Ready for number 3?

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Ready for number 3?

Hi Everyone,

I kept a journal here with my last pregnancy. For some reason it wouldn't let me add to my post anymore past March so I kept a private journal from there.

Here's my story. I have a 6 year old son Ethan and a 3 month old daughter Emma. I have been feeling pretty icky lately, and although my husband and I use spermacide for protection, decided to take a pregnancy test. It came back a very very light positive, just like it first did with Emma. So now, am I really pregnant again so soon after just giving birth? And while using a form of birth control? Or are my hormones just out of wack? I am gonna wait two to three weeks then call my midwife and see what she says about all this.

I have had such mixed emotions. I didn't really want anymore children, I have my boy and my girl. My son is from a previous marriage and my husband had no children before Emma was born, so of course he wants to try for a boy. Well, I really was on the fence, but knew there was no way I would even consider it til Emma was 4 or 5. And now surprise! I am trying not to get too emotional until I find out for sure. There will be no way I can work, its costing $200 week for Emma now, and Ethan's ASP is $35 per week, plus with his additional acting classes, we are barely scraping by as it is. So I would stay home after this one gets here. I know I will ultimately be happy in the end if I am. I just am not really ready right now. Two in diapers? I know thousands of people do it, I can too. Ethan was 4 days shy of being 6 when Emma was born, so I haven't ever dealt with two babies at once. I am lucky though, I have a strong family support system, Ethan is in 1st grade and is very self sufficient, and Emma is the best baby, smiles all the time and sleeps through the night most of the time. Such drama!

Well, I will post more later!


Wednesday, September 20, 2006
8:26 AM

Another busy night with the kids and a hectic morning getting them ready for school and daycare, and back to the office! I am in a lot of pain this morning, I am cramping really badly, and my face is breaking out. Ok, could this be pregnancy or could it be about to have a period? I am so anxious, I wish I would either start or get a very clear positive so I know what my next move will be. Either breathe a little easier or quit my job. I should know for sure soon. Better get on with my day!


Thursday, September 21, 2006
1:12 PM

What a great day I've had today! Much better than yesterday. Ethan got in trouble at school yesterday for talking. His Dad gets him every Wednesday from 4-8, then every other weekend. Well, he happens to pick Ethan up from school and sees that he got into trouble. So he spanked him. I begged him not to, I am one of those parents who doesn't spank. He is pretty strict. So my heart broke for him. But today has been good. I will pick Emma up from daycare, go home for an hour, then pick Ethan up from Cobb Playhouse at 6:30, rush home, do homework, dinner, baths, blah blah blah.

Anyway, back to today. I haven't been in a lot of pain today, hooray! I made an appointment for Monday with my midwife. I will be relieved to find out if I am pregnant or just having problems. Then the big thing will be, if I'm not pregnant, do we start to try soon? Aaron is having a fit to try again right away. WHAT? I must admit there was no way I was gonna try so soon, but if I'm not, maybe I will.

I always buy Christmas gifts early to get it out of the way whenever I have time. This past weekend I bought all of Aaron's, and I already bought all of Emma and Ethan's, and the Santa stuff. I only have a few gifts left to buy for family now. Anyway, at lunch today, I bought some Mickey Mouse wrapping paper for E man's gifts, Disney Princesses for Em's, and Santa for A's. I have always wrapped E's in one kind of paper, so he would know which gifts were his and were special, no one else's would be wrapped in it. So I will do the same for Em and A this year. That was fun, plus I got a few more Halloween decorations. Like I didn't already have enough! We love to decorate for Halloween and Christmas!

Better run, hopefully I will know soon if #3 is on the way!


Friday, September 22, 2006
9:10 AM

I am SOO sleepy this morning. Aaron took the 1st shift with Emma last night, she didn't wake up til 6 this morning, so I got a lot of sleep, but am still so sleepy, I have actually fallen asleep at my desk for a couple of minutes. I have been waking up every night between 1 and 3 and it takes forever to get back to sleep! Wonder what is causing that.

I promised Ethan we would decorate for Halloween tomorrow. I know it is pretty early still, but he is looking forward to it, so Misty is coming by to help. I have a listing appointment tomorrow, but if I can get out of it I will. Ethan is disappointed that I may have to work. I had promised to spend the day with him.

Not much else is going on. We ALL have colds in my house right now. I feel bad for the kids! I got to work and was pretty busy the first hour, now nothing. Guess I should try to space my work throughout the day, I just can't stand to have stuff on my desk!

Well, guess I will go, there should be some people filing in here soon.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006
4:49 PM

Thought I would post a quick one. Still not sure whats going on. I missed my appointment with the midwife yesterday because I had to take Ethan and Emma to the dr, they both have really bad colds. I spent the day with them, it was exhausting but enjoyable too. I told my husband I wanted to quit full time and work only part time. So I thought that would be ok, my job has really slowed lately, but low and behold, business really picked up over the weekend. So I may not be going part time. If I do, I will have so much more time with the kids, can let Ethan ride the bus home instead of being in ASP. I would love it, the kids woulds love it. And I could get the house in order and keep it that way, we'll see.

I had a touch of brown spotting yesterday, and some really bad pains today. Don't know what all that is about. I told Aaron I didn't really think I was pregnant now and he is very disappointed. Hopefully will find out for sure this week.

Well, gotta leave here in 8 minutes to pick up my Claire Bear, so I had better start turning things off here at the office. Scotty is supposed to pick Ethan up from acting today, so that will give me a little alone time with Emma.

Will update more later...


Wednesday, September 27, 2006
8:22 AM

Well, yesterday I picked up Emma Claire, she was really tired. She already has her top front tooth coming in and this cold is wearing her down. So I got home with her, and she fell asleep as soon as I sat her in her bouncy seat. When she woke up, I gave her a bath and a bottle, and by 7 she was out for the night. Aaron said she didn't wake up til around 4:30 this morning. Ethan came home right after she sacked out, so we did homework and he took his shower, then off to bed for him.

Ok, so two out of 4 of my pregnancy tests showed positive, darker than before. And my nose bled a little, it bled a lot with Emma. So I tell A I think I am pregnant, after just telling him I wasn't. I get to work this morning and what happens, I bleed thru my khaki capris. So guess I am not pregnant after all. I guess that is ok, funny how I was so against having another one so soon until I actually thought I was. So I called A and told him, he is very disappointed, I said lets start trying next year, give my body time to heal from Emma. So we agreed to that. So, no more posting until we start ttc again.

Bye for now...


Monday, October 23, 2006
12:43 PM

Here I am again! And YES I am pregnant this time. I took a test last night just because I had a weird feeling. And it immediately showed up positive. So now we really are having number 3, due in July! I have the strongest feeling that we are having a boy! Two boys and a girl! I am in shock somewhat. We definately have been careful. Obviously not that careful. But I am excited. Aaron is thru the roof. Ethan is excited too. Thank goodness we bought a big house last year, and I am already looking at mini vans (gross!). I always said I'd never drive one but the Accord is just too small for two car seats and a booster. So I am looking for a Mommy mobile. I love being a Mom. Its the very best feeling in the world!

I have a doctors appointment November 1st. I'll be glad to see the little guy or gal (guy I think) on ultrasound. It was so weird last month what with the light positive and all. Then bleeding. Has anyone else bled but been pregnant? Am I farther along than I think?

Well, better run. NO ONE at work knows and I don't plan on telling them any time soon. Oh yeah, I will be quitting my job and taking care of my kiddos in a few months time!

Post more later...