Easy Sweet and Sour Pork

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Easy Sweet and Sour Pork

1lb of minced pork
14oz of red kidney beans drained
1tbsp of oil
1 large onion chopped
2tbsp brown sugar
2tbsp Worcestershire sauce
Salt and Pepper
1tsp dry mustard
8oz tin of crushed pineapple
3tbsp of tomato puree

Heat the oil in a large suacepan or casserole dish, fry the onion
until soft without browning, add the mince and fry over a high heat
about 8-10 mins until nice and brown.
Stir in sugar, Worcestershire sauce, Salt, Pepper, Mustard
and 1 and a half pints of water.
Bring to boil and cover and simmer for 1 and a quarter hours.
Stir in pineapple (with its juice), the tomato puree and
red kidnet beans. Cover and simmer for about
15 minutes until the beans are well heated through.
Serve with jacket potatoes or rice!!