Kid Friendly recipes

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Kid Friendly recipes

My 5-year-old DS is extremely picky about what he eats. Do you guys have any child friendly ideas? Or any good cookbooks?

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I suggest looking around at your favorite bookstore for cook books geared towards children. I have several here that I use both at home and at work. In my job knowing what kids will eat is a must. I am business manager for a preschool and have worked in preschool since 1994 - so this is a HUGE area of interest for me. Smile

I have found, surprisingly, that when I have introduced new foods to my children with a positive attidue and the promise that if they "just try it this ONE time" they won't have to eat it again if they don't like it. I also add in a stipulation that there will be no other meal cooked at all - not even PBJ sandwiches - if they don't eat anything. With all new foods I also put at least one thing on the table that I *KNOW* they like.

With this approach my picky eater has broadened her horizons and now eats foods she never ate before and would never have even considered eating! She actually ate a sweet potato and some salad! :shock: Imagine my surprise when she ASKED me to make a salad for dinner one night and ate more of that than she did of the BBQ chicken she had originally requested for dinner. Biggrin

Now, as for recipes.... I don't know what dietary restrictions you may have or any personal tastes you may have either, so really I don't feel capable of suggesting anything. However, browsing the cookbook section at the bookstore has been my best resource.

I collect cookbooks and recipes so I have literally thousands of recipes that no one in my family ate and thousands that at least one of us liked, but only maybe a few hundred that ALL of us liked. Browsing the cookbooks - here and at stores - I can find recipes that include foods we already know we like while incorporating ingredients we may not usually eat in a way that is new and exciting. Introducing new foods has been an adventure at our house, but it's really livened up dinner time and my kids are learning more about the world "out there" in the process. Smile

Just don't be afraid to try something new and exciting - you just may like it, and so may she. Wink