"Tie Breaker" is on the way!! (EDD 9/20/05)

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"Tie Breaker" is on the way!! (EDD 9/20/05)


Well, this weekend I got a BFP! No we weren't "trying" but didn't try to prevent either! I would have preferred to have a new baby at the end of 2006. Mostly for financial reasons.

So here's our family profile:

me 26
DH 32
DD (ours) 15mos
DS (mine) 8yrs
DD (his) 10yrs
DS (his) 12yrs

I'm still trying to get used to the idea of a new baby! This will be the last!

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The last couple of weeks have been very emotional and confusing at times. We even considered terminating the pregnancy for many reasons but the top ones being financial and because Summer is still such a baby. Well, we've decided to continue the pregnancy. We've also decided that this will definitely be our last baby. I haven't seen my OB yet but I will ask for an epidural and I will ask for my tubes to be tied after the delivery.

This weekend we told the ILs. They are really happy. Their reaction really comforted us. I haven't told my mom or sisters yet. My mom will not be happy and I'm not looking forward to that conversation. My dad is in Houston, TX. I haven't talked to him since XMAS. I can't wait to tell him. He'll be happy. Hopefully he can come out after the baby's born.

I'm getting excited now. This is my last pregnancy and I want to enjoy it. I'm starting to bond with the new baby. I really have to come up with a nickname. Summer is still the "baby." I ask Summer, "What is mommy going to do with 2 babies?" She just smiles. She's such a mommy's baby. I'm worried about her adjusting but she's a very bright girl. I will work extra hard to make her feel included. I'm not so worried about the older kids (because they're so much older).

Well I better go now. I'll check in again soon.

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7wks 1day

I went to the doc. for my 1st nurses visit yesterday. I have to go back to follow up on the blood work on Monday. Then I'll probably go a week from then to finally see the OB.

I told my little sister last week. She's very excited! I still have to tell my mom, older sister, and dad. I'm definitely not lookng forward to telling my mom. My dad moved to Houston, TX in December. We haven't talked since XMAS :(. I really wish he were here. I would have told him by now. I haven't talked to my older sister in a couple of weeks. I better try to call her and dad soon.

This fatigue is killing me. I wish I could sleep ALL DAY!! I have to work though. That sucks. M/S is coming on. I'm starting to get nauseous here and there. That part of pgcy sucks but I know it'll be over next trimester. I still have 5/6 wks to go b4 then.

DH rearranged our room yesterday. We had a mini living room in it but we've decided to covert that section for Summer and the baby. Summer was originally going to go in her older sister's room but now she gets to share with the newbie. I think Summer will love being an older sister. Although, we will have to work very had in the beginning. Summer is used to A LOT of attention from me. I don't want her to miss that so DH will have to take over some of it while I'm tending to a newborn. I know it'll work out. Eventually, I know me, baby, and Summer will be an inseperable threesome. Poor DH, where will he fit in. I'll also have to juggle them with homework duty and other things with the older kids. Gosh, we're going to be 2 very busy parents! We will survive! Won't we?

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8wks 4days

So, a lot has happened in the last week or so. On Monday I went to follow up with the nurse. All lab results were fine. I also has an u/s! I wasn't expecting it so soon. It had to be vaginal. It wasn't too bad though. Everythin looked good. Summer was with me. We got to hear the heartbeat too! I was measuring 4 days ahead! Actually that would make more sense based on when we had sex. I'll still go by my LMP though so will the doc.

I told my mom Tuesday morning. I absolutely had to! It felt like I was keeping this dark secret that was eating away at me. The conversation went better than I expected. I'm mostly just glad its over! I also told my boss on Tuesday. I hadn't been feeling well lately so I figured I just tell her rather than making up fake illnesses. She was real cool about it. We haven't talked leave yet and probably won't for a while. If possible I'd like to work right up until the weekend before my due date. I'll have to coordinate a bit of vacation pay in there to make up a little. Hopefully I will be off from 9/19 - 12/05 (2.5mos).

I go to see the OB on 2/25. It won't be too eventful. Maybe we can try to hear the heartbeat, I'll be 10wks.

Well, nothing else for now.

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9wks 2days

So, by the third pregnancy all of those wonderful glad to be pregnant feelings are gone! Well technically I only had that thrill last pregnancy. Now, I just totally want this over. I want to flash forward 7mos and have everything ready and be on maternity leave with my baby. I'm trying not to gripe to much but I'm already uncomfortable and so so irritable.

Maybe things will get better next trimester!

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10wks 1day

The last few days have been rough. On Thursday (today is Tuesday) DS & DD picked up a stomach virus at daycare. It was so bad that the daycare closed on Friday. Just too many sick kids!

So DD & DS were sick all Thursday night into Friday. I got sick Friday and didn't get better until late Sunday. DH got sick Sunday night. I'd never heard him throw up b4 until then! It was bad for all of us. DSS &DSD were spared BUT DSS wasn't feeling too well thins morning. Hopefully, he doesn't come down with it.

I was so sick and it was confusing because I didn't know if it were M/S or stomach virus. Luckily it turned out to be the virus because I haven't vomitted since Sunday. My fingers are crossed!

I guess I'm a quarter of a way there with 30wks to go!

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10wks 3days

Today I actually felt the baby moving!! I couldn't believe it. I thought it was gas but it wasn't! Since this is my 3rd, it seems that things are moving along faster. I know I won't feel any prominent movement for a while but it was reassuring to feel the little one.

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I saw my OB today. It was a really quick visit Thank God! He just did a pap & culture. Confirmed my due date. We talked briefly because he was off to deliver a baby! I have to go back in a month!

DH and I went to Target today. We picked up 2 maternity outfits and some outfits for our Godchildren & DD.

Well my work shift is almost over. TGIF!!!

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11wks 1day

I had been feeling pretty good until last night. By the time we made it home I was ready to vomitt. I barely made it to the bathroom. I was sick all night and a bit this morning. No throwing up since I've been at work though. Hopefully that was not the start of a trend!

Only a few more weeks and I'll be out of the first trimester. I NEED energy. Hopefully I will have a lot more next trimester!

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12 weeks 4 days

I haven't posted in a while. Well, there's nothing really new to report. I've still been having bouts of vomitting. Even at work :(. Hopefully this stage will be over soon but I don't know because it started so late.

DD knows that there's a baby in my stomach. When we're laying in bed together she lifts my shirt and pats my belly. She also kisses it and lays her head on it. She smiles and smiles. Its so cute. People say that she will be mad when the baby's born. I don't think so. She's going to have to be very involved though. That may make my job a little tougher but I know that if she doesn't feel involved with the baby's care then she'll be hurt. I'm so concerned about her feelings. It should all work itself out though.

Nothing has really changed lately. Just patiently waiting :).

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Wow, just yesterday I was telling DH that I didn't feel the baby move much. Well, today he/she has been jumping around all day. I think its because I had some pineapples & peaches for breakfast. I know citrus always get them going. Poor baby is going to be tired this evening.

DH and I think this may be a boy. I really started feeling this way Friday. I'm still so fatigued all the time. I remember it being this bad with DS but not with DD. Of course I know each pg is different , etc., etc. but I'm starting to be convinced that this is a baby boy. Hopefully I'll know within the next few weeks. I really want to start shopping.

Well nothing much to report. I have a docs appt this Friday. I'll update after.

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Friday 3/25

14wks 4days

I saw the doc this morning. We heard the baby's heartbeat. He said the baby is growing great. There is only one baby. I'm just big because I just had a baby so my abdominal muscles aren't as strong which means I'm showing early. I also gained 3 pounds. Everything else is great. I go back in 4wks.

Everything else is pretty much the same. I can't wait to start buying for the baby. Oh, he didn't even mention an u/s. Hopefully he schedules one at my next visit.

Easter is this weekend. I'm still not quite sure of what we're doing!

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Monday 3/28/05


I'm officially in the 2nd trimester!! I've been doing pretty well. Still pretty fatigued but I think that will be a symptom throughout!

Easter was really nice yesterday. We went to church with my mom and sister. The kids and I were really pleased that DH joined us! He hasn't been to church with us in a while. We haven't been regularly in a while either. We are trying to give new life to our family and this is part of it.

After we had dinner at our house. Lots of family and friends. Everyone had a nice time.

Well I'll update soon.

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16 WKS

Just checking in. I guess I'm technically 4mos along today. I should start feeling stronger more regular movement soon. 4 more weeks until the halfway point.

Things are pretty good. I'm feeling o.k. lately. A bit more energy so I'm not a zombie. Well this day of work is almost over. This a short week for me. I;m only here until Wednesday. I'm really looking forward to a LONG weekend.

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I went for my OB visit this morning. I'm 18wks 2days. I've gained 4 punds in the last 4weeks. Total weight gain is 7lbs so far. Baby is great. Growing well and heart beating away. I've been having headaches lately but my blood pressure is good. So that means they are just from stress. That's no good but the baby is great.

I'll have an u/s on 5/12. I can't wait! DH is so anxious too. He predicts boy! I've been leaning toward boy but I don't really have a gut feeling. We'll see soon!

Next OB visit 5/18. That's it for now.

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Well we had our u/s yesterday. It's a BOY!! We are so excited. That really explains why I feel so different than my last pregnancy.

His name will be Sean Allen Milton. I can't wait to meet him. Only about 4 more months!

He looks good. I have to see my ob for my regular check up. It's scheduled for next week but I may push it back a week. Things have been so hectic that I need to recover. Life has just been bust with work, baseball, being sick, and sick kids! Gosh, I can't wait for some of this to ease up.

Our neighbor gave us a navy & white bassinet yesterday. We set it up last night. Summer put he baby doll in it and said go night night. That was so cute!

That's all for now. I'll be back soon!

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I had my OB visit today. I gained another 3lbs (10 so far). I'm up to 151.

My visit was quick and to the point. Everything is normal. Next visit I have the Glucose test. I'm NOT looking forward to that!

I'm feeling o.k. Just tired as usual!

I can't wait to start shopping for Sean. Hopefully next week I can do a bit. Not much though because Kion's birthday is next month. Maybe I'll get with my sister this weekend and come up with a date for the baby's shower.

Until next time...

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24wks 3days

I'm not feeling well. I have a stomach virus AGAIN! Its the 3rd time this pregnancy.

I'm at work today although I've been wanting to go home all morning. I haven't puked since last night so I guess that's a good sign. I can't wait until I'm feeling better.

In about 16 more weeks we will have our little man here. I'm patiently waiting right now. Over the next 4mos, we will be feverishly working to prepare. I can't wait until we are fully prepared. My goal is to be ready for his first 3mos by the end of July(then just tie up loose ends in August). Hopefully it comes together.

Well, nothing else to report except that Sean is getting very strong these days. I feel him a whole lot lately.

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28wks 1day

I haven't gone back to the doctor yet. My last appt. was postponed for 3wks so I won't be seen until 7/6. I did have my diabetes test on 6/15 though.

Sean has accumulated a bunch of stuff. I plan on getting a loan against my retirement to finish up his shopping and do some other things around the house. Mostly though, it will be to get prepared for him & my Mat. leave.

I think I'm officially in the 3rd trimester next week. We're almost there!

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I saw the doctor yesterday after 7wks! All is well. I've gained 16lbs so far. With 11wks to go, that's not too bad. I passed the glucose test. The baby's heartrate was good. Nothing much else to report. I go back in 4wks.

We're almost ready for Sean. I will hopefully wrap up most of the shopping this month. I will finish off with my mom next month! Its tough finding cute boy stuff. Then there not enough of the cute stuff to go around. I'll try Babies R us next. I haven't been there yet. I'm in love with Old Navy & I want some stuff from Baby Gap but its not priority stuff. I will hopefully get a few things 6-9mos before he's born too.

It will be a busy few days at our house trying to catch up on housework that has gone undone forever. I really don't feel like it but we need to get caught up and stay that way!

I'm so tired all the time! How am I going to work for the next 2mos? God will have to give me the strength!

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30wks 3days

Well DH and I had the house to ourselves this past weekend. We spent most of the time catching up on ALL our laundry and housework. Our new washer has sure come in handy. Everything seems cleaner! The rest of the time was spent fooling around!

All of a sudden I'm so anxious for Sean to come. I think its because we are so much more prepared now than we were even a couple weeks ago. There really aren't too many priority items left on my list. Of course I'd like to have all of that stuff before he's born but it won't kill us if we don't. The main thing we need now are diapers and wipes. Oh we also need bottles but since I'm planning to nurse I'll just get a few different kind to start out with. My mom is supposed to buy his playpen next month.

I just can't wait to not be pg anymore. Of course I can't wait to see our newest addition. I know he is so beautiful just as all the other kids are. We thought we were complete after DD (our first together) was born but I know we will surely feel complete after the birth of our son.

Well technically I have about 7wks before I'm full-term. Then the true count down begins. Although given my history, I'll probably make it right up to my due date!

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My mom and I went shopping this past weekend! We got a bunch of stuff for him including the pack N play. I never needed one before but I'm glad to have one this time. DH and I set it up in our dining room last night. Some of his other stuff has found a home there too.

Well, I have 7wks to go and not much else to buy. Mostly, we just need diapers and some other things that will be nice to have such as a boopy pillow. I also need a few things like nursing pads, maxi pads, and other stuff for the hospital.

This weekend I will start to wash and organize his clothes. I have to do a lot of organizing!

I have a doctor's appt on Wednesday (8/3). I'll update after.

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33wks 2days

My appointment today was really short. I have some questions about being confined to bed during labor. I've had my last two children at this same hospital and I've been in bed and monitored from the moment I got there. This time I'd like to be able to walk around or sit up in a chair. I'm really not sure but I want options.

Well anyway, back to my appointment. My urine is clear so no bladder infection as I feared. Thats good means no antibiotics! I've gained a total of 21lbs. I thought that was a little low but doctor is pleased and baby is growing well. Everything else is fine. I'm supposed to go back in 2wks but my doctor will be out for a surgery and I'm having a hard time scheduling an appointment. The last idiot told me that I couldn't come until September. SEPTEMBER!! I left a message with the OB nurse. I have to get in to see someone!

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35wks 3days

Gosh, it feels like time has stopped. I will be 8mos pg forever! I can't help but to look at the calendar several times per day. I just want to be on Mat. Leave and my little man to be born.

I can't wait to see Summer's face when he comes home. I know the older kids will be very excited too but this will mean a big change for Summer. I'm sure she will love her little brother to pieces. It will be a lot of work to keep her "involved". I'm gonna have to figure out tasks for her to do. I also need some stuff to keep her occupied a few times a day. Summer, Sean, and I will be alone the majority of the day during my leave. That should be interesting.

Sean is getting so strong and big. I love feeling him. I try to eat some good stuff everyday. I know he needs all the nutrients he can get right now. So, according to the pg calendar, he's officially 'developed'. he just needs to mature (mostly his lungs) and put on some fat. I'll be full-term in less than 2wks! He will be here in less than 5!

Well, I gotta run. Our hospital tour and next doctor's appt. is coming up on the 24th & 26th. I'll go to weekly appointments after that.

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36wks 4days

I had a doctor's appointment today and it was uneventful! Baby is great. I gained 3 more pounds (1 per wk since last appointment). He did the GSB test and that was that. I talked to the nurse to get my disability straightened out. I hope its done by next week or I won't be so pleasant.

I'm feeling a lot of pelvic pressure and pain. I really give myself two more weeks. I will be surprised if I make it much further past that.

I'll be full-term Monday!!

I have to pick up some diapers, burping cloths, and bassinet sheets for him and then we're done! We got tons and tons of stuff from our sitter's cousin. He won't need more clothes for a good little while. Of course that won't stop us from getting the occasional outfit :).

Until next time...

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37wks!!! 8/29/05

YAY, I'm full-term!!! O.K. just a little celebration although we could potentially have to wait 3 more weeks for his arrival.

I'm SO uncomfortable these days. I remember this from my last two pregnancies. It bad though. Last night I laid in bed from around 7:30 - 10 trying to get some sleep. I finally fell asleep sometime after 10 but was up several more times. My back hurts. I have wierd dreams. I have to pee constantly. The bad thing is that I'm also pretty thirsty at night so the drinking and peeing become a vicious cycle.

On a better note, we are ready for him to come! I finished washing and organizing this past weekend. I bet I'll change a few things around a few times just to keep busy.

I packed my hospital bag too. I just need to get a disposable camera and get the digital camera ready to go.

DH and I BD yesterday. Surprisingly it was pretty good. It has been pretty uncomfortable lately. Last time DH swears that he felt the baby's head too. He probably did because he is pretty low these days.

Well, three more weeks (or less) and our little man will be here. I can't wait! This is killing me.