Cornish Game Hens..

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Cornish Game Hens..

so I just wanted to post on here that's what we're having for dinner haha! I seem to be hit or miss with chicken, it either comes out AMAZING... or not even close to amazing hahah!

So I'm just curious if you have a recipe for them or not

I'm just rubbed them with olive oil, grill mates chicken seasonings, garlic and onion. I threw the extra onion in the bottom of the pan.. I'm cooking them covered at 325 for at least an hour (likely an hour and a half) and then I'll throw it up to broil and then end up browning them up.. hopefully hahah!

Anyway, anyone else have game hen recipes?

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How did they turn out? I've never cooked them, but DH did once and I seem to recall that they were very yummy. That was YEARS ago though, so he may not even remember what he did to them. Smile

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I cooked one in a crock pot- Just like I do a roaster chicken-
spray the crock with some cooking spray
add in a couple carrots or so 2-3 potatos some chopped onion
a little celery
rinse the game hens-I pretty much skin the bird except for the breast-
stuff a little celery and onion and carrot in the cavity of the bird
(if I have it) squeeze a lemon or half of a lemon on top of the skin-
sprikle poultry seasonings, garlic powder (or add in some garlic cloves- and italian seasoning on top-
add a cup of broth- and maybe a 1/2 ish extra water-
bake low 8-9 hrs or high 4-6 or til the meat falls off the bone