Healthy Recipe Week of 5-8-5-14

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Healthy Recipe Week of 5-8-5-14

Someone just reminded me that this was my week.

Healthy Recipe

Italian Crock Pot Chicken

1 can 98% fat free Cream of Mushroom soup-campbells
1 12 oz container of philadelphia low fat cream cheese
1 Good Season Zesty Italian dressing mix. -packet dressing isle
4 skinless chicken breasts

Mix cream cheese, zesty dressing packet, cream of mushroom soup, 1 can of milk (campbell's can) add chicken breasts.

Cook low for 8-10 hours in crock pot.

cook brown rice. Top with chicken and "sauce" from crock pot. Only 380 calories in total. Got it from's recipe section. Our family loves it, especially my kids!

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I "kind of" cooked this over the weekend. I didn't have the seasoning packet so instead I used my liquid fat free Italian dressing and added zucchini to the pan. I also baked it instead of using my slow cooker. I served it with garden harvest fettuccine noodles instead of the rice. I liked the chicken and zucchini but think the sauce would have been better with the rice. I will try it the right way some day when I am a little more prepared Smile

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I made this yesterday and to be perfectly honest, I was very skeptical at first. The ingredients seemed a bit weird and when I added them to the crock pot it looked "interesting". I have to say though, I LOVED it. My hubby also wasn't sure at first but after the first bite he was hooked!

I used regular cream cheese instead of low fat since I couldn’t find it. I also only put 3 chicken breasts since that's what came in the package. I also added some veggies I had on hand - carrots, onion and cabbage. I sounds strange but it was soooo good! I will be making this again with more colorful veggies next time since the dish did look a "boring" but the taste was amazing!

Thanks for the recipe!! Biggrin