There is something growing inside me for the 1st time!

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There is something growing inside me for the 1st time!

This is my first post here, on the pregnancy journal boards. We found out last night that we are pregnant for the first time.

We have been married for just over 5 years and decided to wait to have children until later. Hubby will be 30 in March and we said we wanted to get pregnant before he turned 30. For our honeymoon we went St Lucia- we wanted to go to Hawaii but figured it was far away and I just became an RN and we couldn't take 2 weeks off. Then for our 1 year anniversary we went to Seattle and Alaska, then Disney World, the shore, Boston, Miami, and we went to Hawaii for our 5 year aniversary.

We agreed to start TTC while in Hawaii. Before we left we went clothes shopping and I was having a hard time agreeing to wanting to get pregnant. I lost a bunch of weight- 20 pounds- (that was my goal before TTC) and didn't want to ruin all of my hard work. Hubby didn't like my attitude too much, but he understood where I was coming from. I went off of BCP's last January to give my body some time to regulate itself. We BD'd almost 2x's a day while in Hawaii, even more and I knew I would be Oing while there. So I thought we definitely would conceive in Hawaii.

We came home, tried to get back into the swing of things here in good ole NJ (it's awful here) and decided we really need to move to Hawaii, either now or when we retire. As a RN and Hubby is project manager for an architect we could easily get jobs out there. So then we discussed putting off TTC, so we could move.

It was almost time for AF to arrive and I started to spot about 5 days before she was supposed to show, which is normal for me. So I started to get hopeful, and a little anxious knowing whether we conceived in HAwaii or not. 5 days pass I test and AF shows 2 hours later! I couldn't believe it- after all of our BDing! I was VERY upset but didn't let Hubby know. He made a comment that he was a little sad we couldn't "show" how much fun we had while on our 5 year anniversary, which made me cry in front of him, and he asked why was I crying if I didn't want to get pregnant, then I realized I really did want a baby and to stop being selfish to gain weight.

I found this BB, and read up on temping, etc. On the first day of my LMP I decided to start to look for fertility signs. Every morning at 6:30am, Hubby's alarm would go off, he would wake me and put the thermometer in my mouth (he wanted to be involved), and then he would write down the temp and I would put it on FF later. I started checking CM to see if there were any differences. I started to notice the temp changes throughout my cycle and wondered and got paranoid why FF wouldn't give me crosshairs, and found out I had to wait 3 days of consecutive temp increases. On day 14 it gave me crosshairs, so I O'd. Then it switched to day 15! I was so upset because we BD'd on day 13 & 14, and waited again until day 18 (don't get me wrong, we did more frequently, but those were the days around O). So I thought we missed it.

About 3 DPO I kept getting hot flashes, everywhere- at home, sleeping, dishes, cleaning, in the car, walking the dog, watching TV, at work, at school, at friends & family's houses. I had my nursing co-workers feel for a fever and they definitely agreed I had something brewing. But no one has any idea, because we decided not to tell anyone. I was feeling tired also and waking up around 4pm every night thinking it was reuining my temps.

On Sunday September 30 207 I found a lump on my right breast. I had hubby feel it, and there was no mistake it was there. Stunk I had to wait until Monday to see MD. We got in late in the afternoon on 10/1/07 and my GYN felt it, doesn't think it is anything else except some deep extra skin, but agreed I should continue to see the breast surgeon for a second opinion. I got a script to a get my first mammogram- yeah. Did I mention that all of the women in my family has had Breast CA, and some have died from it, so yeah, I'm a little paranoid. Hubby & mention to MD that we are TTC, and I started temping, etc. She said she wouldn't test us for infertility until we have been TTC for 1 year. I lied. I told her we started TTC in January (which was the month I went off of BCP's, but we didn't actually start until August 2007). She gave us some pointers, etc.

I am feeling a little irritated and very tired now. I figured my cycles are about 26-27 days. I told myself I wouldn't test until 10/13/07, which is a Saturday morning and the day of my SIL's baby shower.

Some of my symptoms:
1-8 DPO: most noticeable have been the hot flashes. I am typically comfortable in the heat and in my office it is cold, and one of my co-workers is going through the Big M right now and was wearing a sweater and I had sleeveless on. She asked me if I was sick or something, I told her I was feeling hot and another co-worker came and felt my back and forehead and she said it felt like I was running a fever. Clear mucousy nose, headaches, breakouts on face, chest and back, tingly feeling in abdomen with some cramping. My hubby must hate me by now, I have been so short tempered with him.

9 DPO: very sad in morning and crying b/c my temp dipped below coverline and I started brown spotting, and felt kind-of cold. I thought it was over and that my LP is very short (until I have currently been reading that this is a great pg sign!). Upset with GYN who told me at appointment last week cysts on ovaries are normal and she wouldn't start looking into infertility until January. Don't feel like BDing right now with Hubby which is making him upset.

10 DPO: TEMP rose! It went back up above crosshairs, I am still tingly in abdomen, and still brown spotting. Hopefully it is still implanting (if that is what this all really is about). My nose is running again and my face is flushed again. Feel constipated. Nipples are just a little sore, not much. Am very tired but I went back to sleep this morning and it felt great!

11 DPO: some cramping, very light brown spotting, very tired, runny nose/sneezing, back ache, irritable, I thought my breasts were a little larger and a small vein was showing in my right breast early AM, little dizzy, couple of breakouts on face, neck chest & back, tired, waking up at 4am for the past 2 weeks, little bit of gas (not bad yet), hot flashes!!!!

Things have been going along, some of the girls on here wanted me to test 2 days before AF supposed to arrive and others telling me to wait. Hubby and I agreed to wait, like we said we would until Friday now 10/12/07, because he said him knowing me I would be so excited at SIL's shower, I would blurt out that we were pregnant. Hubby had school Monday 10/8/07 and asked if we could BD, and since I haven't been feeling so well, I asked him to wait to make sure it wasn't anything serious. He left for school while I sat and watched TV. Then I decided I needed to test. I needed to know! I wanted to BD if we could and there were no other issues and also if I was pregnant I needed to find out if I could get my mammogram for my breast surgeon appointment on 10/18/07.

I ran upstairs to the BR and .............
I got BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hubby left for school tonight and we made a pact to test on Friday morning. He wanted to BD tonight and I haven't been feeling well. While sitting watching TV I decided to test since I hadn't gone to BR for about 2 hours, so then we could BD tonight without me worrying if what I have been feeling is pg or not.

I had 2 EPT's in the closet, I put the cap on and set it down and the line started to show! I couldn't believe my eyes, I started to cry and thought who could I call- No one! I only told my one gf who is due in about 2 weeks that we were TTC and I didn't have my cell with her home phone number, hubby accidently took my phone to school.

I wanted to surprise him in a special way, so I quickly went to Babies R Us, got a 3T shirt that says "I'm the big sister", went to Target and got ClearBlue Easy "pregnant/not pregnant" worded prg test, a "we're expecting" card for hubby, and then to the Dollar store for pink & blue latex balloons.

I got home, put the pregnancy test in a gift bag w/ pink & blue tissue paper, the card, tied the balloons to the bag, and put the shirt on my dog, Beagle Bailey. I set-up the video camera pointing towards front door and waited for Hubby to call to say he was on his way home. He did and said he would be 10 minutes.

I started getting butterflys in stomach, he walked in and says "Bailey what did mommy dress you up in now (not even reading the shirt, he walked over to give me a kiss hello and I grabbed the bag & balloons from around the corner and he was like "no way!!!!!!!"- he threw it down (without even looking in/at it) and came over and picked me up and swung me around saying I can't believe it! I love you! And he kept saying it while kissing me, with the video camera going. We weren't in the picture but you can hear us. Then I told him to look in the bag and he saw the tests and read the card. Then I told him to go read the shirt Bailey had on, and he felt embarrassed he didn't even read it when he first walked in!

I stayed on the boards late last night talking with other women and looking up as to what the baby is doing right now around 3-4 weeks old. Here is what I found:

Week 3
(counting from first day of last menstrual period)
Around 1 Week After Conception
Please keep in mind that this information is approximate. Each pregnancy is different and growth rates vary. If you have any questions, please check with your care provider.
Fetal Development: Sperm meets egg within the fallopian tube and the miracle of life begins. Although several sperm may penetrate the egg's outer layer, only one sperm will enter the ovum and fertilize it. In the middle of the ovum, the chromosomes of mother and father splash about and bits of information from both begin to form the chromosomes of your baby. At the moment of conception, your baby's gender is determined thanks to the sex chromosomes in the father's sperm. If you don't like the gender of your baby, blame dad. Neural tube forms - It will develop into the nervous system (Brain, spinal cord, hair, and skin). Already your baby has the foundation for thought, senses, feeling, and more!
Heart and primitive circulatory system rapidly form - While still in its beginning stages, this is the very life support system that will carry your child throughout his or her life.

Maternal Changes:
Around the 14th day from the start of your last menstrual cycle, one of the ripened eggs is released from your ovary and is drawn into your fallopian tube where conception occurs.
You may experience some spotting or bleeding at the time the blastocyst implants into your uterus. Don't be alarmed ~ it's normal, but not all women will experience this. Most women are unaware of the exact moment of conception.
Ideas for Dad: You may still be making regular deposits in the conception effort. Enjoy because your life is about to change dramatically!

A couple of things we did differently to get our BFP compared to our 2 weeks in Hawaii...
used the wedge
lifted hips/layed in bed
woofy & missionary positions
lots of laughter & fun

It has been so hard today to not tell anyone. And we keep seeing pregnancy commercials, getting calls from pregnant couples J& P/ M & C).

Hubby sent me a huge bouquet of flowers to work today and all of the girls asked what it was about....was I good or bad. I said "I have no clue" (even though we have our little secret for another couple of months), so I called Hubby and pretended to ask what they were for and he said "just because I love you" and they all melted.

I went to the Christmas Tree Shop in for my lunch (actually went to dealer to get car charger for cell) and went there afterwards for gift for Grandma & Chels, and I found a baby name book for $4.00- it was written last year and is great. My first gift to myself as a pregnant momma.

Last night we didn't eat dinner until very late because of all the excitement: we had Applebee's. I had chicken fingers (no sauce as ususal) with french fries, we ordered onion rings but the smell from the cheese they melted on them make me feel queasy, hubby had burger.

Tonight we had turkey tacos, I had 3 small and I feel full. Not sure if it's my uterus that is growing that is making me feel this way, but at lunch I only ate a soft pretzel, a WW lemon cake and when I got home from work, I had a WW bagel and 2 chocolate covered pretzels.

We have discussed when and how we might possibly tell the family- on Thanksgiving, we would bring over our video Hubby is putting together of Hawaii to show everyone and then we will film ourselves yelling "we're pregnant!" at the end, to see if anyone notices. I'm sure they will. Looking forward to all the months ahead and to then meet our little blessed one.

Inspirational Thoughts: That most sensitive, most delicate of instruments: the mind of a little child. ~Henry Handel Richardson

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So many things have happend since I posted last. On Tuesday, the day after we found out we are preggo's, I got a really special delivery from Hubby at work, a HUGMUNGOUS bouquet of flowers. All of the girls asked what I did wrong (or right), and I pretended I didn't know since I hadn't told anyone, and called Hubby and he said "just because".

I have been watching what I have been lifting since finding out. On Thursday I took off from work to do a training for the daycare workers as a consultant for the health dept, but on Wed night my dog threw up all over the house (thank goodness I had off) and took her to the vet and bloodwork was done and xrays. Dr. Gruber said she was anemic and saw something suspicious on the xray and I needed to get her to an ER to get an U/S ASAP. But I had to do the training first and Hubby had to cancel his doctor's appt. We couldn't get into Univ. of Penn where we took Autumn last year, so we had to make an appt for a hospital an hour away. I didn't need this, it made me so stressed out, I was crying and thought this would hurt the baby, so I tried to settle down.

We took her to the hospital and the vet had some "differentials" to what she thought was wrong......blockage in the intestines, or something called Hemmoraghic GastroEnteritis (HGE). They admitted her and needed to do more tests, give her IV fluids and IV antibiotics. Her symptoms were dehydration, and bleeding in her intestines. If we didn't take her in right away, this could have been fatal. We left her and went home.

We received a call from the vet around 11pm last night and she said she is about 80% sure she has HGE and they would recommend her staying until Saturday to get IV fluids and anitbiotics. There is no known cause to why this has happened to her. But it could happen again.

Hubby and I were talking last night and were thinking that God gave us these special needs animals for a reason, and we are so blessed to still have them here with us.

So last night when we got the call from Dr. V (vet) for the update on Bailey she kept calling her a "him"- which is understandable b/c the name Bailey is more masculine. It didn't bother me much.

This morning I called to check-in and the secretary put me on hold while she went and spoke with Dr. A(today's vet) and came back and said Bailey was sleeping and she would call me back after they did the ultrasound. I asked what ultrasound and the secretary said it was on my estimate. But I told her Dr. V last night called me saying they wouldn't be doing one b/c Bailey was doing so well. Dr. A said she was suspicious of the xray taken at our regular vet yesterday and thought she saw something around the spleen. I was upset at this point b/c Dr. V said the xrays looked normal last night. While we were there yesterday I showed the area on the xray that MY vet thought was abnormal and Dr. V said it was her pylorus of the stomach and that is anatomy of the dog (we have that too as humans). Now Dr. A thinks there might be something more wrong than HGE and that is why she wants the ultrasound. Also, Dr. A said that Dr. Vail might have given us an update on another Beagle named Bailey that was doing better than our dog!!!!! Crazy, can you believe that! Hubby said that was probably why Dr. V kept calling our Bailey a "him" on the phone last night!

So Bailey is resting today and will get the ultrasound. She received the u/s and it came back with slightly enlarged lymph nodes which could have been from the dehydration. The vet wanted to give her more fluids and antibiotics and said we could pick her up today(Saturday 10/13).

We picked her up today and she whimpered and licked our faces when she came out, all of the staff came out watching and laughing saying they've never seen a dog so happy.

Earlier today was my SIL's baby shower, and it was SO hard to not tell anyone we are pregnant. I got a little foot stool to sit on that my in-laws gave me to sit on to do the bow wreath (if they knew I was pregnant, I would have gotten the comfiest seat in the house), they asked me to life gifts for my SIL, and I pretended to be busy. I did the wreath, collected the trash and threw that away, handed SIL in the gifts, handed them off to MIL, and made the favors and had to hand them out to guests. I wasn't even really involved and felt that I was running it. By the time this party was done I was exhausted. My SIL kept saying no pressure on us, but she couldn't wait to have a shower for me. Yesterday a friend said that Hubby & I needed to give my MIL a grandchild (with her sitting there) but no pressure.

I went to my friend's house last night for dinner and did tell them, b/c I hardly ever get together with them, and they said they knew b/c I wasn't drinking. My one gf cried when I told her the story of how I broke the news to hubby. They were so happy for us, then we stated taking sex, and pregnany and baby names.

Tonight we went to a benefit for a family friend of hubby's and my patient.....hubby's friends were all there and he wanted to tell them, but thought it wasn't right b/c it's still early and not fair our family still doesn't know.

I can't wait until Thanksgiving! If my doctor's appt this Thursday with the breast surgeon doesn't go well, I will be telling our family ASAP, so we can get some support.

I am going to bed now, since I couldn't fall asleep earlier b/c I kept checking on my dog. I am so greatful she is ok, and that the baby is after all of this stress.

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Today our little Babe, is 5 weeks old and is an embryo. Many things have happened over the past week- I went to the breast surgeon to get the lump checked out I found and he believes it is a cyst, but did an exam on the rest of me and was a little concerned at what he was feeling- he said they were fibronodular and with our family history he would like some screening done. And since I am pregnant, the mammogram wouldn't be the test, but an U/S- so tomorrow is my U/S. I'm a little nervous about it.

I have been very tired lately and my breasts are a little sore and getting fuller. I have been drinking only and A LOT of water, so I am going to the bathroom more and the veins in my body, everwhere are starting to show, my breasts, arms and hip area. I have had some funny twingy feeling, sharp pain in my lower abdomen, I hope this is ok. We have exactly one week from today to see the doctor for our first prenatal visit!!!

The flowers Hubby got me are still going very strong on the dining room table for almost 2 weeks now. They are still gorgeous.

I found a per diem job at the VNA M-F 4pm-8pm flex days. I called them and they seem interested in me. This would be great for me to get now before I start to show, just in case the Perinatal will not let me work part-time, plus I want to be home with Babe after he/she is born and doing home visiting in the evenings I think would be best for us. So I will be faxing my resume to them tomorrow.

I had class tonight for nursing research, it is still awful, I almost fell asleep. Thank goodness there is no class next week, but my group is meeting for our group project.

Wow, some nausea just hit me while I am sitting here while Hubby tosses Bailey her ball and we watch the TV show "The Office", it is awesome.

Yeah for 5 week point!!!!

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I have been a little worried recently. I did my nails the other night, made my baby card box today and went and visited a friend that just bought a house and I went inside. The things that are bothering me are the smells and odors and things in the air. The nail polish, remover, glue and the particles from the friend's tearing out walls at their new house was flying all over the place. And I can't tell anyone I felt uncomfortable being there, I just covered my face and said I had allergies. I really hope Babe is ok.

Yesterday in the car driving home from returning "what to expect when you're expecting" (not such a great book)- I got my real first morning sickness feeling. I felt hot, light headed and so nauseous. Last night I felt a little nauseous when I went to go to bed, Hubby brought in a glass of water and my bread sticks and kept them on the night stand just in case I needed something to help me feel better.

I have been feeling pretty good so far. Our first appointment with the OB office is this week. We need to get ready with all of our questions for her. Can't wait!