Surprise! Here Comes Baby!

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Surprise! Here Comes Baby!

So I have decided to keep a journal.

I want to remember my first pregnancy and not forget all the little things! Im already forgetting stuff and its only been a month!

So a little background....

I am 25, and became engaged October 10th, 2008 to my wonderful DBF, Tristan. We are both students and have very busy lives. We both wanted kids in about five years after our careers and financial situation were much better.

Well after booking everything for our wedding for August 22, 2009 I found out on November 24th, 2008 that surprise surprise, I was pregnant!!!!

I was so shocked! I had had a normal period two weeks prior but I was having spotting so after seeing on google that spotting could be caused by pregnancy I decided to take a test, fully expecting it to be negative!

The two lines popped up right away and as I started having a meltdown I did the math in my head... I would be due in the beginning of August! Then I started freaking out even more!!!!

So I called my DF and he came home with some more tests. After 4 tests later, all saying I am pregnant, we decided to go to the doctor. My DF was so amazing. While I was panicking like no tomorrow, he stayed completely calm and kept reassuring me that everything would be ok. I felt so lucky!
I was sent for repeat blood tests to make sure my beta levels were rising and they were. My first one was 234 and the next was 477. So I was officially pregnant!

We told our parents right away because of the wedding. We knew something was going to have to change right away! My DF's parents handled it very well and were very supportive. My parents were upset and shocked but within a few days quickly came around. I went away that weekend to the states with my Mom and I think going shopping for baby things was a good helper in that! So much fun!

So amazingly we were able to change around the wedding stuff to January 31st, 2009. Now things are coming up SOOOOO fast and we have SOOOO much to do still. Im very stressed but excited.

As for the pregnancy, it has been a whirlwind. After my blood tests I felt better, but the spotting continued and had me worried. Then the following week I had major cramping on one side and was worried it was ectopic so ended up in ER at 11:30pm at night. They kept me overnight, gave me an IV, did blood tests and then the next day did an ultrasound. The tech saw the gestational sac and yolk sac in the uterus so I was sent home. So that was reassuring until the next week I had two gushes of red blood. The next day, Dec 16th, was my booked ultrasound, so when we went to that I was so scared. I thought for sure we would be told bad news. But surprise surprise, we saw our baby and heard and saw its beating heart!! What a wonderful experience! Its heartbeat was 134 bpm! Everything looked good. I also had my first midwives appt and that went well.

So I still have had spotting but I am less worried. I think everything is going to be fine.

As for other symptoms, I am hungry ALL the TIME!!! Which probably explains why my wedding dress doesnt fit now! Whoops!! My boobs are super sure and I have been gassy, bloated and tired and had nausea. I have only thrown up once though and I feel so lucky for that. I would hate to be sick all the time.

I am getting so excited. Even though this wasnt planned, and its not the right time in our lives a baby is always a blessing and I want this little one so bad now. I cant wait to start showing, and feeling it move and all that fun stuff!

So I think that leaves me all caught up!!!!

Stay tuned for more pregnancy stories!!!