Sure, why not?!?!?!

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Sure, why not?!?!?!

And so, the journey begins again.......

Copied from July2007 board, posted November 18, 2006

Hello ladies! I tested this (Saturday) morning at 2am and was surprised to see 2 lines. The test line was very faint, so I figured that the $tree test just had one of those old evap lines.

But I could not shake all of the symptoms I was experiencing (for me: vivid dreams, sore bb's, enhanced smells, trouble falling asleep, etc.), so I went out an bought a digital and a fact plus.

I am in shock. Beyond shock, actually. I have been faithfully on the pill since November 05...when I got my first pp AF. Also, I am not sure if this pregnancy is gonna stick, as I am bleeding. It is very light, but it is red. BUT, while on this particular birth control pill, I have been spotting for 2-4 days before AF's arrival. So, I just dunno! I am gonna go to my OB's office for a blood draw on Monday, and then hopefully another one on make sure the number's are rising. I did bleed quite a bit throughout my last pregnancy, but that seemed to be be more sex related. I am just in shock...DH and I had been discussing a vasectomy recently. I have always wanted 4 kiddos, but financially it just did not make sense. I am feeling so many mixed emotions right now~it is CRAZY!

Anywho, to those who do not know me, I am Pamela (31), married to Ian (32), and mommy to Sabreena (6y), Madilynn (3y), and Zackkery (13m). I am a SAHM and we live in Southern Washington, after moving here from Southern California 2 years ago. I mostly post on the May03 and October05 boards, but I lurk EVERYWHERE!!!

My EDD would be around July 27, 2007...which is the same EDD I had with Bree (just 7 years later! LOL).


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So, I went in for a third blood test this afternoon/evening. Last night, before going to bed, I started spotting again. This time, it was bright red and there were 2 VERY tiny clots in it. The spotting (I call it spotting, but it is really only when I wipe) was like EWCM mixed with red. I wasn't cramping really, but you know how every little feeling gets you thinking it is more than it really is?! Well, I was getting kinda scared, but just layed down and relaxed. This morning, the blood was still there. By this afternoon, it was brownish. I have no clue what is going on!

I had my blood drawn November 22nd at 16dpo and it was 116. 2 days later, it was 344. It sounded good to me! I am kinda nervous to hear the results of today's test. I kept telling myself not to get too comfortable being pregnant, cuz it could end really quickly. Being that this wasn't planned, I was telling myself that I could handle a m/c~no biggie. Well, after last night, I KNOW that I would be a wreck if this ends up not being a viable pregnancy. I just hate not knowing...

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Well, the blood test at 5w4d came back just fine: 3227! So, it was doubling in just under 40 hours. Here is a post or two I made then:

Posted November 28, 2006

Well, the spotting keeps coming and going! I had a blood test done yesterday and the nurse called me with the results this morning. HcG was at 344 last Wednesday, and 5 days later it was 3227! So, the numbers are rising quite well. The spotting was back to brown this morning, so I thought all was well. I took an hour nap (after putting Zack down for his nap) this afternoon and went to the bathroom after waking up. More red blood...with tiny clots in it. :question: No cramping or anything, so I am trying not to worry. The Doc wants me to come in tomorrow for an ultrasound~I told her nurse that I would only be 5w5d and did they really expect to see anything?! But who am I to turn down an u/s??? Wink My appointment is at 10:15am. So, I will just have to wait and see what is going on in there...

Update: Well, I woke up to even more blood this morning...and a few tiny clots, too. My u/s went well; we saw exactly what we expected to: a yolk sack! The bleeding is in my uterus (kinda cool to see it on an u/s!) and she thinks it is what everyone has been saying...the baby is getting comfy in there! They want to do another u/s in 7-10 days...I will KUP! Thanks for all of the good thoughts and well wishes!!! (((((hugs)))))

Posted December 6, 2006

I have my 2nd ultrasound tomorrow at 10:45am (PST)...we are hoping to see more than just a yolk sac! :mrgreen:

Update: My lil' bean has a heartbeat! I got to hear it and then see it~and then it hit me that this is real. 118bpm and such a tiny lil' gummie bear, but you could see the heart beating away. No more bleeding in my uterus (and the spotting has eased up A LOT the past couple of days), so all looks good!

So, I am preggo. And I am feeling it! My boobies are killing me, I am always cold, my face is breaking out like crazy, I am tired and feel ready for a nap as soon as I wake up in the morning, I am nauseous all day long, I am hungry and nothing sounds good to eat, and I have cravings!!!! I AM PREGNANT! OMIGOSH!!!

My lil' bean

First belly pic~just fat for now! LOL!

I am still in a bit of shock. Time is going by too fast. Make it stoppppppp! :eekout:

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Posted December 18, 2006

Saturday night, I made my first (and hopefully LAST) ER trip with this pregnancy. The spotting I have had since before finding out I was preggers has pretty much gone the past week. Well, I was sitting here at the computer addressing Christmas card envelopes, and started having stomach cramps. I felt like I had to go to the bathroom BAD, so I got up and started towards the bathroom. All of a sudden, I felt a huge gush and had this really bad feeling. I ran the rest of the way to the bathroom and there was bright red blood all over my undies and onto my pants. I told hubby I thought I was m/c'ing and was going to the ER. I changed clothes, stuck a pad on, and headed out.

It seemed like it took forever to get to a room in the ER (over a half hour waiting to be registered), but within an hour of arriving, I was taken back. After getting a quick pelvic by the ER doc (cervix is closed!), I was sent to have an u/s. The woman placed the wand on my belly first, and then on went the volume. 153 bpm! Then it hit me and I started crying...I had already told myself that the pregnancy was over. I was SO HAPPY! I totally realized that although this pregnancy was unplanned, I want this baby more than anything!!! So, she did the u/s vaginally, too, and spent around a half hour checking things out.

When I was back in the regular room, the ER doc came in and said that they do not know why I was bleeding. He said the blood probably had built up and then released all at once, so that is why there was so much. He said the tech found a slight tear where the placenta attached, but that should not be a problem and will fix itself. I asked if this could be where the blood is coming from and he said no. So I was thinking WHY TELL ME THIS??? I asked if the placenta was in the right place (ie: not covering the cervix) and he said it was. He said there is still some blood there, but it should be lessening. So, I didn't get any answers except the most important one: I AM STILL PREGNANT!!! Yahoo

I have left a message for my OB...I am thinking there is nothing they can do if I am going to m/c anyway, so I am trying not to worry. Blood + Pregnancy just do not mix!!! ugh

Thanks for reading if you made it this far. May we all have uneventful pregnancies from now on........

btw, I was measuring 7w6d on the u/s, which is just about right, since I usually ovulate a few days late.

I am feeling okay now. Just a bit of spotting, but that is it. Not knowing what is causing the bleeding is probably the worst part. I can't wait until I am 12 weeks or so and can pick up the hb with my doppler. Then I will not worry as much....MAYBE! hahaha

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Gosh, this pregnancy is going by so fast already. I am almost 1/4 of the way there! :boogie:

Not much has been happening lately. Morning sickness (more than nausea) hit me a week ago and I have been fighting throwing up multiple times a day. I just feel like $hit all of the time. Nothing sounds good to eat except junk...chips and dip, donuts, chocolate, ice cream, spaghetti O's, etc. I don't even like half of that stuff! I indulged on Christmas and was sure I had gained a few pounds. I was 276lbs at my nurse appointment a couple of weeks ago (fully clothed). Now, this may seem like a lot to most, but this is the lowest weight I have ever been in the beginning of a pregnancy! At the beginning of 2006, I was at 291. I lost 20-25 lbs. using Weight Watchers. But before getting pregnant, I was at 269lbs, so I was kinda shocked that I gained so much in 6 weeks. Well, I stepped on the scale this morning before hopping in the shower and it read 270. HELLO MORNING SICKNESS!!! ugh. :puke2:

So, I am going to test my own theory here. I think I am going to have a girl. I had severe m/s with both of my girls and only nausea with Zack. I am not partial to either gender, but we would have to buy a lot less clothes if it were a girl~we have every size and season of girl clothing!

I tried to find the baby's hb yesterday morning. No luck! That is kinda annoying, but I also know that I did not find it in previous pregnancies until 12 weeks or so. I told myself I would not even bother checking, but I was cleaning off my chest of drawers the night before and came across the box with my fetalbond doppler in it. I just had to give it a try!

Well, I am craving a peppermint mocha from Starbucks. I think Ian has a gift card...I need to beg him to go to the 24 hour drive-thru one down the street. :coffee: YUM!!!

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Posted tonight (well, technically, even though my ticker now says 10w2d)...

I spent this morning at the birthing center. I was getting sick since 7:45am until I went in at 10:30am. I could not even keep water down. I seriously threw up around 60-70 times before going in. I could not stop. I was feeling so thirsty and as soon as I took a sip of anything, it came right back up. Fun?!?!

So, I had called the on-call OB and I told him I had also had a headache from last night...but that I tried to take tylenol twice and it came right back up. He told me that he would call me back.

I thought it would be a few minutes, so I went back to the bathroom to hurl. Well, the phone rings. I answer it mid-barfing and tell the OB "I'm sorry. Hold on." *throw up* "Ian, come get the phone." *throw up* He is changing Zack's diaper while I am yelling "It is the OB!" *throw up*. I was so embarassed cuz the Doc could hear me puking my brains out and I was talking in between. He told Ian to take me to the birthing center triage for assessment and some fluids.

I felt so nasty, so I hopped in the shower. I had absolutely nothing in my stomach and was loosing it in the shower!!! It was the nastiest feeling. I started spitting out blood. I had little dots all over my face from the force of throwing up. I was so pale and shaking. I kept sweating and then getting cold. It was so AWFUL!

I got sick a few times on the way to the center. After getting checked in, they had me pee in a cup. I had keytones, protein, and billirubin in my urine. She had to warm up my hand with a heat pack to get an IV in. Then I started shivering. She could not find the baby's hb with a doppler (I told her I had tried at home with my own doppler a couple of days before and nothing), but I told her I wasn't worried cuz I could never find it until around 12 weeks or so. I was kinda disappointed that they did not offer me an u/s, but at that point, I was just feeling like shiznit and wanted to feel better.

They put reglan (anti-nausea/vomiting med) in my IV and I tried to rest. I was so cold and had like 5 blankets on me. I did not attempt to pee again until I went through the whole IV bag...I didn't want to get out of bed and be even more cold! I could finally take some ice chips and then some jello and diluted juice. My urine came back fine and they gave me a prescription for reglan (oral). Luckily, I was out of there within 2.5 hours. NOT an experience I want to have again!!!

Before I left , the nurse said I was looking much better~finally had some color back in my face. And the blood I was spitting out was from my right got all irritated and torn up from all the throwing up/dry heaving. Yuck!

So, all I have eaten today is crackers. Saltines, graham crackers, and juice. Oh yummy! :roll:

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Posted tonight...

My OB's nurse called me back Friday and got me in for a last minute appointment. They were at their 'other office', which is like a 15 minute drive, but I did not care. I had more bleeding that morning and I am just SO TIRED of seeing red. I still can't find the hb with my doppler at home, so I just wanted to know what was up.

My OB decided not to do a pelvic, as she said all that is gonna do is make me bleed more. And the last time I had that major bleed, the ER Doc did check to make sure my cervix was closed. So, she talked to me about the bleeding and then tried to find the hb. She *thought* she found it a couple of times in the background, but wanted to ease my fears with an ultrasound. YAY!

Right away, the u/s tech found the baby lounging around with a perfect hb (158bpm). He/she was very active, kicking its legs out and waving its arms all crazy. The tech found a small, round, darker area above the placenta; that is where my OB thinks is the source of the bleeding. Supposedly this can happen throughout the whole pregnancy. The blood clots and then a couple of days later, bleeds again (I am bleeding about once every 3 days now). She said that she thinks that I have no more of a chance of a miscarriage than anyone else at this point. Baby measured 11w1d (I was 11w0d by LMP). It was already 5pm (quitting time!), but the sweet tech lady let me lay there and watch my baby while she measured stuff. I was not out of there until 5:15. I was given a few pics and I felt SO MUCH better after the u/s. Here is my little gummie bear:

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So, almost 13 weeks. WOW. The first trimester has just flown on by. I had my 1st *real* OB appointment scheduled for this past Tuesday. Well, we had gotten a huge storm and there was 4-5" of snow on the ground. As beautiful as it was, it pretty much shut down this city. My OB's office called me at 11am and told me that they had to cancel my appointment. Ian was already home (Snow Day!), as was Sabreena (Snow Day!), so we all just hung out at home. Libraries closed, trash did not get picked up, and the roads were CRAZY! We went to the post office (which was still surprisingly open) and although I was going maybe 10mph most of the time, we were sliding. It was really scary and all I wanted to do was get back home.

So, they rescheduled my appointment...and the next available is almost 3 weeks from now!!! I am not too happy about that, so I am gonna have to call them next week and try to get one sooner. Today was our 3rd snow day and it is the temperature has finally hit above freezing (40°...woohoo!), so the white stuff is finally starting to melt. Though I am sure that it will freeze up tonight, as it is currently 32°. ugh

I went to the chiropractor for the first time ever last week and got my neck adjusted. Not sure if I slept on it wrong or what, but I was having a lot of headaches. So, I found out that we not only have chiropractic coverage, but our insurace covers massages!!! Yahoo And not just a dozen or so a year, but 42!!!! That is more than one every 2 weeks...just have to fork over the $15 co-pay each time. Soooooo...I had my first massage tonight. The lady, Holly, was really sweet (and 10 weeks preggers) and we talked a lot and it was very relaxing. I can't wait to go again in a month or so...then I may just have to start going every 2 weeks or so. Wink

I have been feeling blah lately. My stomach is just constantly aching. I am not throwing up anymore (*knock on wood*), but the nausea is the worst! Nothing sounds good to eat and when it does, I usually get one bite of it and I've had it. I CAN'T WAIT for food to be good again!!!

Madilynn got her ears pierced today. I HAD to get out of the house, so I took the girlies to the mall. She has been asking for them to be done, but I kept telling her it would pinch and that it was okay if she wanted to wait until she was older (she is 3y8m old). Nope, she was determined to get it done today. So, she did. After they did it, her eyes were starting to well up, but no tears flowed. I was so proud of my baby girl. And she looks so cute with her little fake diamond earrings. :mrgreen:

Wow, I still can't believe I am gonna be 13 weeks tomorrow.......

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Wow, almost 15 weeks and still haven't had my first OB appointment. ROFL There has been no cancellations for the 'longer' appt (trust me, I have bugged them every other day!), so it looks like Monday will be the day. I am assuming it is just tons of bloodwork and such. No worries though. Over the weekend, I finally found the lil' bean's heartbeat with my doppler. I found it 3 times...and just as quick, I lost it. Or, I should say, it lost me! Sneaky baby already!!!

Not much has been going on really. I have been heading to bed early. It is so weird for a night owl like me, but I am dead by 8pm or so. I don't go to sleep, but I do get in my pj's, crawl into bed, and watch TV. The girls join me on American Idol nights, and I have been enjoying SuperNanny, Grey's Anatomy, ER, Nanny911, etc. on other nights. Sometimes I just turn it to the Food Network and get my Rachael Ray fix (I LOVE that woman!!!). Speaking of food...I am not eating the best. I just have no appetite. And when I do get a craving, it is sure to be crap like Taco Bell tacos, cheeseburgers from Wendy's, a hostess cupcake (okay, the Wal-mart knock-off! LOL), or some other junk food. Summer is gonna be so hard~I KNOW I am gonna want my slurpees every day!!! Egads, I could go for one right now................

Anywho, I will update after my OB appointment. Hopefully it will be uneventful, as I have to take Madi and Zack with me that morning. We'll see how it goes. :mrgreen:

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Happy Valentine's Day. BLECH! LOL. I started the morning off by getting sick. I have no clue why. It has been WEEKS since I last threw up...why today? I guess it is just the baby's way of telling me that he/she is still there. A quick hello...hehehe.

I had my OB appointment last Monday. I did not even realize that they already did all of the blood work the last time I gave them a couple of vials. So, it was a very uneventful appointment. They were supposed to do a physical but I told Davita (Dr. G's nurse) that I would rather not with the kiddos there, whining in the stoller...only so many snacks keep them occupied! So, she told my OB and I guess they wrote on my chart that I opted out of it. My last pap was only like 8 months ago, so I saw no reason that it'd be a problem~neither did my OB!

So, I pee'd in the cup, and that came out negative (no protein or sugar in my urine). My blood pressure was 110/70. When Dr. G came in, she was able to find the baby's heart beat pretty much right away...157 bpm! She asked if I wanted to do the AFP test and I said no thanks. I asked if I could schedule the big u/s, and she said she'd get the paper for me and I could set it up on my way out. So, that was pretty much it. She saw no reason for me to come back in for my 16w appt the following Tuesday, so I did cancel that. Funny, as we were still in the room waiting for the u/s orders, we saw Michelle down the hall! I forgot that she is on weekly appointments now...35 weeks preggers with twins (she is a surrogate) and she was going in for another ultrasound. Kinda strange, but I thought about her when I first got to my appointment, wondering what day she usually came in. Wink

I went to schedule the u/s and the receptionist looked on the calendar for 5 weeks from that day. I was thinking NO WAY~I'd be over 20 weeks by then and I am already eager to find out what I am having so I can start planning. I fibbed and told her my hubby was out of town that week and could we do it before the weekend? So, March 8th it is! I cannot believe it is still 3 weeks away, but that is better than 4! And I made it for 9:30 am...nothing is worse than having to wait all day to find out! Lol

So, anyone wanna take a guess?

That is pretty much all that is going on. 'Til next time...

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Now I know FOR SURE that preggo brain has been hitting me! When I posted last, I totally forgot about being sick. It totally consumed my week. The day after my OB appt., I came down with the worst head cold. The last time I had a cold so bad was when I was pg with Madilynn. I had a hard time sleeping, as everything would drain to one side or the other.

Now, I only mention this because I rarely get sick. I am one that hates to take any meds while pregnant, but by day 3, I was miserable. I called my OB's nurse and she called me back and told me to take sudafed. I did...only 3 doses over the next 24 hours, but still~I TOOK IT! It did not help much, so I didn't bother taking anymore. This stupid cold lasted for over a week! I have never sneezed or blown my nose so many times in my life. YUCK!

I thought this one from last week was funny!

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I felt the baby kick! Wow, this is earlier than with any of my kiddos. I doubt that being only about 10lbs. less when pg had anything to do with it, but ya never know. I have been feeling occasional flutters for weeks, but as I was sitting here on the puter this late afternoon, I had a few very strong thumps. It definitely made me smile and then tear up...this is real.

Everything has been okay so far. I am still so tired and wanting to crash by 11 pm each night. And then I am so unmotivated to get stuff done during the day. Maybe my house is a mess, the bathrooms need a good cleaning, and the floors need to be scrubbed...but my kiddos ARE being taken care of~clean clothes on their bodies and food in their bellies. And lots of love, of course! I can't wait to get some energy though. I want my house to be back in order.

The BIG ultrasound is in a week...I am very anxious! I am sure I have said it before, but I really don't care what I am having. I just want a healthy baby. Seriously. And I have not had one of my gender dreams yet, which is odd. That would really suck if the baby doesn't cooperate! LOL

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Posted March 8, 2007

IT'S A...





The snickers bar worked and she was a very active little one. Weighing around 12 oz, she is measuring right on target. Never doubt mommy's intuition either...I have been right on the gender with all 4 of my kiddos! :mrgreen:

And here is Calissah Leigh:

So, yes, we are having a girl. It is SO NICE to know and actually call her by name and we are now thinking about how we are going to rearrange the kiddos' rooms. We are going to have to buy another crib, as I don't think Zack is ready to give up his. And I am looking at bedding, which is always fun. I need to go to Target to see what they have. I can always buy on Ebay, too.

I was REALLY sick yesterday. :sickinbed: All day. The dreaded stomach flu. :puke: Luckily, since my parents and IL's are in town (well, my IL's are staying...they moved here last week!), my mom came over and pretty much took care of the kids. Yesterday was such a blur. I started throwing up around 6 in the morning and then it was coming out of both ends for most of the day. :puke2: I finally got some sprite down...and then a few crackers...just to have them come back up a couple of hours later. NOT FUN! Saturday night, both Madilynn and Sabreena had it. Madi got sick in her bed twice, while before bed, Bree had been throwing up practically non-stop for almost 2 hours. It sucks when you can't do anything for your kiddos but hold back their hair and clean up the mess. Sad Anywho, I have had some gatorade today...and a bagel. So far, so good.

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Wow, time is moving! I did not even realize it has been almost 3 weeks since I updated. Crazy!

We are getting ready to leave for vacation tomorrow~it is Spring Break and we were lucky enough to get our timeshare in Central Washington (booked it only a couple of weeks ago!). We have never been to that area, so I am kind of excited. Supposedly the condo is right on the lake's edge (Lake Chelan Shores) and there are lots of activities to keep us entertained. Plus, lots of little towns/cities are around, so we can always drive to other areas if we get bored. Wink But I am looking forward to just relaxing. I really want to go fishing one of the days we are has been so long! And we have a bbq on our patio, so you know I am looking forward to the food! hehehe

Baby has been pretty active~mainly at night when I am trying to get to sleep! She seems pretty calm during the day though. Let's hope that reverses after she is born. Smile I have 3 really good sleepers, and cannot imagine having a child with sleep issues. Plus, with the kiddos having to share a room (currently, Bree and Madi share and Zack has his own), that will make it tough. Oh! I found the bedding I liked (on eBay) and was able to win both Sabreena's and Calissah's. It is too cute:

The walls in their bedroom are currently purple (light lavender-ish), so I am not sure if we are going to paint or not. I am not really a fan of white or tan walls, but I will go with what looks good! And I haven't even begun to think about what to do in Madi and Zack's room. Z is still really attached to his crib (sometimes he will go in his room and point to the crib and WANT to take a nap! And when I lay him down at night, he goes right to sleep without a peep), so we need to buy another crib and mattress and a twin bed. We are going to switch the furniture in each room. The nursery set will go in Bree/Lissah's room, while Bree's funriture will go into Madi/Zack's room. So Bree needs the new twin bed frame/headboard and Zack will get the new crib. So much to do....but no worries! Blum 3

So, besides being tired and my left foot swelling, the pregnancy is going well. I need some energy though! I have so much to do and I know that although 17 weeks seems so far away, it WILL be here quickly. Part of me is still in shock, I think. LOL!

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I had my 24 week appointment on Monday. Originally, it was scheduled for last Thursday, but we ended up being able to get a condo on Lake Chelan (timeshare) for Spring Break, so I cancelled it. Anywho, my appointment went okay. According to their scale, I am up 11lbs. in ONE MONTH! According to my scale, it is 7 lbs, but still. I have now gained as much as I did with my pregnancy with Zack! :shock: And I have how much longer to go? Uh oh! The nice thing is, my OB never even mentions the weight gain. Not like I can 'worry' about it now. But I told Davita (the nurse) that I haven't eaten any different in this pregnancy than I did with my others. She thinks that maybe cuz I started off at a less weight than with the others, that it may have something to do with it. I dunno~and I am trying not to worry about it. I will go back on my weight loss kick after she is born.

So, blood pressure was 124/78 and baby's hr was in the 130's. She was kicking so much, that the OB mentioned how active she was. My next appointment isn't until the beginning of May. And then if all is good, another 4 weeks 'til the next one. I was given the lovely drink for the glucose test. I am SO GLAD that they still offer the fruit punch...I don't think I can try the orange again. I couldn't even drink the whole bottle (of orange) the last time~I puked after 1/4 of it. But I could stomach the fruit punch one. Didn't like it, but at least I did not get sick.

This pregnancy is really moving so fast for me. We have SO MUCH to do to get ready for her. And no money to do it. I need to get into the garage and go through stuff and sell stuff on craigslist. A garage sale should bring us some extra money, too. Let's hope...

Off I go to clean up around here. I have a massage at 4:30 (insurance covers it! :yahoo:), followed by an adjustment at the chiropractor's office. I am needing it!

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Yep, that is right. It's been awhile since I updated. :bonkself: I have started an update half a dozen times, just to get sidetracked and not finish it. Well, I do have some stuff I posted in the past few weeks! hahaha

Posted June 25, 2007

Had a growth ultrasound today...and Calissah is gonna be one big girl! I have been measuring 3-4 weeks ahead the last few appointments, so my OB wanted to have her checked out. Well, according to the tech, she is approximately 7lbs 8oz!!! Some of her bones (ie: femur) were measuring at over 40 weeks. :shock: This pregnancy has been so different than my previous ones, and I feel so much bigger than with my last ones, too. I am not afraid of birthing a 9lb baby (my kiddos were 7lbs.13oz., 8lbs.2oz., and 8lbs.7oz.), but I am so set on being induced around my EDD...unless she has other plans and comes on her own!!! I won't be seeing my OB until the 2nd (she is on vacation this week), so I will know more then. Here's wishing that I can go another 4 weeks or so.... Wink

Posted July 2, 2007

Not gonna make it to 40 weeks...Not by choice! I had my 36w appointment this morning and my OB went over the growth u/s results. I guess on some stuff, her estimates were closer to 8lbs! I measured 40w today, have lost 4lbs. in the last couple of weeks, bp was 118/80, baby's hr was in the 140's, Group B Strep was negative, and I still have trace protein in my urine. So we discussed the birth and she said there was no way I can go to 40 weeks (which is how far I have gone with all of my kiddos before being induced) and that I have 2 choices: schedule a c-section (I LOL'd at that one...there is no WAY I would voluntarily have a section when I have had 3 vaginal births!) or induce at least a week early. Strange to me, but the reasoning she gave for not letting me go to my EDD is because of shoulder dystocia during delivery...but who's to say that my baby has fat shoulders??? Lol She said we can do another growth u/s in 2 weeks to see if she is still growing big...and then plan from there. She is supposed to call me this week to let me know her schedule and then I can get a tentative date for the induction. In my mind, I am just playing it by ear. Wink

Posted July 5, 2007

I was scheduled an induction date! Yep...the OB called me Tuesday and says she has booked me a room at the birthing center. I will be going in July 18th (at 11:45 pm) and having my lil' girl sometime on the 19th. I will be a day shy of 39 weeks. I am a bit skeptical, so part of me is hoping that the center is full of laboring mothers, so that I will get bumped! Wink I have NEVER been induced before around 40 weeks or after, so this baby better be as big as they say. Hopefully my cervix will start dilating before then, too.

Posted July 7, 2007

I was a bit productive...Of course, this was earlier in the week! Sabreena was in San Diego visiting her biological father (ie: sperm donor :roll:) until the 4th, so I got busy on her room, which will also be the nursery.

Her new bed pieces...

This was how much I got done the first night. I had to leave all of the hammering until the next day, as Madi and Zack were asleep in the bedroom next to this one.

All done...

And the next day, I got Calissah's crib put together (after taking it apart to change rooms~Zack had been sleeping in it!) and started to get stuff put where it should be. Still a lot to do, but I will get it done...

I will update more later...