Tyler and Erin - our journey together (twin pg)

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Tyler and Erin - our journey together (twin pg)

copied from old board:

4 weeks 1 day
wow! I can't believe I'm actually starting a pg journal - that means I'm actually pg!! Here's our story so far: DH and I started ttc in 12/01. We got pg in 1/02 but had a mc 6 days after a + hpt. Per md's orders, we had to take 2/02 off, but started ttc again in 3/02. Since then, its been month after month of disappointment. I had gone through blood tests a few months ago, which were all normal. So, for the last 2 cycles I've been taking clomid for a possible luteal phase defect. At 6 dpo I had an inkling of possibly being pg because I woke up with an eye migraine. Luckily I didn't get the headache with it. I haven't had a migraine in over 1 1/2 years since I went off the pill. When on the pill, I had migraines all the time. I knew there was a good chance that I would get them again when pg. Since then I've had waves of tiredness and very slight bouts of nausea. Probably the biggest difference is my eating habits. Normally I'm pretty hungry in the morning and starving at lunch, then by dinner not so hungry. For the last few days I haven't been hungry at all in the morning or at lunch, not until about 3pm. When I do get hungry, I'm starving. I'm making myself eat something in the morning anyway, but at lunch I do NOT want anything. So, I took a hpt on Sat and Sun and got a bfp on both. Monday morning, I called my md and came in for a blood test. My hcg was 158. My progesterone was also tested, but I'm not sure what that was - other than a nurse said it was pretty high. Today (Wed), I had a repeat hcg and it was 324. We called our parents right away. They are all very excited. We've only told parents and siblings. I don't think we'll tell anyone else for awhile. Well, that brings it up to date so far. Baby, I love you already.

4 weeks 2 days
I don't really feel pg. I know that its still early and ms doesn't usually hit until 6 weeks, but still a little boob ache would be reasuring right now. I talk to God all the time asking Him to let me keep this little angel. I have to say that its hard not to think about another mc. I hope and pray and try to stay positive, but no one can tell me that this one will be healthy and I'll get to carry this one for 9 months. No one knows for sure that this time it will work out. I'm really staying pretty positive about it, but that little thought is always in the back of my mind. I guess its just all so new. I just found out a few days ago. Its hard to sink in when I really don't feel all that different than if af was coming. I want to keep temping for reasurance, although its driving me crazy. I'm so worried that my temp will drop that I'm waking up early and totally bundling myself up in covers. Then I think, I'm not doing myself any good so (after temping the first time), I take all the covers off and wait awhile and temp again. Its a vicious cycle and I usually ending up temping atleast 5 times a morning! Will I be this crazy for my entire pg??? Probably! If I'm this crazy now, what am I going to be like once the kid is here??? Baby, I love you!

4 weeks 4 days
yesterday I got a call from my ob. When I called back I spoke to her assistant. Basically they wanted to set up a bunch of appointments and start me on Prometrium. The girl wasn't totally sure why she wanted me to take Prometrium, but it was probably due to my previous mc. So now I have a viablity ultrasound on 10/21 and an appt with my ob on 10/22. Scary thing is when I picked up the prometrium from the pharmacy. There is a label on the bottle that says not to be taken during pg. Well what is that about??? I spoke to the ob on call today to ask. She said that yes, it is a very common med to use during pg, but it wasn't originally designed for that. So there for the paperwork for the FDA doesn't say that its approved for pg. Since the pharmacist is afraid of getting sued, he has to put the label on. So basically it just scares pg women!!! I feel much better now that I know why my pg med is labeled do not take during pg. still just slight waves of nausea. More I'm just not wanting to eat. Although I DO want LOTS of orange juice. That is very weird for me. Usually I think oj is ok, but I would rather drink just about any other juice. Now, I'm drinking glasses a day of it and can't get enough. I think I'm going to go to Barnes and Noble to get another pg book - you can never have enough!! I had a few from the last time I was pg, although I haven't read them since the mc. I'm kind of supersticious (sp) that way. I refused to buy a copy of Bride magazine until I was actually engaged and I won't read pg books until I'm actually pg. I've read the parts on ttc, but not on pg. DH is going to be THRILLED that I'm going to buy yet another book. I can't help it that I love books. There are worse things to spend money on. I can't wait for the ultrasound to make sure that the baby is developing normally.

5 weeks
still not feeling much in the way of pg symptoms. I do still have waves of dizziness, especially after eating. The cramping is still there, but not as often as before. Very occasionally, my tummy feels weird - not necessarily nausea, but just hurts. A couple of times I've had eye migraines (just the eye part, no headache). My boobs tend to ache by the end of the day, but are fine in the morning. They only hurt when I touch them. My ultrasound is 2 weeks from yesterday. I'm so excited and nervous. I so want to see a normally developing baby with a heartbeat. I'm so scared that it won't be. I've talked to enough moms who have had mc to know that I will probably have these feelings until the baby is in my arms. I'm just hoping that the ultrasound will put most of my fears to rest. dh and I really really want this baby. I bought this pg journal that tells you everyday what is going on. Its not really much of a journal, there's really only places to record your weight and waist measurement, and a few lines for notes - and not even on everyday. I'm not really planning on using it as a journal since I have this one right here, but I love being able to read everyday what is developing. Today or tomorrow the heart should start beating and the baby is 1/4 inch. The whole placenta is the size of a grape. Its so exciting to see day by day what is going on. Less than 2 weeks until I get my first glimpse of our sweetpea.

5 weeks 4 days
Still getting nausea but only in the afternoon and evenings. I feel fine in the morning. My boobs hurt on and off. Usually more painful by the end of the day, but fine in the morning. Very different from my last short pg. Tiredness comes and goes. My ultrasound is in 9 days! I can't wait. Well, yet another of dh's work friends knows. Supposedly she heard him on the phone and guessed - yah right! Anyway, she gave him some a few of her pg books for me. It was fun - she has a baby name book. We went through it a little last night. Very fun. Although dh and I have VERY different taste. It will be amazing if this child has a name we can agree on by the time its born! Its a daily thing to ask who dh has told today!! By the time I decide I'm ready to tell people, there might not be anyone left!! ok, I don't think he's THAT bad - but close. Unfortunately dh left today to go on a business trip to Asia. He'll be gone 6 days and it will be very hard to reach/talk to him while he is there. Ick! Hopefully the time will go fast. then once he's home, it will only be a few days left for my ultrasound! Can't wait! Thinking happy baby thoughts!

5 weeks 6 days
1 week from today - next Monday - I'm having my ultrasound. It still doesn't seem real that I'm having a baby. I'm nervous and excited for Monday. Thank God I'm having this early ultrasound. I don't know what I would do if I had to wait longer to find out if the baby is ok. I have no reason to think there is a problem, nausea is getting worse, boobs are hurting more, still tired. But there is always that nagging in the back of my mind. Why when you get the + hpt can't your tummy just pop out and just skip the first trimester??? Wouldn't that be nice to skip the most worrisome part, where you feel sick and just move along to feeling gloriously pg? I think I need to go to bed soon, if I don't first!

6 weeks
I didn't have to work today and since dh is still gone, I spent most of the day in bed. Didn't even shower until 5:30pm! How lazy is that! Have to say that I'm feeling pretty anxious today. My boobs really aren't hurting and I didn't feel nauseous at all until after I got up and started moving around. Now I feel it, but it worried me. I guess with this being pg loss day, its just got me thinking even more. I can't wait for Monday to see the ultrasound.

As for my angel I lost in Jan. I was devastated when the mc happened and I still feel the pain now. I really didn't know you could feel so much when it happened so soon, only 6 days after a +hpt. It still ripped my heart out. The strange thing is that I never pictured when my baby would be due, what it would be, etc. Since I knew something was going on almost immediately, we were more focused on whether I was really pg and not the future. I hear so much about women who have such a hard time around their angel's due date. I actually don't remember when the due date was and I don't want to look it up. I never think of my angel as a child, but as a baby angel. But I still feel the deep hurt anytime anyone else experiences it.

I admit it, I'm worried. Still no nausea or boobs hurting they way they were 3 days ago. I have very slight bouts of nausea and my boobs only hurt a little when I touch them. There are still positive signs, my temp is still very high, things taste different, more saliva, constipation!! I need to eat more prunes! It just that the closer the ultrasound is, the more worried I get that something is wrong. I so want this baby, but I can't help but feel this way. Sometimes I think I'm a head case! I'm praying daily. 5 days seems like an eternity. At least dh will be home tomorrow.

6 weeks 4 days
I started feeling nauseous again - Yea!! I never thought I'd be so excited about The nausea and boobs hurting still comes and goes. Last night, I was totally starving for dinner. We went out for breakfast (the best type of dinner sometimes ). I ate so much and even then wasn't super full. Then we came home and I fell asleep - slept for 12 hours! Woke up hungry I'm still very nervous about Monday's ultrasound. At least I don't have very long to wait. I'm scared its a blighted ovum or something equally as bad. I think dh is going to come with to the ultrasound. I'm kinda mixed on that. If we do see the heartbeat, I will be so excited that he gets to share in that. But, if there is nothing there, then I'm going to have to comfort him. It will be hard enough to hear the news without having to take care of someone else. I'm the strong one and sometimes I just hate that. When I had my surgery to remove a lymphnode to rule out lymphoma (thankfully it was nothing!), I had to be the strong one for dh (we were dating then) and my family. This is just all worry for nothing, right? Everything is going to be fine, so I wouldn't even think about this. I really hope so. Just 2 more days until I know...

6 weeks 5 days
less than 12 hours now until I see my baby. Other than how I feel, sometimes it still hard to realize that I'm actually having a baby. I'm still very nervous. DH is coming with me unless something major comes up at work. My skin has been changing. From day 1, my scalp has been very tight and dry. I used to have a small dry patch of skin under my chin, but know my chin, around my mouth and nose are all peeling. The weird thing is that I normally have oily skin. I wonder what its going to be like trying to sleep tonight. I'm pretty tired now, so hopefully its not too hard. I normally wake up in the middle of the night to pee and then it takes me a long time (usually up to an hour) to go back to sleep. I'm just nervous. I know I've said that already, but I really want everything to be ok. I know that this ultrasound isn't going to guarantee a healthy baby, but at least its a good start. The nausea wasn't bad today, some days are definately worse than others. At least I still haven't needed to yet. The constipation really sucks! You feel bloated and gassy enough without adding that on top of it!! I also keep thinking if I can't push that out, how am I going to push a baby out! Hey, this is my journal... So tomorrow is my ultrasound and Tues is my ob appt. Then the week after that I have a dermatologist appt. Could I have anymore appts??? I go from only seeing my gyn maybe once a year to seeing an md almost everyweek! Please God, let me see a healthy baby tomorrow.
6 weeks 6 days
OMG! its been several hours and I still can't believe it. We are having twins! That's two babies! I have a bunch of ultrasound pictures. It was so cool to see them up on the screen. the tech had just started when I thought "OMG I see two". I didn't say anything and a few minutes later she said that there were 2 yolk sacs there. My dh was silent. I'm not sure that he knew what she was saying. So I looked at him and held up two fingers and just said two. It took a lot now to break down and cry (from joy!). We are both still in shock. I've been praying daily for A healthy baby and a heart beat. I just can't believe we had two of each. I knew there was a risk of twins on clomid, but the risk is only 7%. I told dh we should go to Vegas! He already called his parents to which his dad said is that good? I can't tell my parents until Wed because they are on vacation. My mom has been dying for grandchildren... I guess I'm first in shock that everything looks fine - size is right, good heartbeat (128 and 123). And now to deal with the fact that there are two. It still doesn't seem real. I can't wait to see my ob tomorrow to see what she says.

ok, its been way too long. dh and I were in SF over the weekend for the FlugTag competition. Unfortunately his group didn't win, but they had a great time. It was very tiring for me. I've never realized how much work it is to sit around with friends have dinner and talk. I was so exhausted. I couldn't wait to get home. I'm still so tired - going to bed soon. Unfortunately I have to work tomorrow. The girl I supervise is going to be gone tomorrow, so I have to see both patients myself. Hopefully I'll be able to function! I just took my progesterone about 20 minutes ago and I'm so nauseous now. I'm hoping to stay undercontrol so I don't up my meds. Haven't yet, but the urge keeps getting stronger. Gotta get ready for bed.

Now that I'm pg, I just don't have the energy to spend as much time as I used to here at pg.org. The nausea is getting worse. Luckily food (yogurt, goat cheese) seems to help. I've had so many md appts lately and only more to come. Because I started getting migraines again when I got pg, I need to see my primary tomorrow and possibly a neurlogist to make sure that it isn't blood clots. I'm also seeing a dermatologist for an ongoing skin rash/dry patches that has gotten worse with pg. Had a biopsy last week and will go in Tues for the results and to have the stitches taken out. This weekend the nausea has been pretty bad. I'm hoping that I'm better at work, otherwise its not going to be much fun. Thankfully my md said that at my next appt (I'll be 10-11 weeks) we are going to start tapering off my progesterone suppliments. I hope that will also help to cut down on the nausea. Besides, I'll be getting to the end of the first trimester where the ms should be decreasing anyway. At my next appt, 11/21, I'll also be having another ultrasound. I'm praying that there are still twins. Even though the thought of twins is sometimes very scary, I wouldn't change it for anything. Right now, I'm really hoping for a girl and a boy so I don't even have to think about going through this again!! I can't wait til I start feeling better and can actually enjoy my pg.

I just realized that the title of my journal is missing a baby! didn't know about the twins when I started it. My skin biopsy results showed something minor, just ugly and flakey. I can't think of the name right now. There is no treatment other than lotion. So no big deal. I haven't gained any weight yet, but my tummy is getting bigger. I had to buy bigger underwear because the elastic go too tight!! Also, I can't button my pants anymore. I really wanted to hold off buying maternity clothes until after my next ultrasound in 2 weeks, but I don't know if I can. It just seems so early. well my cat is running around like a nut right now and demanding love, so I better go take care of her!

I'm so sick!!! This morning it took me over 2 hours to get ready for work because I kept gagging. Kind of makes it hard to brush your teeth and I refuse to leave the house without brushing my teeth!! 9 days until my next ultrasound - I can't wait. Even though I'll still be under 12 weeks (between 10 and 11), if everything looks good at that appt, I think I'm going to tell everyone else who doesn't know. Only 2 people at work know, my boss and our ENT who is a good friend. It'll be nice to explain why it is so hard for me to get there in the morning and why I'm so tired all the time. Besides, I'm sick of keeping the secret! Most of our friends already know. I'm just anxious to see that everything is still going well.

I think I might have gained my first pg lb. today. Hard to tell because my scale isn't the greatest. Besides I know you aren't supposed to weigh yourself every day. I need to stop doing that. For so long I've been trying to get the number to go down, now I have to let it go up and be happy - that's going to take some getting used to. The nausea seems to fluctuate, but currently is much worse in the morning and before bed no matter when or what I eat. My next ultrasound is a week from tomorrow. I can't wait. The fear of mc is always there and I need to see that A and B (as dh calls them) are just fine. There is a book on pg with multiples that I've been wanting to get. But superstitious me won't buy it until after this ultrasound. I feel like it will be close enough to 12 weeks that a lot of the danger should be over. I'm tired - need to hit the bed.

morning sickness sucks! For me it is actually worse in the morning. It didn't start out that way, but lately... I can't wait until Thurs for my next ultrasound and ob appt. My ob said that she would start tapering me off the prometrium. I'm hoping that will decrease some of the morning sickness. I haven't made it in to work on time all week. Also, gotta love this metallic taste!

Can't wait for Thurs to see my babies again. I'm so hoping to see 2 heartbeats. Hopefully if I do, I'll be more relaxed and less worried about losing 1 of the twins. I think I'll wait until Thurs to change the name of this journal. Just superstitious. Unfortunately dh can't go with to this ultrasound as he will be in NY for work. He is planning on going to all my ultrasound appts, which could be a lot if the twins hold. Lets hope so. As much as the nausea is reasuring, I'm looking forward to the next trimester where it should go away. I'm ready to start feeling my babies. Still having my daily converstations with God, but today I started talking to the babies as well. Just sitting on the couch rubbing my tummy and started talking to them.

tomorrow is my 2nd ultrasound! Can't wait to see A and B again. I definately feel my my tummy is popping out. I had a belly before, but now its definately changed. Anything tight on my waistline (right, what waistline) makes my tummy hurt. I've talked to my mom several times this week. She wanted me to call her the minute I got home from my appt. She called tonight because she is going to be out tomorrow and wants me to call later in the evening. She is so funny. I'm sure she'll be totally crazy when we go home to visit for Christmas. I have to go check that I can fit into what I'm planning to wear to work tomorrow.

I just got back from my ultrasound/ob appt. OMG!!! For my second ultrasound, I was dated exactly where I thought I should be 11w 2d. Last one, she said I was a week behind. Twin A loves the camera and we got a GREAT pic. I can see full facial features plus I got to see the arms and legs moving. Twin B had its back to us and I didn't get to see much. Both had good strong heartbeats. Twin A measures 11w 2d and twin B measures 11w. Both are looking good. The ulrasound tech told me that he could locate the twin peak which means the twins are definately fraternal (which I was pretty sure they would be due to the clomid). I got to hear the heartbeat for twin A, but twin B was in a position that they couldn't get a clear heartbeat to listen to. It was so cool. dh is very sorry that he had to miss it. He comes home from NY tomorrow. I have another ob only appt right before Christmas and then an ob/ultrasound appt mid Jan. It is just so incredible!
Twin A had a heartbeat of 175 and twin B was 153. The tech had to push pretty hard to get a view of B, so that could be a reason for the slower heartbeat, although its considered normal. It was harder to see B at the first ultrasound too. B still looks like a blob, but A was moving all around, kicking legs and waving arms. I just can't believe how clear the face is. I'm cutting out the prometrium. For the next week, I'm tapering it and then I'm off for good! Yeah!! Hopefully that will help me to start feeling better.

I just got back from maternity clothes shopping. What I don't understand is that even the maternity only shops have the narrowest isles I've ever seen. I mean, you are now probably the biggest you have ever been and the isles are smaller than regular stores! Had a hard time finding things that fit - either way to tight or way to big. Found a few things, thank God for Penny's sale today. Another thing, put on maternity clothes and wow I look pg! I'm glad I told work on Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving!
What am I thankful for this year? Have to start with A and B, then dh, our wonderful family and friends, pg.org, my munchie (dk), our house, and continued health.
I'm feeling ok. I would really love to be able to sleep the night through! I wake up to pee every night at 2:30 regardless of when I went to bed. I feel like my tummy has popped out so much. Yesterday, I told dh, this is only 3 lbs I still have 37 more to go.

tomorrow is 13 weeks. Nausea has really decreased. Headaches have really increased - yuck! I've also been dreaming tons. I think I need to sign off before my head explodes from looking at the monitor.

the nausea seems to be gone! I was even able to brush my teeth today without gagging. Also, yesterday I drank 2 glasses of water without getting sick. Very happy about that. The last 2 days, I've seemed to have a lot of cramping/abdominal aches. It tends to be higher (stomach area) and on the sides of my uterus. I'm assuming its growing pains. There has been absolutely no spotting, so that's good. Less than 2 weeks til my next ob appt.

wow, its been awhile. Just resting and reading my twins books. According to them, I'm not gaining enough weight quickly enough. I'm supposed to have gained 24 lbs by 24 weeks. That means I have 10 weeks to gain 19 lbs! Also, when I read how much I'm supposed to eat and drink every day, I just get so discouraged. I can't even eat as much as I could before getting pg. I'm supposed to drink a gallon of water a day and a quart of milk! How the hell am I also supposed to cram food in with all of that? I thought I was doing better with eating more and then today, I lost a lb! Enough on that. On the bright side, I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping. Just have to get my dad's present. My cat is being so goofy. She has this waterdish that circulates the water with a stream. She sits infront of the dish and puts her face in the stream. I don't know if she likes it or if she doesn't realize that she's getting wet. She is a long hair cat who's fur is water resistant (it really is!), so she may not even feel it. Its just very goofy to watch. I did find out from my twin book that my uterus is the size of a singleton pg that's 7-8 weeks ahead of me. That would make sense. I know someone who is due exactly 2 months before me and I felt like we were the same size. The bad news is that the book said I should stop working definately by 28 weeks. Much sooner than I expected. I'm going to ask my ob about this on Thurs. That appt will be my first ob appt without an ultrasound. I feel a little disappointed that I won't see my babies, but at the same time I have to remember that I've already seen them twice and most people only get to see their baby once during the entire pg! I'm not hungry, but I have to think about dinner to stay on my schedule.

ok, I'm really getting behind here. Christmas as fun, although I was so exhausted by the time we got back to OR, it took me a week before I able to sleep less than 12 hours a night. Now I'm just feeling huge. My appetite comes and goes. Its harder to stand up if sitting or laying down. We need to start looking at baby stuff for a registry. My mom wants to throw a shower. It would be wonderful to have help buying everything we are going to need, but I don't know if I can go through another flight back to Chicago. Besides, she wants to do it the last weekend of Feb. so my sister is back from her vacation. The problem with that is my ob said absolutely no travel in the 3rd trimester which I start March 4. Don't you think that's cutting it close? I'll have to wait until my Feb ob appt to see if my ob will let me travel then. I'm still not feeling the babies yet. I know its still early, but I do feel jealous when others on my birth board talk about how much their baby is moving. Tomorrow is 18 weeks and you should be feeling movement by 20 weeks, so it should happen soon. I can't wait. Still waiting for the results of my quad screen. I think I should hear this week, although with New Year's it may take a few more days. I'm also waiting for the results of a blood test for a long time rash I've had. Otherwise, my next ultrasound is 1/16. I can't wait to see A and B again. This time dh will be there too. He hasn't seen them since the first ultrasound because of traveling for work. Speaking of work, I guess I should get back to it.

The kicking started a week ago. Today they were going crazy with really strong kicks. DH even felt one! He was very happy to finally feel it. They have been moving a lot. My belly button is almost completely pulled out (still an innie, but very shallow now). I wonder how much longer until its gone. Its amazing how slow time went during the first trimester and how fast its going now. Tues will be 22 weeks. 4 more months to go.

I just copied my entire journal to save it on our computer. Since I'm not keeping another journal, I wanted to make sure nothing happens to this one. Looking back, especially on the early posts, really makes me see how important this journal is. I'm going to try to update it more often. Since the kicking started, it hasn't let up. I feel these guys all the time. Our Jan ultrasound showed a boy and a girl. I'm hoping that this next ultrasound next week still shows the same. Then I can start to get excited about it. Its interesting, my feelings/emotions were totally not what I expected when we found out the sexes. I had been saying all along that I wanted a boy and a girl. At that ultrasound, I was very excited to hear they were healthy, but it really didn't matter to me what their sexes were. I didn't feel that overwhelming joy when finding out they were boy/girl. I guess it just proves it again, nothing really matter except that they are healthy. I have to say that here at 23 weeks, I have a new appreciation for all pg women. The worry, the aches and pains... Its amazing. A few weeks ago (jan 23), I had a pretty bad bout of round liagment pain. It was 1 night of severe pain - almost went to the ER. For the next few days, I was sore. Sometimes hurt to walk and to move in certain ways. Luckily that hasn't come back. I have had backaches daily since the day we flew to the midwest for Christmas. Last weekend started the rib pain. It hurts everytime I lay down. My entire rib cage. I now sleep with a body pillow, wedge pillow, and foam mattress topper. Those seem to help quite a bit. I'm getting huge! So far, I've gained about 20-22 lbs. My ob said that by the end of this month, I'll probably look full term - and I believe her! I have less than 4 months to go. Next week will be 24 weeks. That is the first viability milestone, there is a 25% survival rate if born this early. While I definately don't want to meet my babies this early, it still makes me feel good as I pass each milestone and know there is a chance if anything were to happen. DH has been able to feel some good kicks lately. Its so much fun to see his reaction! He gets so excited.

just got back from my ultrasound/ob appt. The good news is that they are looking good so far. Twin A (still a boy!) is 1 lb 13 oz, had a heartbeat of 150, and based on growth is due 6/3. Twin A (still a girl!) is 1 lb 6 oz, had a heartbeat of 150 and based on growth is due 6/13. All structures look good. A is head down - right by my cervix and B is breach. The bad news is that we need to keep a close eye on the size difference. They don't want twins to be more than 20% different. If A continues to grow faster, I'm going to be put on bed rest - ick! Also, I still have 1 cyst on my right ovary. At my 7 week ultrasound, I had 2 cysts. So it is a good sign that I only have 1 now and its slightly smaller than it was before. Makes it look like a corpus luteum cyst. If it does grow, that's bad and I'll have surgery. If not, they will just watch it. If I end up having a cs, they will take a good look at it then and remove it if necessary. Because it hasn't grown, it doesn't look like cancer, but since I have a family history of ovarian cancer, its a little unnerving. I'm just trying not to think about it now. I'm just enjoying the fact that I got to see my babies today and will see them again in 2 weeks. B had a hold of her toes and wouldn't let go - very funny.

To start with the bad news. I knew my ob was pg and could possibly end up on bed rest from a hip that keeps popping out and is painful. Well, I got the call last week that it happened and I need a new ob. I thought I would be transfered to someone in her on-call group. There are 16 obs in this office divided up into 2 on-call groups. Turns out that they have schedules that are too busy, so I ended up with someone in the other on-call group. That was disappointing. I will meet her for the first time this Thurs (and will also have my glucose test). If I don't like her, I can always change obs for my next appt. I knew my old ob most likely wouldn't deliver me, but I just adore her and wanted to keep my regular appts with her. At least we're in the home stretch now. Considering that I'm almost 28 weeks and twins are considered full term at 37 weeks, I might only have 9 weeks left. That is pretty cool about multiples. Even though their birth weights tend to be lower, they tend to mature faster. It a survival mechanism. So basically a multiple at 37 weeks has more mature lungs than a singleton at 37 weeks. Today, dh and I went to test drive a Honda Odyssey. We really liked it and most likely will be buying it. We might also look at the Mercury Mountaineer because his work gets a big discount on Fords. I think at this point I would rather have the Honda, but we'll see. We think we've finally settled on names for the twins although we haven't decided if we are keeping it secret. Work has been very busy. Kids kick all the time. took a newborn care class that we learned so much from. Took a multiples birth class that was pretty much a waste of time. We still have breastfeeding and regular birth classes left. If I have the time, I might also take infant CPR. We've done a lot on our registery, but haven't bought anything yet. We really should start. My parents are going to buy our nursery furniture - what a help! Can't wait to get that. ok, enough rambling for now.

I just got back from my appt with my new ob (old ob is on bedrest!). I like the new one. She's very personable and easy to talk to. I told her that I really didn't agree with the due date my first ob gave me (its only 1 week difference and really no big deal). So together we went through my info and discussed why my other ob came up with that date and what my new ob thought. She said that it could really go either way, but the way that she would have dated it agrees with what I thought. Also, this ob does all her own on call twin deliveries unless she is out of town. That means that chances are really good that she will deliver me. To check the heartbeats, she used a portable ultrasound (I didn't have a reg one scheduled for this appt) instead of the dopler. Both babies are now head down! I know that can change at any time, but its still good news. Also, this ob does not consider the first one head down and the other breach to need a cs. Had my blood drawn for my gest. diabetes test today. I should hear the results on Monday. Otherwise everything looked good. I did have my first measurement today - I measured 40.

I didn't update my journal after my last appt because it didn't go well and I just didn't feel like talking about it. I found out I have gd. So, for the last week, I've had to go to classes to learn about diet and how to test my blood sugar. I have to eat at very strict intervals and have to eat very specific things whether I want to or not. I also have to prick my finger 4 times daily to test blood sugar. The crappy thing is that 1/2 the time my levels are higher than they should be. Not enough that I need to call anyone, but still. I'm following the diet completely, eat things I don't want to when I'm not hungry, have had no juice (which I'm craving badly). I need to start regular exercise to see if that helps bring my numbers down. My only options there are walking and swimming. Problem with walking is that I cramp and have contractions, so that just leaves swimming. I think I'm going to try it today to see if I can do that without contractions. I hope so. Also, at that appt, my ob said she's worried about the twins weights again. This time Tyler is 4.5 lbs and Erin is 3.5 lbs. That is a 23% difference and they don't want them more than 20%. The thing is the mds all freak when they see the percentages, but what they don't look at is that Erin is NOT falling behind. She is perfectly on track. Its just that Tyler is being a piglet. They do not share a placenta so they have their own blood supplies, so he's not taking anything from his sister. My ob did call the ultrasound tech and found that out, so at the end of my appt she didn't seem quite as worried about it. I'm not sure but I think she is still going to have a perinatologist look at the scan. The ultrasound tech also told me that Erin's femur is longer than Tyler's while he has a bigger head and belly. So basically Erin is longer and leaner. The tech told me not to worry about the weight difference because of this and that it probably isn't as big of a difference as the estimates show. So basically between finding out about the gd and possible problem with the weight difference, I felt pretty crappy leaving my appt. Also, I didn't feel my ob was as personable as she was before. That could definately be due to how I was feeling about the other news at the time. I definatley don't like her nurse, who I didn't like at the last appt either. I miss my old ob. well, its time to eat again

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Just had another ob appt with ultrasound. I'm now 33 weeks according to the ob or 34 weeks according to charting. Today was a good appt. First the ultrasound. Tyler's estimated weight is 6 lbs 2 oz (give or take 1 lb!) and Erin is 4 lbs 14 oz (give or take 12 oz). That puts me now at 11 lbs of baby! No wonder I get so tired just walking around. Tyler is measuring at the 89th percentile while Erin is at the 50th percentile. Basically the tech told me that we are having a big baby and a bigger one! Both are measuring larger than their number of weeks - Tyler at 37 weeks and Erin at 34-35 weeks. My ob is not concerned about the weight difference (yea! first time she has said that!!) since Erin is not falling behind. Everything is looking good. My ob said that at this point if I went into labor, she wouldn't stop it. That does take some of the pressure off trying to determine if I'm just having bh contractions or the real thing. I've been worried all along that I might not realize I'm having real contractions until it was too late to stop them. Now, I don't have to worry about it until they get to 5 minutes apart. Another thing, I haven't gained any weight in the last month. My ob said that is fine, too. She said that sometimes that happens during the 3rd trimester and since I had already gained a good amount, she was fine with it. According to their records, I've gained a total of 28 lbs. Interesting that I haven't gained any weight, but the babies have gained 3 lbs - does that mean that I am actually losing weight??? As long as the babies are doing well, its fine by me! We also discussed epi, episodomy, forceps, vaccuum, csections, etc. The only bummer to this appt was that my cervix wasn't checked, so I don't know if there have been any changes. With the ultrasound (how it is normally checked), they don't do the vaginal after 32 weeks and my ob doesn't start exams until 35 weeks. So I have to wait until my next appt in 2 weeks for the check. Not that I'm looking forward to the exam, I just wanted to know if there was any change. But, it really isn't a big deal now that I don't have to look out for preterm labor. At my next appt, the exam will give her a good idea if I will deliver early or not. Also, she said we might schedule an induction date just incase I go late. All in all, I'm pretty happy with how this appt went.

I'm pretty close to being done packing my bag for the hospital. After my appt, I went to the hospital to hand in my preregistration form. So now, when I do go into labor, we can go directly to the L&D and not have to worry about filling out forms. My sil gave us one of the Baby Bjorns that I wanted and it came today!!!! I'm so excited about that. We still need to get so much for the nursery - I don't have any diapers or supplies! That may have to be my job next week. Tyler's middle name got changed again because my sister had a minor hissy fit. His middle name was Anthony which happens to be my brother's middle name. So now we're thinking about Tyler Andrew. DH picked those names. I can't help but think of the 2 very sexy carpenters on TLC shows - Ty Pennington and Andrew Dan-Jumbo. I'll have to mention that to dh tonight. Lol

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Could this be it??? For several weeks now, I've been having the old bh contractions. Yesterday, they started and didn't stop. On average I was having 5/hour ranging anywhere from 11 min apart to 30 min apart. Of course I couldn't have clear signs, could I??? The contractions were not increasing in frequency, but they were increasing in intensity (although could that just be due to muscle fatigue from the bh?) and I got a contraction every time I got up and walked around. My back is hurting now. I usually wake up every hour at night with a contraction, but last night slept 3 hours straight. So what does all this mean??? The kids were also kicking like crazy all day yesterday which could also have helped cause all the contractions. I'm going to call my ob today when the office opens to see what she has to say. I decided not to call L&D last night because the contractions seemed to get further apart.

It was so frustrating when ttc to try to figure out if you were pg or not. Now, I'm back to wanting that pop up timer to tell me when the kids are done and its time to go to the hospital!! Could any part of this be easy?