Let's get ready to rumble! Thanksgiving menus

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Let's get ready to rumble! Thanksgiving menus

Is anyone else cooking for Thanksgiving? Do you have a menu planned yet? I love to hear what others are making, get ideas, and swap recipes! Smile I don't have a final menu yet as I have a lot of dietary restrictions to deal with this year.... my FIL is doing Atkins & is allergic to yeast, my DS is allergic to dairy, BIL is allergic to nuts (but not peanuts), and MIL is allergic to chocolate & eats sort of Atkins-ish due to FIL. :shock: Whew!

Planning stages of my menu:

Mashed potatoes or sweet potato souffle (DH loves mashed pot. but is the only one who will be eating them due to diet restrictions)
Broccoli with cheese sauce (steamed for DS)
Relish tray (carrots, celery, pickles, olives, etc)
Cherry & pumpkin pies... unless I can find another interesting dessert before then

I usually make a sage & grape wild rice dish, but I don't know if FIL & MIL will eat it due to the Atkins thing. I also usually make an apple-pecan stuffing but can't do that this year. I feel like I need a few more Atkin's friendly side dishes... Will probably also have some wheat rolls for those who can eat them, although I won't be making them from scratch due to the yeast & possible cross contamination.

Or maybe we'll just go out for Chinese! Wink

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My best recipes are in the Seasonal Dishes thread. That dressing is my most favorite of all holiday dishes and I just can't WAIT to make it again next week! Biggrin

I will be making the traditional turkey with dressing on the side.

We will have a green bean casserole, baked sweet potatoes, and rolls.

The kids will be making a fruit salad and an apple pie.

The problem I have is trying to make everything as fat-free as possible to fit OUR diet. DH has lost 73 pounds and I have lost 20.... we can't ruin it in one week. Lol

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I know this is after Thanksgiving, but thought I'd add some idea in case you're doing Christmas Smile My dh does the low carb thing and we'll be making most of the food for Christmas and need to find ideas for everyone too. This is a really good site for low carb, and she gives comments on almost all the recipes at the bottom, even if they turned out not to taste good Smilehttp://users3.ev1.net/~fontlady/
She's got a green bean casserole on there that's pretty good, I just add extra mayonaise to make it more creamy. On Atkin's site there is a sundried tomato deviled eggs recipe that is Awesome!!!! Just some ideas Smile I don't do the low carb thing, but I'll eat along with my dh for the most part. We made a Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle that we saw on Food Network, and besides being huge, it was soo yummy. Definitely not low carb though!