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Need Idea's

I'm hosting Christmas this year and its going to be 3 events over 3 days with my 3 different families.

I need help with the 1st one. Its on Friday Dec 23rd for 10-12 people. I was going to try to not do the typical ham or turkey because everyone will be doing that the next 2 days at other houses. Plus added pressure is that one of the guests (My uncle) is a professional Chef.

Here is what I've come up with..

-Pork Roast in crock pot - Baked Potato's - veggie of some kind or possible green bean casserole.

-Italian - Pasta, Meatballs, Salad and fresh bread

-Beef Stew

I would love any new ideas or changes on what I've come up with.

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You should totally do the pork roast! Since they are in the crock pot you know the meat will be tender and not dried out. I am making two to take to MILs house (for 18 people!) on Christmas eve. Rather than baking potatoes I line the bottom of the crock pot with baby yukon gold or red potatoes, and apple chunks they will be tender and tasty when the roast is done. You can also throw some cut up carrots on top in the last 2-3 hours of cooking so they gook but don't turn to mush. On the side I am thinking of serving an herbed apple, raisin, and parmesan brown rice, and then some steamed green beans.

If you're interested I also have a simple recipe for a maple bourbon glaze that I serve with my crock pot roasts. It's SO good!

If you're looking for other ideas for simple and tasty for large crowds, try some other soups or stews? Chili is warm and hearty, and easy to make for a crowd. If you want to change it up a bit from the traditional chili try getting a couple rotisserie chickens or poaching some chicken to use in a chicken chili verde or a white bean chicken chili. Then make some corn muffins to serve along with it. Super simple and way yummy.