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Well, it's been a week since we found out we are going to have a baby. This took us by surprise, considering it took us about a year and a half to get pregnant with Ben. No Clomid or going to the RE this time!!! My periods had been about every 24-26 days and I decided to chart this past month just to see where things were. Well, FF said I O'd, but it had said that before. The next thing I knew, I had 15 days of high temps. My sis n law made me go to Kmart and buy a test. The next thing I knew, two bright pink lines were there!!! I had a blood test the next day to confirm and my HCG was 606 and progesterone was 12.5. That was a little lower then they wanted it, so I went on progesterone supplements. Today, I had another blood draw to see where my progesterone is. Cross your fingers that it has gone up.