Help for AOL Users

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Help for AOL Users

We understand that some of our AOL members have been having problems with our new boards. This is not limited to our site alone but throughout the web. We have been investigating to find a solution but from our research it appears to be an AOL issue.. not ours.

That said though.. I AM an AOL user. In fact there are many members here that are on AOL and able to get the site to function properly. So don't give up hope! We won't if you won't!

The solution is to Download Internet Explorer and make it your default browser on install. This does NOT interfere with AOL. Internet Explorer is simply the browser. AOL is still your internet provider. Email, IM, etc. still function as normal. You can choose to run on the AOL screen or like I do, by opening up I.E. and running it in a new window.

If you have a Windows version prior to Win98 then you will need to download an earlier version of I.E. Just email me for instructions.

You may find it helpful to print these instructions out. Once you have completed the download, install, & restart your computer. Double check to ensure that cookies are enabled by doing the following:

Open up I.E. from your start menu or desktop.
Go to Tools at the top of the browser window.
Click on Internet Options. Another screen pops up.
Click where it says Security and highlight Internet (the globe).
Click Custom Settings at the bottom of this screen (for internet).
Scroll down in the list that comes up to Cookies. Choose Enable on both queries (Allow Cookies that are stored on your computer & Allow per session cookies)
At the bottom of this same screen under reset custom settings make sure that you have this at medium or medium low.
Click Ok and close this screen.
Click Ok again and close the other screen. Shut down the browser then restart. You should be good to go!

Please note. If you are attempting to use I.E. at work you may be behind a firewall. At this time we are not able to combat those issues. Some companies are actually insisting employees should work and forbid them from playing with us. I doubt a note from us would help but we could try the "Good for employee morale!" one!! :laughing:

After trying this fix please drop me or Jules a note and let us know if this did or did not solve your problem!

~Missy ( & Jules (