Haunted Gingerbread House
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    Default Haunted Gingerbread House

    Materials and Ingredients:
    1 recipe Gingerbread House Dough
    gingerbread house mold or templates one and two

    1 package orange candy melts
    1 package orange-colored sugar wafer cookies
    Assorted harvest candies:
    mallowcreme harvest mix candies
    (including pumpkins and candy corn)
    black rope licorice
    small black licorice "bits"
    chocolate bar
    orange and black gumdrops
    orange and black cake decors (from the cake decorating section)
    candy bats and/or spiders (from the cake decorating section)
    Marshmallow PeepsĀ® Ghosts

    Follow these instructions to bake and assemble your gingerbread house. Use rope licorice to reinforce roof line and joints between walls.

    Using orange candy melts, apply sugar wafer cookies to the roof in staggered rows, resembling shingles. Overlap cookies about 1/4-inch. Cut cookies to size where necessary.

    Create a "chimney" by cementing small licorice bits in "rows" to resemble brick masonry. Use orange candy melts as "mortar". Allow each row to harden before building the next one.

    Decorate house using remaining candies. A section of a chocolate bar makes a good door, and smaller square serve as shutters. Be sure to let the shutters hang at an angle for the spookiest effect!

    Using orange candy melts, decorate the house. Add pumpkins, a black cat, and black spiders and bats and candy corn. Candy melts can create a "spider web" effect for candy spiders. Arrange gumdrops to form a path to the front door. Spread a thin film of orange candy melts to the path, and sprinkle with orange and black decors to "pave" the path.

    As a final spooky touch, place a Marshmallow PeepsĀ® Ghost in the chimney

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    This is really cute! Would it be possible for you to add the pic to a new gallery so we can still see the photo? I loved it! I might have to try making that when MIL is here next weekend!

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