How do you store/file your recipes?

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How do you store/file your recipes?

Do you write them down on cards? Go by memory? Have your own cookbook/binder or just mark the pages of your favorite store-bought books?

I find a lot of recipes online, but I seem to have trouble coming up with a way to file all of my recipes. Not sure if I want to keep something on the computer or print them out.

Just curious what everyone does with their recipes.

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I have a bunch of cookbooks, some that I use more regularly than others, with the pages marked using strips of paper. I have a tin which my grandmother started by putting all of the family favorites on note cards and to which I have added a few. Then I have the internet print outs, which I really haven't figured out what to do with either. One of my friends use a photo album with the semisticky pages for her's and that seems to work well.

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I currently have a gallon ziploc bag with all of my handwritten, typed and printed out recipes just tossed in. :roll: Not very organized. I would love to have an organized binder. Might be a good summer project.

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I have a plethora of cookbooks that stay on a shelf.

I also have a collection of about 5000 recipe cards that are in special boxes with dividers sorting them out.

I also have a small recipe box that has index cards with recipes family/friends have given me over the years - these are sorted by dividers as well.

Then, there's the binder - it's full of recipes I've torn from magazines and printed off of my computer. These are also sorted by dividers, but are also in those plastic protector sheets to keep them from getting gooey because I use them the most. Smile