A Whole New Life

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A Whole New Life

My name is Sonya. I live in Georgia. I am 19 yrs old (Turning 20 on Nov 4th). This my first pregnancy. I am 20 weeks pregnant and I am having a little girl. We are naming her Jayivey (jay-ivey) Denise Brown. My boyfriend is named Jamie. He has been very very supportive. I recently got laid off from my job and he has been supporting me 300%. I am due on March 22nd. I am very nervous about the delivery. I have no idea how painful it is. Jayivey has been kicking a lot lately. The other day I went to the hospital because I was having pains in my tummy. Come to find out it was only her kicking my bladder over and over and over again! She is very active in my tummy. I cannot wait until I see her. Jamie and I plan on move into an apartment by christmas. I am so excited. I want the theme of the baby's room to be Winnie the Pooh. Isnt Pooh the cutest!