worrying too much

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worrying too much

Hey, lately I have been really on the edge about us getting married. The only thing that is stopping him is not getting a divorce from his previous marriage. it is not like we haven't been trying to get the divorce done, but it is so much red tape.. I just don't understand Louisiana laws anymore. i was thinking that if the other party was impossible to be served, then that should be automatic no contest, but I guess not. the judge says that the other party has to be served. We have tried to serve this person on several occasions an d was successful a couple of times, but then again there was always something not worded right in the paperwork, but all i can do about is just pray and cry. i really don't have no room for worrying and being upset all the time right now because of the baby. i have already had one m/c and I am not trying to have another one on the count of unneccssary stress. I am just caught in the middle of nonsense, but I am guilty of trying to have a beautiful family and life with the man that i so dearly love,but she is too stupid to let the past go in order for that to happen. I don't wanna risk my pregnancy, but I am ready to just drag her butt up and down every road close by. For those that are reading; please pray for me and my family, but in the end i know everthing is going to work out. All we have to do is keep the faith and believe in the Almighty God. Thanks for taking the time to read my sad story and on top of that; my morning sickness is beginning to start. I yiyiyi Sad