Ideas for what to pack for a kindergartner

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Ideas for what to pack for a kindergartner

What do you pack your kindergartner for lunch so that it's easy and messless? I don't want to pack a sandwich everyday, so looking for some good ideas. Smile

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You could do cheese, crackers, and fruit or peanut butter, crackers and fruit. Those are easy and meatless.

The main thing to make sure of is that you send some sort of protein, a grain, dairy (can be the milk to drink), and some fruit/veggies. Having a variety of things for the child to munch on is fine, just make sure it is a well-rounded meal and isn't loaded with sugar.

I know that here if the health dept came in at lunch and saw a kid with sugary snacks in his/her lunch and no "healthy stuff" they would have an issue with that. As a rule the daycare is required to make sure all the children - even those not on the food program - are offered a healthy, well-balanced meal. We have, on occasion, called parents and told them the meal they sent was insufficient according to the health dept regulations and we had to offer the child a plate from our meal program. Yah, it ticks them off when we do that, but it's better than loading the kid up on sugary snacks instead of healthy food. KWIM? (Sorry for the tangent.... Wink )

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How about getting some flat bread (not sure what you'd call it over there, here w call it Lavash or Pita bread) and putting some fillings in and rolling it up?? Use cream cheese with a little cranberry sauce and turkey, or cheese, ham and pickles?? Leftovers in a little container, like pasta, with a frozen juice box to keep it cold, then the drink will be cold too.
We have little red sausages called Cheerio's (I know you guys have a cereal that's called that but anyway Lol they're like cocktail sausages and Z loves them. Maybe a few bits like that, some cubed cheese, grapes, cherry tomatoes....
What about making your own muffins, healthy ones like banana and oat...for a sweet treat.
Phew, I'm all out of ideas!!