Third Little Munchkin!

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Third Little Munchkin!

Posted: 2002-12-05 12:11

I had so wanted to start this journal on Monday (Dec 2) the first day I found out I was pregnant. But sometimes life just doesn't work that way. Especially having two very active little boys to keep me busy!

I took 2 tests on Monday, in the middle of the day, not really expecting them to come out positive. But I was taking Alex to the doctor (our FP, who is also my OB) and wanted to be able to get a progesterone level drawn while there, if I was indeed pg. Well, imagine my shock when I did the test and the line came up quite quickly. Brett keeps telling me "I told you so", seems he "knew" we would get pregnant again quickly. I feel incredibly blessed that we've been able to get pregnant so easily. This is our 4th pregnancy, and the 4th time it happened for us within the first month trying. I thank God for this blessing.

At this stage, I'm still fairly nervous about miscarriage. Even though I've had two successful pg's since my m/c, the worry never goes away. Once I get to about 15-16 weeks (I m/c'd at 14.5wks) I will really feel better. Hey, only 2.5 months to go to get there!! Well, actually I think hearing the heartbeat will help too. And I may ask my doctor for another quick peek, early u/s to check for viability. It really does alot to set my mind at ease.

It was very fun telling Brett. I chose to make a scrapbook page to tell him. So it will be the first page of the new baby's book. When I get the picture taken, I can show it here. Then telling the J2K board was fun. I didn't really announce it, just changed my signature photos to include the edd on it. Amanda (Mick'smom) was the one who posted first about noticing it! I still need to go copy all the nice congratulations wishes from the gals. I want to someday include it in a book for the baby (as well as this journal too.)

It's going to be hard waiting to tell our families. Thank goodness they aren't close by. I got picture frames to tell them with. The frames have 3 slots, so I'll put a picture of Jarod and Alex in two of the slots and some sort of cute wording in the other, like "photo to be added Aug 2003" or something like that. I just can't wait.

Well, I'm 5 weeks today, if you go by LMP, or 4 weeks if you go by when I o'd. I'll talk to my doctor when I have my first appt on the 16th. My edd is Aug 7 by LMP, or Aug 14th by O date. I'll probably just go with the LMP date. I did with both boys and then went late. Didn't bother me.

It's kind of fun/scary to think about having a third baby. Wow! It's gonna be noisy and busy and full of love in my house. Been thinking about names already. I love names. No real ideas yet, but then Alex only had a name about 6 hours before he was born! Right now I like Caitlin Frances for a girl. Caitlin is the Irish form of Catherine. Katherine is my g-g-grandma on my dad's side, and also my sister, so I like the way it ties in. And we could call her Cait or Caitie. If we have another boy, I really have no name ideas yet. We know we'll use a family name as the middle name again. Just not sure which one. I suppose whichever one fits best with the first name we choose.

Physically, I'm feeling pretty good. A little achiness low in my belly, my ligaments are stretching already. But I guess 3rh (4th) time around, my body knows exactly what to do. So far I've felt pretty good. A touch queasy if I don't eat breakfast right away, but nothing terrible. So far my breasts aren't sore like they were with the boys, but maybe that's simply my body being used to the hormones and the stretching and growing. We'll see, it's early yet. My main symptom is fatigue. I'm very tired, sleepy all day long. Of course, having 2 active boys doesn't help, especially since Alex isn't sleeping thru the night right now. Sigh... almost 13 months old and not sleeping thru. Hopefully he will be before Baby gets here.

Well, I guess this is long enough for a first journal entry. I hope to get here often to update and add notes. Of course, in the early stages, there's usually not too much going on. I guess I can see how long it takes to be into maternity stuff. LOL, probably not long as I tend to like to be comfy and regular waisted pants just don't offer that.

Can't wait to meet you in 35-37 weeks little Baby B!!

Here is the link to my ttc journal if anyone is interested in reading it.

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Posted: 2002-12-05 17:12

Our nurse called me this afternoon, got my progesterone levels back. Doc said that they are "well within normal limits". So it looks like I won't need to do the suppositories this time around. Kind of a relief, as they were messy and quite expensive. I do admit it makes me a tad nervous though. Just gotta keep my fingers crossed and keep praying. I took the last of the hpt's I had left today. It came up super quick and got much darker than the others, so I guess I really am pg. I don't know what it will take for me to completely believe it!

Here is the link to our expectnet pregnancy guess game, if anyone is interested in hazarding a guess.

game is: BabyBThree

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Posted: 2002-12-06 10:43

Oh, how I wish I could have a normal pg, free from the worries of m/c. It would be so nice, not to have to worry about what will happen. Will I end up with a healthy baby? I know I've only had one m/c, and others have had several. But it doesn't take away the worry. Part of that is my worrying nature, I tend to worry alot about some things.

And for some reason, I just still don't completely feel like this is real yet. Sure, maybe it's the fact that of course I'm not showing, don't feel movement yet, and actually don't have too many symptoms.

I'm going to try my best to relax, and enjoy this, my last pregnancy (likely). I really want to treasure it.

I guess maybe after I have my first doctor's appt, that might help. I wonder if the time will go quickly this time or if it will go slow? With Alex it went pretty quick, but Jarod was still quite young and needed lots of attention. Now the boys are pretty good at entertaining themselves, so maybe I have more time to dwell on it.

I am soooooooooo tired right now. Alex slept ok last night, only woke once and went back down quickly. But then the dumb dog kept me awake off and on all night licking her paw. (She sleeps with us!) Ughhhhhhhhh! At least it's the weekend, but we've got a birthday party to go to tomorrow at 11:30 and it takes an hour to get there, so no sleeping in for me. Maybe Sunday. Besides being tired, my bb's have started to be a little more sore, and are already feeling fuller. And still kind of a heavy feeling down low in my belly. Things stretching already?

Ok, guess I've rambled enough for now. I am so looking forward to knowing this baby, know if it's a girl or a boy. I above all else just want a healthy baby.

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Posted: 2002-12-07 21:14


Only 34w5d to go!! LOL but who's counting? Well, really I'm not counting that much. I just have always liked keeping track of how far along I am. It's especially fun early, when you can read about how baby is developing day by day. That's always so fun.

Well, we told a couple more friends today. It was actually kind of odd they didn't notice, since I was wearing MATERNITY! Yes, already in my maternity stuff. Thing is my regular jeans, even my "fat" ones were too tight around my waist. I could wear them, but it just hurt my belly, I'm really bloated for some reason. Now I do look preggers already, but mostly because I still have this roll of "baby fat" from being pg 3 times in the last 3.5 years. So... I kinda pop out quick, even though it isn't my uterus popping out yet. LOL I don't mind though. I like being pg, and I like the smiles you tend to get while pg. I'm sure I'll get some LOOKS this time around though, what with having 2 young boys already. Oh well, my life not theirs. And just let someone say something to me about "not knowing what birth control is". Grrrrr.

OK, I got off on a tangent. Anyway, we went to Ashley's 3rd bday party today and I was talking with a friend of ours, Heidi. We were talking about having babies, they don't have any yet. She was asking when we were thinking of #3. I answered "soon". And she was like "oh, soon?? how soon?" And I answered, "well, Aug". Grin! Brett hadn't really wanted to break the news so soon, but I couldn't lie to her. Besides, I'm no good at keeping secrets and he knows that. It's a wonder our families don't know yet.

I'm still feeling pretty good, and hoping it continues. Still really tired, of course. BUt got a great night's sleep last night. Alex actually slept thru, and Brett let me sleep in. So I slept from 11-9. Yay! Of course I was up 2-3 times to pee, but I still felt so much better today.

Went shopping tonight to return a couple of things, and picked up a new shirt and pair of pants. I was really bummed, we went to another mall so I could look for more maternity shirts, and this mall was so crummy. We hadn't been there in forever. But the 2 department stores didn't have a maternity section, and their Motherhood store had closed. Sheesh, all I want is a couple of long sleeve t-shirts. I have basically NO long sleeve maternity stuff since I was the biggest PG during the spring and summer.

Guess that's about it for now. I'm going to get ready and go finish decorating the house for Christmas. Yay, I love Christmas lights and decorations. Just wish I'd gotten it up earlier. Oh well!

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Posted: 2002-12-08 20:01


HO HO HO!! Merry Christmas. Can ya tell I'm in the Christmas spirit now? We finally put up our outside lights today. Yay! They look so neat. We've got icicle lights, but instead of white, they're colored ones. I like to be different. And the house is all decorated, well, as decorated as you can with a 1 year old and 2 year old running around! I feel bad that we don't have the tree "out", but I don't feel like trying to keep Alex from climbing it 24/7. Jarod would be fine, but I know Alex would be into it all the time.

Feeling okay today. A tad bit of nausea. It mostly hit when I walked by the meat/seafood counter at the grocery. Blech! The smell was nasty. Otherwise, still quite tired. But hooray, Alex has slept thru the night the last 2 nights in a row. Wow! Sure hope he does it again tonight.

I have my 1st half OB appt tomorrow, with the nurse. Juleeta is so sweet, should be fun. I'm trying to remember exactly what they do, but I can't. I think she takes a history, takes blood, and that kind of stuff. Then my 1st doc appt is next Mon, the 16th. Kind of hoping he'll do an early u/s. I don't know whether I should ask for one or not. Maybe I'll wait till the next appt, where I'd be about 10 weeks along, then we'd really be able to see something. Wow, I sometimes still can't believe I'm preggo again. This is all so exciting, even though I've done it before.

I can't wait to meet you baby. I can't wait to see who you are. I love you baby!

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Posted: 2002-12-09 10:06


Well, my first appt (with the nurse) is less than 2 hours away. Don't know why I'm nervous. It's not like anything real exciting will happen. I guess it's just that it's confirmation of things. Wow! I do plan to discuss with her which I should use for my edd, based on LMP or conception day. I'm guessing it will be LMP, that's what they did with both boys, even though I have long cycles.

Well, it's time to go get the boys and I ready to go. I'll update about the appt when I get back.

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Posted: 2002-12-09 17:26

Back from my appt this morning. I was a little disappointed that it wasn't our regular nurse who was there. Oh well. It was basically what I thought it would be. The vampire took three vials of blood, or 4, I forgot to count. And the only other thing was to take a history. Pretty easy since I'm basically healthy as a horse. And of course I had no questions about pregnancy, since I've been there done that. Now I just wait to go on Mon to the dr visit. For now my edd stays the same, Aug 7. I'll ask him about it at the appt and see if it should be adjusted for O date.

One thing that really makes me mad, we went to the mall today afterwards. Well, I can't wear my regular jeans, I'm already too bloated. Needless to say, I'm in maternity if I can't wear regular pants. Cause I don't have any regular shirts that are long enough to cover the panels on maternity pants! Anyway, I'm pushing the boys along in the double stroller. And these 2 young things, one with a stroller herself, looks at me as I walk past and says "OMG, she's pregnant again!". OMG, can you say I wanted to smack the snide smile right off her face?? How rude! I should've stopped, turned around, and said, "yes, I am pregnant again and we PLANNED it this way!" Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, some people are so rude! I guess I should get used to it, as I'm sure I'll get lots more comments the larger I get. (And yes, for those of you wondering, I do look preggo. I have a tummy pouch from already have 2 boys, and it won't suck in-little muscle control from c/s-so I look about 4 months preggers!)

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Posted: 2002-12-10 10:35


And heartburn sets in. Ughhh, not already. I hope that is was just the chili I had for dinner. But ughh, I had it ALL night and still have a touch of it now. When I was pg with Alex, I actually went on prescription Zantac, it got so bad. Hope it doesn't this time.

Feeling pretty good. A tad nauseaous here and there. Mostly not too bad. Really tired. And bb's are getting more sore everyday. Looking forward to Monday's appt with the doc. Not that anything much exciting will happen. But it seems to make it more real. I dug out the test sticks last night, just to look at them again. It still doesn't feel quite real.

Is it just hopeful thinking that I've been having feelings of girl? Of course I just want a healthy baby, regardless of gender. But I can't help thinking how nice it would be to have a girl to go with our two sweet boys. Well, time will tell I guess.

I love you little baby!

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Posted: 2002-12-11 10:45

5w6d Wow, almost 6 weeks already. The time is kind of going fast. Maybe that's because Christmas is coming soon, and time always goes fast at Christmas.

Have had a touch more nausea lately. Nothing terrible or anything. It was really bad when I went by the meat/seafood counter at the grocery the other day. And then of course not feeling great till I eat something in the morning. I am soooooo tired it's not even funny. Alex didnt' sleep well last night, though it was Jarod who woke us up the first time. Grrr. But dh, saint that he is, got up with Alex and let me stay in bed. I wish I knew why my 13 month old wont' sleep thru the night. It's making this early pg stuff that much harder. I guess that's just what happens when you have older kids. Man, I sure hope I can handle three of them. Sometimes I feel like I won't be able to, but I know once I get past the first 6 months or so, it won't be so bad.

I don't know why, but I'm feeling a bit down. Just feeling blah and like I've not done anything worthwhile. Hopefully this will pass soon. I hate feeling like this.

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Posted: 2002-12-12 10:51

6 weeks today!

And feeling it. I felt really crummy when I got up this morning. Ick. I guess maybe I better keep some crackers by the bed or something. I still feel kinda yucky, even after having some breakfast. And oh man I am sooooooooooooo exhausted. I know it's all part and parcel of being pg, but sheesh. I'm already looking forward to the 2nd tri and it's still a ways away.

I can't remember if I wrote about this yesterday, but baby has a name now. Butterbean! That's what I'm calling my sweet lil one. Nowhere near any real names. LOL, probably won't have one till birth. Of course, dh and I haven't even really discussed names yet. But we still have PLENTY of time.

I'm getting so anxious to be able to tell family. Only 1 week till dh's folks will know, when they're here for their visit. I'm hoping to send my dad's gift today, which will announce it. And still 2 weeks from Sat until my mom will know. Arghhh, the waiting is tough. I've never been good at secrets.

I'm done for now. Gotta go sit down and rest. Taking the boys out to Walmart when Alex gets up from his nap. Yuck, but we need milk and diapers, all the good stuff. Oh, at least one good thing, Alex slept thru the night last night. Till 6:20 this morning. Yay!!!!!! Hopeful again for tonight.

I love you lil Butterbean!

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Posted: 2002-12-13 11:08


That's how I feel today. Pukey. Blech. I haven't gotten sick, but I feel so crummy. I guess I should look at it as another good sign that things are going well. And hey, if the whole more m/s=girl thing holds true, then this would be a girl! I am having girl feelings. I guess we'll see. It's a hard thing to decide when to find out. Brett isn't much help there either. Of course, there's time. (I know, I've talked about this before!!) But at this point I don't have much else to talk about.

Feeling a bit better since eating some crackers for breakfast. Sure is gonna make it hard to figure out what to eat, what sounds good. Cause right now nothing really sounds that good.

Well, that's it for now. Gonna go try to rest a bit, even though Alex isn't taking a morning nap. Oh well, guess we're all gonna take a nap around noontime then. Hope I can last 2 more hours. I'm exhausted, Alex didn't sleep well last night.

Love ya Butterbean!

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Posted: 2002-12-13 13:31

Well, I had some lunch and so far so good. Though I do still feel kind of icky, I don't feel as bad as I did before. Hopefully it will stay that way. Only a half hour before I lay the boys down for naps and then head that way myself. Yay! I can't wait for a nap, I am so doggone tired. Looking forward to Monday's appt. Hopefully the weekend will go fast!

Love ya Butterbean!

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Posted: 2002-12-14 21:42


More m/s. Actually, it's kind of a vague feeling of nausea most of the time. Sometimes it's worse, sometimes better. Shopping at Walmart was NOT fun tonight. Everything just looked/sounded icky. Guess that's one way to keep your impulse buying down, go grocery shopping with m/s.

Went to a Homemade Gourmet party this morning. It was fun, had some really yummy food (which I actually felt hungry for!) and got to visit with friends. Now most of the rest of our friends know that we're preggers again. I think there are probably just a few here in town that don't. Now just a few more days till our families know too.

Guess that's it for now. Feeling yucky. I'm gonna go take a nice bath and go to bed!

Love ya Butterbean!

Posted: 2002-12-15 21:48


Still feeling

Ughhhh. I'm not used to feeling this way while pg. It's going to take some getting used to. I pretty much feel crummy 24/7. Oh yay. It's hard to want to eat, because nothing sounds good. Then when I do eat I end up with heartburn and still feeling sick because I feel too full, no matter how little I actually ate. I know all the books say to keep a little bit in your stomach to help ward off the nausea, but that is hard to do sometimes.

Looking forward to tomorrow's dr appt. I like that I can have it in the evening hours, but it sure makes the day drag too. I need to take back a maternity shirt I got the other day, so I'll probably do that before the appt. Gotta find out if dh is gonna come or if we're gonna trade vehicles (and give him the boys).

Well, I need to go finish a scrapbook page and then go make my bed. And then I'm going to bed early. Alex didn't sleep well last night and I was up with him. Yawn! So tired.

Love ya Butterbean.

Posted: 2002-12-16 10:07


Only 9 hours and 13 minutes till my dr's appt. I'm being so silly. But I can't wait for it. It's finally here. I wish I didn't, but I can't help feeling paranoid that something is wrong. I know I felt this way with both the boys' pgs, convinced something would go wrong. I just want this little one so much.

Feeling a bit better so far today than I did over the weekend. Extremely tired today, even though I slept really good last night.

Not much else is going on right now. Trying to keep my eyes open. It's 9:04 am and I can barely keep my eyes open. Well, it's almost time for Alex's nap, so I better go do that. I'll be sure to post an update of the appt later this evening.

Love ya Butterbean!

Posted: 2002-12-16 22:44


Had my appt tonight. Everything went very well. They were running a bit late, which is very unusual. But he did my pap and breast exam. Asked if I had any questions. Which of course I don't really have any. I did ask about my heartburn and what I can take. And about this dumb plantar wart on my toe. Then I asked him if he'd do a quick u/s for me for reassurance. And of course, being the great doc he is, he did. We got to see the beautiful little line that is Butterbean. And the little blinkety-blink of the heartbeat. So faint and tiny I had to ask to be sure of what I saw. He said everything looks wonderful. And he'll do an u/s at our next appt. We'll really be able to see a baby next time. Wow!!

I feel so much more at ease having seen my sweet babe. I'm even more in love than I was before.

Love you Butterbean!

Posted: 2002-12-17 11:22

6w5d... wow it's going fast already!

Not feeling too bad today. A little off, but nothing terrible. Mostly just really tired. Even though I slept great last night (thanks Alex!). Looking forward to afternoon naptime again. Like always. And looking forward to the 2nd tri energy.

Have to venture out to the post office today. Yuck! Not looking forward to that at all. I'm getting so excited to tell everyone. Only 2 more days and dh's folks will know. It's hard keeping secrets.

Love you Butterbean!

Posted: 2002-12-18 13:00


Unfortunately, I feel quite icky again today. I know that it's a good sign and I try to take it that way. But it's so hard when you feel so yucky. Especially with 2 little ones running around.

I had my first craving last night. I was trying to figure out what to have for dinner. NOTHING that we had here at the house sounded good. I was teasing dh that the only thing that actually sounded good was Chinese. And of course after I said that, it WAS the only thing I wanted. I ran out and got some broccoli chicken. Mmmmmmm, it tasted soooo good. First time in several days that anything has tasted good. I ate quite a bit and still felt fine. But oh, when I woke up this morning I sure felt really icky. It's gotten a tad better as the day has gone on, but not much.

The IL's come tomorrow. MIL,FIL, and BIL. It's gonna be a crowded house.

That's about it for now. Still not feeling great, so I'm going to go sit down. And I need to get some lunch for the boys.

You may notice a change in the style of my entries. I'm going to start writing TO Butterbean from now on. In the style of my friend Shari (gldnone).

Love you Butterbean, grow strong!

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Posted: 2002-12-19 17:37


Hello sweet baby Butterbean! Mommy is not feeling so good again today. My tummy is very upset and I have lots of heartburn. Nothing sounds good to eat, but I know I need to eat for both of us.

I tried to take a good nap today, but there were some noisy neighbor kids outside screaming and making their dog bark. I was very frustrated. Also because they woke your brother Alex up.

We've started looking at names for you just a little bit. Well, for names if you are a girl. So far mommy likes girl names that end with an "N" sound. Like Kristen, or Megan. (Although those 2 choices aren't high on my list, I do like them.) I do have one favorite right now, but I won't mention it here. Want to keep it a secret for awhile. If you are a girl, your middle name will be Frances for my grandma, your Nana's mom. Now, if you are a boy, we haven't started looking at names yet. It will be a tougher thing to come up with another boys name that we really like. Don't worry, I know we will find one that will be perfect, if you are a boy! It will just take us some time. And hey, time we've got. About 33-35 weeks still!

Well baby, I'm going to go try and rest. I'm still tired and not feeling well. Your grandparents (Daddy's mom and dad) and Uncle Ryan are coming tonight. We have to get ready to go pick them up at the airport. Then we get to tell them about YOU tonight!

Love you baby Butterbean. Grow strong sweet one!

Posted: 2002-12-20 20:37


Hello sweet baby. Mommy is still feeling pretty icky today. I'm also very tired. Things are going good though. And today is Friday, so it's the weekend, and I can catch up on some sleep.

Your brothers are having lots of fun with grandma and grandpa and uncle Ryan. They sure do love to be silly. Grandma and Grandpa were very excited to learn that you were coming. And Grandpa says maybe you'll be born on his birthday, which is Aug 10. That would be nice. Then they joked about you being born on daddy's birthday, which is the 22nd. I sure hope not, because that means you'd be really late!! I don't want to wait that long to meet you. Only 33 or so weeks left.

Mommy is getting very excited for NEXT weekend to get here so that I can tell your Nana (my mommy) that she is going to have one more sweet grandbaby.

Well, that's about it for today sweet one. Keep growing strong for mommy.

I love you Butterbean!



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Posted: 2002-12-22 11:03


Hello sweet baby. How are you doing today? Growing bigger and stronger everyday, huh? My sweet baby. Mommy has been feeling ok the past few days. Not great, but not terrible. Maybe the worst of the m/s is going away already? It would be nice, but I won't count on it. I'm still really, really tired. I think I could have gone to bed at about 7 last night, I was so tired.

Your grandparents are still here, and Uncle Ryan. They leave tomorrow. Tonight we're going to go ride on the Christmas train. That should be fun.

I guess that's it for now baby. Only 4 weeks from tomorrow until we get to see you again on the u/s. I can't wait.

I love you Butterbean.

Posted: 2002-12-24 14:01


Hello sweet baby Butterbean! Hope you are doing well today, growing bigger and stronger. Mama is doing ok. Tired today and still feeling kind of icky. But I know that means you are doing well, so it's worth it! Guess what baby? We got somewhere around 6-8 inches of snow yesterday and this morning. It's really very pretty. And we'll get to have a white Christmas. We're going to take your brothers out to play in it later I think.

Grandma and Grandpa made it out ok yesterday, even thru all the snow. Their flight was late, but they made it home safely. They're so excited about you.

Mommy is very excited too! It's been so hard not to tell your Nana when I've talked to her on the phone. Only 3 more days till she finds out!

Well sweet one, mommy is going to go lay down and rest while daddy is out shopping. Looking forward to Christmas eve and Christmas day.

I love you little one!

Posted: 2002-12-25 18:28


Merry Christmas sweet baby!! What a blessed day. It has been very quiet and nice, just your brothers, daddy and me. Quiet, relaxing. A wonderful Christmas. But how fun it will be next year when you are here. And your brothers will help you open your gifts! Hope that you are growing big and strong for us. It's getting closer to the time we'll see you again. Not close enough for me though. I can't wait to see you again and see how you've grown.

Today we went outside and played in all the snow. It was really fun, and actually not too cold out, which was really nice. It's going to be so fun having 3 of you to play in the snow with someday.

Well sweet baby, mommy is very full from a yummy Christmas dinner. I'm going to go take a nice warm bath and relax. And then come back out and play with your brothers and their toys.

Oh, daddy and I were discussing names last night. Of course, no decisions were made. And he really hadn't come up with any ideas yet, but it's a good thing to start talking about them anyway.

I love you lil Butterbean!


Posted: 2002-12-27 10:22


Wow, the time is going fast. Not super fast, but fast enough that I can't believe I'm 8 weeks already. Only 25 more days till our doctor's appt and we get to see you again!

Here is a picture of us from last night, right at 8 weeks.

Hopefully tonight will be the night that Nana finds out about you. I want to give her the frame that announces your August arrival when we get to Uncle Keiths tonight. But it might be late and they might not be awake. I hope so, because if they aren't I have to figure out how to disguise this belly until she opens the gift tomorrow. That won't be easy, as I really don't have anything to wear to hide it.

I love you Butterbean.

Posted: 2002-12-30 11:49


Hello lil baby! Hope you are well today. Mommy is feeling kind of yucky today. Lots of m/s and I'm also having lots of sinus pressure and a headache from it. No fun at all.

Well, almost everyone knows now that you will be arriving. We gave the picture frame to Nana on Friday night when we got to Uncle Keith's house. It took her just a minute to get it, but then she did. And showed it off to everyone. It was lots of fun telling her when all the family was there. Everyone was very happy for us. Now only Grandpa and Grandma Merrell still need to be told. But I still need to mail their gift that tells them.

I'm getting excited, it's almost 2003. Almost the year that you will be here. And only 21 more days until our next doctor's appt. 3 weeks from today we'll get to see you again. I'm getting so excited.

Oh how I wish I could decide when to find out whether you are a boy or girl. It would be so fun to find out early. But it's also so exciting to wait until birth and have Daddy announce it. I'm just ready to get to know you.

I love you lil one! Grow strong.

Posted: 2003-01-01 21:25


Almost 9 weeks. Wow, we're moving on along aren't we little one? Happy New Year, 2003. This is the year that you will be born. Only about 7 months and a few days till you arrive. I can't believe how fast it seems to be going.

The past couple of days mommy has really been feeling icky again. I'm looking forward to the m/s part being over with. And now it's only 19 days till our appt. I can't wait to see you little one.

I guess that's about it for now little one. It's time for mommy to go pick up all your brother's toys. And someday you'll see what a tast that is.

I love you butterbean.

Posted: 2003-01-05 15:21


Hello sweet baby who is making mommy feel so yucky. The first trimester is almost over right? And I will feel better, right? I sure hope I don't end up being one of the ones who feels bad much longer than that. Ughhhh. I just want to be able to eat anything I want. Heck, I just want food to sound good again. Though I know that the m/s is a good sign that you are growing well and strong.

We went shopping yesterday. Whew, what a day. It wore me out, but we got a lot of things done. We got some new books. And we took back things that needed to be returned. Mommy got to buy some scrapping stuff. And then we went looking for a new Baker's rack for the kitchen. We finally found one and mommy talked the salesman into a really good deal. Yay. But we were all sure tired when we got home.

Only 2 weeks from tomorrow till we get to see you lil bean. I'm so excited for this and hope the time goes quickly.

I love you lil Butterbean!

Posted: 2003-01-08 10:19


Wow, almost 1/4 of the way done. The time is going so quickly. It's amazing. You'll be here before we know it.

I had a dream last night. I dreamed that you were twins. A girl and a boy. Hmmmm. Not quite sure what to make of that. I guess we'll have to wait and see what the u/s shows in 12 days. I think I would be completely shocked to see 2 of you in there. For now, I'll just plan on one.

Feeling so-so lately. Some days are good, some not so good. Still really, really tired too. Hopefully just a few more weeks and I'll feel back to my old self again.

That's it for now little one. I love you butterbean.

Posted: 2003-01-09 22:03

10 weeks!

Hooray for us baby, we're 1/4 of the way there! Only 30 or so more weeks till we get to meet you.

Mommy is still feeling crummy today. Ughh. I wish I knew how much longer this would last. It could be not very long, or it could be quite awhile. You're worth it though.

I did a poll today asking all of our friends on the net whether we should find out if you are a boy or girl. So far, the vote is almost 2 to 1 to find out. Of course we haven't decided yet, and it will still be awhile. But it's been fun to get everyone else's thoughts on it too.

Well baby, mommy is tired and I'm gonna go lay down. I love you sweet lil bean.

Posted: 2003-01-11 16:00


Hello sweet baby. Well, today mommy seems to be feeling a little bit better. At least in regards to the m/s. Unfortunately, yesterday I woke up with a super stiff neck that does not seem to be going away. Sure is no fun.

Well, I put up 2 polls, one on J2K and one on Aug '03, just to get opinions on whether we should find out early if you are a boy or a girl. Got lots of wonderful thoughts on it. And as of right now, the vote stands 27 to 12 in favor of finding out. I of course, change my mind every hour on whether I want to or not. Still plenty of time to decide and it sure is a difficult decision.

Love you little bean. Mommy's gonna go rest now.

Posted: 2003-01-13 12:35


Hello sweet bean! Mommy is very, very tired today. I seem to be getting more tired as we go along rather than less. Of course, I didn't sleep real well last night, lots of dreams and tossing and turning.

I had another dream last night that you are boy/girl twins. In this one I delivered you at grandma's house and I was nursing you both and rocking you. Very strange. Only one more week till the doctor's appt and u/s and we'll see if there is just one of you in there or maybe two. Wow! I can't wait to know for sure.

Love you lil bean!

Posted: 2003-01-15 11:23


Almost 11 weeks. Yay!! We're cruising now. Actually, the time is going pretty fast. All except these last few days until the u/s. Mommy is so excited, I am finally (knock wood) feeling a bit better. I can eat and everything. Food actually sounds good and doesn't make me feel yucky to eat it. I sure hope it continues, because it's nice to feel normal again.

Not much else is going on. I'm still very tired. I could go to bed almost right after we put your brothers to bed, at 7:30. I feel that tired sometimes. Hopefully that will be getting better soon too. No more dreams of twins. Guess we still just wait and see.

That's it for now sweet one. I love you lil bean!

Posted: 2003-01-19 12:10


Hello Bean! How are you today my sweet lil one? Mommy is doing well. Tired, but mostly not feeling too bad. I'm SOOOOOOO excited about our doctor's appt tomorrow. We get to see you!! Hooray. Only 31 more hours. I can't wait!

Not much else is going on right now. It's time to go work on the laundry. Which is all clean but needs to be put away. Sigh... there's a major task.

Well, that's really about it for now sweet bean. I'm just excited to see you tomorrow. I promise I'll write more then.

I love you!

Posted: 2003-01-21 11:42


We saw you last night baby Bean! How wonderful and beautiful you looked. And how much you were moving around. You were kicking your legs so much and moving your arms around. It was so wonderful to see you in there and know that everything is going good. And that there is only one of you in there! You measured just about what I expected 11w1d, which puts it between LMP and O day for me. Perfect, just right. I'm so excited sweet one.

The way you were moving around I told daddy "it must be a girl, look how active". And if you turn out to be a boy, forgive mommy for making assumptions. After seeing you it makes it that much harder to think about waiting to find out if you are a girl or a boy. We still have plenty of time to decide, but oh such a hard decision.

So happy baby. I'm just walking around with a big dopey smile on my face. I'm so happy knowing that you're doing great in there.

Here are the pictures of you that we got!

Our next appt is not until Feb 25. Gosh, it seems so far away. But next time we'll get to HEAR your heartbeat. We got to see it last night, next time we'll get to hear it. Oh how wonderful.

I love you baby Bean.

Posted: 2003-01-24 18:22


Hello sweet little bean of mine! How are you doing today? Mommy is doing good, just a little tired. But it's cold and gray and gloomy out too. I can't wait until spring. I'm hoping it will perk me up and give me energy. I just have no motivation to do much of anything right now.

Here are some pictures of us again. Daddy took them last night when we were 12 weeks. I can hardly believe we're almost done with the first trimester. I can hardly believe in only 28 or so more weeks, you'll be here with us. I'm getting more and more excited every day. I love you my little bean!!

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Posted: 2003-01-28 18:19


Hello sweet Bean! There's not a whole lot going on with us right now. We're just kind of in that limbo time. I can't wait until I can feel you moving inside. It hopefully won't be too much longer.

One thing that is really bugging me is the shortness of breath I'm having. It doesn't hurt and I'm not worried, it's just annoying. It's like I can't take a deep enough breath for it to feel satisfying. Some of the gals on my ICAN list have suggested it might be iron anemia. We'll see. I'm going to try and get more iron into my diet. And of course if it's still going on or becoming bothersome, I'll ask the doctor about it. I also suspect it's partly hormonal. I just hope that it goes away soon. I really hate this feeling of not being able to breathe.

Well, I guess that's about it for now sweet one. Mommy loves you.

Posted: 2003-02-01 18:31


Hello sweet Bean! Today is Mommy's birthday. Unfortunately, something very sad happened for our country today. The space shuttle Columbia disintegrated/exploded on re-entry. There are just pieces that have made it to the ground and all 7 crew members died. It's very sad, and now will be a very sad reminder on my birthdays in the future.

You and I are doing well. My ligaments to my uterus were stretching last night alot. It was really uncomfortable for me. But I know it just means you are growing big and strong. Daddy and I are going out for a special dinner tonight. I'm very excited. We have a babysitter for your brothers, so we get to go all by ourselves. It will be strange to leave them, as we only have a couple of times and that was with family.

I love you baby Bean!

Posted: 2003-02-03 10:28

Hello Bean!

Just another update from mommy. I'm a little sad today. Nothing too major, but I talked to Amy yesterday, who was supposed to be our doula. And she can't do it. She has good reason, she's pregnant too and due just 10 days after you are due. So it's not like she could do it. But I was still sad. I invited her to be there for your birth, just as a friend and to witness it. I was able to get Diane to be our doula, she said she was honored. Diane was our childbirth instructor for the classes we took when I was pregnant with your brothers. So it worked out fine, and I feel good having Diane there too. Now as long as Amy and I don't go into labor at the same time, since Diane is her doula too.

Well, that's really about it for now sweet baby. Mommy is still tired from this weekend. And the weather has really changed again. It was 72 both days this weekend,and today the temps are dropping until it's only 39. Yuck! I'm ready for spring.

I love you baby Bean.

Posted: 2003-02-06 18:07

Hiya baby Bean! We are 14 weeks today. Officially 2nd trimester. Wow, the time is moving right along. Before I know it, we'll be halfway there! Every day I get more excited thinking about meeting you.

I'm feeling well, still tired alot. Today it is snowing and that doesn't help. I would love to just curl up in bed or on the couch with a good book. But I can't do that with your brothers to take care of. I'm pretty sure that I've been feeling you move recently. It's not a lot, just a thump here and there. But I know it's not gas. So exciting. I can't wait until I feel you more regularly. Shouldn't be too much longer.

I love you baby Bean.

Posted: 2003-02-14 12:09


Happy Valentine's Day baby bean! Much love to you in there. Let's see, anything new? Well, not much. You and I are coming along great. I think I've felt you move again, once or twice. Mommy has been on antibiotics for a sinus infection. I'm finally free of the daily headaches that I had for 2 weeks. Yuck! Feeling better, although still stuff (just winter and pg stuff now I guess.) Our next appt is 1 week from Tuesday. We'll get to hear your heartbeat for the very first time. I'm so excited! We'll be almost 17 weeks then.

Daddy and I still haven't decided whether or not to find out who you are. Of course even if we decide TO find out, you may have other plans. I guess we'll see when the time comes. We need to start working on names again, otherwise you may just end up as Bean. And we can't have that can we? Cute as a nickname. Ok, Mommy is being silly.

I'm looking forward to spring getting here. I'm tired of the ups and downs in the weather. It's supposed to be about 70 today, but only 45 and windy tomorrow. Yuck! No wonder my sinuses are all messed up.

Well sweet one, I better go for now. I promise to report back soon. We'll be taking more pictures of us (belly pics) next week, so I know I'll be back then! Till next time...

I love you little bean!

Posted: 2003-02-28 11:38


Hello my sweet baby bean. I am so sorry it's been so long since I've written here.

Mommy has had a cold for 6 days now and am feeling pretty miserable. Plus your brother Alex has had a double ear infection and not felt well either. Did I mention we also got 10 inches of snow on Sunday? We're all anxious for winter to be over and spring to get here.

I'll post our 16 week pic at the bottom. We had our 16 week check up on Tues, at 16w5d. Everything is looking good. Mommy has gained 2lbs. Your heartbeat was good and strong in the 150's. We had a nurse practitioner student who did the exam. It's a good thing mommy wasn't a first time mommy, because it took her awhile to find your heartbeat. I might've been nervous, but I knew she was looking too high. But all is well. We're measuring right on track at 17 weeks. Oh and the silly lady saw in my charts that I'd had one c/s and asked if I was going for the repeat. I was like "uh, no way, I had a VBAC last time, doing that again!" What was she thinking? Oh well. Everything looks good for us little one. I think we'll get to see you again at the next appt. And if we do we might get to see who you are. We still haven't decided for sure, but I think I'm leaning towards knowing. We'll see, still plenty of time to decide. I better go for now. I love you sweet bean!

Here's our recent 16 weeks pic!

Posted: 2003-03-10 10:46


Hi sweet bean! How are you doing in there? Mommy feels you moving around every once in awhile. I love it! I can't wait till I'm feeling you more.

I'm a little frustrated right now with your daddy. I've been thinking alot that I really would like to have your birth here at home. I know I would be more comfortable, less tense, etc. But so far I haven't been able to get him to talk to me about it. Granted I've only brought it up a couple of times. The first he changed the subject. And then last night, when I was trying to get him to talk about it, he fell asleep. I know he was tired, but still... I'm just frustrated. I really want this to happen. Part of it I'm sure is the money. It would cost us about $2000 out of our own pockets, cause insurance doesn't cover it. Sigh.

Oh well, I guess we'll get it figured out. I love you sweet bean. More later.

Posted: 2003-04-01 11:28


Hello Baby Boy!! That's right, we know you are a boy now! I'm sorry that mommy has been so bad about updating this journal. I'm sick again with another sinus infection and just haven't been up to doing much of anything.

Let's see. First, here are our 20week pictures.

We had our appt on March 25, one week ago today. Everything was looking fine. I asked about our placenta possibly being at the front of my uterus, because I wasn't feeling you move as strongly as I felt your brothers. So he did a quick u/s for us. Sure enough it's right in front. (Although you've been moving alot more lately and much stronger too!!) So he asked if we wanted to find out who you were and we said yes, having already decided we did. And you were quite proud to show off your "boy parts". It was very obvious you were a boy even before he told us.

Here's one of your sweet face.

And here's one of your boy parts. X marks the where your scrotum is, the two whitish lines to either side are your legs.

We stopped at Babies R Us afterwards and picked out your coming home outfit. And we found the wallpaper border for your nursery. Hooray it's got blue that matches the blue paint that's already in there!! YAY.

So now I've just been digging out all your brother's little bitty baby clothes and getting them ready for you. Don't worry you'll get your own stuff too, but also lots of hand me downs, which is great too.

Now daddy and I are working on your name. I think we're close to deciding. I'll let you know when I do.

Love you my sweet baby boy. As I'm typing this you're in there thumping me. Perhaps you know I"m talking about you? Oh and I first saw your kick from the outside on Sat and saw it yesterday too. So exciting. Pretty soon daddy will be able to see you move and feel it too!

Posted: 2003-04-06 13:40

Hello my sweet baby boy! Guess what? You have a name! We actually decided a few days ago, I just haven't gotten here to write about it.

You are Logan Clifford B. I'm so happy that we've decided. We're able to call you by your name now. And we're teaching your big brother Jarod to say it too! He's doing a really good job so far.


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Ack!! I've been a really bad mommy about writing in your journal. Forgive me sweet one.

Since I last wrote, we've grown so much. It's only about 6 weeks or so until we see you in person. I can't wait. I'm so excited to meet you and see what you look like and start getting to know your personality. My sweet baby Logan.

We have a doctor's appt today for our 35 week checkup, I'll report back on that later.

Let's see, how have I been feeling lately. Huge, swollen, tired. It's all worth it, you are worth it. But I sure am ready for you to be here and not in my belly! I've also had some pretty bad carpal tunnel in my arms. Sure makes it hard to do things when your hands are swollen and numb.

Speaking of which, it's really bothering me right now, so I'm going to cut this short. I promise to be back later with the update.

I love you little man.

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Hi Sweetie. Sorry I didn't report back on the appt sooner.

It went great. Everything looked good. Mommy's blood pressure is good. You and I are measuring right on target and my weight is good. You are still head down and posterior. Almost time to start working to get you turned around. I can't believe we're getting so close little one. OH and I asked doc to give us a size estimate of how big you are, based on what he was feeling (palpation). He says you're probably already about 6.5 pounds!! We still have probably 5-7 weeks to go, especially if you are "late" like your brothers. So you will probably be a big baby too. I'm so excited to meet you.

Although, you were a little stinker yesterday. You weren't moving nearly as much as you had been so mommy got worried. We ended up going to L&D so they could put us on the monitors and get a listen at you. You were doing great and everything looked wonderful. Guess you just wanted to worry mommy. Silly boy.

We have our next appt next Tues and then every week. Wow, it's coming so fast. Yesterday was one month till our "official" due date. Can't wait to see when you decide to come.

I love you little one.

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Been bad about updates little one. Here is from our adventure to the hospital on Monday, the 28th.

I'm not in labor, but my blood pressure is still up. Hadn't posted alot about it, has been kind of borderline since my appt last week.

Went to Walmart this morning to check it and it was 149/89, and that was basically straight out of bed. So doc says we really need to have him soon. Gonna monitor this afternoon to possibly hold off on induction till the morning. But I'd say most likely he will start the induction this afternoon. So we'll see when this little (big) one gets here.

Doing ok with it, a little freaked out by it, but overall not too bad. So thoughts and prayers will be appreciated and we'll be sure to have someone keep ya posted!

If we do induce this afternoon and it actually goes quickly, I could have 2 kiddos sharing a birthday.

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And the followup:

The good news and the bad news.

Bad news is no baby yet. (Or maybe that's sad?) Good news is everything looks wonderful.

After we got everything squared away for getting the boys taken care of (thank you Andie!!!!!) we headed down to the hospital. Got there about 2:20. Finally got hooked up to the monitors about 2:45. First b/p reading was pretty good, and for the 4+ hours we were there, they only got better. I guess forced bedrest will do that. Baby's heartrate looked great the whole time too, which was nice after it was so high during last weeks l&d visit. They finally came about 4:30 to do the labwork. And finally about 6:25 we saw my doc. (Meanwhile this whole time I"m starving because he hadn't wanted me to eat, just in case we ended up deciding to do another c/s because of the b/p issues.) But he said my b/p looked great, the baby looked great, there was no protein in my urine at all, and the uric acid levels (another indicator of pre-e) came back absolutely normal. So he said to try to rest as much as possible, imitating what I did yesterday, in other words laying around. I told him he was funny. He knows it will be hard with my 2 little guys, but said to give it my best. Make sure to keep myself well hydrated, etc.

Then he asked if I wanted him to do a vag check. I said sure, let's see if all the contractions I've been having have been doing something. So he checked and I'm a "tight 3", but I was only 1cm last week, so this is great! He did that kind of stretch and sweep thing. Had some decent contractions last night, nothing real regular. Have been losing more plug, quite a bit actually. OH and he had indicated he seemed to think it would probably be sooner than later. He didn't think I was going to go a week or more over like with the boys. I sure hope he's right. And I hope things are starting to happen. I really think they are. Actually this weekend would be a great time for things to happen.