Stefanie's Pregnancy Journal - baby #2!!!

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Stefanie's Pregnancy Journal - baby #2!!!

Here is where my journey begins........

Ok - just found out today that I'm pregnant for sure. Went to Walmart earlier and got a EPT digital test (3) in a box.......I HAD to find out!! Although I suspected it.......the test confirmed the pregnancy!

When I went to pick up Matt from school - I went to church and said a prayer.......I could use all the prayers in the world right now........

Since the miscarriage on October 19th -(after 6 weeks and 1 day of being pregnant) I've been wanting to get pregnant so badly.....the miscarriage hit me hard - although I kind of suspected that something might go wrong in that pregnancy - can't pinpoint it - but I just knew that something wasn't right.

We got pregnant after 1 period cycle - although I tried to get pregnant right away - I'm happy it only took 1 whole cycle. I'm a little suprised though.........since we started trying in June and I got pregnant in October..............this seemed to take pretty fast..................I'm hoping and praying...that this pregnancy goes smoothly, safely and to full term.

Making raviolies with fish sauce tonight - Matt's having sausage - Steve ham (yuck) I'm wondering when the sickness is going to kick in. I hope and pray for a beautiful pregnancy - I will write often and post pictures when I can. I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!

I told Kar........and Steve and I'm hoping to keep my big mouth shut and not tell anyone else.........the miscarriage hit people hard and I don't want to say a word until we're out of the first trimester..........MAY GOD BLESS OUR LITTLE ONE...............AS WELL AS MY 3 YEAR OLD - MATTHEW!!!!

Biggrin :o Lol :shock: BiggrinSmile :o :shock:
I'll write soon.........

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Ok - It's Christmas morning Biggrin and I'm on the computer! Matt's playing with his new toys and watching Franklyn on Noggin and Hubby is at church.
Yesterday - Christmas Eve was a nice night - I felt very tired.......the whole day - woke up and started making the chocolate cake and the baked ziti - amont other things. Took a nap, took a shower and we left. Of course forgot to put the ziti in the fridge.
The food was great - ate a lot - as soon as my sister Andrea saw I wasn't drinking........she knew. So, of course I wound up telling her, Lauren, my father and my aunt and uncle.........cant keep my mouth shut.
Grew very tired by the hour...........did get a laugh and pics of Andrea and Lauren having their way with the giant santa :shock: :shock: :shock: ........oh god, those pics.......

got home around 1 a.m and found that I DIDNT PUT THE ZITI IN THE FRIDGE. My god, my head....... :x

Feeling great..... Biggrin :D still worried :? with every little twinge, pain and anything else......oh god, please let me carry this baby to full term.........5 weeks today!!!!!!!
merry Christmas! BiggrinSmileBiggrinSmileBiggrinSmile
I'll write soon!

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Hi again-

It's Thursday - Mom's here - watching reruns of CSI, Matt and Steve are eating icecream and what am I doing.......I'm on the computer Biggrin .

Went yesterday to do some blood work at the OBGYN office - routine blood work which is done after someone gets pregnant after having a miscarriage. It is supposed to check the HCG levels and the progesterone levels........found out that I don't find out then and there........had to wait until today.

Got a call from the nurse and she said everything is perfect. Biggrin :D Biggrin :D Smile :) Smile :!: :!: :!: .......but had to make an appointment for Jan 2nd, to check the levels again......something about the HCG levels having to be over a thousand......for the sonagram. I know everything will be perfect..........because thats my birthday Biggrin :D .

I can't express in words how releived I am.........and happy that everything is going well.......still........this Biggrin :D first trimester is a nail biter....... :roll: and will continue to be.

Went to Walmart, and cosco today - with Mom and Matt - then went to Toys - R- Us to use the Gift card - guess what Matt wanted? :o :o ?? one guess.......
trains, trains, trains!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we got home........I got my first REAL bout of being naucious. It lasted a little while........but went away. I think I'm starting to be bothered by certain foods........had Chicken marsala tonight........ came out paranoid with the marsala though..........didn't have too much.........but of course - me the worry wart - jesus - I've got a long 8 more months of this!!!!!!!!

Gonna watch World Trade Center tonight - :popcorn: and just relax. I'll write soon............

God bless this baby and God bless my Matthew!!!!!!

:butterfly: :rainbow:

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The beginning of January........can't beleive that the holidays are god, where did the time go? My birthday's come and gone........with the blink of an :shock:

Went with Sue today to the Granite place - got a few samples of counters for March's demolition of the kitchen Biggrin :D . Got 3 - Steve's gotta like at least one of them. Had a butt-kickin Reuben at Arby's today...... Biggrin mmmmmmmmmmm Biggrin out with Wendy's Big Bacon with Arby's Reuben. I'm craving it bad.
Feeling very tired lately - and the m/s has gotten a little worse. :? ......I'm queasy alot - mostly in the afternoon and early evening - thank god it's not so bad yet......although I'm expecting it to get a lot worse - since all I did was throw up with Matt - the fridge's smell is starting to get my attention again. All I smell is garlic in the fridge - the meatballs!!!!

Having Omaha Steak burgers tonight with avocados.......I can't stay up - gotta lay down. Help! I'll write soon!

BiggrinBlum 3BiggrinSmileBlum 3SmileBlum 3Smile

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Ugh! Sorry I haven't written in like 3 weeks........but I'm soooooooooo sick! :roll: The sickness hit me pretty hard......and I'm sick all day every day - the nauciousness and heaving is terrible and I'm so tired all the time. All I can do all day is lay on the couch - The throwing up is starting to get annoying - and is sparked by any smell that doesn't agree with me. Can't eat - eating pretty much pizza every day and cannot cook - I hope this changes - I can't stop being so sick - I hope it's just for the first trimester........right now - I can vomit and am trying to hold it's hard though. And what is with this excess salavation? My own secretions are making me want to throw up! :?: :?

Ok - whats with the constipation? :shock: :cry: I thought I was going to need an epidural to poop the other night :cry: - it's getting very bad that I have resorted to stool softners and prune juice. (you know I have to be bad off If i'm drinking prune juice) I have to go and I'm petrified! I'm petrified that I'm going to push the baby out...........and for the first time in my life ever - I know what hemmeroids are.... :shock: :x :oops: ......oh god help me - If I was a horse - they would have shot me by now to put me out of my misery.........I'm hanging on and so is my family - please, please, please, help me get better soon........

I'll write soon -

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Ok - Have a chance to write. Still feeling terrible. Weak, tired, naucious and just crappy :? :x . Why in the hell did I ever think for one minute that maybe this pregnancy would be different from the first........with my luck? :twisted: :evil: :x :? I don't know how I worked full time with the god. Why am I so weak? And just the thought of food.....makes me heave. Soooooooo unlike me. Meat, once again makes me want to throw up hate, hate hate those burger king commercials- and whats up with my nose? I can smell a rotted carcus 50 miles away. I can't even think about going in my fridge or freezer without holding my breath......... :? as a matter of fact - I can't be in my kitchen without breathing through my mouth :? . My symptoms are the same as last pregnancy.........thats why I think I'm having a boy again. :o

I just want to sleep. I really enjoyed sleeping in the guest bedroom the past few days........ Biggrin .I loved not having to deal with Steve's snoring or gas problems..........gotta go back to bed though - the guest bed is too soft and I'm not getting enough support for my I've been getting hip pains again - so I gotta shift from side to side about every half hour - doesn't promote good sleep. My bed - the sleep number bed provides more support and so the leg pains aren't as bad. I guess I gotta take the good with the bad. :? Biggrin :x

Steve almost blew up the house Saturday night - making rotisserie chicken........under no circumstances can HE set it and forget it.........jeez - the man's an engineer - how can he not figure out how to put a 7 lb chicken in the rotisserie? Long ways? Needless to say - he almost burned the kitchen down. The chicken isn't close to being done.......why is it sitting in my fridge? ewwwww.

Pizza seems to be my best friend. Chinese food last night - wasn't so easy to get down.....the meat from the wonton soup and the nasty smelling meat from the dumplings........near set me over the edge. I burped them up all night. Oh god have mercy on my heaving soul.

This house is a son hasn't taken a bath in a week........I haven't cooked in over a month........and when was the last time I showered??? :shock: when am I going to go back to normal? I'll even settle for semi normal at this point.........I just want to be able to think about something else besides being naucious and throwing up. And what is up with all this saliva and phelgm?????? Never had it before.......and if I did - never noticed it..........but's another culprit in why I'm naucious and throwing up so much.........

I'm 12 weeks today.............when is this sick feeling going to go away? Don't the books say around 12 weeks? I hope it's not like the last time........I was sick every day - several times a day until like my 5th month.......and still - puked 1-3 times a just never ends. Help me.

Hopefully the next time I write - I'll be better..........hope so.

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Ok - this is the first morning that I haven't thrown up - could the morning sickness be easing? I hope - it's been hell....... :?

Went to the obgyn last night - for a check up - lost 7 lbs - much needed lbs..... Biggrin :shock: don't know weather to be happy or not about that.......she did tell me that the tests from the first part of the triple screen came back and im in the category for "high risk" for down syndrome.......because of my age - 35. I was upset - she said normally for my age we're supposed to be at: 1:190 - we are 1:145. She said that we have less than a 1% chance of having a child with down syndrome.........I like that 1% thing better than the high risk.
She said that we have a decision to make - if we want to have an amnio - we have decided against it. If God wants us to have a special needs child........then so be it. I could never make a decision like terminating the pregnancy because of down syndrome.........if God calls on us for this - then we have to answer. We are all too attached to the baby already...........I'm glad that both of us agree.

Other than that........I wanted Baja fresh yesterday but didn't go because of my cold.......I cant smell or taste what was the sense. I cant wait to have my cooked sushi though - tomorrow night - hopefully this congestion will go away.

I'll write soon - we're 14 1/2 weeks along now........and I can't wait to have this little bugga in my arms..........

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It's been about a month since I wrote - we're 19 weeks now!!!!!!!!!!!

Things are going GREAT! I feel soooooo much better thank god Biggrin :D Biggrin - the morning sickness went from 5-10 times a day of throwing up to like 3 times a week now - which is completely bareable. Once I made it to 16 weeks - I slowly began to feel better.

We had an ultrasound yesterday - we weren't feeling to good - we have been cleaning up from the renovations we had over the weekend and the doctor just thinks I over did it - we were having contractions and just a lot of tightening - which made me get a little concerned.......I called the doctor and she said to come in - they did an ultrasound and we found out that we're having another BOY!!!!!!!!!!! :thewave:

Everyone is thrilled!!!!!!!!! Matt is so happy that he's getting his little brother......
we have the 20 week ultrasound on april 10th - everything is great........I'll write soon! Biggrin