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    Default Cookie Stamps?

    Someone gave me a set of these as a wedding gift more than 6 years ago. Sadly, I have yet to use them. Has anyone used these before? Any tips on using them?

    The box says "HEARTHSTONE" and the papers inside say "Distributed by Kitchen Collection, Inc.". I searched the KC website but found nothing like these, so I assume they are not carrying them anymore.

    It is a set of 4 decprative stoneware cookie stamps with 2 recipes for cookies and a recipe for a butter cream icing.

    Anyone ever use anything like this? Is it *really* as easy as it looks?

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    I'll take a picture and try to finish up this roll so I can post them.... I have never seen anything like them and the website for the company does not list them anywhere. Give me a couple of days and I will post some pics.

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