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    I've done meal planning 2 ways.

    1- When I worked nights I would plan out the meals for the next week and cook 2-3 meals on Sunday night so DH just had to heat them up when he got home from work. He really appreciated not having to cook for himself and DD after working all day.

    2 - Now, I plan all of our meals for the previous week so I am only making one shopping trip for what we need. I find we are saving a lot of money because we aren't running to the store several times for "just a few things" that adds up to $50! We sit down the night before I grocery shop and decide what we are going to have for the next week. Then, I see what I have and what I need and make my list from there. I don't plan which day we are going to have everything, just what. And then, I always build in a "leftover day" so there is one day a week I don't have to cook!

    Good luck!
    Sarah M
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    THANK YOU!! I've been wanting to create a schedule of dinners, but I'm kind of finicky in what I want, when . . . and it always seemed like if you were going to do it, then it included which meals were for which days.
    I just need to get organized about a shopping list, so I have everything I might need on any given day, depending on what we feel like, and how much time we have! It's like an ephiphany! Maybe just work on 5 meals to select from - since weekdays are we have more of a problem . . . maybe it'll also help from feeling intimidated!
    Thanks again!

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    I've just started Menu Planning, and I could see a difference right away in terms of doing less grocery shopping and throwing away less food that had gone bad in the fridge! I've been linking up with Menu Plan Monday at, and it's a great place to get tips, meal ideas, etc. The biggest problem I've had is that my husband travels a lot from work, and I tend not to plan when he's not in town - I need to get more consistent about doing it all the time, even when it's just me and DS.

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    Those are some great tips. We have been doing great so far. DH really likes the menu planning so he knows what to get out. We have a big freezer in the shed so I end up buying for 2 weeks at a time. At the end of one week we go out to the freezer and bring whatever in. We also keep it flexible to some degree so that on nights something comes up we can change things around to suit us or in the morning too.

    Thank you for that website. I might be in heaven since I'm an organizing junkie and organizing helps me relieve stress.

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    For my menu planning I keep a master list of every main dish I make on my IPOD touch. Every 2 weeks when my husband gets paid is when I do my shopping. At that time I go through my master list and put an asterisk next to the 14 meals I will plan to make in the next 2 weeks. I make my grocery list from there. That way I know I have the ingredients for enough meals and I can just choose any of the foods with an asterisk next to it for dinner each night.

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