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Thread: From wife to mother...continued

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    Jen, I just wanted you to know I've been following you and am so sorry you have to go through this. But I am inspired by your inspired.

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    February 9th, 2009

    Wow....I remember posting awhile back that one day I would come here and read all my posts, just to remember what it was like. I read 1 post today and decided today wasn't the day.

    With Kylie's due date 1 week away, 1 week from today, I think I will read this journal on her day.

    I've started a new one in the general journals section. We are now on our third cycle of trying again and it is definitely not as fun as catching it on the first try like we did with Kylie. There are so many emotions that I was never faced with before, not only from losing her but for trying again after losing her, Its just not as happy-go-lucky as I once thought.

    I think I will link this journal to my new one so that I can always go to one place to remember everything.
    Kylie lost @ 19 weeks, forever in my heart
    Addison's Space/'Slurpee's' space

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