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    I was reading your vegetarian recipes and noticed that you keep mentioning "textured vegetable protein granules" and am curious about this.

    Is this something that I could add to my regular recipes (as in meat-included recipes) to ensure that my children are getting more of the important things they need, or is this strictly to add protein to vegetarian recipes? I ask because my daughter tends to be quite picky and refuses to eat most vegetables. I have to hide them in casseroles (pureed, not chopped) and soups just to be sure she is at least getting a little so anything I can find that helps me meet that goal without wearing out my food processor would be great.

    Is there any other information about this product that I might find interesting or useful?

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    I believe TVP is a soy substitute for ground beef... if you have a recipe with ground beef and want to make it vegetarian, you can substitute rehydrated TVP granules and it will be kinda the same in texture/taste. It has protein and fiber and basically whatever soy flour has... probably not a good substitute for eating a variety of vegetables because it wouldn't have the same vitamins and stuff, as far as I know. Good luck with hiding the veggies!

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    Yeah what she said. It's a meat subsitute for protein.
    There is this excellent recipe for alfredo sauce made with corn instead of cheese and it tastes yummy if you're interested in it let me know! It does require you using the food processor though.
    There is a thing called nutrional yeast that is high in vitamin b12.
    For vitamins there is this bar called the Luna Bar. It is high in all these vitamins and taste like candy. My friend's boy is a picky eater too and one day while I was watching him, I was eating them and he wanted it and he loved it. Good luck on your mission!

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