been rolling in dirt, he obviously had a wonderful time in ASP. He was mad at me because he wanted to go buy a toy, I said no way, we are going home to do homework that you wanted to put off til today. Most of the homework isn't due til Fridays. So he whined. I spent my time on the drive over to pick him up thinking how wonderful he is, and I had to remind myself of that while he was whining. But we got home, and after a few minutes of him complaining and me saying too bad, do it, he finished. Then we had dinner, I did some laundry, put his dirty self in the tub. He usually bathes himself, but he was so nasty I wanted to make sure he was spotless, so I helped. Then we got on the computer for a minute and after trimming his nails and giving him his allergy medicine, we sat and watched cartoons. DH got home soon after and sat down to eat. Afterwards he put E to bed and he went up to bed. I bet I went to sleep before 9 last night!

This morning A was up when I got up, which hasnt happened this week at all. We joked around with each other, laughed at the cat, and then it was time for him to leave and me to get E up. He was very cranky until right before we went out to catch the bus. He has hat day at school and they are going to the circus, so he should have a very fun day. Then his dad will pick him up and take him to see the play Peter Pan. He should have fun this weekend, Sunday will be bad. Hopefully he will be home by 2, his dad has a 5:30 flight to report for duty in SC. At least they have changed it to be closer to us for now, who knows where he will go after.

Tonight will be uneventful. I want to go to the pet store and buy Mr. Crabs a new shell, and E wants a star fish and Gary the snail for the tank. I may run to party city. E's party is a week from tomorrow. I stuffed 24 goody bags last weekend, and this week counted up all the kids who have RSVP'd and so far there are 25 kids coming. OMG what have I gotten myself into? There will be 50+ people there. So I have to get more goody bags, etc. Whew! Then we usually go out to eat on Friday. I know I will have all the pet shopping and party city knocked out before A even leaves work. Maybe we can go to Longhorn to eat, or Chili's, we usually do Gondoliers. Who knows, we may not do anything.

Here's hoping for a short day...Til Monday.....


Monday, May 8, 2006 7:51 AM
33 weeks!

Wow what a weekend. I am in a funk today, the weather is cloudy and I am depressed. So much to do, so little time.

Friday I got really sick at work and left around 3. Went home and went to sleep, well, in between my cell ringing several times and waking me up. DH got home around 6, unusal for him. He ordered pizza for himself, I wasn't interested. So finally after watching some tv I went back to sleep for the night. I woke at 6:20 Saturday morning excited about the ultrasound at 10. I had breakfast and hopped in the shower, also reminded DH of the big day hoping he would get up and get going. We were supposed to be there at 9:50, if you are late, they say they will give your appointment away. Anyway, we finally got out the door. Nothing would do but for DH to stop and pick up his Dad's little Lexus convertible. MIL & FIL were out of town, but said we could borrow it whenever we wanted. It was a nice day. Anyway, MIL & FIL are somewhat weathly, and they have a front gate that you put a code in or use your remote to open. DH was concentrating so hard on getting the top down that he stupidly parked right in the gates path. It started to close on the car. Now this car is my FIL's baby, he just got it about 2 months ago, and has wanted one for a long long time. He has several cars but this was his pride and joy. So DH saw the gate closing and punched it instead of letting the gate hit it and go back. SO it scratched the you know what out of the black paint! OMG!! Well, he didn't want to get out to look at it yet, and we were running late so he just drove off. Mr. Wonderful decided to take a short cut although I kept saying, don't you think we should just go the way we did last time? He said I have a memory like an elephant don't worry. Well, we got lost. Had to turn around twice and ask for directions once. I was so mad, and started to cry. We were late! I called and asked if they could just do a quick peek I would pay full price, please take us. The girl said she didn't know if they would or not, she would tell whoever was in charge. So we get there FINALLY 17 minutes late. Luckily they let us in and we went straight back to have the ultrasound. I was a little disappointed, pics weren't that clear although I drank and drank water like they told me to do. But we could tell she is so cute! She has Ethan's nose, she has very chubby cheeks and she looks like her dad. She also has some hair. She is head down facing my back, but she cooperated some by turning so her face faced correctly for a few shots. Her little face was squished against the placenta for the most part. We leave there and look at the car then. It is pretty scratched. SO of course he's like trying to make up a lie. He is so immature sometimes. I said honesty is the best, he will really be POed if he finds later that you lied, and I said I want no part of it. We went to eat, then he wanted to see MI3 to take his mind off. We did that, took the car back, went home, napped then went to get OCharleys. That was wonderful. By then DH had snapped out of some of his bad mood. To make matters worse he had been out of his medicine for a week and is always terrible to be around when he is not taking it.

Sunday I woke up and decided to start cleaning downstairs. He said no, not yet. So I waited. He went back to sleep. I decided to nap, E's Dad was leaving to report for duty yesterday and I knew this would be the last time for a nap for a while. So I napped. I woke up and called Mom and started stuffing more bags for E's party. DH comes up and wants to go to Costco and wants to know why I'm not ready. So he starts being a total smart a--. I hopped in the shower, now it was going on one and E was being dropped off at 3. So we rushed and got out of the house, hit Costco, finished that up, and came home just with enough time to clean up downstairs before Scotty and his girlfriend dropped E off. Of course they came in for a while so Scotty could tell E goodbye. That was the saddest thing, I sat there and cried too. Scotty cried and cried. I felt terrible. Ethan was upset so we took him to the store, let him get a toy, came home, cooked out, jumped on the trampoline, and after his bath and dinner watched a movie. He finally went to bed. He said that there may be a battle and his dad may die and not come back. I promised him that would not happen, that God is looking out for him, and not to worry. I know I shouldn't have promised. What do you tell your 5 year old son? Anyway, we told him how proud we were of his wonderful dad who is serving our country with lots and lots of other men and women who protect us. I am heartbroken.

Last night added to the misery. A finally straighted up and he saw how upset Scotty and Ethan were, he had been an ass pretty much up til then. Around 2 E started coughing so hard I heard him from downstairs. I went up and did what I could for him. Finally we all went back to sleep around 3:30. So here we are again, another day. Busy. Swim after school & work, then rush home for dinner, baths, etc. I am so tired!

Til tomorrow.....

2:21 PM

I am back. Bored to tears. I try not to post more than once in a day. I am just so depressed and bored I can hardly stand it. I am sitting at my desk drinking some CranApple and wishing it were time to pick my son up from school. He always has a way of making me feel better about things. Funny how kids do that to you, make you feel like you have a reason to keep going every day.

As I have probably said at least 50 times I am so ready for Emma to get here. I know I should be so happy and contented right now, I just feel like something isn't right. Mary, Scotty's girlfriend called and said Scotty's flight was delayed til 7 last night, and his luggage was lost. She called me to ask me my routing # & E's social for child suppost. I don't really like the fact that he had her call me instead of himself calling. Guess I will tell him that. To me, anything to do with CS or with Ethan needs to go directly between him and me, I don't care if she is his girlfriend. I don't ask my own husband to call him about things like that. I guess I am a little bothered by a lot more than just that. I don't know.

I should be making a little extra money today. A couple of houses closed that I did a lot of work on, so I should get something out of it. I need it! Gotta finish paying for E's party, just the cake, ice cream, etc. Anyway, why am I so depressed? I have a wonderful son, who loves me so much and I love more than words can say, I have a daughter who I am already in love with and want to see! I have had the same job for 12 years, boring but stable, and last summer we moved into a really nice big house right in town close to everything. We do well, we never really worry that much. In laws are wealthy so if something major happened, they would help out. DH has been an a-s lately, maybe that is one reason why I am so depressed. When he is good, he is really good, but when he is cruel, it is terrible. Some may ask then why did I get pregnant? Guess I thought it would change things, I mean, I don't want to go through another failed marriage. I should have sat back and thought things thru. After all, the day before we left for Jamaica to get married, I almost backed out, we had a pretty violent fight. He hasn't hit me in a while, I am just not happy right now. Hopefully it is pregnancy hormones and I will get over it. I just want a happy family. I haven't left because I want Ethan to feel stable and comfy, he doesn't know we fight like we do, thankfully DH is golden when it comes to him. Otherwise I would have left a long time ago. And now I am about to have his child. I am ready for Emma, I love her so much and know she is meant to be. I wouldn't change that for the world. I would do anything for my kids. Sorry for rambling, I hope to look back at this one day and laugh at how silly I have been.

I just hope the rest of tonight will be uneventful. I need to hold my son and tell him I love him, I need to ask his Dad to forgive me for what I did to him when we were married, I can't live with myself if he goes to Iraq and something happens and I didn't say how terribly sorry I am. Long story. Guess I will take E to his swim lesson, and go home and cuddle with him as long as he will let me. Will try to avoid any conflict with DH.

Keep your fingers crossed for me...


Tuesday, May 9, 2006
9:38 AM

I am so excited! I woke up all depressed just like yesterday, and just didn't even want to get up. Of course I did, and got Ethan off to school, got to work at 7:30. Well, I went to my OB appointment just for the usual 2 week check up. Dr Sutherland asked if I wanted to do the csection June 19 or 20? I said really, yes, the 19 is great. Then I remembered its E's birthday. I always said I'd not have my kids bdays the same if I could help it. He asked if I was sure since its E's day and I said I would ask Ethan, if not the 19 then the 20 because I am SO tired of being pregnant! So he said he would have the date for me when I come back in two weeks for my check up. Everything looked good today, said weight gain was good, heart beat is good. Woohoo! I feel like I could fly right now I am so excited! So that puts me at 40 days not counting today! WOOHOO!!! I am really really ready!

Anyway, thats the excitement for the day! Will post more later today if anything interesting happens!


Wednesday, May 10, 2006
8:58 AM

Another day at the office! Well this morning was kind of eventful, had to take Sam to the vet to be declawed/fixe