Anyone here use a breadmaker?

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Anyone here use a breadmaker?

I'm looking for a tried & true, hearty wheat bread recipe for a breadmaker. I have one w/w recipe that came with my breadmaker, but it's so....blah. Almost more like eating heavy white bread.

Also, do you have any tips for using a breadmaker? Things they don't tell you/warn you about in the manual?

Thanks a mill' Smile
~ Sheila

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I sure hope someone who knows replies to this! I had a brea maker, but got rid of it when I had problems with heavy bread... no matter what kind I made, it was always heavy instead of light and fluffy. Sorry I am no help.

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i have a recipe for bread u could use whole wheat flour i guess....I usually make it in my kitchen aid or cuisinartnot a bread maker....its awesomeeeeeeeee!!!

4-5 cups high gluten flour (depends so add slowly!)
1 egg
1 tbsp salt
1\4 cup oil
1\4 cup sugar
1 1\2 cups warm water
1 1\2 tbsp yeast

mix the water and yeast wait till bubbles. in a bowl mix rest of ingredients except for flour, when the yeast bubbles mix both together then add the flour slowly!!

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Carol, that's why I don't use mine often. The bread comes out so heavy!!

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So, how do you make it light and fluffy? Will it always be heavy in the bread maker?

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Oh my! I didn't realize people had replied back! Bad me Biggrin

My bestfriend gave me a recipe for Yogurt Granola Honey bread. She used to make it when we were roommates and it is SOOO delicious, makes the best toast. The first time it came out heavy -- like a lump. The second time it came out perfect. The third time it was heavy, the fourth perfect. :shock: That's a lot of bread! lol I figured out a lot has to do with how good your yeast is (first batch I used an old container that, after the fact, I discovered was expired) and that the bread needs to be tended to during the knead process. Depending on the weather I would need to add additional water. The third time I made it (heavy again) I'd added a bunch of wheat germ and flax seeds which changed how much fluid, but I didn't think it would effect it so much. It did.

That's what I know. This new house we're in has so much kitchen counter space that I'm thinking of pulling out the breadmaker and leaving it out so I make bread more often. YGrazi1 ~ I may just try your recipe in it! Especially now that the weather is getting colder. Homemade bread.....YUM!!! Anyone wanna come over? Biggrin Carol?

~ Sheila

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I've always been told you're supposed to put a teaspoon of lemon juice in the bread machine to help with the yeast or something. I'd go read my book but my DD is asleep in my lap. My bread usually turns out like it's supposed to unless the yeast is dead or the water is too hot/cold. I have an electric bread cookbook I bought on clearance with tons of unusual recipes.

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Sheila, I would love to! Just name the date/time and I will do my best to get there! Blum 3

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I use my bread maker to mix and first rise. then I take out the dough, knead it and put it in an oiled pan to rise. I usually heat the oven so that its just warm then let the loaf rise in there. then bake it in the oven at 350 for 25mins! It turns out SOO much better!

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