unexpected gifts can be sweeter

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unexpected gifts can be sweeter

I joined this site in the middle of August, and so I thought I might add my journal to this long list... I was on another pregnancy site since before getting pregnant with DD#1 (Katelyn), and have been on it ever since. Recently, that site took a nose dive, and I felt like I wanted that friendly-group feeling back again. So, I realize I'm in my 31st week, but it's never too late to share my feelings & thoughts, right?

I moved to SoCal from NW Oregon & got here February 19, 2007, with Katelyn. Cory (DH) had been in Maryland until then, in his initial Army training class (to repair A/C units, mainly), and we hadn't seen him since Christmas leave. Before that, we hadn't seen him since the beginning of October. DD & I both missed him SOOO much, and although I wasn't looking forward to living in the desert, having my family together was more important. At the time, Katelyn was 10 1/2 months, and she was desperate just to hear his voice on the phone every night.

FIL drove the UHaul 1200 miles to get us here, while Katie & I sat & ate a whole bunch of unhealthy snacks, and the OCD me was checking in the rear view mirror to make sure my car (we were towing, on a trailer) wasn't flying down the road. As we got within 2 hours, I called DH to let him know we were getting close. FIL suggested we drop off the car trailer at the local UHaul place, and I drove the rest of the way with Katie, with FIL behind me. We got to the base, met up with DH at the gate (who had to authorize us all entering, since I hadn't yet gotten a military dependent ID card), and drove to our new place of residence.

We got to the house, and I remember it seemed like it took a month to get here, just because I was so anxious to see what it would be like. Compared to my native Oregon, the scenery is definitely nothing exciting, but at least I was around DH again. I definitely got those little butterfly feelings when I saw him for the first time, and it was that same awkward feeling you get when you wonder whether or not a guy will like you at first. Well, between DH, FIL, SIL (she was finishing up her senior year at a nearby college, and came up to help us move in), and myself, we got everything moved in within an hour. SIL & I were taking turns keeping an eye on Katie, so she didn't crawl under a moving couch. As soon as we got everything in the house, FIL & SIL were ready to head back to town, to return the UHaul truck, so FIL could catch the evening train back home.

As I waved goodbye to FIL & SIL in their vehicles, DH had already said his goodbyes, put Katie in her bed, and THROWN our mattress on the floor. He was furiously getting a sheet onto the bed. You can only imagine that he wasn't ready for a nap... And so new baby #2 was created. Yes, that very moment. It didn't take long to figure it out, either.

In my next journal, I will do more "catching up," and hopefully, I'll be up to date in a few journals. You are welcome to comment, although I'd appreciate subsequent comments to be made using the *edit* feature, so that the comments take up the least amount of space possible.