Surprise your gonna be a mother!

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Surprise your gonna be a mother!

About two months ago, I schedualed a dr's appointment for a regular checkup since the last time I had one was when I was around 10. About 6 years ago. So I figured it was time. My appointment came up on Dec 12 at 9 am and for the past week before that I felt so sick everyday:getwell:... So I answered the questions the secretary asked me. Age:16, Last Period: IDK, Im relatively late, Ever have a Pap smeer: No. Are u pregnant:Good question.:confused: I didn't know whether to think if I was or wasnt. I knew the signs but only the being sick part occured to me.So was I?:confused: The dr came in asked me a few more questions and went through with the check up. My doctor was very concerned tho and asked me to miraculously make a urin sample:gottago:. Sure no problem... I think..... So a good ten mins later, while I sat in the room waiting for the dr and what she had to say about the test results, I sat thinking about how I shouldn't be, what I'd say to both Ron and my Mother if I was, how long I was gonna wait until i told my father down in Ontario.... Finally she came in. A smile on her face. All that went through my head was, "great, she's happy, so im not:yahoo:. Why would she be smiling if I was...." She closed the door and sat down. "Well it's positive.." Being who I am, it didn't quite register... "That means Im pregnant?:!:" "Yes, so now you gotta go home and discuss with your family what your gonna do. And I wanna see you here on Friday." So i left, schedualed an appoint. for friday and walked home. Silently freaking out about what everyone is going to say and how their going to react. I've always wanted a baby. So soon tho? Well, hey. I don't stand for abortion. I embrace life... I will never go through adoption... Knowing I have a child out there in who I never gave a chance.... That just kills me. So obviously I was gonna keep it. So all in all Im around 6 weeks or more pregnant, loosing my job because of morning sickness, and 16 years old not knowing what to do anymore:help1:. it's such a great feeling.:rolleyes: