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Two lines.

My name is Katie, 24 and my boyfriend is Simon, 37. We found out we are pregnant on Sunday after taking three home pregnancy tests. I know it seems a bit excessive but the first one's results were too faint to be sure. The second test's results were invalid - the test didn't work. And finally the third was well nothing but blatantly positive. We had a blood test on Monday the 12th and that confirmed our beliefs. By our calculations I am about 4 weeks along. We conceived on January 16th and our estimated due date is October 10.
The news has been a surprise but definitely not a negative factor. I have wanted this for a long time and so has Simon. I love the look in his eyes when he puts his hand on my stomach and smiles and says something to the effect of "look what I did".
Our family is supportive and I am not the only one in my family to be pregnant. My cousin Ange is due about the same time so it will be great to have someone to endure the summer with.
Aside from the occasional heartburn and the unrecognizable condition of my breasts and the increased fatigue I feel great and couldn't be better! I can't wait for the coming months ahead!!!!!

February 16, 2007
I had a job interview the other day and I think it went well. I had to be there at 2:30pm and so we left at 2 figuring I would get there a little early and be able to regroup, use the bathroom etc. and because of the traffic situation and the massive lines at CVS I arrived at 2:30 on the dot. I started freaking out, getting really upset at the traffic, I can't believe that it takes 25 minutes to go literally 4 miles. Pretty disturbing. More importantly, it took over 10 minutes to move one mile.
the interview went well, I was in there for 40 minutes speaking with the woman and even though she said she is specifically looking for an RN for the position, I have the experience she may be able to use. Now they have to check my references and check my license, if they decide to hire me I will start March 13 which is great then my health benefits will kick in right away. It kinda sucks that I don't have health insurance right now, I'm kinda winging it right now but I am making due the best I can.
We went to Babies R Us the other night and we spent some time looking at baby stuff. Simon's really into this which makes me happy. We decided we don't want to know the sex of our baby unless it is absolutely necessary.
I have been walking every day. It has been so cold out lately so I have been using the treadmill. Ive been good, at least a mile and half daily. It is a good break for me too, allows me a some time to myself to feel good about myself. I just can't wait for the warmer weather to get here.
I notice I am not as tired as long as I get my walk in but I also noticed I have to get to bed pretty early too, I used to stay up till 2 or 3 or even later with Simon, we'd watch movies and talk but now I am exhausted by the time he gets home from work. I don't mind going to bed early because it allows me to get up earlier but I just feel bad because Simon is wide awake when he gets home and he wants to talk and I want to sleep. Oh well, we will figure something out.