Summer fun - Baby #2 due 08/12/04

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Summer fun - Baby #2 due 08/12/04

Hello sweet baby of mine! I hope you are doing well inside my tummy. I can't feel you or see you yet, but you have certainly made your presence known!

Mommy officially found out this morning that she was expecting. I had known, in my heart, for about a week that I was pregnant, but six home tests and two blood tests later I am finally starting to believe it's real!

I am very excited about being pregnant. We hadn't been trying for too long, which is a blessing both your daddy and I are very happy about. We are very fortunate in that respect!

I called my doctor this morning and scheduled our first prenatal visit. I will be going on Monday, December 29 at 10:30 A.M. and we'll be seeing the new midwife, George. Mommy hopes to get a good idea of a due date by then.

Right now, all signs are pointing to August 12, however, mommy's doctor's office seems to think it might be August 5. This will figure itself as we had this problem when Mommy was expecting your big brother.

The exciting part about when you're expected to arrive is that it coinsides with lots of family birthdays: Mommy's birthday is July 28, Mommy's good friend Tina's birthday is also July 28, Grammy's birthday is July 29, your great-great-great Aunt Mary's birthday is July 31, your great-great-great Aunt Gladys' birthday is August 8, and your Uncle Brent's birthday is August 9. Very exciting because your brother was born on your great-great-great Aunt Thelma's birthday, April 10.

I know that's lots of birthdays to keep track of. Mommy will have to make sure the calendar is all filled out ... Daddy is not so good at keeping days straight!

Tonight, Mommy is planning on doing something special for Daddy to officially announce we're expecting you. I'm going to the store later to find something nice to do. No real ideas just yet but Mommy is creative!

Anyway, I think that's about all I want to say for now. I love you very much, sweet baby and I am very excited you'll be joining us in 9 months! Smile

Love always,