canning tomatoes and onions help

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canning tomatoes and onions help


I want to can a sauce sort of like spaghetti sauce but very different spices. I am unsure if I can can this or if I just make sure to add the lemon juice that's in my recipe then I'd be fine? I'm using an open bath canning process.

Here is a list of what would go in it:
vegetable oil
lemon juice
finely chopped onions
finely chopped tomatoes
cumin seeds
corriander powder
red chilli powder
finely chopped green chillies
turmeric powder
cinnamon stick
black cardamom

you get the idea. When it's done cooking, it'll be sort of like salsa but smoother, not so lumpy. It's curry, a Pakistani / India gravy. The amount of each ingredient would vary to give a different flavor.

This is what we eat around here and it'd be easier on me with everything else to can this up so then all I have to do is throw the chicken or whatever in it and cook it. More than half the work would be done already and I can make huge batches all at once since I have some gigantic pots.

I am not planning on doing it for a while as the tomato prices are a little steep but I'm going to see if there's a farmer's market around here to buy at least less priced than the grocery store if I buy larger quants.

Anyone have any idea if this will be ok just using the bath method instead of a pressure canner?